• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Deafened - Crayonpaste

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"Anna Fourchen"

The rest of the day goes rather uneventful; Aria fouled you again during gym, you took notes during Biology, you got an 89 the English test, and got a nice look at Adagio during Physics. It's another one of those days where nothing special happens, and the day goes by smooth and fast. Just the way you like it. The bell rings again and you pack up, making your way towards the girl's locker room.

Wading through the crowd of students along with the occasional teacher, you spot Sonata waiting for you with an "Adagio-like" smirk on her face. As you make your way to her, she pulls a neon green duffel bag out of her backpack and hands it to you.

"You'll be needing these..." She says calmly as she hands you the bag. "Also, did you bring the specific brand of taco sauce I asked you to?"

"Yeah, yeah." You yawn. "I got your text. Anyways, what's in the bag?"

"An extra change of clothes." Sonata answers. "Come on, I'll explain everything to you."

You raise an eyebrow; did something happen to Sonata? Because the way she's acting, it's completely unlike the goofy, happy go lucky Sonata you're used to; she's acting very...'Adagio-like'. Sonata leads you to another hallway which after looking around, pulls a hairpin from her pocket, puts it to the door, and after a few seconds of moving it around, the door opens.

"...Did you just pick the lock?" You ask Sonata.

"Yeah." She beams. "It's actually pretty easy. Close the door behind you."

You step inside the room, recognizing the place as the school's server room. You're not so sure, but your gut instinct is saying you really shouldn't be here. You watch as Sonata moves over to one of the computers, slides in a USB drive to a port, and starts rapidly typing away on it. A few seconds later, the screen flashes, and multiple screens pop up on the monitor.

"There, that should be all the cameras in the girl's locker room." She smiles, taking out the USB drive.

"Wait." You stare at the computer. "They put security cameras inside the stalls???"

"Do I look like the whacko who designed Canterlot High?" Sonata points at herself. You look at the computer screen, and sure enough, you see girls walking in and out. You spot Rainbow Dash walking around with Cloud Chaser and some of the other girls on the soccer team. Just seeing her makes your grind your teeth in anger. You turn to Sonata with a determined look on your face.

"Let's do this." You say, pulling up a seat. "I want to hear your plan."

Sonata reaches into her bag again, and hands you a rather intricately drawn map. You look at it, and assume it's the layout of the girl's locker rooms.

"It's simple." She says. "You just take this map, and navigate through the girl's locker room to get to Rainbow Dash's. I'll keep an eye on all the security cameras so you can move around the locker room without attracting that much attention."

"Yeah...but what's the salsa for?" You ask.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Sonata exclaims. She reaches into her bag, and grabs what looks like an empty bottle of Old Spice body spray. Sonata opens the bottle, then dumps in a bit of the salsa, and adds some vinegar and water before mixing it with the hairpin she used to pick the lock. After a couple seconds of stirring, Sonata screws the top of the bottle back on, gives it a shake, and hands it to you.

"If someone gives you trouble, spray this at their face." She says. "Trust me, that brand is the best; it stings for hours on end when it gets in your eyes; used it on Aria a couple of times."

Wow. Honestly, you never knew Sonata was this smart. She always gave off the impression of some ditzy goofball who never knew what she was doing. No wonder Adagio has her around, she still knows her stuff in the end. But something in her plan still seems a little off...

"Wait a second..." You say as you stuff the map and "taco spray" in your pocket. "I just thought; how the heck am I going to get into the girl's locker room? I'm a guy!"

Sonata responds by staring at you blankly, then pointing at the duffel bag she gave you earlier. You never actually checked what was inside of it. Opening the bag, you see what looks like a really long, brown wig and...

Oh god, are those Aria's clothes?

"No." You say flatly. "There is absolutely no way I'm putting these on." Just when you were beginning to be really impressed by Sonata's intelligence, reality smacks you in the face.

"Aww c'mon, don't chicken out now." Sonata crosses her arms. "You wanna get back on Rainbow Dash for what she did, don't you?"

"Yeah, I hate Rainbow Dash for what she did." You admit. "A lot. But this? This is crossing the line."

"Come on." Sonata pouts. "I worked soooooo hard on this, you can't bail now!"

"Do you have any idea what's going to happen if I get caught?" You hiss. "I'll be expelled!"

"Fine, suit yourself then." Sonata says as she begins packing up her belongings.

"By the way..." She adds, with a smirk on her face. "I know for a FACT that Adagio hates guys that are spineless..."

Shit...does she know?

Groaning in frustration, you grab Sonata's wrist just before she opens the door to leave.

"I'll do it."

"What was that?" Sonata puts a hand to her ear. "And no, I'm not making fun of your hearing; I actually didn't hear what you said."

"I said I'll do it." You mutter through gritted teeth.


"Aaaaaaaaand there you go~" Sonata grins as she finishes applying one final bit of eye liner to you. "All dolled up. You know, you look way hotter than Aria in her own clothes."

"Oh, can it." You groan try to adjust your junk under Aria's ridiculously tight pants. The only thing you could imagine that's worse than walking into a girl's locker room as a dude is walking into a girl's locker room as a dude while wearing Aria's clothes. You can't believe you're actually doing this. "Why couldn't you just get me a pair of sweatpants?"

"I dunno." Sonata shrugs. "I just grabbed the first pair of spare clothes I saw laying around."

"How did you talk me into doing this again?" You facepalm as Sonata checks your wig one more time.

"Oh, and remember, you gotta act girly!" Sonata reminds you. "Just...do stuff that girls do!"

"I'm not a girl, how am I supposed to know?"

"How do you not know what girls act like when you stare at Adagio half the time during Physics?" Sonata asks.

"Never mind." You say, trying to hide your blush. "Forget I said anything."

"Well, you better learn fast, Anon." Sonata giggles, opening the door. "I'll stay in the server room, and keep an eye out on the cameras. I'll give you a text whenever there's someone coming your way."

Taking a deep breath, you twist your neck, exhale, and walk out of the server room, into the hallway. Feeling like the biggest pervert ever, you adjust Anon Jr. one more time before walking towards the girl's locker room. The fact that Aria's boots click louder than a jet plane every time they hit the linoleum floor doesn't help the feeling that someone is always watching you.

"Fuck..." You swear under your breath. You just realized this hallway leads to the cafeteria. Hell, you wouldn't go into the cafeteria like this even if you were being paid. Now, if your memory is correct, there should be a set of stairs that lets you go on the second floor, allowing you to avoid the cafeteria altogether. You spot them, and begin climbing. You thought walking in these ridiculously tight pants was bad enough; but now, climbing up stairs makes your nether regions feel like they're about to explode. And just a you finally make your way up the stairs, the sight before you makes you gulp.

The second floor still has students; students standing right in your path towards the girl's locker room. You reach into your bag, take a drink of water, and take a few deep breaths.

"Come on, you can do this." You whisper to yourself, as you try to not panic. You figure that if you just act normally and walk the way you normally do, then nobody will think anything's out of place...except for the fact that a guy is staring right at you. Your entire body tenses up; is he seeing through your disguise, or is your disguise so convincing that he actually thinks you're attractive?

Upon finally reaching the entrance, you freeze for a moment. You stare at the entrance like a suicidal person staring at the edge of a cliff. You know that if you go in there, and get caught there's going to be dire consequences. You're going to be expelled, your future will be ruined, you're probably committing a felony, your friends will never talk to you again, you'll be publicly shamed by everyone in Canterlot, your mom is going to tear you three extra assholes, and when your dad gets home, he'll tear you ten more. Suddenly, you feel your phone vibrate, and you see you got a text message from an unknown caller.

Just do it.

Swearing under your breath, you take the plunge, walking straight into the girl's locker room. Fate is kind however, as you find it to be relatively empty. In fact, you don't think there's anybody else in the room at all. Without hesitation, you begin your search, looking from locker to locker. Five minutes go by with you finding absolute zilch. You look back, and find that you've covered less then a tenth of the entire locker room with your methods.

'Damn it...' You curse under your breath. 'At this rate, I'll never find Rainbow Dash's locker without getting caught..'

You take a seat from the bench to think of a plan, and to readjust Aria's pants again. Seriously; how does she breathe with this thing on? You take out the map Sonata drew for you, and take a good long look at it. Once confident you can visualize the entire locker room in your head, you stuff it back into your pocket.

You remember last year when you were on the the tennis team, Coach Iron Will made it mandatory for everybody to register for their own personal locker; maybe the girls soccer team does the same thing too? If so, that means Coach Iron Will probably has a list full of all the girls' lockers. Now with a plan in your mind, you begin walking as fast as you can down to the end of the locker room. However, just as you get up, you get a text from Sonata.

Lightning Dust and Cloud Chaser heading back to the locker room, might want to lay low.

Immediately after reading the message, you hear voices coming from the entrance to the locker room. Quickly spotting an empty locker, you make a mad dash towards it, and stuff yourself inside before closing the door. It's hard to see out of the locker, but you spot two shadows coming closer and closer to the entrance of the girl's locker room.

"I mean...I feel like Rainbow went too far this time..." You overhear Cloud Chaser. "He still didn't recover yet."

"I heard she somehow got her hands on a military grade flashbang, the stuff SWATs use against terrorists." Lightning Dust replies. "I don't know, I still thought it was kind of funny if you ask me."

'Fuck you too, Lightning Dust.' You think to yourself as the two girls pass the locker you're hiding in. You take a slight peek outside, and take note of the door which they used.

'So the red door's the girl's soccer locker room.' You say in your mind. 'Alright then...' You rush back to the locker you've been hiding in, close the door, and begin texting Sonata:

I found out the girl's soccer locker room, but it's going to look really sketchy if I just barge in. Any ideas?

The door opens a couple seconds after you send the text, and you see the same two girls walking out of the room with a carton of water bottles and a few extra soccer balls.

"...Crystal Prep? Pffff. Didn't you see how they got completely creamed by Cloudsdale last week?" You hear Cloud Chaser say. "They're nowhere as good as they were last year; all their good players were seniors and they graduated. Plus, with Rainbow Dash on our side, we're going to wreck them."

"I'm just worried that Rainbow Dash is gonna train too hard, and injure herself before the game or even worse, during it." Lightning Dust replies. "That's what happened during our last time versus those snobby Crsytal Prep bitches. Well, seeya on the turf."

Once confident that the coast is clear, you open your locker door (and almost tripping because of Aria's stupid heeled boots), and start heading towards the girl's soccer team locker room until you get another text from Sonata:

"Just go up to Coach Iron Will and pretend you want to join the soccer team.

You know...maybe she really is a genius after all. You take a look at Sonata's map, and see that Coach Iron Will's office is just the door right next to the soccer team's locker room. You gulp as you stare at the door leading to Iron Will's office; better start praying to God that Sonata's disguise is going to work. You take a deep breath, and push open the door.

Coach Iron Will at the moment, is on his laptop, typing away on some sort of Microsoft Spreadsheet before hearing you open the door and turning.

"I don't think I've ever seen you here before." He says eyeing you suspiciously, causing you to feel nervous; did he see through your disguise already? "New girl?"

"Yeah." You answer back, trying to make your voice sound as high pitched and feminine as possible.

"Sheesh, something wrong with your throat, young lady?" Iron Will asks surprised. "You sound like you've got a pretty bad sore throat right there."

"I do..." You lie, just going with the flow. "I'm a new freshman, and I just wanted to sign up for the girl's soccer team.

"Oh, of course." Coach Iron Will says, his demeanor turning much more friendly now. He turns his back on you, and starts ruffling through a cabinet of files before handing you a clipboard. "Typically, we don't allow students this late into the season to join, but since you're just a freshmen, I'm sure the sports departments will let it slide. Just take this clipboard, write down your name, grade, e-mail, and cellphone number. I'll do my best to get you everything you need and to get you onto the field as quickly as possible."

You take the clipboard, and then take out your phone, trailing through the last names...

Dash, Rainbow | Grade 11 | rdash20@gmail.com | 978-740-2048 | Locker No. 267

You quickly take a picture of that section with your phone and you're about to put down the clipboard but then you're hit with the harsh realization that you need to put a fake name, and everything. Gulping, you quickly scribble a fake name, fake e-mail, and a random cellphone number before handing it to Coach Iron Will.

"Anna Fourchen..." Iron Will reads aloud. "Wait a second, do you know Anonymous?"

"Yeah." You lie. "I'm his little sister."

"Wow... he never told me he had a sister that looked so much like him." He chuckles, making you cringe. "I've had your brother for three years on the tennis team. This was his senior year and he was just getting good enough to make Sectionals..."

"Then...well he's your brother so you probably know all about what happened to him." Iron Will mutters. "Anyways, how's he doing, Anna?"

"He's recovering..." You answer. "Although he's still in a lot of pain."

"Mmmm I'll bet." Iron Will nods. "Took the flashbang grenade at point blank from what I've heard. Anyways, tell Anonymous I said hi and hope he gets better soon."

"Will do, Coach." You say before hurrying off. Just as you close the door to Iron Will's office, you feel your phone vibrating again and you open it, seeing another text from Sonata:

"Better get out soon, Anon. Girl's soccer team is coming back from practice.

Panic begins to overwhelm you as your mind races, trying to find some way to get out without being seen. Your disguise may have fooled Coach Iron Will, but he's as blind as a bat. You'll be discovered for sure if someone like Rainbow Dash walks in.

You hear voices at the entrance of the locker room, and you're forced to run over towards a bathroom stall. Locking the door behind you, you lean on the wall and take deep breaths. 'Take it easy, Anon.' You think to yourself. 'Just wait them out and leave after they do. It's gonna be easy. No need to panic.' You lean against the wall, realizing just how sore your feet were from walking around in Aria's boots. As soon as the noise begins to die down, you're about to open the door until you hear a knock on your stall.

'ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!' You think to yourself. 'IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE?!'

"Occupied!" You call out, beginning to panic again. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! What are you gonna do now?! You look around, looking for something, anything as a method of escape. Too bad there's nothing because you're in a FUCKING BATHROOM STALL.

"Come on, you still in there?" You instantly recognize that voice as none other than Rainbow Dash's. Gritting your teeth, you look around desperately one last time, looking for something, ANYTHING to help you escape. Your hands find its way to the pocket of Sonata's taco sauce pepper spray, and you start to shake it up until you spot an open vent on top of the ceiling. Y

'That's it!' You think. 'I can use that to escape!'

You put away Sonata's taco spray, and take a step on top of the toilet seat, you hear Rainbow Dash pounding the stall door again.

"What the hell are you doing in there?!" Rainbow Dash asks. "Hurry up, will you?!"

Gritting your teeth, you bend your knees and jump as hard as you can towards the open hole. Your hands manage to successfully grip themselves onto the opening of the vent, but just as you thought you were about to make it, Aria's pants strike again. The ridiculous tightness of them makes it impossible for you to bend your legs over into the opening of the vent, as well as crushing your balls even further. The intense pain and discomfort makes your left hand slip, leaving you dangling across the side. You look down and gulp; at this height, you're definitely going to break something if you fall.

Swearing under your breath, you take a deep breath. No. This isn't how it's going to end; there is no way in HELL you will get caught and expelled; you WILL get through this vent even if it kills you! You feel adrenaline rush through you, as you let out a roar, and pull yourself up into the hole. Your entire body feels like it's on fire, and you're breathing as if you just finished running a marathon, but you made it. You're safe.

"Damn, that sounded like one hell of a nugget!" Rainbow Dash exclaims.

Shaking that comment out of your head, you turn on your phone, and start shining the flashlight through the dark tunnel ahead of you. You immediately start crawling, feeling like some sort of ninja or spy from a Hollywood movie as you try to get by making as little noise as possible. Well...you would feel cool had you not almost gotten expelled. The only feeling going through your mind is absolute relief that you somehow made it up here. But now, you're lost; you have no idea where the hell this vent leads to, and there's no way you're going back to that stall. The only way to go is forward. Your phone gets another one of Sonata's messages:

Wow... Even I didn't think of that. But I don't know where that vent leads, so you're on your own. Adagio wants us to all rendezvous back at her locker by the way.

As you continue shining your phone's flashlight through the vents, you finally find another opening. But this time, it's closed. You take a peek outside, and realize this is Professor Discord's Physics room. Professor Discord is in there, packing up his own belongings, and cleaning up what looked like the lab activity your class did. As he's about to leave the room however, he looks around the room one last time, causing you to freeze when his gaze sweeps over your direction. Smiling for a brief moment, Discord clears his throat, and closes the door.

'Did he see me?' You think to yourself. 'If he saw me, I'm screwed.' Gulping, you take your bag out, and start rummaging through all the compartments. Just like every other school on the entire planet, they have a strict ban on weapons like knives, and guns for obvious reasons. However, you always kept one of those Swiss Army Multitool knives on you regardless; it's gotten you out of a lot of hairy situations, from needing a bottle to be opened, to cutting random stuff, to saving guys wearing girls' clothes trapped in air vents.

'Thank god these screws are Philip heads...' You think to yourself as you pull out your multitool, and begin loosening them wih the chisel. After a couple of minutes, the first screw comes loose, and you move on to the next one. Upon finally loosening up the fourth and final screw, gravity takes control, and pulls it down creating a loud clang that resonates even through your hearing aid. Damn it, why didn't you think of that before you loosened the last screw?! Well...let's just hope nobody will be investigating that sound any time soon. You drop down and deciding to play it safe, take the backdoor. Upon walking out, you pull out your phone and start texting Sonata:

I got out of the vents, and I'm on my way back to Adagio's locker.

Now, you consider yourself a reasonably athletic person; you're not some six foot tall future NBA basketball star, but you're certainly not out of shape. But after that crazy ordeal, you're both physically and mentally drained. The most you can do is sort of just slowly lumber your feet across the ground until you finally make it to the front of Canterlot High, and back into the school. Now if your memory serves you correctly, Adagio's locker is by the English room. You totally don't know that because you kind of stalked her once. It was just once; and you didn't mean any ill will from it; you were just...curious.

But you forgot something; you, Anonymous Fourchen, a GUY dressed up in GIRL'S CLOTHES is standing right in front of the MAIN FOYER OF THE SCHOOL with at least THIRTY STUDENTS. You realize there's nothing you can do to weasel your way out here; all you can do is to just hope that your previous shenanigans didn't mess up your disguise, and walk through the crowd as "Anna Fourchen". Gritting your teeth, you start walking briskly through the crowd of people; the less time they see you, the less likely you'll be spotted. Your eyes dart around your surroundings nervously, taking note of every student around you.

You spot Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust who eyes you before turning away. Rainbow Dash however, keeps her gaze on you and the two of you are locked in an awkward stare-down until you feel yourself hit something solid that knocks you down.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry!" You hear a familiar voice. You look up, and see none other than your friend Flash Sentry. "You alright?" Being the bro he is, he extends his hand forward, and helps you up.

"I'm alright..." You reply back. "It was also my fault for not looking where I was going." You scan the foyer for Rainbow Dash one more time, only to find that she's gone now.

"No, I wasn't looking either." Flash replies. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine." You reply. "Anyways, see you later." Just before you leave, you feel a hand tap your shoulder. You look back, and you still see Flash Sentry.

"Wait, I never even got your name." He says. "In fact, I don't think I've ever seen you here." Your stomach lurches. Oh god, are you really going to have to pull this fake girl name lie on your own best friend?

"I'm Anna. Anna Fourchen." You say, extending your hand forward. "You're...?"

"Flash Sentry." He says, shaking it, holding on maybe a little too long. "Wait, you've got the same last name as Anonymous; are you his sister?!"

You mentally facepalm. God damn it! Why did you have to include the last name?! Why couldn't you just keep your damn mouth shut?!

"...Yeah." You nod. "I just transferred here from another school."

"Oh, what school?" Flash Sentry asks, stepping in a little closer. He also looks like he's flexing a little. Is he...

"Crystal Prep." You quickly lie. "I stopped going because it was too expensive."

"Wow, Crystal Prep?!" Flash laughs. "Man, you must be really smart! I'm like best friends with your brother Anon, and he never told me anything about you!"

"Y-yeah." You reply. "Anon doesn't talk about me much."

"Huh." Flash leans in a little closer again. "He also never told me how pretty his sister looked..." Your stomach lurches even more intensely as the realization hits you.

Your own friend...your biggest bro...is fucking hitting on you right now.

"You know, I'd love to talk, but I gotta be somewhere." You step back. "Bye, Flash."

"See you later, Annie!"

You cringe. You know Flash Sentry is a nice guy at heart, but ever since Sunset broke up with him, he's been trying really hard to get together with another girl to try and just forget about everything that happened; but hey, maybe if he didn't act like Tiger Woods doped on twenty pills of ecstasy every time he saw a 6/10 or above, he'd still be in a stable relationship. But whatever; the sooner you get to Adagio, the sooner you can get out of these stupid clothes.

You're nearing the English hallway... now if you just turn the corner you should-

"Fuck!" You yell, covering your eyes as a blinding flash of light dazzles you. You hear an all too familiar laugh. You open your eyes, and see Aria Blaze holding her phone in her hands.

"DELETE THAT PICTURE RIGHT NOW!" You shout, lunging towards the smartphone, only for Aria to sidestep out of the way causing you to do a faceplant on the floor.

"Seriously?!" Aria snickers. "THIS was Sonata's plan?! Dress you up like a girl, and- are those MY clothes?! I can't believe it!" In the middle of her laughing, Aria continues taking even more pictures of you. You look up, and see the little sadist happier than you've ever seen her been.

"Hey, it worked so that's all that matters!" Sonata crosses her arms.

"I think I'll be keeping these pictures for a looooooooong time." Aria says while wiping tears from her eyes. "As much as I hate to say it, you're right Sonata; Anon really does look like a convincing girl; Not surprised coming from someone like him though."

"Just shut up." You glare at Aria as you pick yourself up from the ground. "If I find ANY of those pictures on Facebook, or ANY form of social media, you will pay with your fucking blood."

"Sure thing, 'Annie Fourchen'." Aria snickers. You feel a blood vessel threatening to pop as you see Aria set the picture as her new phone background. Aria takes notice of this, and starts laughing like a maniac again.

"Come on, stop being so mean to Anon..." Sonata pats you on the back. "He's been through a lot today."

"I'll have to agree with Sonata this one time..." You turn, and see Adagio walking towards the three of you. "He did a good job; an amazing job actually." Adagio walks up to you with a wide grin on her face.

"I have to say, I'm very impressed with you, Anonymous..." Adagio puts a hand on your shoulder. "That escape into the vents? Even I wouldn't have thought of that." Normally, you'd be making an ass of yourself trying to impress Adagio, but at the moment, you're way too infuriated to even try flirting with her.

"I swear, if I find any of those pictures-"

"Don't worry about it." Adagio smiles. "I'll make sure it won't happen." You turn, and see Aria still giggling to herself as she goes through the pictures on her phone. You hope that cunt dies in a fire.

"Oh, by the way, catch!" Sonata says, handing you a bag filled with your original clothes.

You all but dive for the bag, and rush into the nearest classroom, slamming the door behind you, and begin to reclaim your identity as 'Anonymous Fourchen'. From this day forward, you no longer have a sister called 'Anna" anymore.