• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Deafened - Crayonpaste

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The Fruits of Your Labors

You can feel your heart beating out of its chest. You're the only one left...everyone else is dead.

A quick ammo check also reveals that you've only got four bullets left. This is bad. You nervously turn around the corner, rifle drawn, but nobody's there. Well, there was somebody, but he's dead now. You nervously walk over to the corpse of the slain soldier, picking up any spare magazines. You whisper a quick prayer to him, and cross your heart hoping you won't end up like him before moving on.

Checking your radar, you find that you're not picking up anything. You don't dare to reload either, as the sound will give away your position, and that's the last thing you need right now. You turn around another corner, spotting an enemy.

'I don't think he saw me.' You think to yourself. 'Alright, this is good.'

Slowly walking alongside the shadow of a wall, you stalk your enemy, who's still completely unaware you're right behind him. Adrenaline rushes through your blood vessels. You could shoot him right now, but that would alert everyone else. You silently holster your rifle, and pull out your knife.

You're so close to him, you can hear him breathing. Shifting your knife into a reverse, icepick grip, you raise the knife and prepare to end him until you hear a loud crack. The horrible sound of metal penetrating metal rings through your ears before you're thrown to the side of the streets, seeing a pool of blood forming underneath you.


"You fucking retard!" Your teammate shouts at you through his microphone. "Why didn't you just fucking shoot him while you had the chance?! And check your fucking corners!"

"You're such an obvious wallhacker, oh my god."

"How the hell did you get to this rank?! Clearly you were boosted!"

"It's 'cause of idiots like you that I can never leave this rank! I'm always stuck with retards who can't even hold a site or do anything and-"

You take off your headset, and rub your temples before leaning back on your chair in defeat.

'How the heck can people get so mad over a video game?' You think to yourself. 'They were meant to be fun, not to stress you out! That's what school's for.'

Oh well, first block starts in ten minutes anyways, and besides; today's finally the day of Rainbow Dash's soccer game against Crystal Prep. You're not going to let a bunch of angry idiots you met online ruin it. You close your laptop, and decide to go on your phone to pass the rest of the time. Opening Facebook, the first thing you see is a new story.


"Nope." You think aloud as you shut off your phone. "Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenopenope." Looks like somebody's getting to class early then.

Walking off towards the boy's locker room, you reach into your bag, and get ready to change into your gym clothes. You start reminisce over what happened last night; you begin to realize just how lucky you were to come out of without a scratch. And all for stupid ball too...

But hey, seeing Aria bellyflop off that bridge was priceless though. You mentally replay that image of her in your head, until see Coach Iron Will approaching you.

"Anonymous?" Coach Iron Will says. "Can I talk with you for a minute?"

"Oh... sure." You look at him surprised. The last time you saw Coach Iron Will was...well...... when you were disguised as a girl. Talking with him now as the real you feels almost of place for you now.

"What's up, Coach?" You ask, smiling nervously.

"I wanted to talk about your sister Anna." Coach Iron Will says. You flinch a little; you know exactly where this conversation is going. "I have her soccer uniform ready, and I've been trying to contact her with everything: e-mails, phone calls, she's not replying at all. Since you're her brother, can you personally send the word to Anna for me?"

"Oh...well...it's been complicated." You say slowly to Coach Iron Will. "You see...Anna's been out for a while."

"Hmm?" Iron Will raises an eyebrow. "What happened?"

"Over the weekend, Anna was going out for a run, then someone hit her with a car." You lie. "It was bad. She's in the hospital, and the doctors say it's going to take at least six months before she can even go back to school."

"Oh my God." Coach Iron Will puts a hand to his chest. "I'm...I'm sorry Anon. I didn't know..."

"It's fine, it's fine Coach." You smile weakly. "The most important thing is that she's still alive; we're just...not going to see her for a long time."

"No, that's understandable." Coach Iron Will pats your back. "Take good care of your sister, Anon. And once again, I'm really sorry for what happened to her."

Coach Iron Will walks back to his office, and the second he closes his door, you facepalm.

"I can't believe I just pulled off that lie." You say to yourself. After you finish changing, you start making your way out of the locker room when Flash Sentry suddenly joins you.

"Hey, Anon." Flash says, patting your back. "You look tired man, you good?"

"Nawww, I'm fine." You smile. "I just...went through a lot this weekend; that's all."

"Oh." Flash pouts. "Anyways, you mind if I ask something?"

"I'm all ears." You say, tapping your hearing aid. Flash seems to look a little nervous for some reason, which is very odd for him. You're his best friend; what he going to be asking that he can't even trust you with? Flash takes a deep breath, exhales slowly.

"Let's say hypothetically speaking." He begins. "There's...two guys who are total bros; like us."


"And let's say one of the guys has a sister..."

'Motherfucker.' You think to yourself. 'I know exactly where this conversation is going.'

"And said sister is really cute, and-"

"My sister's a lesbian." You quickly interrupt him. "In fact, she spoke with me a while ago, asking me to break the news to you for her."

Flash stoops down, and lets out a sigh of defeat. You feel bad seeing him like this, but you feel even worse for lying not once, but twice to your own best friend. You look down on the ground, feeling like you can't even look to your friend in the eye anymore. From posing as a girl for a day, to nearly getting killed on behalf of Aria, you realize you've went through so much bullshit......all to get even on Rainbow Dash.

'Is it even worth it at this point?' You think, asking yourself this question in your head. 'And what's gonna happen afterwards anyways? It's not like getting revenge on Rainbow's gonna magically undo everything that's happened to you...'

"Oh well..." Flash says shrugs, breaking you out of your inner monologue. "That's fine; plenty of other girls out there to choose from, right Anon?"

"Yeah, sorry, Flash." You shrug. "You know how it is; some people are just born different, and it is what it is."

The two of you enter the gym together, and you see Coach Iron Will setting up the nets for volleyball. He briefly goes over the basic rules, and then splits you all into teams. Naturally, you never get paired with your friends, and instead end up stuck with Aria Blaze.

"So...today's the day, Anon..." Aria comments, as the two of you walk to your assigned field together. "Adagio wants to meet you at the soccer field right after dismissal, by the way. To make sure everything's all set up before the game."

"Yeah...she texted me." You reply.

"Well?" Aria looks at you funnily. "You're not excited, or anything?"

"I guess I am..." You mutter. "Though I'm starting to feel like it's not really worth it anymore at this point."

"What?" Aria looks at you in disbelief. "You've went thought so much bullshit to get this plan to work though!"

"That's my point." You reply. "Is it really worth nearly getting killed just to get even with Rainbow?"

"Alright, last night was too much, I'll give you that." Aria admits. "I can promise you something like that's never going to happen again."

"But you're not the only one who's been pulling out all the stops." Aria says. "Did you know Adagio stayed up all night trying to fine-tune that electromagnet thing? She really cares about this, you know."

"Adagio?" Your head perks up in surprise.

"That's right." Aria nods, a smirk cracking across her face. "She really wants to see this plan succeed for you. Besides...don't you have a thing for her anyways?"

"Wait, what?" You take a step back in shock. "I...wh-"

"Oh, come on don't act dumb." Aria grins. "You really think I didn't notice?"

You can feel your cheeks burning, as look back at Aria, who's grinning widely at you. She lives with Adagio for crying out loud, there's no point hiding it from her of all people. Still though, it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable that Aria knows about your little crush.

"I thought so." Aria chuckles. "And you know what? Last I've heard, she's been starting to like you, Anon. I can always hear her talking about you with Sonata..."

The hairs at the end of your head stand back. You can suddenly feel all the discomfort from Aria discovering your crush for Adagio melting, and being replaced with a warm feeling of excitement. Normally, you wouldn't believe a single word coming from Aria's mouth, but this? You know what she's saying is true; you want what she's saying to be true.

"Tonight's also the night where one of Adagio's favorite restaurants is holding a special discount too, now that I remember." Aria mentions, before turning a devious gaze to you. "I don't know about you, but I'd say right after the game would be the perfect time to take her out on a date Anon, don't you think?"

"100%, Aria."


After gym class with Aria, nothing really special happened for the rest of the day. You just try to focus on finishing Discord's classwork so it doesn't become homework tonight; you have a feeling that tonight's going to be one that you'll remember for quite a while, and you don't want any homework to ruin it.

The bell finally rings as you finish the last problem, and everybody immediately starts packing their stuff. As you pack up, you feel a tap on your shoulder, and see Sonata, giving you an all-knowing smile. Nodding to her, Sonata takes the classroom's back door and start walking towards the school's soccer fields.

Ever since that little talk with Aria, you feel your desire for revenge against Rainbow Dash reinvigorated. Aria was right; you were just shaken up from what happened last night, that's all. And not only that, but after all the trouble you've went through to make this plan finally work, you'll might as well see it to the end. You've stuck with the Dazzlings for this long, and you're gonna stick with them until the end, no matter what happens.

"This'll definitely be a night to remember." You chuckle to yourself as you make your way down to the school's main foyer. As you walk down the science hallway however, you see two girls conversing near the stairs. Another glance and you notice it's Fluttershy, talking to the most vicious girl in the school: the infamous Sunset Shimmer.

You gulp. You know all too well that wherever Sunset Shimmer is, there's going to be trouble. Trouble that you really don't want to get involved with. From your past experiences with the Dazzlings, they're far from innocent themselves, especially Aria; but Sunset? Sunset is where you really draw the line between good and bad. You've heard rumors that she's involved with some shady black magic cults, and has actually killed people before. And not to mention that whole demon episode of her trying to take over the school, you know to keep far away from her.

Well...you weren't actually there; when it was taking place, you were in bed, sick with a really nasty flu. Your body ached so bad, your limbs felt like they were about to just dissolve, and your body was violently shivering under five layers of blankets as you sweat so much you soaked your pajamas through. And not to mention the coughing and stuffed nose; that was the worst.

You just keep your head low, and start walking a little faster, feeling sorry for whatever plans she has cooked up for Fluttershy until you spot a boot standing in your way.

A boot belonging to Sunset Shimmer.

"Look, Sunset." You say quickly while backing up slowly. "I don't know who told you what, but if I did something to piss you off, I didn't mean to so please-"

"Chill Anon, chill." Sunset puts her hands in front of you. "I'm not here to kill you, relax."

You look at Fluttershy for a moment and she nods reassuringly, making you feel a little better that Sunset's approaching you in this manner.

"So then..." You say cautiously. "What do you want with me?"

"Anon, you know those three new girls you've been hanging out with recently?" She asks. "Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze?"

"Yeah." You answer back. "What about 'em?"

"I'm just wondering." Sunset continues. "Have you ever noticed them acting out of the ordinary?

"What?" You raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean by acting out of the ordinary?"

"I've been keeping my eye on them ever since I got here." Sunset says.

"And why are you so curious about them?" You ask, starting to get a little annoyed. "I'd love to chat, but I have somewhere I need to be soon."

You start walking away from Sunset, until you feel a hand suddenly grab your shirt. You turn, and see Sunset Shimmer, dead serious eyes pointed straight at you. You'd pee your pants if you didn't just use the restroom ten minutes ago.

"I know those three girls are plotting something." She says. "And I know you're involved with it. A guy like you doesn't suddenly start hanging out with three girls he doesn't even know just for shits and giggles. I don't know what those three have said or promised to you Anon, but you can't trust them."

"And what reason do I have to trust you?" You say as you pull your shirt out of Sunset's hand. Sunset visibly flinches from your words, which surprises you greatly. You just sassed the Heisenberg of Canterlot High, and you're still standing in one piece!

"I appreciate your little warning, but I really need to start going; I'll miss my bus otherwise." You start briskly walking away from the girls.

"No, seriously Anon!" Sunset calls from behind you. "You don't what know those girls are!"

You shake your head. Is Sunset off her rocker today? What's gotten into her? Normally, if you talked to Sunset the way you just did, you be lying on the ground with a broken nose right now. Why did she let you off so easy?

'Whatever.' You think to yourself. This is going to be a wonderful day, and you're not going to let anybody ruin it. You can already see everything happening in your head: You and the Dazzlings watching Rainbow's game turn into a disaster, Rainbow Dash embarrassing herself in front of the whole school, and nobody but you four will know what's really happened. Then afterwards, as you walk away from the chaos with Adagio, you'll say what you wanted to say to her that day right before Rainbow's flash bang ruined it.

And she'll say yes.

Reaching the main foyer, you find Adagio waiting for you. She greets you with a wink, and you respond by smiling brightly.

"Today's the day, Anon." She says wearing that all too captivating, devilish grin of hers. "You ready, big boy?"