• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Deafened - Crayonpaste

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Trust Issues

Magic isn't real, they said. There's no such thing as wizards, the tooth fairy doesn't exist, and neither does Santa Claus. Broomsticks don't fly, zombies are BS, Hogwarts is fake, and The Force is a work of fiction from a sci-fi franchise owned by Disney. And Disney isn't magical either. Not since that abomination called High School Musical came out.

Well then what the hell was all that crap the Dazzlings just did? Magic not real your ass; if that wasn't magic, then the world is flat for all you know.

"So...Sunset?" You ask. "I don't know about you, but when Adagio talked about 'changes' happening to this school, doesn't that sound really sketchy?"

"I'm feeling the same exact thing." Sunset nods. "In fact, I've been getting bad feelings from those three ever since they showed up in Canterlot High. But I never thought they'd actually be something as dangerous as sirens..."

"So...there's still a way to stop them, right?"

"Well...according to the book, the more negative energy they absorb, the stronger they become." Sunset says. "It's...troubling seeing those necklaces of they wear glow so brightly like that; I never remember them being like that before."

You think about what Sunset Shimmer just said for a moment; come to think of it, YOU never saw those necklaces glowing like that before either. But if what Sunset's saying is true about how the more negative energy they get, the stronger they become, does that mean something happened to make their necklaces glow brighter?

Well, last time you were with the Dazzlings was when you were at Rainbow Dash's game. You were sitting right next to them; you definitely would have known if their necklaces were glowing like that, so that means something must have happened where they absorbed a butt ton of negative energy.

But what would cause so much negative energy to concentrate at one place? Well something like screwing with a certain girl's soccer game and pissing off an entire crowd's worth of people along with sending said girl to the hospital definitely fits those lines...

You already feel awful enough for what you've done, but now, not only did you do such things above but you also doped three psychopath siren girls with more negative energy than a BLM march clashing into a Trump rally? You walk over to the nearest desk, and swing your head down against it as hard as you can.

"Uh oh." You say, the realization hitting you head on. "I think I just fucked big time..."

"What do you mean?" Sunset asks, concerned.

"That means it was me!" You pointing a shaking finger at yourself. "It's because of ME that they have all that negative energy! It was because of that soccer game I ruined with the Dazzlings which I followed through with!"

"Man...I'm such an IDIOT!" You shout, kicking a nearby bookcase over. You've never felt so stupid in your life as you have right now. So not only did the Dazzlings completely bomb your social life, but they also used you to gain a bunch of magical power and now they're going to take the school? As if you're not feeling shitty enough...

"So there's nothing we can do?" You ask. "Are we supposed to just sit here, grab a cup of coffee, and wait for Adagio to take over the world, or something?"

"Of course not." Sunset scoff. "You know Twilight Sparkle and her friends?"

"Oh yeah, they're the ones who stopped you from...you know, all that bad stuff you did." You say, before looking down at the ground. "And...Rainbow Dash was one of them..."

"That's not important though." She quickly interjects. "What's important, is that I know Twilight Sparkle definitely has an answer for this, guaranteed. If she could take down me, she can sure as hell crack those three sirens!"

"Come on, Anon." She holds her hand out for you. "Let's take down those Dazzlings for good!"


Sunset Shimmer's car is much more humble than the Dazzlings' Mercedes. It really is a bummer missing out on the super plush leather cushion seats, and adjustable thigh rests, but Sunset's car isn't the one shot full of holes after a crazy gangster highway chase that nearly gotten you arrested. You still can't believe you made it out of that alive, without a single scratch on your face. Well, at least now you know that if World War III ever breaks out, you'll be one of the lucky ones who make it back home.

"Where are we going exactly?" You ask Sunset. "Because I don't know about you, but I'm kind of nervous meeting up with a bunch of people who are Rainbow Dash's friends after what I've done."

"Crap, I should've thought about that first." Sunset realizes as she cranks up the engine. "Oh well, you're already in the car with me so let's just follow through."

"Hey, remember the last time I 'followed through' with some girl's plans?" You remind Sunset. "Oh yeah; it turned me into a walking soccer goal for everyone at CHS."

"Well Adagio is a siren, not a real girl." Sunset says. "Don't sweat it Anon, Twilight's a good person; if she can forgive a girl who turned into a winged demon that tried to kill her, she can probably forgive a guy who sent her best friend to the hospital."

Sunset sets her car to Drive, and strolls out of the school's parking lot, onto the main streets. You really appreciate how tame her driving is compared to Adagio's. No running red lights, no nearly killing pedestrians, no police chases; just the way you like it. However, it doesn't change the fact that you're sweating nervously under your jacket; you seriously don't know how the hell you're going to introduce yourself to Twilight, let alone the rest of Rainbow's friends after what you did.

The two of you ride together in silence as Sunset pulls off the main road and into a street that's not too far away from CHS. You narrow your eyes as Sunset's car approaches a light maroon house with bright pink, red, and white color schemes on the roof that make the entire place look like a giant gingerbread house.

"Hold on a minute..." Your heart leaps with excitement. "This is Pinkie Pie's house!"

"Oh, you already know Pinkie Pie?" Sunset looks at you, surprised. "Well, this should make introducing yourself to Twilight all the less awkward then."

"Well, more of like I been invited to one of her parties...once." You admit, causing Sunset's optimism to shrink a little.

"Oh." She says before shrugging. "Still better than nothing."

Sunset finds a place to park, and you get out, staring at the brightly colored house and how it contrasts with the rest of the white and yellow houses of the neighborhood. You bet if you were looking over this entire street on like a hot air balloon or a helicopter, you'd be able to see Pinkie Pie's house from miles away. You shake that thought out of your head when Sunset motions you to follow her, and the two of you step up to Pinkie's doorstep.

Sunset Shimmer goes for the doorbell, and a millisecond after the buzzer goes off, the door swings open, nearly smacking you in the face as Pinkie Pie rushes out to give Sunset a hug.

"OhmigoshSunsetyourfinallyherewhattookyousolongg!!" Pinkie Pie screams. "Wewereallwaitingforyouand- Oh, hi there I didn't see you!"

"Hi..." You smile nervously as you watch Sunset desperately struggling to get out of Pinkie's embrace. When she finally does escape, Sunset collapses on a nearby lawn chair, panting heavily.

"This..." Sunset says in between her breaths. "Is Anon....he's a...friend of mine."

"Pinkie Pie?" You look and see a white skinned girl with extravagantly brushed purple hair looking out the door. "What's all the racket going on-"

Her eyes lock onto you to for a moment, and she gives you an icy glare that's almost as scary as the ones Sunset gives.

"You!" She points at you. "Just what do you think you're doing here, Anonymous?!"

"Hey Rarity, it's okay!" Sunset quickly tries to step in as the purple haired girl steps out to confront you. "He's fine, he's fine!"

"Fine?!" Rarity turns to Sunset with disbelief written all over her face. "FINE?! He's the one behind it all! He's that insufferable sadist who ruined Rainbow Dash's game, and sent her to the hospital!"

"Wait, who's here?!" Another girl emerges from Pinkie Pie's doorstep. This time, it's an orange skinned girl with blonde hair and a cowboy hat. She speaks with a heavy Southern accent, and takes one good look at you before flaring her nostrils. "Anon!!! Why you no-good, yellow-bellied, two-faced varmint!"

"Applejack, stop!" Sunset shouts, getting up from her seat. "He's-"

"C'mere you, I'm gonna dish out the corporeal punishment your parents should'a given you!" She shouts before lunging at you. Fortunately, after a week of countless soccer balls being kicked at you, you've had plenty of experience learning how to dodge fast moving objects soaring at your face and groin. Fists and feet are no exceptions.

You duck under Applejack's left hook, and jump down the stairs of Pinkie Pie's porch, rapidly feeling your pants everywhere for Sonata's taco spray.

'Fuck!' You curse. 'Those were in my other pair of jeans!'

"Sunset!!!" You call over to her as you slowly back up from Rarity and Applejack. "Help! I don't wanna hit a girl!"

"Well I just became friends with them too; my reputation isn't any better than yours!" Sunset replies. "Hold on, I'll go find Twilight, she'll get some sense into those two!"

'Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. She's like some god damn oracle to Sunset Shimmer!' You think as you sidestep from one of Applejack's punches. Feeling the adrenaline starting to kick in, you quickly dash behind Applejack, and follow Sunset Shimmer as she sprints into Pinkie Pie's open door.


"C5." You declare with confidence. There's no way this is one is going to be off target; your calculations simply wouldn't allow it.

"...Miss." Fluttershy replies. "...Sorry Twilight. Now uhmm...G....6?"

Your jaw drops in disbelief as Fluttershy lands the final hit, sinking your aircraft carrier and winning the game. You don't know why you can beat Rarity and Applejack every time at Battleship, but lose so consistently against Fluttershy.

"Where did you even place your ships?!" You ask in frustration. Your jaw drops even further when you peek over and see all of her ships huddled together in the upper left corner. "Are you kidding me?! Who does that?!"

"Well, I...I didn't want the ships to be lonely..." Fluttershy replies. "I wanted them all to be together. So...do you want to play again?"

"Well Pinkie refuses to start the slumber party until Sunset Shimmer gets here." You look at your watch. "Not sure what's taking her so long..."

You and Fluttershy begin setting up for a new game of Battleship, until you start hearing shouting downstairs; the shouting gets louder and louder as you hear footsteps racing up the stairs. Suddenly, Sunset Shimmer bursts into the room, panting.

"Sunset!" You smile. "You finally got here! Wecome!"

"Twilight!" Sunset gasps. "Applejack and Rarity are-"

"HOLY SHIT SHE'S GOT A BASEBALL BAT!!!" You hear a guy's voice shout. It's immediately followed by the sound of a vase shattering accompanied by more shouting.

"Wait." You narrow your eyes. "Who's that?"

Tearing through the room, you see a fair skinned guy with brown hair and blue eyes filled with terror as he quickly slams the door behind him. He then grabs a chair, and holds the piece of furniture against the door, barricading you all in.

"Get back her, you coward!" Applejack shouts.

"It's still not too late; we can still to talk this through!!!" The guy replies, as he leans against the door.

"Not in this this lifetime, we ain't!"

Sunset looks at you desperately, jerking her head towards the ongoing pandemonium as Applejack finally breaks through the barricade, holding a baseball bat. Just as she's about to swing it, you and Sunset Shimmer step in.

"Alright, that's enough!" You say strictly. "Let's just sit down, and talk about it like civilized poni-I mean human beings."


You nervously eye Applejack and Rarity every now as you all sit together in a circle in Pinkie Pie's living room. Sharing a sofa with Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer, across to you is Twilight in a recliner with Rarity and Applejack together in another sofa adjacent to you. Pinkie Pie however, is off in the kitchen looking for food.

"So he's the one?" Twilight asks the rest of her friends. "Anonymous Fourchen? The one who sabotaged Rainbow Dash's game?"

"And sent her to the hospital?" Applejack adds, glaring at you. You try to avoid her gaze as her words cut into you like knives.

"I admit it." You sigh, nodding your head as you try to look at Twilight Sparkle in the eye. "It was me."

"But you see, the funny part that everyone in Canterlot High seems to forget was that he teamed up with those sirens to do it." Sunset steps into the conversation.

"That doesn't make him any less guilty of what he did to Rainbow Dash." Rarity crosses her arms. "He could have been conspiring with Principal Celestia for all I care, but it doesn't change the fact that he hurt Rainbow Dash, and did so not on accident, but of his own accord."

"Well Rainbow Dash isn't completely innocent here either." Sunset argues, defending you. "And we still don't know the full story here; he could have been doing it under Adagio's spell for all we know; he could be-"

"No, she's right." You cut off Sunset as you look down on the ground. "I shook Adagio's hand. I went in with the genuine intent to screw over Rainbow Dash...but that's not the important part."

"Now just what in tarnation do you mean, that ain't important?!" Applejack gets up from her seat in rage. "Are you sayin' Rainbow Dash ain't important to us?!"

"Please Applejack, let him talk." Twilight puts her hand up. "Anonymous, continue."

"Those siren girls though..." You say. "As the game went on, as Rainbow Dash began 'messing up' more and more, I started noticing this weird green mist growing around the crowd. And it wasn't the first time I've seen it happen before; I one time saw Adagio's necklace just...absorbing that green mist and shining really brightly when it did."

"And ever since that game, the last time I ran into Adagio, Aria, and Sonata, their necklaces were glowing extremely bright; much brighter than usual. They could do crazy stuff like teleport, and Adagio could knock Sunset Shimmer unconscious without laying a finger." You continue. "I think...I think not only did I screw over Rainbow Dash's game, but I think I also overloaded those three sirens with negative energy, which was their plan all along."

"Hmmmm." Twilight puts a finger to her chin. "Well, that does explain why they backstabbed you in the end: to gather more negative energy from the hate CHS would direct at you."

"And what was the purpose of telling us this?" Rarity raises an eyebrow. "Are we supposed to feel more empathetic towards you now? If anything, I'm even more disgusted with you now, Anonymous."

"So you hurt Rainbow Dash, and helped them three sirens rise to power?" Applejack says, shaking her head.

"That part wasn't on purpose!" You say defensively. "How was I supposed to know those three girls were ancient sea monsters that eat hatred for lunch?!"

"You are in no position to dodge responsibility!" Rarity shoots out at you. "This is all your fault, and you know it! You-"

"Alright, that's enough from you two!" Sunset gets up from her seat, glaring at Rarity and Applejack. "First off, he is not dodging responsibility for what he's done! He just has his priorities straight! What's more dangerous to the world right now; three sirens filled to the brim with negative energy, or Rainbow Dash?!"

"And second, how do you know he doesn't regret what he's done?!" Sunset continues on, keeping her glare fixed on Rarity and Applejack who sit back in shock. "We all make mistakes and mess up, some more than others, but it doesn't mean you can't change! One action doesn't and shouldn't define you for the rest of your whole freaking life!"

Upon finishing, Sunset leaves the living room, fuming. You all watch in silence as she storms into the bathroom, slamming the door so hard the calendar nailed to it falls off. A full minute of silence passes by before Twilight Sparkle clears her throat.

"So, Anonymous?" She leans forward to you with a concerned look on her face. "Is what you're saying really true about those siren girls' necklaces? Are you positive they're now glowing as you said, and they gained those new powers and whatnot?"

"I can say it with one hundred percent confidence." You nod. "But what's your answer to it? There's not many things I can see defeating three teleporting, telekinetic, mind-controlling girls..."

"Well, the source of all sirens' magic come from their songs and their voices." Twilight informs you. "So in order to break their hold on everybody, we need to perform our own counter-spell using the same form of magic they're using."

"So...you mean we have to sing ourselves?" You ask. "Alright, that's cool, but what are we going to be doing about the rest of their powers like their crazy teleportation and gravity blasts? Like how I said before, Adagio was able to knock Sunset unconscious without even raising a finger!"

"Yeah, that's the tricky part." Twilight replies. "The idea of the counter-spell was complex enough as it was without you overloading those three sirens with negative energy...no offense, Anon."

"None taken." You sigh. "But is there anything I can do to help that doesn't involve magic? Because I know as much about magic as the Crystal Prep girl's soccer team does about sportsmanship."

"At the moment, not really." Twilight shakes her head. "I'm sorry; I understand you want to help, but magic is ridiculously complex; especially for beginners, and there's all sorts of variables and-"

"It's fine, I totally understand." You chuckle. "Calculus and Physics are already big enough stress causers for me anyways."

"Wait, but Twilight." Fluttershy pipes up. For the first time, Fluttershy spoke up; you've almost forgotten that she was even here. "What about the Rainbooms band? Rainbow Dash is still in the hospital, so that means we don't have a guitarist, or a singer."

"Hold on a minute." Rarity scoffs. "You can't be serious, can you, Fluttershy? Let him join Rainbow Dash's own band?! That's so insulting!"

"Our band." Applejack corrects her, before looking at you. "I don't know, Anon. Rainbow Dash was pretty darn good with that guitar, even though she let everybody and their mothers know about all about it. It'll be hard to top her off..."

"Well I think we all need to take a breather, and just think more about on all of this tomorrow." Twilight steps in. "Besides; did we all forget what we're here for anyways? We're having a slumber party, girls! We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves!"

'A what?' You think in your head. 'Sunset never told you anything about a slumber party.'

The second Twilight finishes her words, your nose picks up a one of the most heavenly scents it has ever been graced by; the scent of the darkest chocolate with a trace of cherries and strawberries.

"WHO'S UP FOR SOME PINKIE PIE DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE SPECIALS?!" Pinkie Pie shouts, emerging from the kitchen wearing a chef's hat. In her hands lay two plates stacked with the most luscious brownies you've ever laid eyes upon. Everybody, including you gets up from their seats and starts rushing towards the kitchen in an attempt to get first dibs.

However, after the first two steps, you stop yourself, reminding yourself as to where you are right now; Pinkie Pie's house; a slumber party; a slumber party full of GIRLS that you were not invited to. Sighing in defeat, you shake your head.

'Your business with them is done, Anon.' You think to yourself. 'All you wanted to do was just to meet up with Twilight Sparkle and inform her about the Dazzlings; and she says there's nothing you can do anyways.'

You look back at the girls wolfing down on the brownies one last time, then get up from your seat, walking towards the door of Pinkie Pie's house. You'll just call your mom, or Flash Sentry to pick you up.

"Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey!" You turn around, seeing Pinkie Pie bouncing up and down towards you in a very cartoonish manner before dramatically pointing behind her. "The party's this way."

"A party that I was never invited to." You mutter. "I'm going home."

"And who said that you weren't invited?" Pinkie Pie looks at you suspiciously.

"Nobody said I was invited, thus I wasn't invited." You reply.

"Well now you are!" Pinkie Pie beams, before pulling a brownie out of nowhere, and handing it to you. You stare at her awkwardly, before her smile finally fades, and sighs.

"I know what you're thinking, Anon." Pinkie says, as she puts a hand on your shoulder. "You think we all hate you, don't you?"

"Why wouldn't you?" You reply.

"Because I can see it in your eyes, silly!" Pinkie points at your face. "You really are sorry...and I get it! I mean...you've heard of what Sunset's done, hasn't she?"

"Of course."

"Well, she's friends with us, now!" Pinkie points out. "So why can't you?"

And with that, she pats on the back, and rushes back into the kitchen, leaving you alone. You look down at the brownie, and take a bite. Just as you expected from the smell, the brownie was delicious; it had the perfect amount of sugar and chocolate; not too bitter, not to sweet, and with just the right amount of fudge. It doesn't take long for you to devour the entire thing, leaving you wanting for more. You walk towards the kitchen, where Pinkie Pie is, and as if on a cue, she tosses another brownie towards you, smiling.