• Published 8th Jun 2012
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From man to mare: An aching heart - The Psychopath

Derry now has to cope with bizarre feelings he has gotten for Cyclon Opal.

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Seeing as some had trouble with figuring out what was going on when I would switch from the narrator's viewpoint to Silver's, I'll just have the entire thing narrated by "her", even IF she isn't there.

The plains that I was in were magnificent today. I couldn't smell anything but clean pure air. While living in the mountains, I DID have occasionnal wafts of mint and pinecones, they paled to the scent here. The green grass was flowing ever-so gently in the wind as the few white clouds above this small house waved hello. The sun was shining bright as well...the sun. Stupid Celestia. It had been a year since I was exiled, and I was wondering when I was going to return to Twilight and the others. I may have hated Rarity for her constant forcing of me going with Big Mac, they were still my first true friends. Discord was out of my mind, and I was living with Cyclon Opal.

He isn't a bad guy. No. We actually have several things in common to be honest. He's been teaching me ways of ridding myself of frustration, such as meditation (which hardly worked by the way), and combat techniques. The same ones he used against me that night. They have been working better than the rest, and pummeling Cyclon into oblivion has been the most fun I've had since...ever! Sometimes, we do tend to get to close to each-wagablargh! Hey brain! What the fuck?!

You mad?

Grrr. Anyways, it was today that I was going to be sent back to Ponyville, with Cyclon no doubt. His duty of guarding me wasn't over, and if I read that letter correctly, I was still going to live with him in some house next to Rarity's boutique. If the letters sent by the other guards were anything to judge from, there was only one bed to fit two. What? He'll sleep on the floor. Ain't no way in hell that I'm sleeping in the same bed as him. I may be a mare now, but I was once a man! Even if I...have some bits and pieces changed here and there...and I've been getting strange feelings towards him...ugh.

Welp, Celestia and Luna were coming on that weird platform thing of theirs towed by the other guards. I wasn't going to let them down with a boring entrance, now was I?

As Luna and her sister landed upon the ground in front of the house, Celestia looked around and took in a deep breath.

"This place is quite refreshing. It's calm and clean. I see now why Cyclon has always decided to live in places like this."

"Yes. I think that maybe she has learned to control her internal anger since we last-" Luna was cut off by something getting thrown through the houses window.

Cyclon rolled around before finding halting while still on his back. He rubbed his head in pain as he closed his eyes.

"Ow. She cheated. I'll get her back for-huh?! Oh! Princesses. It is an honor to see you again."

"As we can tell by your awkward position in front of us." Luna chuckled.

Cyclon cleared his throat and stood back up. He gave a nervous smile and rubbed the back of his head.

"Heh...um...you want to know what just happenned, right?"

Both princesses nodded with a "try me" face.

"Well, while Silver has been here recuperating, I've been trying to find ways to make her less aggressive."

"I trust it hasn't worked?" Celestia spoke with a crocked eyebrow.

"On the contrary. It seems that she loves to hit things. I should've seen that at first glance." the whitte pegasus said while rubbing his chin and looking at the ground with the corner of his eye.

"So you've been teaching her fighting techniques?" Celestia wondered.

"Yes I have."

"WOOHOO!" I screamed from the top of my lungs.

I coldn't help but gallop towards Cyclon as he stood staring at me like he was astonished. I couldn't help but wrap an arm around him and annoy him a bit more.

"Aha! The student has surpassed the master. Tat makes twelve for me and eight for you. I'm the best!"

"Ahem. Silver. The princesses are here."

"Hm?" I said boringly.

He was right. I couldn't help but smile gleefully and run towards Luna and hug her real tight-like.

"It's good to see you again, Luna." I shout in joy.

"It is good to see you as well. How has your time with him been?" Luna whispers to me with a "discreet" wink.

I back up and squint a little. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Mhmm...Celestia." I follow with a bland tone in my voice.

Let's just say that our relationship was soured when she tried to kill me the first time I had come here. Something about the true Silver destroying magic and connecting worlds or something like that. Some form of cliché "destroy all the worlds" scenario. Whatever the deal, Luna managed to make up for it quite well, while Celestia still gave me a bad after-taste in my mouth.

"Silver." she answers with an equally bland face.

We stare at eachother for awhile, rising the tensions in the air. Luna and Cyclon both look at eachother in worries.

"Sister, shouldn't we be bringing her back to Ponyville?"

"Hm. Yes. We should. Come you two."

"Fine, but I'm only sitting next to Luna or Cyclon." I say in a huff, raising my...snout high.

"I have no quarrels with that decision." Celestia replied with an angry undertone.

We arrived near that weird platform carriage. The guards tugged at their helmets as they felt the rising tension in the air. Celestia went first, followed by Cyclon and Luna. Then, I went in and sat between Luna and my body-guard. The four pegasi were about to take off when Cyclon shouted:

"Wait! I forgot my armor. I won't be long."

A few minutes of silence and anger before Cyclon came back with his silver armor encrusted with blue jewels. He often told me about its story and why it had become a piece of heritage of the Opal family. He sat proudly back on his spot in the carriage. Celestia looked at him then turned back to the four pegasi up front and nodded. In a few seconds we were in the air, letting the cold winds slide off our faces.

"I swear. A year as a mare and I'm still not used to this. Anyone would have gotten used to this.Pff, but this mane is, pff, annoying me. That, and I can literally feel the wind flowing off these wretched curves. Grmbl."

To take my mind off things, I look at Cyclon who had his eyes closed and cherished the winds of the sky on his face. =I give a side grin and lift an eyebrow, then I tilt towards Luna and whisper:

"Watch what happens when I get close to him."

"I'm watching." she said with a mischievous grin.

Taking advantage of his obliviousness, I lean over towards him and hug him in a "tender" manner. He immediately wakes up from his day dream and begins to shiver. Taking a peek at his face, I could see that he was all sweaty and turned from white to red. His blue mane and tail were all straightened out and he couldn't stand it. Luna put a hoof to her face and muffled a giggle.

"Ha! He's stunned! HE...he...he looks kinda...N-n-no! Shut up brain! Stop that!"

I'm on a role here! I'm not stoppin' for anything!

"You will pay for this insolence!"

Apparently, I was giving Cyclon a "gaga" look, meaning that I was apparently showing...blurp...affection towards him. Luna caught on to this and gave me that "you like him, don't you?" face with the smile to go with it. I hang my head down in shame while the guard wipes his forehead and exhales. Luna whispered to me:

"Ah? It seems you HAVE been getting a bit close to eachother."

"What? No! It..it was all part of the prank. Yeah." I give a nervous smile while she centers one of those uncomfortable stares at me.

"I know love when I see it."

"Haha! Love. Good one. I didn't think you had a sense of humor."

Luna crocked an eyebrow.


"We are here." Celestia said, still not turning around.

I leaned over the sides to see that she wasn't lying. That little town was there, but I could barely see it from up here. I did, however, see Cloudsdale very easily. I couldn't spot Rainbow Dash anywhere though. Hmm...I wonder where she could be.

"Here I come." I think to myself.