• Published 8th Jun 2012
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From man to mare: An aching heart - The Psychopath

Derry now has to cope with bizarre feelings he has gotten for Cyclon Opal.

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We got out of the spa in calmness, except for Rarity and Fluttershy having to keep me steady. I was apparently wobbling and looked like I had drunk one too many. While I was still furious at everyone for confusing friendship for "love", I could barely think straight.


Wow. You're really stoned. Perhaps I should make it a reflex to refuse that 'chi' thing. I like to mess with you, but not this way. Still...

"Silver, ugh! Are you going to be okay?" Rarity asked while struggling to keep me up on my...hooves.

"Maybe we should take her back home? A bit of rest could help her."

"Ooof, she's heavy. You're right Fluttershy. Wait, where is her house?" Rarity looked around in confusion.

"Isn't it that lovely little cottage near your boutique?" Fluttershy pointed with a smile.

"Hmm. I think you're right. Well then, we're going to get you back to your bed for today. How unfortunate that your return just made you a bit...off with a massage."

We waltzed over towards the house that awaited me like a wonderful marshmallow of comfort. I could barely even think. I only had those weird frizzle feelings tensing all over my body. I didn't know what I could really think. It's funny how, when you're ready for some comfort, something happens, and something did happen. Twilight ran towards...galopped towards us with a book overhead and a smile on her face. She looked happy with the book that she found for me, but her expression immediately changed to confusion once she saw the state that I was in.

"Uhhh." sha raised a hoof.

"The spa." Rarity replied.

"Oh. Hold on."

Twilight grabbed-ahold of me and, with swift movements of her own hoof, slapped me silly until I stopped her.

"OW! Why would you slap me?"

"Oh. She isn't acting...weird anymore." Fluttershy remarked.

"Yeah. So, I got you this book on mythology and dangerous creatures."


"Because, as I recall, you entertained Spike alot with the different dragons you could come up with, and, while you were gone, we got to see quite a few of them. They were...scary."

"Ohoohoo. I remember. Poor Spikey-Wikey had a hard time." Rarity whined.

"Spikey...Wikey? Hmm." I said whilst adopting a pensive pose." Maybe I should say that to him and pinch his cheeks just to add to the embarassment."

"No need for that." the white unicorn replied in a distinguished manner.

"Thanks Twilight. Perhaps this will help me with my inspirations in stories. I plan on becoming a writer once again pretty soon, and this might help." I tell her with a smile.

Off in the distance, the sound of someone humming could be heard. We all looked around to try and locate the source, but it was only when we looked at the path leading to the prairie that we saw a a weird stallion. He looked like the "uppity-up" of gentlemen. He was a blue pegasi with a yellow mane and tail. The mane was "coiffed" in a way that it stayed straight, yet still kept some roundness to it, while his tail looked like a broom made from straw. As he approached us, we saw that his cutie mark was that of a monocle held in a ruffled white cloth. I couldn't help but think something weird:

"Wow. I sure hope we don't rustle up his jimmies. Exquisite."

We just stared at this strange looking pony who stopped suddenly to look at us from the corner of his eye. He turned around to face us and bowed down. Rarity "oh"'d.

"And what pleasure do I have to have my eyes emblazened by four magnificent mares?"

"N-nothing. We were just talking to our friend Silver."

"Pleased to meet you, Silver."

"Yeah. Hi." I rolled my eyes.

"And you must be miss Rarity. Your beauty is only matched by the clothing that you design. No. What am I saying, your dresses pale in comparison to your beauty."

"Oh you. You are quite the refined gentlecolt. Tell me, where did you learn such eccentricities?"

"A little here, a little there. One does not become a refined gentlepony without going everywhere By the way, I had the rudeness to ask your names before saying y own. I am Motel. Written like motel but pronounced like model.."

"That's quite an interesting name, although, I'd also like to know why your mane is styled in such a unique and splendid manner, yet you let your tail stay in such a TERRIBLE state."

"Hmph! A fashion designer such as myself must diverse in several styles. My mane represents the cleanliness and enrichment of the higher society, while my tail represents the attitude and colorful personality of the lower standards."

"Wait, you're also a fashion desinger?"

"Yes, and I'm coming here to Ponyville to find some inspiration before moving to Canterlot. I heard that they have the best delivery system, so my commands can be sent hither-and-yon without so much as a wink. *gasp*"

He stopped talking and going "hautain" the second he saw Twilight, who flinched at his widening pupils.

"I have never seen such a glorious mare. My heart has been lit anew. You represent beauty and innocence like a night time star. What is your name?"

"Uh..;Twilight Sparkle?"

"Even the name represents your affinity to magnificence of the stars."

I lean towards Twilight with a scrounged up snark on my face and whisper to her:

"I didn't know that you had gotten 'intimate' with someone."

She gave me a death glare. I just backed off, internally proud for this victory.

"I don't think-" she began, only to be interrupted once more.

"Nonsense. You are already an inspiration that has given me ideas for ten dresses and costumes already! I hope that this does not unsettle the waters already established between us two fashion designers." He said after speaking to Rarity.

"Not at all."

"Then I bid a good day to thee. The family at the local carrot farm have given me a pass to live within their quarters thanks to the number of dresses and suits I made for them."

"I also wondered where they got those splendid things. Wait, they were from you?!"

"Of course! Atleast somepony can see it. I've also seen some of your fine works and I must say that I am equally impressed. But, I digress. I must leave for now. I must visit a friend demain."

"You speak french?" Fluttershy asked, only to shy away again behind her mane.

"Of course! C'est assez évident." he takes on a pose afterwards.

"Well, I have a few commands that I need help translating. Perhaps you could come by my shop tomorrow and help me?"

"Of course. Until the morrow arrives." he gave another bow and departed towards the farms.

The farms. A place I was all too familiar with. It felt like yesterday that I had the horror of learning that I felt an atraction to stallions. If I ever get my hand on the true Silver...hooves on the true Silver, I'll strangle her for doing this to me. I've been learning quite a few things, such as friendship and all that other nonsense, but, this love that I feel for Cyclon is TEARING ME UP INSIDE! It makes me cry internally. Why must I feel these horrid things when I'm still a man! It's like, when I try to tell the others, it just won't come out. I was going to tell Twilight, but Luna blocked me. I guess I should thank her, because staying here and getting unexpected feelings for what used to be the similar gender is quite...awkward at best.

"Well, do you want to come to my house for a little dinner? I've gotten a great new recipe and I wanted to see what you thought about it." Fluttershy tapped the ground, awaiting our response.

"Sure. Why not? Rarity?"

"Of course, dear! Now then, shall we go?"

"Okay. Follow me." Fluttershy seemed to "wag" while we followed her.

It's true that it was getting late already. The sky was lit with a lovely orange and red, and everyone was going to their homes after a hard day of whatever they were doing. The princesses DID come get us at around noon after all, and the time spent in that spa was surprisingly long. Besides, there were some who were going to make an aquaintance that would be an ill omen for me and a general atleast.

Cyclon was still patrolling the surrounding areas of Ponyville and was nearing the farms. He stopped to take a look at what strong and hard labor produced. Wide fields of apple trees and an assortment of crops dotted and filled the landscapes.

"Well, nothing to report." the guard said as he scratched the back of his head.

As Cyclon walked down the hills to get back to Ponyville, he spotted a strange looking blue stallion.

"Oh ho? A royal guard in Ponyville with a regal silver armor? Perhaps he knows where I can find Bullseye."