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My Faithful Student - FadFreaky

Twilight's latest discovery sends her back to the past. What she finds, is quite the surprise. (Sequel now out!)

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Chapter 13

—Twilight POV—

The king was dying. I wasn’t sure how, but there was no denying the tendril of magic that was extinguishing belonged to him. Such a mass of pure magic and power dying out like a light was a horrible feeling. Like when a author of a great book series cancels the series just before the final book is released. How I ever got this linked up to magic over my time here is hard to say. But, all I know is that Solace is weakening just as fast. Regardless of any pretense, I intend on at least being there. Running to Solace’s room, ignoring the confused looks from the fillies as I rush out. I barrel past any guard, maid or noble in my way. At this point most, if not all of them, know me quite well. I am sure they’ll understand later. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would never make it to see the king die. So, I could at least see the Queen who showed me such mercy when I first arrived.

The weakened alicorn perks up lightly and looks at me. Her usual shining, white, and perfect coat dimmed tremendously. All I can say to her is “How did this happen? I thought most, if not all the ponies in Canterlot loved you. This doesn’t make any sense!”

Of course it didn’t make any sense, Celestia never talked about her parents, or her fillyhood for that matter. She always dodged the question even if she got verbally cornered. I should have guessed something like this was possible. “Ponies don’t kill ponies wher-, when I come from. Especially not their beloved rulers.”

To that Solace just chuckles. Saying to me softly, yet with a certain tone. “We... no I am one hundred percent certain that the assassination was not for me. Likely, I was a bit of collateral damage. Although, I doubt the assassin in question is very happy about this resolution.” She sighs and stares at me.

“The one time we don’t check the wine of course. I do say though, it was a crime against wine for poisoning that bottle. It was delicious.” The alicorn giggles weakly before requesting my assistance to bed. So of course I help her, moving her to the large, fluffy pink bed behind her. It’s bright and clearly has some form of cloud in it.

There is a stale silence in the air. Oh how I wish Mage Meadowbrook wasn’t still a foal in this time. She could fix… whatever this is. Suddenly, as if reading my mind. Something I wouldn’t doubt that she is capable of doing. The alicorn smiles “Cinder flowers my young alicorn. They burn up your magic core and then slowly kill you from the inside. Dangerous things of course. But, do not fret, I know what you’re thinking,”

I step back a half stride. Had she already seen through the reason I came? It’s very likely that she did. She giggles, saying after a violent cough. “Revenge is not the pony way Twilight. As much as my husband would say so. Let them go, I doubt they will be glad with the results. As my last act as queen, I personally pardon them. On the condition that if they are found and arrested, they must be sorry for what they did.”

I have nothing to say at all. Looking at the queen completely confused. “But, they killed you and your husband! You’re just going to pardon them for that?! I don’t understand, even back where I come from they would at least be banished for it. Why are you being so nice to them??? They killed you! You’re leaving two fillies behind! Doesn’t that make you angry?!”

The alicorn just smiles and shakes her head. “I lived a healthy life Twilight, and I know for a fact that I’m leaving the nation in capable hooves.” Her smile breaks into a pretty heavy grin as she looks at me.

“On that note, I have a request for you, Twilight.” She says as she looks at me.

I think for a moment and look at the queen. “Okay, shoot.”

“Take over Equestria as High Queen when I die.” She takes a momentary pause, just looking straight into my eyes.

“Also take care of my fillies.” She says simply, as if knowing I’ll accept immediately. I just stand there and look completely surprised. I don’t know how to react, I’ve never run the country entirely before, much less know how to be a mother!

“I can’t! I’m not qualified! I’m not even slightly skilled enough for it!” I think for a moment. No… I can do this. I have to. I can’t just leave two fillies to run the nation. Who knows what could happen!?Beyond that, I’d never forgive myself for doing something that heartless.

The queen looks at me with a somber look, likely due to my denial. “Well… I am sure that the fillies can handle their job. They were-”

“I’ll do it!” I yell. Interrupting the queen. Buck it, buck it all! “I have to! I can’t leave them. They’re like family. No. they are family. I may not be able to replace you ever. But, I swear I’ll take care of those two until they can run Equestria as confidently as you did!” I say. Afterwards, the weight of what I just said really hits me, but I don’t care. I steel my resolve and thrust my chest forward with confidence! Of course, just then a thought hits me.

“I can’t raise the sun or moon though.” I say with a slightly dumbfounded look.

The alicorn giggles “No worries, Eclipse transferred the power of the moon to you when you were sleeping several days ago. I was just getting mileage out of giving you my power. Now come forward, Queen Twilight. It’s your turn to be leader of Equestria.” I blink surprised. I look over myself in silence. Missing a important detail signifying my ability to move the moon in my haste. How could I not feel the power boost gained from being able to move the moon? Have I grown that much over this short of time?

I tentatively approach the queen. After a moment. She casts a spell on my horn and I feel a massive surge of energy just flow into me. Magic beyond my wildest dreams. Old magic, but powerful magic. “I can feel the sun.. It’s warm… but nice. Do you alway-” I look at the alicorn, she is still, but with a smile on her face. She looks so peaceful, even in death. Finally, I notice the maid that was standing there the entire time.

“Wait the entire time?!” I say to myself in surprise as my brain finally registers the pony’s presence.

“H-Hello. My name is Spectator. The Queen asked me to be here to be a witness to the transfer of royalty. Forgive me your highness. I didn't mean to pry or be rude.” The mare finishes and bows deeply. How I didn’t notice her until now? I have no idea, and it likely has something to do with her talent, or something to do with magic. But, that isn’t important right now.

“Very well. Spectator, please arrange for the Queen to be buried I’ll go speak with the fillies.” I move to leave but the mare stops me for a moment, holding some papers.

“In a moment, I require your majesty to sign these adoption papers for the princesses before I go. Lest they get adopted by some of their more… undesirable family members.” I look at the papers before me. I sign them after a moment. If not just for official sake. Although I must admit Celestia is almost like a daughter to me now. Maybe… just maybe.

“Done, now excuse me, I’ll need a couple of hours. Delay the gala until midnight and alert the guards searching for the murderer to capture and not kill. Old queen’s orders.” I say to Spectator. The maid smiles and bows before retrieving one last thing from the room. Quite a beautiful set of regalia.

“From Solace. When you were ready. She always had a knack for seeing the future in her dreams. And well, now you do too so make it count. Although we’ll have to get the cutie mark changed.” As she says that I quickly jump and look at my flank. It looks exactly the same. Except there is a moon and a sun in the mix of my starburst. It looks nice, but it certainly is different. But, the time for freaking out is later. For now.

“I really appreciate all of this but I REALLY have to go, Spectator. If there is anything else feel free to come to me in my study later.” I say with a smile, trying to hide my impatience at this point. The mare smiles and bows saying shortly.

“Very well, I shall present the other 20 gifts to you after you have had your moment with your new foals.” The maid bows and leaves without a trace… literally. Only the door, which is now open, shows the signs of her having left. I take a deep breath and exit the room, and there is only silence in the castle. A somber air around. I silently head to the ballroom, the only room with any form of joy. I feel horrible for what I have to do here.

As I enter the room the two fillies look at me happily, before seeing my face. They tilt their heads in a way showing their confusion and curiosity. They haven’t heard the news, they likely aren’t even aware of the state of the castle. I tell them to sit down and sit down in front of them.

“Celestia, Luna, sweeties, I have something to tell you.”

--3 hours later.--

The castle is quiet, the sun and moon are still in space. Whatever joy there was in the castle was drained out completely. It was a simple funeral. Nothing big… nothing crazy. There wasn’t any procession. There wasn’t anything fancy. The Queen was very specific. All she wanted was to be buried with her flowers. Her husband on the left and her on the right. Even her selfish wish, which was to not have Celestia and Luna be there was obeyed. Of course, the fillies were there. I just had their names changed for the day to find a good loophole. The funeral took a hour after of which I spent time with Luna. Celestia refused to have anything to do with me, but I expected as much… I wouldn’t like the pony who told me about my parent’s deaths much either. She’s a smart filly though, so she’ll come around. As for Luna, I never truly realized how much younger she was to Celestia until today. The little blue filly was only 6 and that's what she told me. I’d place her more around four to five and a half. I guess ten year differences don’t have much of an effect when it comes to alicorns.

Said filly finally looks up to me. Tears streaming down her face. “I-If mommy and daddy aren’t coming back, who will make me go to my studies! Who’ll read me bedtime stories?!” The filly hugs me tightly and I hug her back. I just rock her while hugging her as she stammers on about the many things she won’t be able to do anymore.

“I promise, I’ll take care of you. I promise my filly. I won’t let you be sad. I’ll do everything in my power to keep you happy. Keep you safe. Same for your sister- Oof!” Taking a sudden hug from a ball of white, crying filly could cause any heart to melt.

The family hug lasted long enough to the point where the two were asleep. They must have been tired. Shame that we had to be thrust directly into a party. I’ll let them sleep for now though. Their dresses and other miscellaneous items are all set for the night. If I can, I’ll figure a way to not have them need to show, but for now we cannot show weakness. Who knows what the gryphons, dragons, or even our fellow ponies would do if they saw even the slightest chance to take Equestria. I will protect this nation. If not for my fillies, then for the future and for my friends in that future.

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