• Published 11th Jul 2015
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My Faithful Student - FadFreaky

Twilight's latest discovery sends her back to the past. What she finds, is quite the surprise. (Sequel now out!)

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Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up when the sun was just being risen. This fact pulled a lot of questions for me. ‘Who raises the sun? Who lowers the moon?!’ These questions kept circling in my mind as I silently waited. Granted I wanted to explore but it wouldn’t be wise to try something like that. So I opted to explore the maze garden a little bit. I avidly avoided any staff that would be working the gardens, of which there were actually only a few. This is how I spent my morning, albet I wasn’t there to see the flowers. I was thinking the entire time about what questions I would ask Celestia

--(POV Filly Celestia)--

‘YAY yay yay!’ I silently thought to myself as I happily bounced through the halls ‘I finally have somepony to play with!’ As I continue my little jaunt about the inside of the castle I bump into somepony that I was trying to avoid.

“Gah!” I yell out as I stumble and fall on top of the dark blue form that is my sister causing a small chain of events leading to a broken vase.

“Get off of us sister! Thou art crushing our wings!” Said the blue form under me, in a very upset voice.

“Sorry sis!” I quickly jump off of her letting my younger sister get up.

Luna gets up slowly, dusting herself off with her wings. She then turns to me with a questioning look. I internally groan knowing what is coming just by seeing the raised eyebrow and that dull look on her face she gets when she is dissapointed. “Sis? Our older sister should know better than to use common speech. Especially when speaking with their own sister.”

‘Ugh…. common speech is so much better. But dad really has Luna under his hoof.’ I rub my forehead for a moment before responding

“Forgive us sister, but you know how much we despise talking like this in a casual setting. It is…. very very booorrring.” I groan this out. ‘Common speech is so much easier and well, This form of speech always sounds so snooty.’

My sister shakes her head and says in a reserved voice “Well at least we can’t be found at fault for breaking the vase this time.”

‘The vase! Oh no... ‘ I look at the shattered vase and back at Luna “Sister you have to help us! Please help us hide the vase! I’ll do anything!

My sister giggles for a small moment before saying “For two weeks of our chore we will be more than happy to help our sister.” I nod agreeing to this and we get to work putting the various pieces of the broken vase in a nearby potted plant.

A short while later the vase is stored away in some potted plant. Thankfully my sister is always there for me. Even if she is really annoying at times. Continuing my skip down the halls I exited out to the back of the castle. There I will look for the greatest find I've ever had the chance to find... A new friend.

Skipping my way to the hedge maze I go down my usual path to the center where I found the mysterious alicorn's little camp. I look around for her but I first notice how little she ate last night. I pout and head back to the castle thinking 'No friend of mine will eat so poorly!'

I go to the castle kitchen and go inside, sneaking around until I reach my quarry. A nice salad bowl filled with greens and tomatoes. Nopony would really miss it, besides, I'll only need a plate.

I wait until the cooks exit the kitchen to grab more ingredients to add to the salad and with my magic I quickly prepare a plate of salad for my new friend, running out with the plate. I happily walk with the plate in my magic as any guards I pass by don't question it. I head back to the garden getting several smiles from the gardeners as I go to my paradise. My personal area in the center of the maze, where my new friend is staying.

--(Past Twilight's POV)--

Arriving back after a few close calls. I see this little hopping white form entering the center of the garden. Smiling to myself I wave as the little filly shows me.... A salad dish? I take the dish in my magic.

"Sorry.... I couldn't get you a fork... I thought you might be hungry." Said the sweet filly.

I say "This is very thoughtful of you Celestia. Luckily I can just use something from my pack..." Searching through my saddlebag to find a bit of bread. I pull two slices out and put the various bits of lettuce and tomato in said bread eating it like a sandwich.

"Wow.... I woulda never thought of that!" The little filly smiles happily

"Sometimes you have to think out of the box, then, and only then, will the right answer come to light." saying this with a smile. That lesson was one of the first Celestia taught me when I had just become her student. It was nearly the same situation too, giving me something to eat but no utensils. It was a fun and slightly messy lesson.

I munch down the sandwich, while it was good, nothing can beat Spike’s cooking. I smile as the little filly walks around exploring my little camp.

“This stuff is so cool, I’ve never seen this stuff before! Mom and Dad never take me to do anything really fun. I haven't even been let out of the castle grounds in a while…” The filly trudged the ground lightly, before saying. “That’s why I was so happy to meet you. To have somepony to play with!”

“But don’t you have a sister?” I asked. “Why don’t you play with her?”

The filly sighed before sitting down and answering “My sister is such a killjoy most of the time. She takes after my dad the most. Believe me, she’s no fun and neither is my dad.”

I sit back thinking about it. From what I know about Luna this didn’t come much of a surprise but… “Like your dad? What’s he like?”

The filly giggles “We had a deal~ First we play then you get to ask all the questions you want.”

I smile and stand up, thinking, ‘How adorable’

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