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The Rainbow and The Comet - RNBW

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Rainbow's Pals - Part 1

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay.

It was a sunny saturday in the city of Canterlot and all of the citizens were enjoying the beautiful weather. To many, Saturday is the best day of the week. There is no work, no school and nothing but a free day to do what you need to take care of, or have fun with friends.

Rainbow Dash with her newfound friend, Comet Moonstone, were making their way through the streets of Canterlot. Some people, which were at the same age as Rainbow, greeted her with a wave of their hands in which she returned with a wave or a thumbs up.

However, there were some murmurs and stares from some people who saw the boy walking with Rainbow. Comet noticed the looks he was receiving from the people. This made Comet very uncomfortable and he stayed as close to Rainbow as possible, not wanting to be separated from her.

Rainbow noticed this and turned to look at him with a warm smile. "Don't worry Comet, everyone's here are really cool. Nobody will hurt you. There is no need to be scared."

Comet nodded in reply as they continued their way through Canterlot. He continued to stay as close to Rainbow Dash as possible until something jumped in front of him, making him yelp in surprise.

Standing in front of Comet was a bright pink girl, about the same age as Rainbow, with a large poofy dark pink hairstyle and blue eyes. She was wearing a cyan vest with a white shirt and a pink heart in the middle underneath the vest, cyan wristbands on each arm, a purple bow belt around the waist, a big pink skirt with three balloons on it and cyan boots with pink bows.

The girl stared deeply at him with her large blue eyes. Her eyes continued to come closer, making Comet more scared and uncomfortable than he already was. With the eyes being closer than they should be, the pink girl spoke with incredible quickness.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Who are you!? Are you new here!? I know everybody in Canterlot, but I don't know you!" – she then let out a big gasp – "So you must be new!! By the way, aren't you such a little wittle cutie!? You are so cute!! I could just eat you up! What's you name!? What is it!? Huh!? What is it!? What is it!? Tell me!! Tell me!! T-"

Pinkie Pie's crazy and childish rambling was cut off by a hand in her mouth. As for Comet, he quickly ran behind to the source of the hand. It was Rainbow's hand.

"Pinkie Pie! You need to calm down, you're scaring him!" Rainbow chided.

Rainbow Dash turned to look at Comet with a look of worry. The child was shaking like a leaf with small tears in his eyes while hugging tighly Rainbow's leg. Now, he was extremely terrified of the pink gal in front of him.

Letting out a sigh, Rainbow glared at Pinkie Pie. "Now look what you've done, Pinkie."

Pinkie's blubby personality faded away when she saw the anger in Rainbow's eyes. Then, she looked down at Comet and reached a hand to touch him, only for Comet to shy away from it. Pinkie's hair deflated like a balloon.

"Oh, I'm... I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," Pinkie said apologetically to Comet.

Rainbow let out a sigh as her expression began to soften, "I think you should leave now Pinkie. Tomorrow we'll come to SugarCube Corner when Comet is calm and try this again, okay?"

Pinkie's bubbly personality returned when her hair poofed back to normal. "Okie Dokie Lokie! See you guys tomorrow!" she said in her usual cheerful way.

Without saying another word, Pinkie Pie bounced away from the two, like if nothing happened. Rainbow turned around, bent down to Comet's level and started to rub his shoulders.

"It's alright, Comet, she's gone. I promise she'll be much calmer next time," she said comfortably.

Comet started to calm down as he looked at Rainbow who smiled at him reassuringly.

"Alright, kiddo, I think the first place we need to go is to Carousel Boutique. One of my friends live there and she can make the best clothes. I’m sure she won’t mind making you a pair of new clothes," Rainbow explained.

Comet let out a soft sigh and nodded at her. "O-Okay, Rainbow,"

Rainbow stood back up, took Comet's hand into hers as she smiled warmly at him and both continued to make their trek through Canterlot.

The Carousel Boutique was having a slow day. A teenage girl with a very white skin and purple curly hair was inside the shop drawing a dress design. The girl was wearing a light blue fleecy shirt with a purple skirt that had three diamonds and purple boots.

After finishing the drawing, the girl smiled to herself as she looked upon her design and felt a sense of pride of her work. Then, she stood up from her chair where she was sitting, headed to another room and began to put some fabric away as she hummed a cute tune.

Just then, a knock at the front door drew the attention of the girl. She turned around and walked up to the main door.

"Coming!" the girl said in a regal, elegant voice as she turned the knob. At that moment, a wide smile creept onto her face. "Rainbow, darling. Please come in."

"Heya, Rarity," Rainbow greeted as she entered into the boutique with the young boy following close behind.

But before Rarity could say a word, she noticed the small child hiding behind Rainbow. "Umm, Rainbow? Why do you have a child with you?" Rarity asked, her voice filled with curiosity.

"Well, that's why I'm here," Rainbow scratched the back of her head with a small smile and turned to Comet. "It's alright, Comet, you can show yourself."

Comet hesitated, but did as he was told and came out as Rainbow Dash placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Comet, I would like you to meet Rarity. She is one of my good friends," Rainbow introduced before looking at the fashionista. "Rarity, this little guy is Comet Moonstone."

Comet just looked at Rarity nervously as she did the same.

"Oh my! Aren't you the sweetest thing I've ever seen?" Rarity said, beaming at the sight of the kid.

Comet only blushed at the comment. To ease his nervousness, Rarity knelt down to Comet's level and carefully reached out her hand to stroke his little hands.

"Please don’t be afraid dear, I’m not going to hurt you," Rarity said in an elegant, yet soft voice. Then she gave him a kiss in the forehead. "Well, Comet, it’s a great pleasure to meet you."

Comet gave a light smile as he looked up at her. "I-It’s nice to m-meet you too, M-Miss R-Rarity,"

Rarity returned the smile. "Awww, such manners you have Comet. But you don't have to call me miss, Rarity is just fine."

Rainbow Dash smiled at the interaction between the two and let a small sigh of relief. Things were getting better.

Just then, Rainbow remembered the other reason why she came here.

"Oh right, I almost forgot," she turned to look at the fashionista. "Rarity, I was wondering if you could make Comet a new pair of clothes."

"Ask no more, Rainbow, I will be honored to create an outfit for this little darling," Rarity replied and looked at Comet with another smile as she stood back up. "Comet, would you be a dear and follow me?"

Comet looked up at Rainbow who gave him a nod that meant it was okay and he nodded at Rarity. She took his hand into hers and led him to a set of mirrors with a short pedestral.

"If you don’t mind dear, just step up there so I can take your measurements to make your new outfit," Rarity said, placing her arm around the boy's shoulders.

Comet nodded as he carefully stepped up onto the pedestal and Rarity took a plastic tape measure, a pencil and a notepad in order to write his measurements.

"Comet dear, if a lady may ask, what is your favorite color?" Rarity asked, taking the measurements of his body.

Comet looked up at the fashionista. "Umm, blue."

Rarity nodded in acknowledgement as she continued to measure Comet.

After writing all the information in her notepad, she smiled warmly down at him. "Alright Comet, all done. Now I’m going to get started on your outfit."

The child nodded again, climbed out of the pedestal and walked up to Rainbow Dash.

"So... When you finish?" Rainbow asked, rubbing the lower back of her head.

Rarity let out a huff and crossed her arms. "Oh, Rainbow Dash, there is no need to be impatient."

"It was just a question," Rainbow replied in a deadpan tone. "What I mean is how long it will take you to make his clothes, so while you're making his clothes, I can take him to meet the others."

Rarity realised what she meant by that. "Oh. Well, it will take three hours. Fortunately, I don't have any requests today."

"Good," Rainbow turned to look down at Comet. "Hey buddy, while Rarity is making your clothes, what do you say if we see my friend Fluttershy?"

"O-Okay," Comet nodded before looking up at Rarity with a light smile. "T-Thank you R-Rarity for making me new clothes."

Rarity gave him a soft smile. "Awww... Darling, you don’t need to thank me."

"Okay, Rarity, see ya later," Rainbow said before smiling warmly at the child, reaching out her hand towards him to grab hold of it. "Come on, Comet."

Comet smiled at her softly and he lightly grasped her hand and they walked out of the boutique with Rarity closing the door.

'What a cute little darling,' Rarity thought with a smile before getting started at Comet's outfit.