• Published 5th Jul 2015
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The Rainbow and The Comet - RNBW

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Dark Truth

Dawn breaks in Canterlot City as the sun rose against the cloudless, blue sky. The sun gently beamed through the window of Rainbow's house as it shined brightly on the sleeping form of the athletic and loyal teenager, along with the sleeping form beside her.

Rainbow Dash began to open her eyes as she let out a big yawn and rubbed her eyes. She turned her head to the other side of the bed to see the little colt snuggled up against her, sleeping peacefully with a little smile on his face. She sat up in the bed and bent her head down to his.

"Comet, wake up little guy," she whispered in a soothingly tone into his ear with a smile.

Comet began to stir, letting out a little yawn and blinking his light blue eyes open as he rubbed his eyes. Once he opened them, he looked up at the smiling face of Rainbow.

"Good morning, Rainbow," he greeted her with a smile as he let out one last small yawn.

"Good morning, kiddo. Did you sleep well last night?" Rainbow asked while stroking his head.

"Yes," Comet replied with a nod as he snuggled up against her.

Rainbow let out a small giggle at this sight and lifted him on her lap.

"Anyways, what would you like for breakfast? I will make you whatever you would like. Okay?" she asked.

Comet smiled softly at her. "C-Could you make me s-some oatmeal? Please?"

Rainbow put a hand on her chin in a thinking manner with a playful smirk. "Oatmeal, huh?" then she ruffled his hair in a playful manner. "I don't see why not."

Comet let out a smile giggle at the ruffle of his hair. He hopped off her lap before Rainbow climbed off the bed and took his hand into hers.

Rainbow turned at him with a smile. "Alright, bud. Let's make you some breakfast,"

With that said, the two began to walk out of the room and they descended the stairs. When they arrived at the living room, Rainbow Dash turned to look at Comet once again.

"Comet, how about you stay here while I go to the kitchen to make your oatmeal. You can take a seat on the couch," she smiled down at him.

"O-Okay, Rainbow," Comet replied with a nod as he went to the couch and took a seat.

Rainbow smiled at him for a moment before walking into the kitchen to make breakfast for Comet. While she was making his breakfast, couldn't stop thinking about Comet Moonstone. He was a very sweet, cool and polite kid; on the other hand, she could tell that he is very shy and gets scared around new people due for yesterday's accident with the hyper pink girl. He reminded her of Fluttershy when they were kids.

Also, she wondered if Comet has an family. It is strange and heartbreaking for a child to be alone in a alley. Judging by how Comet is very shy, she thought that the boy has been through a lot, but decided not to question him until he was ready. Something was definately wrong.

'Where are his parents?' Rainbow Dash thought to herself as she added the final touches to the bowl of oatmeal.

Rainbow walked over to the kitchen table and placed the bowl in the table with a spoon.

"Comet, breakfast's ready," Rainbow called out.

Hearing her voice, Comet hopped off the couch and walked towards the kitchen. Once he arrived at the kitchen, Comet gently climbed up into the chair and took the spoon from the bowl.

"I hope you enjoy your oatmeal, kiddo. I added some fruit to make it 20% Tasty," she gave him a wink.

Comet smiled at her before dipping his spoon into the bowl, scooped some oatmeal out, and ate it. As he chewed, he could tase the sweetness of the honey as well the juiciness of the fruit. The oatmeal was indeed 20% Tasty.

Even though he didn't know what she meant by 20%.

Comet swallowed his first bite and smiled a little more brightly at Rainbow Dash. "Mmm... This oatmeal is real good, Rainbow. Thank you,"

"No problemo, amigo," Rainbow said as she gave Comet a thumbs up.

He smiled up at her and continued to eat his oatmeal. When Comet finished his breakfast, Rainbow put the dish in the sink and began to wash the dish.

'She is so nice to me. Rainbow is just like my auntie,' Comet thought to himself, but then he lowered his head in sadness. 'I miss my auntie,'

Comet carefully got up and gently backed away from Rainbow, heading towards the living room.

Having finished with washing the dish, Rainbow turned around and walked over to Comet. But before she was able to do so, Comet wasn't in the kitchen anymore,

'Hmm, maybe he went to my room,' Rainbow thought to herself and walked in the direction toward the living room.

However, when Rainbow Dash arrived at the living room, she saw Comet Moonstone sitting on the couch sniffling. Motherly instincts immediatly kicked in as Rainbow walked up to him and saw small tears rolling down his cheeks.

"What's the matter, buddy?" Rainbow asked, worry filling her voice.

Comet looked up at her with sad eyes, tears still streaming down his cheeks.

"Y-You've been s-so n-nice to me," he said between sobs. "B-Besides my a-auntie, n-nobody has ever b-been n-nice to m-me."

Even though she disliked being soft, Rainbow couldn't help but feel bad for the child. At the same time, a thought of curiosity came across her mind when he mentioned his aunt. She decided to ask him later. This is not the right moment.

Rainbow sat down next to Comet and put him on her lap.

"Comet, is something wrong?" Rainbow gently asked as she looked at him with a look of worry.

Comet remained silent.

"Come on, tell Rainbow what's wrong," she said while rubbing his arms.

"R-Rainbow, d-do you t-think I'm a m-mistake?" Comet asked as Rainbow continued to rub his arms.

Her eyes widened when she heard that question.

"Heck no! I don't think you're a mistake. I only think you're a cool kid with a big future, why in the world would you think something like that?" Rainbow asked.

Comet began to tremble and his sobbing began to grow harder.

"M-My d-daddy c-calls me a m-mistake a-and h-he says that I s-should have n-never born," Comet said in a sad, broken tone.

Rainbow let out a gasp of shock. 'Wait, what!?'

"M-My mo-mommy d-died when she h-had m-me a-and m-my auntie d-died in a c-car accident a-a-and m-my d-daddy s-says it's all m-my f-fault!" Comet continued, his sobbing growing harder.

"Say WHAT?!" Rainbow exclaimed in shock, but not too loud in order to not scare the kid.

Comet's mother died while giving birth to him and his aunt died in a car accident, but how could his father say such a cruel thing?

"M-My d-daddy y-yells at m-me, he c-calls me n-names and h-he... h-he h-hits me w-wi-with..." Comet couldn’t finish. Instead, he buried his head into Rainbow's neck and began to cry.

Still shocked by his answer, Rainbow Dash wrapped her arms around Comet and held his trembling body close to her. She closed her eyes and gave Comet a soft and motherly kiss on his forehead. Now Rainbow knew the reason why Comet Moonstone was so scared around people.

As she held Comet close to her, Rainbow noticed something underneath his T shirt. Without disturbing the crying boy in her arms, she very carefully lifted up the T shirt from his back. What she saw made her gasp in shock. There were several bruises on his back, some of them were big, some of them were red and some of them were turning purple.

She remained calm on the outside, but on the inside she was seething with bloody anger. How could a father do such a thing to his own son? To his own blood? How could he beat him, insult him and blame him for something he even didn't cause? How could he be so cruel to him?

Rainbow's anger started to cool down when she looked down at Comet Moonstone who was still crying. She began making a soft hushing sound to calm him down. Comet's crying reduced to sobs and then to sniffles as he brought his head out of Rainbow's neck.

Rainbow placed her hands on his shoulders. "Comet, I'm very sorry that your father did all those things to you. Please believe me when I say it's not your fault your mother died, but guess what?"

Comet looked at her with curiosity, the tears still on his face.

Rainbow gave him a warm, reassuring smile. "You can live with me."

Comet said nothing as he gave Rainbow a sad smile. Rainbow gently brushed the tears with her hand before giving him another kiss on his forehead.

"Do you feel better?" Rainbow asked, giving him another gentle smile.

"Yes. Thank you, Rainbow Dash," Comet replied before wrapping his arms around her waist.

With a motherly smile, she began to stroke his hair in response. "I'm glad you feel better, Comet." Just then, Rainbow remembered what she was going to do today. "Hey Comet, how about you take a shower before we leave to visit my friends?"

Comet Moonstone was a bit hesitant, but he gave her a gentle nod in agreement. With nothing left to say, Rainbow took Comet’s hand into hers and both went upstairs.

'Don't worry, Comet. I will take care of you.'