• Published 5th Jul 2015
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The Rainbow and The Comet - RNBW

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Meeting the Comet

It was a serene and beautiful Friday afternoon across the city of Canterlot. Warm shadows danced across the pavement, as Rainbow Dash, Canterlot High sports star, made her way placidly down the streets towards her home. Her sneakered feet slapped out her own beat, and her multi-colored head bobbed up and down.

It was the start of Spring Break, which means there will be no school for three weeks and Rainbow wanted to start with a bang. That meant getting home as soon as possible, playing some videogames and calling up the girls.

Of course, the spring heat also had already begun creeping in. Rainbow lazily wiped the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve, sliding onto a park bench on an unfamiliar block. She let a relaxing sigh as she stretched her limbs, dropping her backpack off on the ground.

'Let's see… where should I go with the girls? Hope Sunset's free this time,' Rainbow thought nonchalantly with her gaze fixed at the sky.

Rainbow's eyes widened at the golden glow of the sun starting to sink towards the cloudy mountains, warning that nighttime was coming soon. She bit her lip, throwing her bag over her shoulders as she stood up from the bench.

Rainbow turned around to start walking again, but froze when she heard something crash. She whirled around, taking a fighting stance for protection.

"Who's there!?" she challenged to the empty street, shooting glares in every direction.

When only silence regained, her gaze fell on a small, dark alley between two buildings.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" Rainbow called out, curiosity overwhelming her fear.

Rainbow Dash stepped forward carefully, bringing her head into the dusty darkness. She shrugged her shoulders and began to walk out of the alley, but then, she drew back when her call was answered; with quiet, mewling sobs.

Rainbow covered her mouth in shock, trying to hold her breathing to hear the quiet cries of distress. Without making a sound, she walked down the alley, finding to her surprise, only one silver trash can lying on the floor sideways.

But there was a figure hiding behind, trying its best to disappear from view. Rainbow gasped in shock at what she just found behind the can.

It was a kid, no doubt. The young boy looked like he was only six years old and was curled up in a ball. The kid had light skin and his clothes, a black long-sleeved t-shirt and male denim shorts, were worn through and dirt-stained.

"Kid?" Rainbow breathed, kneeling down beside the small boy on the ground.

Something snapped inside of her at seeing such an innocent spirit alone on the streets. She pulled back the trashcan, staring back into magenta eyes with her hand outstretched.

However, the kid looked up and saw her. The boy let out a high yelp, his blue hair falling over his face, as he scrambled backwards. It was blatant that this kid was terrified of her. This made Rainbow feel bad for the little kid.

Rainbow walked up to him very slowly, trying not to scare him again.

"Hey," she gently whispered.

"P-P-Please, do-don't h-hurt m-me!" the little kid stuttered, hiding behind his only defense; the trash can.

But Rainbow wasn't that type of person to give up so easily, especially on someone who obviously needed her help. She continued to inch closer, finally able to place a comforting hand on his worn through shoulder.

"Shh," she murmured. "I'm not going to hurt you," Rainbow said gently to the terrified kid while she rubbed his shoulder.

Hearing the kindness in her voice, the child slowly turned his head to look at Rainbow. His eyes slightly widened when he saw her vibrant rainbow hair.

Rainbow kneeled down to his level and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright, kiddo? I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you."

The child gave her a small nod as he tried to calm himself. His eyes never left Rainbow's face.

Rainbow gave him a friendly smile. "By the way, my name is Rainbow Dash. What's your name buddy?"

"M-My name is Comet Moonstone. It's n-nice to meet you Miss R-Rainbow Dash," his tone was small and nervous, but very polite for a little kid.

Rainbow chuckled and gave him a wink. "That's a cool name, but there’s no need to call me Miss, kiddo, just Rainbow is fine."

"Um... Alright," Comet agreed softly, giving her a small smile. He pulled his knees up to his chest, breathing in and out.

"Tell me, bud, do you live nearby?" Rainbow asked slowly.

Comet's smile turned into a frown, glancing down at the ground. "N-No."

Rainbow's breath caught in her throat. Noticing his nervousness, Rainbow decided not to ask him more questions. However, something still didn't sit right with her and a feeling of dark unease stuck to her. Where are his parents? Rainbow shook her head slightly. She couldn't just leave him out here alone.

Her eyes widened when an idea struck her mind. Rainbow cleared her throat, bring the kid's attention back up to her. "Comet, why don't you come with me... Until we can find your parents? You can sleep at my house. How does that sound?"

Comet stared at Rainbow in surprise. She was offering him a place to sleep rather than leaving him alone. Comet could tell that she wasn't lying to him; he trusted this girl.

"Yes, I would like that," Comet said in response, looking up at Rainbow with a grateful, yet childish smile lifting his lips.

Rainbow grinned at Comet, before picking him up by his armpits carefully and placing him on her back.

"Hold on, little guy," Rainbow said to him, gripping his legs. Comet wrapped his small arms around her neck as Rainbow walked towards the exit of the alley.

Arriving at her house, Rainbow looked back at Comet on her back. The child had fallen asleep during the walk, his thick lashes closed and a content look on his dirty face. In order not to wake him up, she carefully opened the door and creeped inside. She lifted him up from her back and gently put him on the sofa.

'The kid must be hungry,' Rainbow thought to herself, before entering the kitchen with one last glance at the sleeping child.

A few minutes later, Comet was woken up from his nap by the sound of footsteps. Opening his eyes, Comet looked up to see Rainbow Dash, sitting casually beside him on the cushion, her face had a bright smile.

"Did you sleep well?" Rainbow asked, chuckling as Comet yawned and stretched out his limbs.

Comet nodded meekly in response, pulling himself up to watch her.

"Good. Follow me," Rainbow said as she motioned over to the kitchen area.

Comet did as he was told and slowly climbed off the sofa. When the two arrived at the kitchen, Comet was greeted with a pleasant scent coming from the old, brown table.

Rainbow gave him a smirk. "If you're wondering, that's the dinner."

Comet quickly hopped into the chair and stared down at his meal almost in awe, his eyes widening in excitement. His meal consisted of a plate of scrambled eggs with two fried sausages and a glass of grape juice. Nothing special to Rainbow, but Comet hardly dared breathe before the food. He gingerly took the fork and began to eat.

Rainbow watched quietly as he devoured his food with a ferocity and chuckled, tilting her head. "Heh, looks like someone was hungry."

Comet sheepishly smiled without a word as Rainbow sat down across the table from him, her meal . With that, the two ate their dinner in a warm silence.

Once they finished their dinner, Rainbow looked at the clock on her wall and then at Comet, who let out a yawn.

"Alright, kiddo, time to get some shut eye," Rainbow told him, before lifting him up from his seat.

Rainbow Dash led him up the stairs, with Comet trailing behind while he grasped her hand. Everything they passed seemed to amaze the child, from the lamp, to the rug. Rainbow squeezed his hand tighter, walking past the bathroom to her own guest room.

Comet stopped for a moment, tugging at Rainbow's sleeve. "Rainbow Dash?" he whispered. "The bathroom's so pretty!"

Rainbow stopped, glancing into the mundane room. "I suppose it it," she replied, cocking her eyebrow.

Comet just innocently smiled, pulling her forward.

"Alright then, little buddy," she laughed, following him beside the shower.

The boy traced his hands over the glass, squinting inside as Rainbow Dash glanced down at his face.

"I guess you'd like to get a bit cleaner, huh?" she asked, softer than before and tousling Comet's blue hair.

Comet nodded eagerly, rubbing softly his arms.

"Okay, I’ll be outside waiting for you, how does that sound?" Rainbow inquired, pulling open the shower door. "Feel free to ask for any help," she added.

Comet waved goodbye at her and Rainbow Dash took that as a sign to leave. She smirked, gently closing the bathroom door.

Since Comet didn't have any other clothes to his name, and she was not allowing that kid to step back into his filthy old ones, Rainbow Dash had lent him the softest shirt she owned, complete with sleep-shorts she had outgrown many years ago.

Yet, the little boy that creaked open the door to Rainbow's guest room was almost unrecognizable. Rainbow Dash rushed forward, inspecting his dirt-free face, and rosy red cheeks. Without a second thought, she embraced him, breathing in deeply his own scent mixed with the lavender soap of her shower.

"You feel all clean, now?" she cooed, nearly wincing at her tone. Comet returned the hug, nodding happily.

"Yes. I feel very clean. Thank you," he soflty said, leaping from Rainbow's arms and throwing himself on the bed. Comet rolled around, his body tangling up in the white sheets as he giggled into the pillow, although struggling to pull himself up from the blankets.

Rainbow placed a hand over her heart. "No problem, Comet," she answered sincerely. "You're a good kid."

He seemed to find that immensely funny, throwing back his head and exploding into laughter. Rainbow chuckled slighty while covering her mouth in mirth; not even understanding what was so entertaining. Perhaps it was just Comet that was found absolutely endearing.

The boy shook with giggles in the pillow, coming up for air. Rainbow steadied him with a touch. "Hey, now. You don't want to get yourself all riled up, do you? It's time for bed, remember, silly?" she said, ruffling his hair.

"Okay," he replied with a nod. "You do have a nice bedroom."

"There you go!" Rainbow winked, patting the bed for Comet, she pulled back the covers as he snuggled beneath them. "You sleep tight, alright?" she said, tucking him in.

Comet nodded, squeezing his eyes shut. When he opened them again, she was still sitting there.

"Oh!" Rainbow Dash blushed in embarrassment, standing up. "Okay, Comet, I'm right next door if you need me. Good night," Rainbow softly said before leaving the room, flicking off the light.

"Wait," Comet called out suddenly, making the rainbow haired gal to turn around.

"What's up, little guy?" Rainbow asked, pausing at the threshold, the golden light from the hallway spilling in.

Comet was silent for a moment, pulling the covers around his chin. "Umm... C-Can you g-give me a g-good n-night kiss?"

Rainbow stood there, surprised for a second, before she went over to the bed with a smile. She leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead.

"Better?" she asked gently.

Comet nodded his head and burrowed further in the warm blankets.

"Thank you, Rainbow Dash. Goodnight," Comet mumbled, already falling victim to the serenity of slumber.

Rainbow's heart melted at this sight. Sighing silently, she bent down and gave the kid one last little kiss, before closing the door to the dark.

Author's Note:

Update: Rewritten with Harmony Pie