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Spy Glass just got his cutie mark, and everyone is very happy for him. The only problem is that it wasn't what he was hoping for!

Written in two hours for the Iron Author contest at EFNW 2015.
Required themes: a shining moment, a voyage, a mask
Cover Image Source: http://tinyurl.com/Blackstar2442

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Comments ( 8 )

A really good first story from you.

I just don't get the cutie-mark. Care to explain how that has anything to with being a captain.

The ending also felt a tad bit rushed, now he's an adult, he's awesome, Cheerilee's proud, DONE. If you can I think you should slow the pace down.a bit, actually show the battle instead of talking about it etc etc.

Too fast, too short, no hands.

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way...

This is a good story. It needs more, though. I didn't quite understand the ending, but I liked Spy Glass. This is understandable since it took ya 2 hours to write it.

You've got yourself a like.

I don't really understand the ending at all... but the first part was interesting.

I don't understand at all, how do the masks relate to pirate tracking and capture?

There isn't much info as to what his talent actually is if its not acting.

I guess iit could be he is using his talent with masks/speech/acting to intimidate pirates?

The (physical) masks are to disguise his pirate identity, and to inspire fear in his enemies. They are reflected in his cutie mark.
I was going for 'being a pirate, yo' ~shrug~
Blustering and such is a good connection!

He determined that his talent was pirating while wearing scary masks. It's not a great ending, but it was the best I could do in two hours. Thank you!

(Did I miss a hands reference?)
Thanks Stellar! I will endeavor to be more clear in further writings. :)

It mirrors the mask he wears to conceal his identity as a pirate, and perhaps ties in with a theatrical, swashbuckling swagger.
Ah, yes. The ending is certainly rushed. I may re-write it, but at the moment I am unsure how edits work on FIMFiction- do I resubmit if I rework the ending?

Thank you Diamond Sparkle! I'll strive to continue improving!

(I note that the original description neglects to point out the three prompts each writer was given to write about- I'll edit it to include those, as they provide a bit of context for the story and its issues.)

6184193 thanks. I think you can edit without resubmiting.

6184193 Okay, thanks for explaining.

As for edits, I am a bit unsure, I don't write much myself, and I can't remember if I did an edit on my late story.

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