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Family Tree - miss-cyan

Getting cryptic notes from dead relatives is never a good thing. This was no exception. What are you supposed to do when someone wants you to solve a mystery when there's something out in the woods? That turns out to be the least of my problems.

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The Guest

“Now, I haven’t had a chance to get this all past Granny Smith.” Applejack seemed a bit anxious, walking with me to the house. “I’m sure she’ll be understandin’ about your situation, don’t you worry.”

“She seemed really nice last time.” I remembered how she’d tried to comfort me when she delivered the news about the twins.

“She is. Granny’ll love having company.” Apple Bloom was taking the lead, surprisingly. “You’ll be fine.”

Big Mac just hummed, to himself or to our conversation, I wasn’t sure. Pinkie was bouncing along the path to the house, not looking bothered in the slightest. Of all the ponies I could worry about meeting, the elderly grandmother really wasn’t one of them. But the way they were talking her up made me a little skittish. Was it because she was more intimidating than she seemed? Or because her say-so would make or break my living situation? This family did seem the “downhome, respect your elders” type.

The door creaked open as we entered the house, and Granny Smith made her presence known.

“Youngins? Issat you?” her voice called from the other room. “Where’d y’all run off to in such a hurry?” I could hear the rhythmic creaks of a rocking chair.

“Just made a quick delivery Granny.” Applejack called back, putting up a hoof for me to stay in the kitchen. She and her siblings went on without Pinkie and I. “And uh, we ran into somepony who needed a little help.”

“Oh!” she gasped, chuckling. “Anypony I know?”

“Yeah!” Apple Bloom had taken over. “Cornflower Blue, from the other day. She’s uh…stuck in town for longer than she thought, and she needs a place to stay.”


“Well, can I assume that this is your roundabout way of sayin’ you invited her to stay with us?”


“Well, that was awful nice of ya.” She sounded agreeable with everything. “Am I settin’ another place for lunch or is she comin’ later?”

“She’s here now actually, but…well she…now here’s the thing Granny.” Applejack started. I snuck a little closer to the doorway, just to get a glimpse of the family. Pinkie was right with me, but I held the top of her head to keep her from going further. Her bright pinks were going to get us spotted. “Cornflower is…well it turns out she, uh…”

“She looks different now.” The younger Apple again. “Princess Twilight did some magic and…she’s not a pony anymore-oh, well, she is, kind of. She…”

“She’s a human!”

Pinkie had slipped past me, somehow. I froze up as she zipped over to Granny Smith.

“She’s part pony too, though you can’t tell by looking at her. And she’s taller now! And not blue anymore, but I guess the kind of alien she is don’t come in blue. Oh yeah, she’s an alien from a different world, or a different universe, I keep forgetting.” Pinkie went on, and everybody in the room, myself included, just looked on with distress.

“Oh! And she’s right over there!”

And five sets of eyes were on me, with Granny Smith’s wide and surprised.

“Well…” she said, her eyes never leaving me. “Let’s have a looksee.”

She stepped my way, everyone else stood still, and I looked at Pinkie. I just mouthed Whhhyyyy? at her. She just shrugged, with a big, almost mocking smile.

The elderly pony was at my feet now, looking up before squinting a bit.

“A tall thing, ain’t ya?” she grumbled. “Well, lean down here! My eyes ain’t what they used to be!”

I reacted to her authoritative tone, dipping down for her. She stopped squinting, looking me dead in the eye.

“S’true? You still that filly that came around the other day?” she sounded doubtful, not that I could blame her.

“Yes ma’am.” I nodded. “That was me.”

“Well now…” she furrowed her brow, thinking about something. “You’re needin’ a place to stay?” I nodded. “I don’t see why you would, but do you got any problem with me and mine?”

“No ma’am.”

She stood for a moment more, before patting my cheek with her hoof, smiling.



“Don’t make me repeat myself, missy.” She warned, an eyebrow raised. I nodded, tensing at her stern but teasing tone. “Alright, one of you go make up the guest room. Extra blankets! Our guest ain’t got no fur!”

Apple Bloom was the first to react, smiling the whole way out of the room. Applejack mentioned helping her out and trotted off too. She seemed just as pleased.

Pinkie hopped over to me, smiling and bouncing on her hooves excitedly. I gave her a tired smile, sighing.

“Alright, you did good.” I nudged her. “Don’t get cocky.” And she just laughed.

Pinkie knew she’d have to leave soon. She’d been away from Sugarcube Corner for a while now, and she had things to talk about with the Cakes, if it was fine by Lottie. Plus, Gummy would get cranky if she was gone for too long. She’d learned that personally after coming back from Cadence and Shining Armor’s wedding. The baby alligator had rewarded her absence with whacks to her head with his tail to wake her up for days after.

If she was being honest, she was kind of scared to leave. Scared that the next time Lottie was having a bad day, she wouldn’t be there to make her feel better. Scared that Applejack would come to her one day, to tell her that something was wrong. She wanted things to go well, for Lottie to make all the friends she could ever want and feel welcome here.

But she couldn’t just stick around forever. Life would be different with Lottie in Ponyville, but it had to go back to a sense of normal soon, if Pinkie was going to be helpful.

The guest room was pretty homey. The bed was big enough for Lottie, and sure enough, about three spare blankets sat on the trunk at the foot of the bed. All of them looked super snuggly and warm.

“I’m glad this all went well.” She told Pinkie, looking into the room from the doorway. “I think this will be good for me. It’ll help even me out a little, having a routine and folks to look after me.”

Pinkie knew Lottie was having a lot of feelings about a lot of different stuff, and she remembered their talk from the night before.

“Because…you’re always a little sad?”

She was quiet, stepping over to the bed and sitting, sighing as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah…It’s kind of hard to explain.” Pinkie hopped up on the bed beside her, sitting and listening, despite wanting to ask a million more questions. “For a while now, my head…it kind of tells me that I’m sad, even when there’s no reason to be. I usually have medicine to help me feel better, but I didn’t bring it with me. I didn’t bring a lot of things here…”

“I’ve never heard of a happy medicine.” Pinkie thought it was a little odd, having something like that. “Are you gonna get worse if you don’t have it?”

“I mean…it’s a possibility.” She seemed really nervous, scratching at the skin of her foreleg with her stubby claws. “That’s why being here will be good. I can stick to a routine and I won’t have time for feeling cruddy. And if I start to get worse, someone here will notice. If I was all by myself doing nothing, I’d just sit around feeling bad with nobody to help me.”

“And now you’ve got lots of ponies who’ll help you.” She told her, and Lottie smiled. Pinkie noticed something weird. Lottie had looked like she wanted to say something, or do something, but had stopped and just sat, an odd look on her face. Pinkie couldn’t tell what she was thinking. But she didn’t mention it. It didn’t feel like she was holding onto a bad feeling or keeping something sad to herself. There was already enough going on, and Lottie didn’t need somepony trying to push her right now.

“I do.” Lottie smiled weakly, getting up and stretching a bit. “I won’t forget that.”

Pinkie smiled, knowing that she’d be there, no matter what the problem was.

“Okie dokie!” she cheered, hopping off the bed too, still not really ready to go. But this would just have to be one of those things that Pinkie did, even though she wasn’t too crazy about it. Like dusting, or sitting still for a long time. “I gotta get back to the Cakes, they’re probably worried since I’ve been gone so long.” She considered her next words. “…Is it okay? If I tell them about the real you? If it’s not okay,I wont. I understand.”

“Oh, yeah no, that’s…cool.” She stumbled over her words. “I don’t want you to lie to them. But uh, don’t…I mean…just, pick the ponies you tell carefully, okay?” she sighed. “I trust you with everything but this is all super heavy, you know?”

“Don’t worry, Lottie Dottie!” she smiled, standing on her hind legs and pulling her down into a hug. “I won’t do anything to make you sad!”

She was a little stiff, like she was when they first met, but she hugged Pinkie back, sighing under her breath.

“Thanks Pinkie.”

Pinkie had said her goodbyes to the Apple Family and myself, promising that we’d hang out soon. And despite my nerves about everything, I was actually looking forward to it. Pinkie was a lot of fun when I wasn’t worrying about every little thing.

Now I just had to worry about things around here.

“So then, Miss Blue.” Granny Smith got my attention. “Applejack told me a bit about you, those fillies you came lookin’ for turned out to be family and all. I’m awful sorry about givin’ you such bad news the other day.”

“No, it’s fine.” I assured her. “I didn’t know when you told me. I was upset because…well, when I was a pony, I was stuck that way. I thought they could help change me back.”

“Hm.” She looked at me, eyes narrowed thoughtfully. “Somethin’ tells me this whole thing is a might complicated.”

I wasn’t sure where to start explaining, but before I could speak up, Granny Smith shook her head, smiling gently.

“No need for all o’ that. As long as you’re safe and happy while you’re under our roof, you can keep whatever you want to yourself.” She shrugged, starting off for the kitchen. “And I got a sneakin’ suspicion that it’s long and complicated magic business.” She muttered under her breath.

I smiled, kind of getting where she was coming from. This magic stuff was hard enough for me to understand, let alone try to explain it to ponies. I appreciated her letting me just keep this all to myself, she seemed stern, but nice. She kind of reminded me of Grandpa. Or maybe that was what grandparents felt like.

I was alone now, looking around the living room. It was a normal, cozy and rustic home, the furniture was a bit smaller than my own, but still big enough to support the likes of Big McIntosh. I could be comfy here. For a little while, not too long.

I heard quiet hooves coming down the stairs, followed by Apple Bloom peaking her head out from the doorway.

“Hey Lottie…” she looked unsure but kept going. “Applejack says to let you get used to everything before I bug you, but if you’re bored or somethin’…You wanna come see my room? I got lots of fun stuff to do, and I don’t mind if you borrow somethin’.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” I’m pretty sure I just got asked to hang out by roughly a ten-year old, but she was sweet and it wasn’t like I had something better to do. “Lead the way.”

Pinkie got back to Sugarcube Corner in no time and was immediately greeted by two foals latching onto her front hooves, tripping her up.

“Whoa!’ she giggled, scooping the twins up into her forelegs and hugging them tight. “Did you miss me, babies?”

“Pinkie! Oh, so glad to have you back, dear.” Mrs. Cake stepped out from behind the counter and hugged her too, Pinkie always loved a big huggy pony pile. “Is everything better? You left in such a rush and then you stayed out for so long.”

“Everything’s better.” She nodded, setting the twins down and patting them on the heads. “Bluey is going to be fine now, but…a lot of stuff happened and I wanna tell you guys all about it.”

“We’d love to hear it.” she nodded, smiling with a hoof to her chest. “I’m glad Cornflower is alright though, I know you were worried. We’ll sit down for lunch and you can tell us all about it.”

Pinkie loved the Cakes like a second family. She knew they’d be accepting of Lottie, because they cared about Pinkie and wanted her to be happy. And they’d already met her as Bluey, so everything should go just fine.

Plus, it was good to be back. She got back to the kitchen and got right into the swing of things, mixing and measuring and all the fun parts of baking.

Lunchtime couldn’t come soon enough.

The Cakes sat mid-bite, having just sat through Pinkie’s recollecting of her days out of the shop. They had stopped a few minutes ago, to fully grasp everything.

“Wait, I think I missed something.” Mr. Cake tapped his temples, looking as lost as Mrs. Cake felt. “So…Cornflower Blue isn’t a pony, but she is a pony, but she’s also an alien? Pinkie, I know you like your jokes, but are you sure you told that one right?”

“Okay, follow me now. Bluey is part pony, but she looked like a pony cause of a magic forest and some spooky vines and-”

“No, no Pinkie…” Mrs. Cake cut her off, tilting her head. “We heard everything, it’s…just a bit too much to take in all at once. So…she is a hybrid pony, but there’s magic involved, and…Wait, what was it…she’s part…human? I’ve never even heard of that before.”

“That’s cause she’s from another planet slash dimension, c’mon you two.” Pinkie laughed like this was the simplest thing in the world. “And now she’s staying out at Applejack’s until Twilight can get her home.”

The couple looked at each other, unsure of what to say or who should speak first. They had been caught up in Pinkie’s situation for an entirely different reason not a few days ago, and now they had so much more information to process.

“And the two of you are still…” Mrs. Cake finally tried to get the conversation back on track. “…I mean, you still feel the same way about her? You still trust her?”

“Of course!” she smiled, not even hesitating. “She looks really different, but she’s not scary at all. She’s tall, and she has freckles and she’s a really pretty shade of brown now. And her real name is Lottie, but I call her Lottie Dottie.” She explained, a big smile on her face.

They exchanged another look, but this one had lost their previous confusion and unease. They had been ready to cheer Pinkie on when she had brought Cornflower Blue around, and this certainly was a lot more complicated, but they both could practically read the other’s thoughts: As long as Pinkie was happy, and this creature Lottie treated her right, nothing else mattered.

“Well, we’d love to get re-introduced before she leaves for home.” Mr. Cake told her, and Mrs. Cake shared the sentiment.

“Yes, and all the complications aside, you must be at least a little happy.” Mrs. Cake put her hoof on Pinkie’s shoulder, smiling sympathetically. “You were hoping you’d get to spend a bit more time with her.”

Pinkie looked down at her half-eaten lunch, suddenly looking very down.

“Pinkie, what’s wrong?” she asked, touching her hoof to the younger mare’s cheek.

“…I know Twilight is going to keep trying no matter what to send her back home…But I don’t even want to think about how sad Lottie would be…if she got stuck here.”

“Well, she’s got great friends supporting her, and if anything happens, there will be lots of ponies looking out for her.” Mr. Cake comforted her. “And this is all “what-if’s” right now, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Pinkie seemed a bit more relaxed at that thought, but still seemed troubled. Cup Cake tried to digest everything she’d just been told. If Pinkie hadn’t already been so fond of Cornflower Blue, or Lottie, she would’ve been a bit more nervous about what was essentially a completely unknown creature in town. But she scolded herself for her thoughts.

She had already met the part-pony, and while she seemed a little meek and a bit down in the short time they’d been in each other’s company, she’d also been polite. She’d been sweet to Pinkie, and nice to their foals too. If they thought so well of her before, there was no reason to distrust her now.

She found herself actually excited to meet her again, both to meet this otherworldly mare, and to get to know her better. She was eager to be somepony she could depend on, should help be needed.

“And those are my schoolbags.” Apple Bloom was proudly showing off all her possessions to me, in that way little kids like to do. “And that’s my bow that I wear for special occasions. I wore it to my cousin Apple Leaves’ weddin’. And that’s my cape for official Crusaders meetings.”

“What’s a Crusader?” I asked, flipping through some of the books on her shelf, if only for the pictures.

“Oh! You know how I told you before about my friends and me not havin’ our cutie marks?” I nodded. “Well, we go around doing a bunch of different stuff to try and see what we’re good at and try to get them. It’s me, and my friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.”

“That sounds like fun.” And I meant it. “You said before you get teased about it, is it a big deal to not have one?”

“It is!” she looked super serious all of the sudden. “When you’re a blank flank, ponies lump you in with every teeny tiny foal, and mean fillies like the ones I know treat you like you ain’t worth nothin’.” She huffed, slumping into herself. “Oh…but.” She eyes me nervously. “It’s…not the worst thing ever…honest.”

“I told you Apple Bloom. It’s not a big deal for me.” I saw where she was going with this. “I could be a “blank flank” ‘til I’m old and grey, and I’d be fine.”

“It’s funny though.” She shrugged. “You could get one, being part pony. You could even try with me and my friends! We never had a grown pony member and-”

“Now, hold on.” I stopped her. “It’s really sweet of you to offer me a place in your club. But there’s no telling if I can even get one. Plus, if things go smoothly, I won’t be “in town” for very long.”

She looked sulky at that, and I couldn’t tell if I was coming off jerky. It really was sweet of her to try and include me in fun.

“Tell you what.” Her ears perked up. “I’d be up for meeting your friends, even hanging out if it doesn’t keep me from helping out around here. Would that be fine?”

“Boy, would it!” she pranced around me, giggling and finally hopping into my arms, hitting me like a sack of potatoes. She was heavier than she looked.

“It’s gonna be so much fun, just you wait!” she settled into my lap, still laughing. “My friends are gonna think you’re the coolest!”

“Is that right?” I couldn’t tell if she was just being nice.

“Sure it is!” She turned onto her back, gesturing up at me. “You’re tall, and you’re like nothin’ a lot of ponies have ever seen, and you’re nice! You’re gonna be the talk of the town once ponies get to know you!”

I wasn’t one hundred percent on that, but good talk was better than torches and pitchforks. If a tiny little filly could call me all these nice things, then maybe other ponies wouldn’t be so hard to convince.

“If you say so.” I shrugged. I got up off the floor, holding her in my arms. I set her on her bed, not wanting to tote her around like a purse dog. I was still put off by the thought of accidentally treating any of them like animals.

“So! You wanna do anything fun before lunch?” she asked, hopping onto the floor. “I got books and games…”

“Books are a no go, I can’t read pony language…” I looked at the spare blankets in her closet. “I got an idea, if you don’t mind a little…construction.”

“Huh?” she eyed where I was eyeing, and I think we had the same idea. “Yeah! Well, let’s get constructin’!”

Applejack could hear things moving around upstairs from the kitchen, and for a second, she worried that the guest room was under renovations by their new guest. Maybe the bed wasn’t in a good spot for her, or…she might’ve been upset about something like she’d been back at the hospital. She started up the stairs to check on things.

“Lottie?” she knocked on the guest room door, finding it slightly open and peeking inside. No one was in the room an everything was in its place. Her saddlebags sat on a dresser and a little pink pony plushie sat on her pillow. She heard more noises from down the hall, sounded like Apple Bloom’s room.

“Oh…that filly.” She stewed. “I told her to let things settle down before she got up to her usual mischief…”

She tossed open her sister’s door, finding something…unexpected.

Apple Bloom popped out from a hanging sheet, smiling wide.

“Applejack look! It’s a blanket fort! Just like we used to make!”

Lottie poked her head out from behind the circus tent of sheets, her mane poofy and frizzy with static. She secured the corner of the top sheet to the canopy of Apple Bloom’s bed and gave a little wave when she noticed her.

“My brother and I used to make these every weekend when he was little.” She took another blanket, draping it over a tall stool for one of the corner, weighted down with stuff from the bedroom. “We used to make popcorn and have a Mighty Ducks marathon.”

“What’s a mighty duck?” Apple Bloom tilted her head, and Applejack felt like doing the same.

“Oh, that’s a good series, I’ll tell you about the whole thing sometime.”

Applejack was…kind of relieved. Seeing Lottie getting along with her sister all on her own, it made her hopeful. There wasn’t a trace of worry or sadness on her face in the slightest.

“Well, glad you two are havin’ fun.” She had to admit, it was an impressive blanket fort. “Lunch’ll be ready in a little while, Lottie, I made sure you didn’t get anything that you can't eat.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” She crouched under the fort, making her way to the door. “Seems a little early for lunch, not that I’m complaining.”

“Well, breakfast is pretty early here, and the rest of the meals are too. But if you’re not hungry yet-”

“Oh I am, pretty much always. This magic stuff makes me feel like I haven’t eaten in days like…ever.” She reached up, smoothing out her mane a little. It didn’t help much.

“Well then.” She laughed. “I think you’ll enjoy what we’re preparing then.”

Lunch was a pretty decent spread, Applejack thought Granny might’ve been trying to impress their guest. Lottie was eating like she was starved, and here Applejack had thought she might’ve been exaggerating.

“Glad you’ve got such an appetite!” Granny laughed. “Been a while since we had a guest that could keep up with an Apple at the table.”

“I’m starting to get used to it.” She shrugged. “Back home I was more of a picky eater.”

“What’s it like? Where you’re from?” Apple Bloom asked, and everypony kept an ear out, curious. Applejack was worried the topic might upset her, but she carried on, not looking any different.

“Well, it’s a lot like here, surprisingly.” She kept on eating, but looked like she was thinking. “No magic though. Plus, I’m pretty sure technology is a bit behind here, from what I’ve seen.”

“What kinda techy-business?” Granny Smith was surprisingly the one to ask. Applejack knew her grandmare wasn’t the biggest fan of “new-fangled gizmos” like washing machines and such. Maybe she was just trying to indulge Lottie and make her a bit chattier.

“Are telephones a thing here?” she asked. “I haven’t seen one since I got here.”

“Oh. Those are hard to come by.” Applejack told her. “You’d see those in the city more than here. Out here in the small towns, everypony lives close together. And the mail is pretty quick by pegasus, so they only get installed where they’re needed. Like in fire stations and such.”

“Huh. Okay. See, the phone I have back home, well…” she was thinking again. “Pretty much everyone’s got a phone. Helps everyone keep in touch, and then some.”

“I read a comic book once where “The Pony of Tomorrow” had flying carts, and robots that do your chores.” Apple Bloom spoke up, her eyes bright. “Y’all got anything like that?”

“No flying carts, but we have other ways to fly. And…I’m pretty sure my aunt Lola has a Roomba, it’s a little vacuum that moves on it’s own and cleans your floor.”

“Wow…how do you fly? Like a hot air balloon? Or a zeppelin?” Apple Bloom was still curious.

“We have those, but they’re kind of old-fashioned. We mostly use planes, they’re like…metal ships that are a lot faster and can get you pretty much anywhere in no time. I’ve only ever been on one once.” She looked like she was having a mischievous thought, and Applejack was almost worried. “We even have ships that take us straight up into space.”

“Nuh-uh!” Apple Bloom gasped. Applejack was sure this was just a story to entertain her sister, but she listened anyway. Big Mac and Granny seemed to be of a similar mind.

“Yep. About…fifty years ago, humans used one to go to the moon. We planted a flag and everything.”

“You’re pullin’ my leg!” She had to be. Technology was one thing, but this was sounding ridiculous.

“No, I’m not.” She smiled again. “We even used a few to put a little robot on another planet. They take pictures and send them back to us.”

Apple Bloom was starting to catch on now, looking at Lottie with narrowed eyes.

“Uh-huh, sure.” She took a few bites while Lottie just smiled to herself. Everypony at the table was more or less convinced the human was just teasing the Apples, but Applejack was sure every one of them was now thinking about it.

“So, Lottie.” Granny was the one to change the subject. “What kind of family do ya come from? What do your folks do?”

“…Well, I got a big extended family, but before I moved out it was just Mom, Dad, my brother and me.” She paused for a second, an unreadable expression on her face, before snapping out of it. Applejack would’ve hated for her to get upset again. “Dad’s a surgeon, Mom works in real estate. My brother Mason’s not much older than Apple Bloom, he’s still in school.”

“And they’re back home huh?” Granny continued. “Aren’t they expectin’ you?”

Applejack tried to motion to Granny that this was a dangerous line of conversation, but only Big Mac noticed her. Lottie stopped eating, staring down at her plate.

“I live on my own, and we talk often enough but…I’m known to keep to myself.” Her voice was quieter. “I’m…kind of hoping I get back before they notice I’m gone. I didn’t know I was gonna get…stuck here, I didn’t think to leave a note or anything…”

Applejack could see something building up, and she was about to change the subject when Lottie laughed sadly, wiping at her eyes.

“It feels like I’m getting all moody every other conversation.” She tried to play it off, laughing. “I’m gonna dehydrate at this rate.”

Before anypony could say anything, Apple Bloom slammed her hooves on the table, startling everypony.

“This!!” she declared triumphantly. “This is a job for pie!!” She hopped down from the table, going to fetch dessert. Lottie laughed, coming out of her funk.

“She’s a good kid.” She said quietly.


Mrs. Cake was working the counter when later that same day, and exhausted-looking regular strolled into the shop, bags under her eyes and almost a stumble to her step.

“Goodness, Mrs. Chord!” Cup Cake gasped, a hoof to her muzzle. “Are you alright?”

“Oh…oh dear.” She yawned, making it to the counter. “Cup Cake, call me Pow, we’ve known each other for five years.” She steadied herself on her hooves, blinking slowly. “Sweet Wheat’s been having these awful nightmares lately, and when she wakes up, she wakes little Cream Puff and then she’s crying for hours…Cultivar and I have been up for three nights straight.”

“Oh dear.” She knew too much about fussy foals. The twins and Cream Puff had been born close together so they often saw each other at the hospital for their checkups. “No wonder you look so worn down. No offense.”

“None taken, it’s true.” She sighed, fishing in her saddlebags for some bits, setting them on the counter. “I could just…I’m just furious with Roseluck and her friends! Culti took some bulbs over to their shop to sell and they just went on and on about that monster Rose saw in the woods a while back. Scared Sweet Wheat half to death! I’ve tried everything to convince her there’s nothing to be afraid of, but…Oh, um, four cinnamon rolls, please.”

Everything clicked for Cup Cake. As she readied the order, her mind was racing. Cornflower or Lottie was that monster, and there really was nothing to be afraid of. If she could help this lovely family sleep through the night and get Pinkie some more ponies who thought well of her new friend at the same time…She trusted Power Chord to be level-headed about it, plus with all the gossip they swapped, she had more than enough on her to keep her from a little fear-mongering.

“Well Pow…I actually could give you and the family a little peace of mind on that. But…you have to promise to keep an open mind about everything.”

Author's Note:

oh...Mrs. Cake what did you do?

it's probably fine...it's fine...s'fine

another appearance by the pony moms, and those are the names those two get tagged with, not my idea to name a pony Cultivar

RIP Opportunity, you did a great job little buddy

Luna, step up your game. i bet Sweet Wheat's waking up before she can get to her. in fact, that's exactly what happened

Lottie, you're gonna have to get over your hangups about treating ponies like animals. there can be no cute snuggling when you're acting like a nervous wreck. how am i supposed to write fluff at this rate? (also, cut it out with the sad already. you're bein' a bummer. sheesh)

(but seriously, not every chapter will have the sads, don't get put off thinking this is a "look how sad my OC is" fic. things will have their appropriate ups and downs.)

see you guys next chapter, and to all my new readers, welcome! i love everybody's comments c:

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