• Published 21st Mar 2015
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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc I - Chapter: 5 - Unwanted Advertising

Author's Note:

I can't believe it! I've been wanting to do a collab with my bro for a long time now, and he actually agreed to help me with this chapter! For those who don't know who my bro is, his name is "Rumble". He has written some great Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash stories that I highly recommend you reading. Please, give my bro some love--his stuff is awesome!!!

~ Michael A.

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Chapter co-written with: Rumble (A.K.A: my bro!)
Chapter: 5 - Unwanted Advertising

The Everfree Forest; a place where ponies dare to travel, and where literal nightmares call home. A place where, not only, the land lives as one, ghostly entity, but also the breeding grounds for nightmares. Once, the forest was like any other… but it changed. The event is a story, lost to time, practically erased from history. But it’s legend remains.

In this ghostly forest, on the edge closest to grand city of Canterlot, stood a group of ponies. There were twenty in total, each one shrouded in a dark, hooded cloak that covered everything but the wearer’s horn. The ponies stood in a large circle, all surrounding a dark blue ethereal flame that burned from a dark purple chuck of metal. They all stood in silence, the only sound that could be heard was the ambient noise of the cursed forest.

The silence didn’t last, however, as the group began a quiet chant. It started off soft, almost a whisper, but slowly grew to a loud chorus.

“Revertere ! Revertere regina nostra ! Revertere in tenebris ! Revertere in tantibus ! Dicens: Surge et ClaMe super thronum tuum Vive et dirige nos ! Revertere !”

The chant continued to grow in intensity, sounding much like an unholy choir. As they chanted, each of the unicorn’s horns began to glow with their magical aura. At the same time the ethereal flame in the center began to glow brighter, slowly shifting and morphing into shape. The flame began to grow, and soon morphed into the shape of rearing alicorn, clad in ancient armor.

The ghostly alicorn growled, letting out a screech that would give styrofoam a run for its money [Author's Note: Seriously, that shit makes me cringe!]. The ponies in the crowd all cringed, obviously disturbed by the sound. After a moment or two, the ghostly alicorn began to dissipate, until nothing but a light spark remained...

I let out a loud groan as I awoke, softly cursing in the name of everything that came to mind. I hated mornings... nights... waking up in general. I had passed out on my couch in my back room soon after the end of my gig, too lazy to stumble back to my apartment. This wouldn't be the first time I'd fallen asleep here. Hell, that was the reason why I had it!

I tried to fall back to sleep, but to no avail. I let out another irritated groan as I sat up on my couch, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Did I have anything planned for today? I thought, contemplating trying to go back to sleep. I mean, I don't have a gig tonight and–

I was torn from my thoughts by a loud "pop" and flash of light in front of me. I screamed, falling off the couch and landing face first onto the floor below. Something also smacked into the back of my head and I let out, you guessed it, another groan.

Why can't my life be normal? I thought as I sat up from the floor, rubbing the back of my head with a hoof. To my surprise, a scroll lay at my hooves. It took my sleepy mind a second to put the pieces together, and as soon as it did I lunged at the scroll, unfurled it, and began to read:

Dear Neon,

It has been some time since we have spoken, more time that we would have wished. But, I digress. We are writing to you to give you notice that we have been able to clear some time from our schedule to "hang out" with you. We have managed to procure some tickets for performance by a flying team known as the Wonderbolts. We have not seen them, but have heard great praise from our sister. We have attached your ticket to the bottom of this letter.

Oh! And we should mention that we shall be meeting you there as Midnight. As we have told you before: we wish to keep our friendship a secret. We shall meet you there a half hour before the performance begins at the main gate.

Princess Luna.

Sure enough, a golden ticket with the Wonderbolts emblem was attached to the bottom of the letter. I stood there, frozen for a few seconds... Until I jumped up and down and cheered like a school filly. Little known fact about me: I loved flying. Yes, I was not a Pegasus, but I still loved it. My younger days had been spent wanting to become an alicorn, only because I wanted wings. I had also spent countless attempts to create my own flying device... The results had ended not as good as I had wanted... but, I digress!

After way more time than I'd like to admit, I finally was able to control myself. I ran out of the club and to my apartment to fetch a few... items.

My hooves clopped against the sidewalk of cloud-street, the residential Pegasus district, as I made my way towards the coliseum. I had stopped by my apartment to pick up a few of my Wonderbolts attire... Okay, maybe a little bit more than a few. I was currently wearing my Spitfire tie, my official Wonderbolts blazer, my Wonderbolts fedora, and my limited edition Wonderbolts saddlebags. I may have looked like a walking Wonderbolts billboard, but I don't care!

The large stadium slowly came into view as I continued to trot forwards. More and more ponies began to litter the streets, most likely heading towards the same destination. I got a few strange looks from some of the ponies around me, but nothing more than that. I tried to keep my cool, I really tried, but I was gonna see the Wonderbolts! I pretty much giggled and jumped up and down as I continued to trot--well, bounce--forwards. As I got closer, more and more details of stadium came into view. Canterlot’s Ultra-Dome was probably the most epic sports and event stadium in the country. It was designed to be able to be used for any type for sport, whether it be hoofball or, in today’s case, a flying performance. From the outside, it looked like a giant, upside down bowl with the center cut out. Billboards and other advertising plastered the outside of the stadium.

I eventually made my way to the mane (Yes, it was actually called, and spelled, like that...) entrance, and waited for Lu-err... Midnight to arrive. Honestly, I really needed to get used to this switching names thing! I didn’t have to wait long until I spotted the mystical blue mare in the crowd. I waved to her, but I don’t think she could see me. After continuing to wave and shout for a few more minutes to no avail. Grumbling to myself, I trotted towards the mare, pushing myself past ponies and I went on.

When I finally made it to her, I tapped her on the shoulder with a hoof. She, in turn, jumped up in surprise and turned to face me. Her confused expression instantly died quoin seeing me, being replaced with one of joy. "Huzza! We have found you at last!" she began. "We were worried that you had been lost in the crowd." She looked me over for a second, then her expression changed to one of curiosity. "What are you wearing?"

I rolled my eyes, having already dealt with people questioning my attire since I was young. "I'm just dressings for the occasion."

Midnight... Luna... Whatever! She raises an eyebrow as she looked around, noticing that nopony was even close to being as "dressed" as me. "We... think it's a little much."

"It's not!" I shot back. I mean... yeah, it was a little extreme, but it just showed how much I liked them! It wasn't borderline obsession... right?

Midnight rolled her eyes, holding back a laugh as she began to walk towards the door, turning her back to me. "Whatever you say..."

“It's not, I swear!" She continued to walk, seeming to ignore me. "Hey! Come back here!" I cried as I ran to catch up with her.

I'm actually here! I thought giddily as I walked beside Midnight... Luna... Damn it! Okay, what do I call her? Okay, when we're out in public, she's Midnight. When in private, she's Luna. Anyways, as I walked besides Midnight, I had a hard time resisting the urge to jump up and down with utter glee. This was my first Wonderbolts performance in, well, ever! And what made it better, is that she managed to get us front row tickets!

The stadium was ablaze with hollering fans in the layers of rows that filled the gigantic oval stadium, aerodynamically designed with the roof sloped upwards, giving the ponies the best view of their heroes as they swooped by. Some official guards ponies kept watch on the frantic crowds from below, making sure no pony was going to sabotage the big event about to unfold. Banners of blue and yellow, with ponies of all ages waving flags around frantically gave the atmosphere a feeling like no other. It was kinda like being in the club, actually, except with a lot more ponies!

Me and Midnight were currently making our way to our seats, which were in center front-row. I literally bounced with each step, the excitement only growing inside of me. After a little more walking and shoving, me and Midnight made it to our seats. I sat down first, my gaze glued on the stadium in front of me, imagining the performance that was about to happen. From besides me, I heard Lun-Midnight giggle, which slapped me out of my stupor.

“We can see that somepony is having fun, yes?” she said, still giggling.

I blushed slightly, realizing how silly I must’ve looked. I decided to play it cool… well, cool by my standards. “Yeah! This is so freakin’ amazing!” I began, waving my hooves over my head in emphasis. “I haven’t been to a Wonderbolts show in forever! And you even got us front row seats!”

Midnight shifted in her seat, seeming to try and get more comfortable. The seats were solid practice, so I mentally wished her luck in her attempt. She stopped shifting, seeming to give up, and turned back to face me. “Well, we are glad that our sister suggested this, then,” she began, before shuffling more. "But, we shall request more comfortable seats next time..."

I couldn’t resist anymore; I was just too damn happy! I leaned over and wrapped Midnight in a huge hug, holding her as tight as I could. “Thank you,” I whispered as I held her close.

Moments later, after she got over the initial shock, I could feel her nuzzle her head gently into my shoulder as she whispered, “You’re welcome.”

I wanted to remain in that hug forever, to just hold this mare who had grown to mean so much to me... But something else pulled my attention away for the mare. “Fillies and gentlecolts! I take great pleasure in introducing the one, the only, the Wonderbolts!” rang out from the loudspeaker. The announcement made me release Midnight from the hug as I turned as fast as I could towards the center of the stadium, waiting for the show to start.

After five minutes, nothing happens. I look around, trying to see if I'm missing something. I instantly notice that many of the ponies are doing the same thing, so it can't just be me. Was there an accident? Is this just some sort of joke? What the heck! I'm about to stand up and complain when flashes of color burst out from behind me, carrying with them a burst of wind. My jaw goes slack as I figure out what's happening.

Five Wonderbolts, all coming from different corners of the stadium, all fly towards the center. As soon as they're all about a yard away from each other, they quickly dive and narrowly miss colliding.

I gasp as they dive down towards the ground, again barely missing before they pull up and begin flying back towards the center of the stadium. The then begin flying in a helix pattern, before splitting off and flying over the crowd.

I scream and shout, much like the rest of the crowd, as they fly only hooves above us. I swear, if I jumped at the right time, I'd be able to touch them! The idea is quickly thrown out of my head as I contemplate the resulting lawsuit...

Anyways, after a few passes over us, three of the 'Bolts break off from circling the crowd, and fly back towards the center. They fly at each other, pulling up and the last moment, linking hooves as the flew up as one. They flew up a few hundred feet, before splitting off in an explosion of colorful fireworks.

The two who didn't break off, Spitfire and Fleetfoot--My two favorites!--flew towards opposite ends of the stadium, before arcing up and back towards the center. They twist and begin to fly at each other at high speeds. Both me, and the entire crowd, gasp as they got to collide... before barrel-rolling over each other at the last possible second. The crowd responds by erupting in cheers at the incredible display of both trust and agility.

Spitfire, who is a golden yellow mare with an orange mane and the captain of the the team, flies towards the middle of the stadium. She lands in the middle of the stadium, skidding several feet from the sheer speed of her landing. The other Wonderbolts continue to fly around and perform minor tricks--such as corkscrews and barrel rolls. For some reason, I have a feeling like she's gonna do something special...

As if on command, Spitfire suddenly bursts into flames. Her Wonderbolt's flight-suit is completely covered in bright orange flames while her coat remains untouched by the flame.

Midnight leans over close to me. "Is she supposed to be on fire? Should we be concerned?"

"Not at all!" I scream over the cheering fans. "This is gonna be so cool!"

Spitfire begins to trot in circles, increasing in speed as she begins to use her wings for added speed. She goes faster as faster, eventually slowly rising as she gains enough speed to take off, still going around in circles. The fire continues to burn on her jumpsuit, arching back at the force of her twists. She goes faster and faster, the flame trail soon forming into a vortex of fire!

"The Flaming Vortex!" I scream. This was a move that Spitfire rarely did, usually saving it for major performances.

The vortex of fire continued to grow, going down a small cone to a huge tornado! The other Wonderbolts stopped their tricks and began to fly around the vortex, making it grow even more. After a few more minutes of this, they all fly up and into the vortex of fire, disappearing into the flames. Seconds later, the vortex suddenly disperses, sending flames shooting out from all angles. The Wonderbolts fly out with the flames, circling a few times before landing at the center of the stadium. Each of the 'Bolts takes a bow from the center of the stadium, before flying to what I believe to be the locker rooms.

The stadium erupts in applause, ponies jumping up and down, whistling and hollering while other simply stomp their hooves into the benches. I jump up and down, screaming at the top of my lungs in approval at the performance.

We all continue to cheer as the Wonderbolts take one last bow and fly towards the what I believe to be the locker room. The audience continued to applaud for several minutes after the Wonderbolts leave, before slowly stopping as the ponies in the crowd began to get up to leave. I get up to join them, but Midnight puts a hoof on my shoulder to stop me.

I give her a confused look. "What’s up?" I ask.

She smiles and levitates two lanyards in her magical grip. "We were able to procure these as well," she says, her grin a mile wide.

I squee'd in such a high tone that a dog's head would probably explode... and then faint...

"Shouldn't he have woken up by now?"

"We are not sure... How long is one usually out?"

"How should I know?!"

"Step aside! I got this!"

"Shit!" I scream as I come to, jumping up as I am splashed by ice-cold water.

"Hahaha, this one always gets the best of reactions!"

"Urg!" I groan angrily, turning to face whoever had splashed me. "Why the hell would you... do... that." I go quiet as I look around as realize where I was. If I were to guess where I was gonna wake up, my last guess would be in the wonderbolts locker room! My mouth hangs open as I begin to stutter, trying to make coherent sentences.

"I think we broke her, Spits," Fleetfoot, a light blue mare with a white mane, mutters to Spitfire as I continue to stutter.

Midnight, who was standing next to them, giggles. "We think it is cute!"

I instantly stop stuttering to blush. "No, it's not!"

Midnight rolls her eyes. "Whatever you say," she began, holding back another giggle. "But, we should not dwell on that, as we have more important matters to attend to! We did not procure VIP passes for you simply stutter and blush the entire time."

I chuckle sheepishly. "Hehe... Sorry."

She rolls her eyes, before pointing a hoof in the direction of the two awaiting Wonderbolts. "Well...?"

My eyes go wide. "Oh, right!" I turn to face the two Wonderbolts. "It's an honor to meet you two! I am a huge fan!"

Spitfire chuckles. "I kinda guessed as much, considering you're practically a walking billboard of us."

I chuckle nervously again. "Yeah..."

Suddenly, Fleetfoot cuts in. "Okay, you gotta loosen up, dude! We're just ponies, not the princesses or something like that," she begins, putting a hoof on my shoulder. "Just talk to us like we're just old friends, okay?"

I take a deep breath. She's right... Come on, Neon! Be a man! "Okay... Yeah." I shake my head. "Sorry about that. I kinda got a little nervous about meeting, well, you!"

Spitfire smiles. "Don't worry, kid, we get this all the time. You wouldn't be the first, and, most likely, won't be the last." She turned to Fleetfoot, who nodded in agreement.

"Oh, yeah. And believe me—we have seen some crazy fans," Fleetfoot added in agreement.

The two Wonderbolts nod in agreement, before turning to face me. "Before we get more sidetracked," Spitfire began, "I actually wanted to ask you something."

Wait, they want to ask me a question?! What could the possibly want to ask me? "Uh... Sure, I guess," I replied, hoping to hide my enthusiasm.

"Well," Fleetfoot began, "We have heard you perform at The Prancing Pony, and the whole team agrees that you have talent–" No... They couldn't be asking me to. "–and we wanted to know if you would be interested in DJing for an after party that we're planning to have next month."

Oh, my Celestia! This can’t be happening! There is no way that the Wonderbolts are actually asking me to DJ for one of their parties! I must be dreaming! I have to be dreaming! “C-can you please repeat that?”

Spitfire rolled her eyes. “We want you to DJ one of our parties.”

“Okay… just wanted to make sure I didn’t hear that wrong." I paused. "Actually, can you give me a second?"

They both shrugged.

"Thanks," I said as I turned and walked back behind some lockers...

Yes, yes! Buck yes! I mentally screamed as I jumped up and down, pumping my hooves up in the air, completely filled with overwhelming joy. I continued my celebration for probably another minute before stopping, composing myself, and trotting back to the waiting Midnight and Wonderbolts.

"Sorry about that," I began. "Now, when is this party, again? And do you have any special requests for songs?"

"It's gonna be exactly a month from now," Spitfire began. "We'll give you more details as the date gets closer. As for requests... Well, we want that lightning thing you pulled off the other day."

I smirked. "You guys saw that?"

Fleetfoot nodded vigorously. "Hell, yeah! I've never seen anything like it! As a Pegasus, we're used to seeing lightning, but never have I thought it could be used for music!"

"It was truly something unique," Spitfire chimed in. "How did you come up with it?"

"That's a funny story, actually!" I began. "I was toying with a new speaker design, when I accidentally wired it wrong and shocked myself. Well... Somehow that made my mind think of a tesla coil, and then it made me think of music, and somehow it became that!" I chuckled to myself. "Honestly, I don't know how my mind got that from a shock, but I'm glad it did."

“We thought there’d be more to the story than that,” Midnight chimed in, making me jump in surprise. She giggled as I recovered. “We are sorry, we didn’t expect to frighten you.”

“It’s okay. Actually, you were so quiet that I actually forgot that you were still here!”

She smiled. “We tried to remain silent so as to not ruin the moment.”

I smiled back. "Thanks."

She nodded, before turning to address both the Wonderbolts. "Well, we thank you for the time, and it has been a pleasure to meet the both of you."

I nodded vigorously. "Hell, yeah!"

Spitfire let out a light chuckle. "Pleased to meet the both of you." She held out a hoof, which I eagerly bumped...

I was walking on sunshine! Well, not in the literal sense, since it was the middle of the night, but you get the idea. I had not only been able to meet my heroes, but also been asked to DJ one of their parties! It had been my dream forever to just attend one of those parties, let alone DJ it!

Me and Midnight had left the stadium about ten minutes ago. I had given her the biggest bear hug that I could, thanking her as many times as I could. She'd responded with an "It was no big deal", but I could tell she was just being modest. She had offered to walk me home from the stadium, but I'd refused.

And, that was where I was now, walking towards home. There wasn't a soul to be seen, and the streetlights cast their faint glow against the street. I bounced with each step I took, still filled with the joy of the day.

But, there was something... off. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like I was being followed. I wasn't a paranoid pony, not in the slightest, but I could still feel that something wasn't right. I'd stopped to look around me several times already, only to see the same empty street and flickering of streetlights.

This last time I'd stopped to look around, however, I'd caught the tail end of... something walking into a nearby ally. I wanted to follow whatever it was, but that urge was crushed as soon as I realized how silly that would be. They were probably just somepony out late, probably heading home just as I was.

The streetlights suddenly flickered off, allowing the darkness to take over. Okay... this is definitely not right. I started to walk a little faster, the feeling of being followed grew. Something isn't right! My eyes darted side to side as I ran, trying to find, well, something! What the hell was going on?!

I skidded to a stop when I saw them. Three ponies in black hoods blocked my bath. I quickly turned around, planning on running the other way, only to be met with three more hooded ponies. I frantically spun around, trying to find somewhere to escape. Finding nothing, I decided to try and talk my way out.

"Hey, guys," I nervously spoke.

The didn't answer, only continuing to trot closer to my position.

"W-what you guys doing here?" I began, trying my best not to freak out. "Do you guys want bits? I got a lot of bits!"

No answer.

Shit! They aren't talking... Time for plan B. "Help!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping in vain that somepony, anypony, could hear me. "Help! Somepony please, help!" I screamed again.

The cloaked ponies were really close now, ably about a yard away. Screw this! I charged one of them, hoping to somehow get by and escape. It didn't work, however, as a bright light suddenly shone from under the pony hood, a bolt of magic shooting at me. I tried to dodge, but i wasn't fast enough. My limbs went numb, and I instantly fell to the pavement. I lay here, unable to move anything, as my vision slowly began to fade, and the hooded figures completely surrounded me...