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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc III - Chapter: 16 - Sleep Well, My Love?

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Chapter: 16 - Sleep well, my love?

Ugh… Why does my head hurt? I thought, my eyes slowly cracking open. Everything was a little swimmy, but it was quick to clear up. When I felt full cognate control return, I took the time to look around.

Okay… blue color scheme… royal architecture… large telescope in the middle…Okay, I know where I am!

Luna’s bedroom wasn't that hard to miss, as I had yet to find one even remotely close to it. I let out a groan, rolling over on my side, only to bump into something warm and soft. What the?

“Do you want to see the moon rise…?” Luna mumbled from her position beside me.

Oh, well, it looks like I'm sleeping beside Luna… sweet!

Okay, what was clear thus far was that I woke up next to Luna. Not a bad way to wake up, I must admit, but the foggy circumstances lessened my enjoyment of the moment. I let out a long breath, then took a deep inhale through my nose. I could smell the lingering scent of alcohol, which surprised me as, well, I didn't drink.

But, another pungent scent filled the air, one I had not smelled since university.

What the hell… Oh… Oh, shit!

I pulled up the covers and confirmed my suspicions.

I fucked a princess?!

Silent panic. That was the only thing that went through my mind. Not joy, or happiness. Just panic.

Now, I am not a pony who is known to do good under pressure. And right now, I had an elephant on top of me. The unknown was the most crushing force, as I could not, for the life of me, remember the events prior to now. I was known for blackouts, as my singular ‘experiment’ in uni had taught me, and considering the wafting aroma of alcohol, I'm sure this was the case.

I turned to the pony resting peacefully next to me. She was adorable, and still held a smile on her resting features, but I couldn't help but fear that it would not last once she was awoken. A relationship was one thing, but sex always complicated things.

That much I knew for certain.

I rubbed my muzzle. Okay, let's do the cleché thing and try to remember what happened. That works in the movies, so it has to work with me… right?


[Earlier that day…]

The crowd cheered as I bounced off stage. I soaked up the applause like a greedy sponge as I trotted off towards the back room, intent on taking a much-needed rest. Once I pushed past the double doors, the crowd muffled considerably once they shut behind me, I face-planted on my couch and let out a long, exhausted sigh.

Damn, that was awesome… I thought as I lay there, snuggling into the well-used fabric.

It had been a good night, per usual. The crowd was happy, I was happy, and, hell, my boss was happy that I was now back without interruption for two whole weeks!

Speaking of time past, my parents hadn't bothered me yet, much to my confusion and relief. Sure, I loved the fact they left me alone, but it wasn't like them to just let things lie. They always got what they wanted, that much I knew for certain. Although being thrown through a wall may be a more powerful deterrent than I believed.

I let out a breathy laugh. Probably should have tried this earlier.

I shook my head, knowing that was never an option.

My wandering mind then shifted towards the individual who had thrown my father through the wall. I hadn't seen Luna since that night, after me and her had shared the rest of it together. Like usual there would be a lull before the next time we could spend together. I wasn't happy about this, but she was a princess, and it was just something I had to learn to live with.

I shook my head softly, then hugged my pillow. It wouldn't be long before our next ‘date’, as we had begun calling them, and Luna had promised something special this time. What exactly, I had no idea, but knowing the mare it would be something exciting, that much I knew.

“Wake up, our consort!”

Once again I found myself startled out of my wits, and my body plummeting towards the hardwood floor. And, for the thousandth time, my face met said floor.

“Ouch…” I grumbled.

“Oops… we must remember to not startle you.”

Ya think?! I thought though my actual words were a lot less rude. “It’s okay, Luna. I’m used to it by now,” I muttered as I rose to my hooves. I was soon facing to face with the familiar unicorn, and immediately gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “So, what brings you here?”

She blushed and turned away, but still kept a smile on her face. “Well, we finally got time off and… and wanted to see you. Has been dreadful waiting for the next time we could meet.” She brushed a bit of mane from her face, an action that almost made me have a heart attack from sheer adorableness.

“I've missed you too, Midnight,” I began with a wink. “So, you said a while ago you had something special planned?”

The mare perked up, almost as if she forgot her timid nature. “Oh, correct! We have a grand night planned! We even had our sister help with the planning, you see. So we are destined to have bounds of fun, yes?”

Oh, no… that’s not good. Celestia was a good ruler, don't get me wrong, but I questioned her definition of a ‘good time’. Especially considering she’s almost killed me several times. But, I didn't want to offend the mare, nor ruin the mood. She practically bounced with excitement, to which I couldn't help but smile at.

“Sounds like a plan,” I began, then took a quick a quick sniff. “Actually, let me shower first; I smell like, well, a wet horse.”

Luna took a sniff of her own, then took a step back in disgust. “Yes, we agree with that… worry not, this can be fixed!” she said before her horn lit up.

I raised an eyebrow at her meaning but was then flooded with water before I question. I looked up to see a cloud, of some sort, hovering over my head, and raining down water on me. My eyes went wide at the thought of this water damaging my equipment, but held back an outburst when I looked down to notice a pace of water on the floor. Somehow, the water seemed to evaporate before it hit the ground. Strange, given that it wasn't that hot…

The cloud soon poofed away, leaving me soaking wet. Again, before I could say anything, I watched as the water evaporated from my body and floated up, leaving me completely dry after only a few moments.

“All clean!” Luna chanted, before grabbing me with a hoof. “Now, come on, it is time for our first stop on tonight’s journey!”

For the third time I was left in a state of being unable to respond as the small mare dragged me forwards, and out of the back room…

“So, Midnight, ya gonna tell me where we’re going now?” I asked again, hoping to finally get an answer from the surprisingly secretive mare.

“Nope! It’s a surprise!” she responded, still bouncing forwards.

We had just exited the club and we're currently heading down Canterlot’s club district. Ponies of all ages and races trotted about, going from club to club. The moon hung high in the sky and cast a perfect aura that added to the atmosphere of the night. Besides me trotted the very mare whose domain we now stood in, thought in her secretive, disguised form of ‘Midnight’.

I had asked several times before, and gotten no answer about her big ‘plans’ for the night, only lead forwards down the street closely by her side.

“Ah! Here we are!” Midnight spoke, stopping in the middle of the street. I turned to where she was pointing.

A bar, really? I didn't question, only followed as she strode forwards. The bar in question was the Staggering Stallion, one of the most exclusive bars in all of Canterlot, and possibly Equestria. And if she was anyone else I would question how she got tickets, but this was Luna we were talking about.

We trotted past the large line in front of the bar and straight up to the bouncer. The large stallion stopped up, to which Midnight pulled out two lanyards, and the stallion then lets us in. She passed me one with her magic and I put it on, reading it before hoof: “V.I.P.”

I followed Midnight again as I was dragged inside of the bar, immediately blasted with the thumping of music. Now, this was a bar, not a club, so there was no dance floor—just a large bar and a lot of tables, with a DJ booth set up in the back. Didn't recognize the style, so it was probably someone new, or a house exclusive player.

“Come on!” Midnight called out over the music, dragging me over to the bar.

I followed and sat down next to her once we got here. I turned to the mare, eyebrow raised. “I don't mean to sound rude, but… is this the surprise?”

Midnight giggled. “No, silly! This is just stops one on our little Odyssey!” she began, before turning to the bartenders. “Five shots of Celestia's Royal each, please.”

The bartender nodded and trotted off to fetch her order.

I bit my tongue as the bartender came back. He rolled five gasses in front of Midnight and me respectively, then deftly poured each shot. Shit… I thought, looking at the amber liquid. I turned to the mare beside me. “Midnight I… I don't drink.”

She didn't seem phased. “We know this, but it's only one night! Please?” She looked at me pleading, and I found it impossible to say, ‘no.’

I let out a sigh of belief, then picked up the first glass in my magic. “Whelp, down the hatch… I guess.” I tipped the glass back and felt the warm liquid burn down my throat. I coughed but went for another shot.

After I had finished the row, I looked over to see five turned over glasses in front of a smug looking Midnight. “Round two?”

I felt a new warmth fill me, and a slight loosens in my resolve. “Yeah, why not.”

And thus, the night had begun…

I had… there had… damn.

An empty bottle of Celestia’s Royal remained stuck on my horn, much to me and Midnight’s attempts to remove it. It had been about… I don't know. An hour? Two? Pfffft! Who cares! We had been at the bar for a while, and the alcohol seemed to flow down easier as time went on. Hesitation slowly faded, and I found myself having to stop myself from asking for another glass.

But Midnight… damn, that filly can drink!

I watched from my perch next to the filly as the sucked down shot after shot, absolutely crushing the stallion who had challenged her to a drink-off.

“Go, Midnight! Whoooo!!!!” I cheered.

Midnight slammed down the last glass, smirking at the stallion who sat, wide-eyed, with five more glasses to go.

“How did you… How did a tiny ass mare like you beat me?!” he exclaimed.

Midnight smirked, but let out an adorable ‘hic!’ “That, my friend, is a secret.” She puts her hoof to his lips. “Shhhhhh…”

I let out a laugh and grab her shoulders. “Come on, Love. I think you’ve had enough.”

“Who wishes to challenge us next!” She cried out as she held her hooves in the air.

I pulled them back down.

“No… No. Didn't you… didn't you say there was more to this surprise?” I asked as I pulled her away from the bar, stumbling slightly as I did so.

The mare’s eyes went wide. “Oh, right! We almost forgot! Come on, Neon! We mustn't be late for our next stop!”

I turned her away from the bar and towards the door.

“Yes, it was this way! How could we have forgotten?”

I chuckled. “You silly mare…”

Oooooouch!” I screamed, holding my head as Midnight tried to pull the bottle off with her magic.

“Hold still! If you keep moving, we’ll take your horn off with it!”

I tried not to move, but it was hard considering the mare was holding me by the unwanted peripheral, shaking me back and forth in vain hopes to loosen it. Soon, I heard a pop, and I flopped onto the ground with a loud ‘thud’.

“Huzza! You are free!”

“Yeah… thanks,” I muttered. I rubbed at my horn, that was now sore as hell and rose to my hooves. “No, where… where to now?”




“Okay,” I began, then stumbled slightly and had to catch myself on a nearby wall. “Where, exactly, are we going dancing?”

“Oh, some place called the, uh…” She put a hoof to her chin. “We do not recall its name, but it was highly recommended by our sister!”

Yeah… that’s reassuring… I thought, but kept a smile on my face. “Lead the way, Love.”

We never made it dancing. Instead, our staggering journey lead us to the gates of the castle.

“So… they really can't do anything? They have to stand… stand there like statues?”

Midnight giggled. “Yup! It's is their duty to represent the discipline of the guard! They must remain static at their post, no matter what!”

I tossed an egg up in the air with my magic. “This is gonna be awesome!”

“We agree! Now fire!”

They did not remain at their post!

“Midnight! You said they would remain in place!” I screamed as I ran as fast as my legs would carry me.

Midnight ran close beside me. “We thought they would!”

“Get back here, you two!” The pair of egg covered guards screamed, hot on our tail. “I’ll have both your heads!”

“Did we outrun them?” I asked as I panted.

“We… we believe so,” Midnight panted back. “Oh, look! Another bar!”

“A… Another!”

“Sir… I think you’ve had enough.”

“No! I demand another! I can still stand, so I can have more!”

“Sir, you’re on the floor…”

“I don't tell you how to live your life!”

“I’m over here…”

Okay… just gotta… No, that’s not my hoof.

I followed the beautiful blue ass as it trotted in front of me.

Such an amazing ass…

“N… Neon?! Where… where are you?”

Behind you! Wait, no… “Behind you!” I called out as I fell forwards, grabbing the blue ass. “I caught you!”

“Oh, there you are! We… We thought we lost you!”

I would never lose you, oh magical blue ass.

“Hey, filly, you look fiiiine!”

It complimented my blue blob.

“Ya wanna ditch the idiot and go with a real stallion?”

It complimented my blue blob!

“No, no! Have mercy! I was kidding, honest! I didn't mean it—ahhhh!.”

It learned its lesson…

“Okay, who is next?! We may be small, but we will take on each of you!”

“Girl, you're my angel, you're my darling angel! Closer than my peeps you are to me, bae-bae! Shorty, you're my angel, you're my darling angel; girl, you're my friend when I'm in need, lady!” I sang out, swaying back and forth. The microphone continued to dangle in front of me in my magic, and I struggled to keep it from falling.

“Life is one big party when you're still young, but who's gonna have your back when it's all done? Yeah! It's all good when you're little, you have pure fun; can't be a fool, son, what about the long run? Yeah!” Midnight sang into her microphone respectively, her horn glowing as she modified her voice to be lower.

“Looking back, Shorty, always mention; said me not giving her much attention! She was there through my incarceration, I wanna show the nation, my appreciation!” I replied, then me and Midnight leaned in close and sung into the same mic:

“Girl, you're my angel, you're my darling angel! Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby. Shorty, you're my angel, you're my darling angel. Girl, you're my friend when I'm in need, lady!”

“Midnight… I think… I think we've had enough,” I mumble, trying to remain awake.

“We… We… Agree,” Midnight responded from her position beside me, using me for as much stability as I was her.

Our night had ended. All the random, drunken fun had been had. Although almost everything was clouded by a thick film of alcohol, I still felt that I had a good time. But, that could also be because I was standing next to her; to my love.

“We… We’ll have us back to the room in a sec. Just have to… Remember the… Spell,” she began, her head dipping as she fought off the slow draw of sleep. “Oh, right, we remember it now! Hold still, love, as we need to make sure everything materialized in the right place…”

Pop! Crash! Thump!

In a flash of midnight blue magic, I felt myself impact a hard floor.

“No… No, this is not right…”

Pop! Crash! Thump!

Again, I fell and impacted the ground. This time, instead of a floor, I was somewhat cushioned by what felt like grass.

“Grrr… Okay, I think I got it this time!”

Pop! Crash! Thump!


Pop! Crash! Thump!


Pop! Crash! Thump!



Pop! Crash! Thump!

Finally, my body impacted on something soft. The world was a blur of pain and fuzzy colors and shapes, but I couldn't mistake the soft embrace of warm blankets.

“Huzza! Finally!”

Something warm gripped my side, and then nuzzled me. “We knew we could make it. It just took some… Guesswork.”

“I knew you could do it, my lovely moon,” I spoke, then rose to my hooves. My vision cleared, and I was quick to recognize the sight of Luna’s bedchambers. Looking down, I noticed that we were currently on her bed.

“Oh, you always know what to say… my musical, shining knight,” Midnight spoke as she snuggled close to my side.

I put a hoof to her muzzle. “Shhh… You know… You know you look far more beautiful when you aren't like this… Midnight, I mean.”

The mare smiled, then her horn lit up. She glowed like the beautiful shine of a full moon. When it faded, a midnight blue alicorn lay next to me, her cheeks a rosy red and an adorable expression on her face.

I smiled.

“You look… You’re much more beautiful like this… Luna,” I began, then fell towards the alicorn as I lost my balance. She caught me but fell back as well. Soon, we both lay in a heap of limbs, and after some struggling, I ended up on top of her, my hooves straddling her body, and both our eyes locked.

Neither of us spoke.

Moments past, as if blown away by the wind. There was nothing said through words, but our eyes spoke volumes. Silent messages, words without a voice, passed from me to her, and her to me.

Then, she spoke, “Take me, my knight. I am ready.”

I knew what she meant. My heart knew what we meant. I leaned down and our lips locked.

The rest, well, I think you can guess…

[Back to the present…]

Nope, nothing.

My mind was blank, the previous day only a mixture of foggy memories and vague thoughts. I began to panic; my mind reeled as I tried to think of what the hell I should do next.

I heard an adorable yawn. “Oooouch… our head.”

I want to die.

“Is that you, Neon?”

I’m invisible!

“What is… What is that smell? And does it feel as if we are glowing?”

Shit! Fuck! Ass! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“What is… Oh… Oh, my…”

My head slowly turned, and I swear I heard it creak. My eyes finally fell upon a normally blue alicorn who was current a shade of bright red. She eyes were trained down and on the bed, shame and embarrassment coating her face.

Slowly, she turned to face me. Our eyes met for a second, but we both looked away immediately after.

“Did we…?”




The awkward tension that filled the room was so thick I swear you could cut it with a knife. Neither of us spoke, only looked everywhere but each other.

“Do you… do you remember anything from yesterday?” I finally asked.

“A little, yes,” Luna replied, pawing at the blanket she had currently cocooned herself in. “Most of it is a little fuzzy, but… we remember enough.”

“Oh… and?” I began, finally getting the courage ts to look her in the eyes. “Was it… did I…”

“No, no,” Luna began, returning my gaze. “From what we remember, you did nothing that made us uncomfortable. The opposite, actually. You were… Sweet.” She blushed, and looked away.

I bit my lip. “Did you… did you like it?” I flinched, wishing I could take back my words.

To my surprise, Luna nodded, and her blush somehow deepened. “You were…” She paused, then shook her head. “Yes, it was wonderful. Though the experience was clouded by a veil of alcohol, we could still feel the love you showed for us.” I then felt her front hooves and both wings wrap around me and then pull me close.

I smiled, then returned the embrace.

“I love you, Luna,” I whispered into her ear as we both laid back down on the bed.

“We love you too, our Knight.”

Author's Note:

Ooooooh! Shit just got real!

More to come soon (I hope).

~ Neon Lights

P.S. Oh! I almost forgot! Thank you to everyone who left suggestions in the blog post!