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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc I - Chapter: 1 - Odd Mare Out

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Chapter: 1 - Odd Mare Out

Flashing lights, blaring music, ponies dancing like they don't have a care in the world. Yeah, I was in heaven. My head bounced to the thumping bass that seemed to emanate from absolutely everywhere. My dark gray mane flung itself up and down with each bob, causing it's normally chaotic style to get even more, well, chaotic. Sweat dripped down my grayish-blue coat, practically soaking my black collared shirt. My white tie hung loose around my neck, and my dark purple shades shielded my eyes from the flashing strobe lights. My horn flared with my magic as I adjusted the various knobs on the turntable in front of me, causing the music around me to shift. I smiled, seeing the group of ponies in front of me grind together, dancing their cares away. The mixture of the club's flashing light and general aura of the room filled me with emotions that I rarely felt anywhere else.

As a DJ, it was my job to make sure that everypony in the club was having a good time, and even from a glance I could see that 99% of the club was jumping, dancing, or even trying to sing to the electronic music that blared out of my speakers. But, even though the majority of the club was having fun, I could see one mare in the back of the club that wasn't dancing, jumping, singing, or even looking like she was remotely having a good time.

I would like to say that I had an eagle eye and could see absolutely everything, but I couldn't. The club that I was currently playing at, The Prancing Pony, was quite modern, only being constructed a few years ago. The layout of the club had the DJ booth on the far wall away from the entrance door. The whole club was mainly in one room in the shape of a semicircle—my DJ booth being in the middle of the arc and the entrance to the club being on the other side. The main floor was separated into a seating area and dance floor, the dance floor being located right in front of my booth. The front area was populated with tables and chairs while the bar was located on the wall to my right. From the way it was designed, I had a clear view of every part of the club from my perch. This was actually the point of the designs, as it allowed me to get a perfect feel of the club's atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, DJ's didn't just play songs at random. Well, I don't, at least. I study the club and the ponies in it, picking the song, or even style of song, that fits the current mood the best. If ponies were tired, I'd play a slower paced song to give them time to rest. If the ponies were hyper, I'd bring up the pace. Hell, even the age of the majority of the patrons affected what I played. You feel a certain way in the club because the music was telling you to, not because it was catchy. Music was science, after all. And when I saw ponies that weren't having a good time, or not reacting to the music I played, I would take it upon myself to make sure that pony would have a good time. After all, my job as to make sure ponies had a good time, not just to play music.

I pressed the "AutoPlay" button on my table, before walking away from my DJ booth and towards the downtrodden mare.

Truth be told, I was a sap for a pretty mare, and a pretty mare not enjoying herself in a place designed for a pony to let loose kinda irked me. Also, it reminded me of myself before I became a DJ. Yes, I was socially awkward at one point in my life, and I would've killed to have somepony break me out of that look. To be honest, I think that's why I became a DJ... that and I was exceptional at techno music.

I bumped into a few ponies as I made my way to the mare, noticing more details about her as I got closer. He mane was a dark purple with blue highlights running through it. Her coat was an almost mystical blue, and her cutie mark was of a crescent moon... Strange, it looks almost familiar. Before I could dwell on the topic further, I had made my way to the mare and was standing next to her. She looked around, seemingly confused and clearly out of her element. I straightened my white tie and fixed my glasses before tapping the mare on her shoulder. I didn't expect her to jump so high, though.

"Aaaaah?!" She screamed, turning around to face me.

I kept my cool, pretending that it never happened. "Hehe, sorry if I scared you," I began, chuckling to myself. "Anyways, I was wondering why a pretty mare such as yourself was doing all alone?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but soon closed it, seeming to rethink what she wanted to say. "We... I... Am not familiar with this form of assembly, and am currently at a loss of what the socially normal approach in said atmosphere would be."

I...what? Was she crazy? I hope she isn't crazy… "Uh... What?" I asked, not even bothering to try and translate whatever had just come out of the mare's mouth.

She sighed, seeming to wrack her brain for a better explanation. "What we... I mean is that... I'm new to this place and don't really know what to do. It all seems so... chaotic."

I chuckled. "Filly, you are at one of Canterlot's finest Nightclubs! And what you do is have fun!!!" I said, hoping she would understand my meaning.

"Ah...I figured as much... but, what fun is to be had?"

Oh, Celestia... I think I've bitten off more than I can chew... Maybe if I got drunk this would be easier? I’d save that option for later. "Duh, dancing!!!"

"Is that what everypony is doing? I wasn't sure if it was some sort of large... mating ritual," she said, starting with curiosity at the ponies on the dance floor.

I tried, I honestly tried, but it was too hard. I broke out laughing, trying in vain to stay upright and not fall onto my back in complete hysteria. The mare looked questionably at me, almost judging my sanity. After laughing until my sides hurt, gaining questionable glances from some of the other ponies around us, I managed composed myself to stop laughing, though still having to take several extra minutes to catch my breath. "Oh Celestia, filly,” I began, wiping some of the tears from my eyes. “You are hilarious. You don't get out much, do you?"

The mare blushed at my question. "You could say that..."

What was up with this mare? I mean, it seems as though she was thrust here from a completely different time period. Granted, it was starting to get annoying by having to explain practically everything to her, but I honestly felt bad for her. I mean... I don't know, actually. I put a hoof on the mare's back, eliciting a confused glance. "Okay, if that’s true, then I'm gonna help you with the adventure that is a nightclub!” I tried to give a dramatic pose, but it didn't seem to work as intended as she just gave me a questioning look… again. I decided to pretend as though she’d thought it was hilarious, and that I didn't look like an idiot. “Anyways, I'm the DJ of this club, so it's my job to make sure that everypony has fun, including you." I started to pull her towards the dance floor. "Come on, let's go and dance!!!"

The mare, somehow, gave me an even more confused look. "But... I don't know how to dance... in this modern style, at least."

I ignored her comment. "Just move how the music makes you want to move."

She seemed like she looked to question that, but decided to hold her tongue and just simply follow me.

We arrived on the dance floor moments later. I casually pushed (well...more shoved) ponies out of the way to make room for me and the mare. I motioned for the mare to stand in front of me with a hoof, and she did, although tentatively. "Now,” I began, “I want you to listen to the music, and just move your body the way it tells you too."

The mare sighed, seeming defeated. After a few moments of her just standing there, listening to the blaring music, the began too... waltz? Well, I didn't expect that... Although, I probably should've. I stopped her a moment later, putting a hoof on her shoulder. "No, no, that's too… stiff, I guess. You need to be looser!!!"

The mare looked up at me with slight anger in her expression. "But...this song is a tri-beat, perfect for a waltz!!!"

Wow... although it was masked by the fusion of sounds that made up the song, it did technically have a waltz tempo. I was slightly impressed on the mare noticing this. "That...that may be true, but you should still be looser."

The mare sighed angrily and began to flail her body around in a seemingly random pattern. "Does this satisfy thy request for 'loose'?!"

I laughed, a large grin spreading across my muzzle. "Hell, yeah! That's way better!!!" I exclaimed, before trying to dance along with the mare's wild dancing style. To be honest, it was kinda fun!

The dark mare seemed taken aback by this, but it didn't take long for a smile to stretch across her features. After looking at my attempt to copy her dancing style, she continued her spasm of dancing. As she danced, the mare got some weird looks from the others dancing around us. Before she could notice them, though, I gave them a death glare own, making them almost instantly turning around to continue dancing. It may seem like it was a little harsh, but since the mare in front of me actually looked like she was enjoying herself, I wasn't going to let anypony to ruin that…

I'm not sure how long I danced with the mare, but when I heard one of the songs repeat, I realized that I had to return to my place as DJ before the owner of the club got pissed at me. I walked up the mare, poking her gently with a hoof to get her attention. She stopped dancing and turned in my direction, sweat visually dripping from her head. Upon noticing it was me, a huge smile spread across her muzzle. "Huzza!!! We are having a most enjoyable time!!!” she began, jumping up and down in front of me. “You have our thanks for teaching us how to dance!!!"

I smiled back, mentally hating myself for having to leave her to return to my post. I honestly toyed with the idea of just saying, “Screw it!” and continued to dance with the mare, but my reputation as a DJ (and to my boss) would surely go down for doing such. I sighed, the mare noticing instantly my change in mood. She shot me a confused and worried look. "Whatever is the matter?"

"Well..." I rubbed the back of my neck with a hoof. "I kinda have to go return to my DJing duties now, so I'm gonna have to leave you be."

The mare looked almost... depressed. She bowed her head, trying not to look me in the eye. "Oh... that is... fine. We… I should now have taken you from your duties, and apologize for any repercussions for my actions shall hold upon you."

Celestia, this mare looked like I just told her that her mother died. "Hey, don't worry, filly!" I began, placing a hoof on her back. "I'll be fine–don't worry!" I chuckled. "It was worth it to see you happy."

The mare smiled at me, a genuine smile. "Well. We... I am glad to hear that, and we... I thank you for helping me to–" The mare paused, seeming to search for the correct word to use. After a few moments, she finished, "have fun."

I smiled, happy to see the mare change from being completely disheveled to having another smile on her face. Hmm... I wonder. "Hey... I get out of here around midnight... Would you wanna chat more then? I know it's late, but I figured I'd ask anyways..."

The mare's eyes went wide and I would've been concerned if she didn't also have a huge grin plastered onto her face. After emitting a sound that I can only describe as a "squee", she answered. "Yes! We mean, I would love to continue our... chat, later, and do not fear the lateness of the hour, for we are–" Once again, she paused, again thinking of the right word to use. "A Mare of the night?"

Again, I laughed. I didn't topple over this time, but I was oh so tempting. I managed to get myself under control before the entire club managed to stop and listen to my outburst. "Filly," I began, trying to catch my breath, "that does not mean what you think it means. I think you meant to say, 'Night pony'."

The mare, though still looked confused, seemed to take my word for it. "Yes... I think that is it. We favor the night over the day and usually sleep through it. Though, I must ask, what exactly does what I said mean?"

Okay. Now how am I gonna explain this? "Umm… it means..." I trailed off. Damn, this was getting awkward. I looked at the mare, who seemed almost eager to hear my response. "A pony who does..." Screw it, I’m just going to be blunt. "It means prostitute."

The mare instantly blushed. "Oh, I… Oh..."

I put a hoof on her back. "It's okay, you weren't well informed, and I could tell you weren't one of them, so we'll just forget you ever said that." She nodded. "Good. Now, I gotta go do my thing—see you later!" I called as I ran into the crowd and towards my DJ booth. I saw the mare wave back before she was consumed by the sea of ponies...

I'm an idiot. Granted, I may have finished top of my class when I graduated college, but, in this moment, I was a complete idiot.

I continued to pace around the back room of the club. The room was small, and only held a couch and some of the random stuff I kept here for when I performed. Since I was the primary DJ for the Prancing Pony, the owner lets me use this room that originally was going to be used for storage as my own personal hangout when I wasn't performing.

I let out an angry groan. "I can't believe how much of an idiot I am!" I mumbled to myself. "I mean, you not only managed to forget to tell her your name but also ask for her's and forget to tell her where to me you!" Truth be told, I had forgotten to tell the mare where were-were going to meet. I'd finished my shift over a half an hour ago, allowing the next DJ to take their spot, and had spent the entire time since then trying to find the dark-blue mare. I'd lost track of her ever since we parted, and hadn't been able to locate her even while I was at the DJ booth.

I mentally, and physically, kicked myself again, flopping my body onto the couch in the room. It was surprisingly soft, and I had found myself drifting off to sleep on it several times in the past. But, that didn't happen this time, as a soft knocking came from the door. My ears perked up, and I sat up to face the door. "It's open!!!" I screamed, hoping whoever was on the other side could hear me. They obviously did, as the door opened moments later, and in trotted a familiar looking mare.

"I am sorry it took this long to find you, as I wasn't aware of where we were supposed to meet," the mare said as she trotted into the room. She looked around, assessing the interior of the room. "Is this your personal study?"

Like before, I laughed at the mare's ignorance to practically everything. I felt bad for doing so, but it couldn't be helped. "No, this is just a storage room the manager lets me crash in," I said, before scooting over on the couch so there was room for the mare, who immediately sat down. Her posture was, well, as straight as a flagpole. "and sorry about forgetting to tell you where to meet me, I kinda feel foolish for doing so."

She shook her head. "'Tis alright—all is in the past, now."

I smiled. "Sweet. Oh! And before I forget, again." I stuck out a hoof. "I'm Neon Lights!"

The mare looked at me for a moment, before taking my hoof with her own and shaking it. "I am..." Again, she paused to think about her words. "Midnight," she finally said.

I gave her a pleasant smile. "Pleasure to meet you, Midnight."

"And to you, as well."

I chuckled. "Okay, I gotta ask: what's up with your... I don't how to put this... old-fashioned nature?" Yeah, I guess that works.

She seemed... nervous, at the question. I hope I didn't touch a nerve with that... Crap, maybe she was bullied as a filly for this, and I just brought up some painful memories! Before I could yell at myself more, the mare let out a loud sigh. "We... I..." She paused, seeming to be in a mental tirade on weather to speak or not. I waited patiently for her to continue, figuring it was the best thing to do. "We are... Cultured in an older style then thyself, and haven't been introduced to this modern culture for long," she finished, looking to me, presumably to see if I understood. I didn't.

I don't know for sure, but it seems to be a touchy subject for her, so I didn't think about pressing her for details. "Okay, I guess. I honestly don't understand it, but it really doesn't matter, I guess." I shrugged. "It's just part of who you are, which is fine, I should add. Anyways, from what I can see, you are just trapped in last, well, century, and need to be caught up!"

She looked relieve at this, smiling at my response. I smiled back.

We talked for the next few hours, our conversations constantly shifting to different subjects. I didn't press her anymore about her speaking patterns, and she seemed relieved that I didn't bring it up. Midnight was very interested when I mentioned anything that had to do with the club and nightlife, and seemed to almost glow when I mentioned that I was pretty much nocturnal.

To her credit, she was surprisingly talkative once I got her going. She said she was an astronomer and went into great detail about the stars and planets. She questioned me about my star cutie-mark, and I told her about how it symbolized my talent for being able to make myself 'Shine!' I honestly didn't know why it was a star, as I got it during my first ever DJ concert. It was at night... Did that factor in? Regardless, she seemed really interested in it, saying that she didn't know so many ponies enjoyed the nightlife.

Midnight was also surprised at how much I enjoyed her talking about astronomy. I can see how some may find it boring, but I found it fascinating! I've always been interested in science, so much so that my majors in college were, along with music theory, physics, and engineering. In fact, I had built most of the equipment that I used at the club, even having patented some revolutionary mixing equipment and speaker designs.

It was almost four in the morning when Midnight said she had to go.

"We apologize, but we must take our leave," Midnight began, getting up from her seat on the couch. During our conversation, she had managed to relax enough to get rid of the flagpole posture, sinking into the couch's plush material.

I, for my part, was laying upside down, one of my hind hooves hanging over the back of the couch. For some reason, I always managed to get comfortable in the weirdest positions. I sat upright, though, as she got up to leave. "Okay, then. Well, tonight was rather fun, and I hope to see you back, here again, sometime soon."

Midnight smiled. "We enjoyed ourselves as well, and cannot wait to do it again. Are you to be performing tomorrow as well?"

I shook my head. "Actually, tomorrow is my day off." Hmm... I wonder… "Actually, there is this new restaurant down the street that just opened. From what I hear, it seems good. Would you..." I rubbed the back of my head with a hoof, "wanna join me there tomorrow night?"

If it was possible, Midnight smiled even wider. "Yes! We have heard of the restaurant you speak about, and would be honored to attend with you as company!"

Yesss!!! I wanted to jump for joy, but I managed to keep my cool... somehow. "Great. Where and when should I pick you up?"

Her smile faltered for a second, before returning to its previous face splitting state. "Could we meet you at your residence? We feel that meeting at mine would take longer as we are situated on the other end of Canterlot."

Well, made sense, especially since I lived only a few blocks from the club. "Yeah, that'll work. I live just a block over in the high rise, apartment 7-D."

"We should be able to find our way. Would 10:00 work for thee?" I nodded. "Exceptional! Then we shall meet thee then!" Midnight trotted over to the door, opening it with her magic--I don't know how I didn't know she was a unicorn until now--and exited.

I flopped myself onto the couch, a goofy grin on my face...

Outside the club, Midnight practically bounced as she trotted forwards. After getting a decent distance away from the club, she looked around, making sure nopony could see her. After making sure the coast was clear, her horn ignited, causing a powerful purple aura to surround it. Seconds later, there was a 'pop' and where the unicorn had only moments ago stood, was a large, regal alicorn. Her mane flowed as if caught in some ethereal wind, seeming to capture the night sky itself. The alicorn unfolded her winds from her sides and, with one mighty flap, flew from the ground and into the early morning sky, her grin from the entire night never leaving her muzzle.

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