• Published 21st Mar 2015
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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc II - Interlude: 3 - Fear the Night Pt. II

Author's Note:

Warning: This mini chapter does contain death and some scenes that can be considered dark.

This chapter is now edited by my awesome editor: Electric294!

Hope you enjoy!

~ Michael A.

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Interlude: 1 - Fear the Night Pt. 2

Luna stared in shock as the one she came to rescue lay motionless in front of her. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she also saw all of the guards lying dead around her, some felled by her own blade, and others because she didn't warn them soon enough. Everything had gone wrong. She didn't see the attack coming, she fraught with such rage that she didn't even notice she was killing her own ponies, and she failed to rescue the one she came to rescue. But, those who were responsible were still here, breathing and well.

Her eyes shot open, her tears stopping immediately, now burning with a shadowy glow. The shadows around her began to dance around, like ghostly snakes. With her magic, the Princess of the Night pulled her blades from the earth, holding them by her sides. Pure rage fueled each step as she trotted towards the one she believed to be the leader of the group, who was too busy cursing at the failed attempt at whatever they had been trying to do to notice her advance. Once she got close enough, she lifted the pony in her magic, who immediately began to squirm. With her eyes still burning with shadows, she stared into his eyes.

"You have made me angry... and will now pay with your life for what you have done," she muttered quietly, just loud enough for only him to hear. Her head then turned towards the rest of the remaining group, and screamed in a much louder voice, "You will all pay for what you have done!" With that said, her rage-fueled magic tore the leader in half, blood exploding from his now severed corpse.

The rest of the group stared at the scene with shock, before they all snapped to their senses and charged the princess. Luna turned, her blades ready at her sides as she waited for her charging opponents to make their first move, which they soon did. The largest of the group, most likely a stallion, pulled out a large, blunt hammer from beneath his cloak, and took a mighty swing at the princess. Luna dodged the attack, rolling out of the way just in time. She immediately scrambled to her hooves, only to be tackled by another charging hooded pony. A sharp pain erupted from her side, and the Princess of the Night immediately realized that she'd been stabbed by the charging pony's horn. She'd had worse, but it still hurt.

The rest of the group began to get closer, some sending burning hot plasma at the princess from their horns. Luna dodged as much as she could, but the sheer amount of attacks was starting to be too much. Between the plasma blasts and the large, hammer-wielding pony that constantly tried to crush her with his instrument of death, Luna was beginning to overwhelm. As she dodged, she caught a glimpse of Neon's body and felt reinvigorated as she saw one of his legs twitch slightly.

With newfound purpose, Luna’s horn ignited in a dark glow, and the shadows that were still dancing around them began to snake their way towards the closest robed pony, immediately wrapping themselves around them and slowly crushing them. It was enough to lighten the assault, and Luna was able to turn to the offensive, lunging at the hammer-wielding pony. Her blades remained at her side as she checked the large stallion, makinging him stumble slightly. That gave her the opening she needed. Using one of her blades, she stabbed into his shoulder, making him cry out in pain. She used the other blade to block the stallion’s still continuous swings of the hammer. With him too wounded to run, and weapon too preoccupied to strike, Luna lunged at the stallion, grabbing the back of the stallion's neck with her teeth. With a mighty tug and twist of her body, a loud “snap” echoed out as the stallion suddenly went limp, falling to the ground.

Luna didn’t falter, immediately pulling out her blade that she had stuck into his shoulder and charging towards the next pony that she could see. About half of the group of robed ponies were preoccupied fighting off the advancing shadows, learning that the only way to fight them with with magic. Some lay dead from being strangled by the ghostly shadows, and some managing to escape and were currently fighting the shadows that continued to advance. Luna was about the charge the closest pony, when an idea came into mind. Luna sheathed her blades and, with a flap of her mighty wings, Luna took to the sky, immediately flying towards the barely moving form of Neon. He still lay where he was struck, twitching ever so often. Luna grabbed him in her magic, lifting him into the air. As soon as he was clear of the ground, the Princess of the Night activated the electrical trap again, shocking the rest of the hooded ponies with their own trap.

A wicked smile graced her lips as the sounds of their screams of pain filled her ears. Her smile vanished, however, as she turned back to Neon, who was still in her magical grasp. With a flick of her magic, Luna slung her friend's body over her back and immediately began her flight back towards the castle…