• Published 21st Mar 2015
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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc I - Interlude: 2 - A DJ's Life

Author's Note:

This chapter was co-written by my awesome editor Electric294.

This dude is an actual DJ, and he was able to give me great in-site into the working of an actual performance, and actually wrote the second half of this interlude. I may have changed a few things to make it fit my style, but it was pretty much all him.

Thanks for reading, and the next actual chapter should be out soon, so don't go away!

~ Neon Lights

Editor’s Note:

What’s up guys! I just wanted to say that this was my personal favorite chapter so far, and that it was really fun to write with Neon. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S. All credit goes to the original owners of the songs

~ Electric294

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Chapter co-written with: Electric294
Interlude: 2 - A DJ’s Life

“Get ready to d-d-d-drop the bass!” I screamed into my microphone, my words ending with a perfectly timed bass drop. Yeah, I was that good.

It had been three days since I had shared the lunch with both of the princesses, and things had seemed to go back to normal since then. Luna had sent me a scroll the other day--which, I might add, scared the crap out of me as it literally appeared out of nowhere--and told be that she would have to return to her royal duties, and wouldn’t be able to spend any time together for a while. I was originally saddened by this news, but didn’t dwell on it, as I knew it only meant that it would be a while since we would be able to hang out again, rather than never. Since then, my life had been returned back to the way it was: Sleeping the day away and playing music at the club at night.

I stood behind my turntables, casting my spell of music on the clubbers. Actually, it pretty much was a spell. The music I played made the ponies dance in a certain way, think a different way, or feel a different way. It only took a slight change in tempo to turn a normal crowd into a proper rave. The lights were also a part of my spell as well, being almost as important as the music. I was the master of the club, making the participants do my bidding.

A thought popped into my mind that instantly made me smile. As I have mentioned before: I am an engineer as well as a musician, and I had managed to create something pretty damn awesome that I wanted to unveil. I had been saving it for something special, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I turned my gaze away from the crowd and onto the large red button on the top of my tables. I smiled as I removed the glass cover before pressing it. Immediately, the music stopped, and the lights turned completely off, leaving the crowd in complete darkness. The ponies in attendance instantly stopped dancing, and quietly began to murmur to themselves, probably wondering if it was a power outage.

I smiled as I watched two large pillars that seemed to be wrapped in copper slowly lower from the ceiling, before stopping when they reached the ground. The pillars softly hummed, leading to even more murmuring from the crowd. I decided I’d teased them enough, and picked up my mic.

“Those of you with heart problems should probably brace themselves,” I began, smiling as the murmuring only grew. “Because you are in for one hell of a shock!” I screamed, pressing another button on my table.

On cue, one of the pillars lit up as a charge of electricity jumped from one pillar to the next, creating a bright flash and high pitched sound. The crowd jumped, surprised by the sudden display. The discharges continued, electricity arcing from one pillar to another. The sounds and patterns seemed to be random but slowly grew into a pretty catchy beat.

Yes, I was making music with lightning!

The tesla coils continued to discharge as I added in a bassline. The crowd, who had gotten over their initial shock (all the pun intended), began to cheer and dance as the arcing lightning continued to both lights up the club, and fill it with sweet music… and slightly of ozone.

Okay. Now, I knew my Editor was awesome, but he just crossed the line into extremely awesome! Yes, he went and actually made the set for this section of the chapter!!! Link

I spent the next half an hour playing the mixes I had programmed on the coils. They were basic, compared to my usual mixes, but the fact they were made with lightning kinda made up for it. After I finished the "lightning" set, I put on one of my favorite tracks (the one that was made by a mare I had done a collab with a while back: Pony Swag III) and began messing with the beat to the song with my mixer’s beat grid, giving it more of a house beat than a hip-hop beat. I flipped a switch on my mixer, giving the song a little more “wub” than normal. The crowd reacted immediately, going from already ecstatic to complete rave mode!

I let the song go on a bit, setting up a loop when she said, “Drop the bass”, halved it, halved it again, and so on until I let the beat drop by crossfading to yet another of the mare’s songs, Bass Cannon, keeping it in time, of course. The crowd went wild. Everypony was dancing, having a good time, and overall enjoying them.

This is what I live for!

After letting the track play for a short while, I turned it down and transitioned to another track called Pony Rock Anthem that… wait… when had I heard that voice before? No… It can’t be!?!

The pink one…

This doesn’t make any sense! She wasn’t in the original mix! Where is her voice coming from?! My eyes scanned the club, looking for the pink monster. I didn’t see her... but I could hear her voice. I felt a shiver go down my spine, and I made a mental note to go over the track and make sure that I wasn’t just going crazy…

After that… track, I switched to a track that I thought was pretty good to wrap up the evening -- a track by a friend of mine that suited the night perfectly, as we’re nearing spring. I chuckled to myself. How perfect! I thought, bobbing my head to the beat.

The song eventually came to a fade, and I could hear more than one groan as the music slowly died to nothing. I chuckled, probably even more disappointed than them that I had to stop. I picked the microphone with my magic and brought it to my muzzle. “Sorry, everypony, but even the DJ has to call it quits.” I wiped some sweat from my brow. “And, to be honest, I’m pooped. I have been DJ Neon Lights, and I thank you for coming. Rock on!” With that, I dropped the microphone, and trotted towards my back room, intent on crashing there for the night…