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A DJ in the Night - dj_neon_lights

Neon Lights takes it upon himself to help a particularly lonely mare loosen up and have a good time, and boy is he in for a surprise when he learns who this mare truly.

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Arc II - Chapter: 7 - Aftermath

Author's Note:

This chapter is now edited by my awesome editor: Electric294!

Hope you enjoy!

~ Michael A.

A DJ in the Night
By: Michael A
Chapter: 7 - Aftermath

I trotted along the dark surface, turning my head from side to side, searching for any form of light. Minutes before I had attempted to cast an illumination spell, but, for some currently unexplainable reason, it failed to cast, and no other spell I had tried since had worked. The area surrounding me wasn’t just black—it felt as if there was nothing. I felt like I was in some sort of void—where the darkness around me simply represented the empty space. My hooves trotted firmly but made no contact with any tangible floor. I'd been trying to remain calm and try and figure out a logical explanation for what was going on, and where the hell I was. But this… place? Didn’t seem to have any logic at all.

My thoughts were suddenly cut off when a quiet, and seemingly distant, voice cut through the ever growing void. I quickly looked around, trying to find the source, but all I could see was the unchanged void.

“H-Hello?” I nervously called out, “is anypony there?”

My response came in the form of a creepy-ass chuckle. "Hello, Neon, fancy meeting you here!"

I knew that voice... Wait, huh? "Who's there?"

The voice was silent, before responding, "Moi? Well, I am you!"

I scoffed. "No, you're not! I'm me! You're... I don't know, but you sure as hell ain't me."

The voice chuckled."Oh, my ignorant pony, this will make sense soon. But, for now, I think you need to wake up."

What did he mean—

My vision was suddenly filled with a white, burning light. I groaned, my entire body feeling like it'd been struck by a freight train. I closed my eyes; keeping them open just hurt too much. To my surprise, my pain was slowly fading away. The soreness in my muscles remained, but the throbbing pain of, well, everything went away. As the pain faded, I was able to open my eyes without the accompanying pain.

“Ah damn it, not here again!” I groaned as I realized that I was in a hospital, again. Didn’t seem like the same one as last time, as the room I was currently in was far more fancy than the last one. I lay in a standard hospital bed, but the sheets were far more comfortable then I remembered. A heart monitor softly beeped besides me, getting more annoying by the second. The walls were a blinding white, somehow reflecting the light from all of the lights right back at me.

I sat up, trying to get comfortable in the bed, Once I had done just that, I began racking my brain for anything I could remember. I remember being captured by those… ponies. I remember laying in that god-awful void for what felt like forever. I remember being dragged out of the void by those hooded ponies… I remember seeing Luna sitting there. I remember the knife to my throat… And I remember pushing her out of the way of that… that ball of energy. Had I been struck? How am I not dead?! Is Luna okay?!

My internal questions ceased as the door to my room opened, and a pale white unicorn mare with an orange mane trotted in. Our eyes met, and she was instantly at my side, pushing me down with a hoof. I was confused, but I complied. She probably knew what she was doing.

“How do you feel?” she asked, her voice filled with concern and kindness.

"Sore, tired... strangely thirsty," I answered, smacking my chapped lips.

The nurse, whose name I am yet to learn, levitated a glass of water over to me, which I greedily gulped down. She also pulled out a clipboard and began scribbling stuff onto it. From my angle on the bed, I couldn't see what exactly it was.

Her face screwed up in confusion, seemingly puzzled. "This doesn't make sense..." she muttered to herself.

I raised an eyebrow. "What doesn't make sense?" I asked. I figured since it was most likely about me, I had the right to know.

She shook her head. "What's strange is that you're normal." I raised my other eyebrow, which she noticed. "Well, you should have... something wrong with you! From what the princess described, and how much of a hurry she got you here, we expected at least something."

Huh…? Maybe the magic was a dud? Can that happen? "Well... That's good, right?"

To my surprise, she shook her head. "Magic doesn't just do nothing, especially magic that was intended to do something to the princess. It's more of that we haven't been able to find out what it did yet."

I deflated. I was fine for the time being, but I was essentially a time bomb... At least, I’m alive.

For now.

Shut up, brain.

I shrugged to the nurse. "Well, whatcha gonna do?"

She bit her tongue. "Y-yeah..."

There was a pause.

"So..." I began. "What do I do now?"

It was the nurse's turn to shrug. "Just wait, I guess. The princess shall be here shortly. Trust me, she'll be here as soon as she know's you're awake."

A goofy smile graced my lips. Luna... I'm so happy that she's alright.

Luna sat in her bed chambers, staring at the wall like she'd been doing since she'd gotten back. After Neon had been hit by that... Whatever it was, Luna had rushed him back to Canterlot, immediately taking him to the Royal Hospital. It's usually reserved for guards wounded in battle, or anyone of significance, really. He was significant to her, and that's all that she had to say to get him in.

After that, she'd taken personal responsibility for telling all of the guard's family that they were... that they had been... felled in battle.

She let out a single sob. She'd had to tell mothers, fathers, brothers... And even an expecting mother that their loved one wasn't coming him. All twenty five guard had been killed... Almost half by her own blade. Luna let out another sob, her eyes still red and puffy from the all the crying she'd done earlier.

But, she's saved Neon. Rather, he'd saved her. Nopony knows what that spell had done, and last time she'd checked Neon was still unconscious. She'd been happy that he seemed to be alive, but her mind still questioned one thing: was all the lives of her guards worth it? Was their lives greater than his? She knew the answer, but she didn't want to admit it.

Suddenly, the door burst open, a panting nurse trying to catch her breath in the doorframe. Luna turned towards the nurse, a sad expression still peaking her features. "What is it?" She asked, her voice holding her great sadness.

The nurse took a few deep breaths, before speaking, "You wished to know... know when we got news about you friend."

Luna raised an ear. "Yes, and?"

The nurse took a few more breaths. "He... he is awake, but we have no news on the effects of the spell."

That was all that Luna needed to know. In a flash, Luna had dashed past the nurse, sending her flying in her wake. The nurse fell to the ground, slightly dazed.

"Where is he?!" Luna demanded to the secretary, who was cowering behind her desk.

"T-two d-doors down the h-hall, miss," the secretary squeaked, covering her head with her hooves.

"Thank you!" Luna declared before trotting down the hall and towards her friend's room.

Once she got to the desired room, she stopped. Suddenly, the thought that going in wasn't a good idea suddenly popped into her mind. What if he doesn't want to see me? Or what if he hates me for what I brought him into?! the Princess of the Night thought as she started to hyperventilate.

Closing her eyes as tight as she could, and bracing herself for the worst, she slowly opened the door, trotting all of the way inside before she opened them. Luna instantly meeped as she noticed that her gaze was locked with Neon's.

Well, this was awkward... Me and Luna's eyes were glued to each other, neither of us wanting to look away. I could tell she was nervous, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't either. Everything had gone to shit yesterday... Was it yesterday? I'd need to confirm how long I'd been out later. Can't believe I actually forgot about that. Anyways, shit hit the fan yesterday, and both of us felt the repercussions. Taking a deep breath, I decided that I'd be the one to address the elephant in the room.

"So... about the thing..." I muttered.

Luna shuffled nervously on her hooves. "We... we don't want to talk about it, but know that we must." She trotted over to the hospital bed I was laying on, and gently lay at the foot of it, making sure not to lay on me. Once she was settled, she turned back to face me, tears in her eyes. "We thought we lost you! We thought you were dead!"

Well, didn't expect that... I guess.

Luna continued, tears running freely down her muzzle. "Twenty-five of my guards are dead... and I... and I killed half of them."

My eyes went wide. This is new information…

"It's all our fault that this all happened. We were careless, and caused their deaths, and almost caused yours. We are so sorry, and we can understand if you hate us and think that we are a—"

She was cut off as I pulled her into a hug, letting her bury her head in my mane. She sobbed quietly, holding me tightly and continued to bury her head deeper into my mane. I didn’t know what to do other than hold her close and whisper that, “Everything is gonna be alright,” into her ear. Something in the back of my head told me to yell at her and to blame her for everything that she’d done to me, but I pushed that thought away. I couldn’t blame Luna for everything that happened… could I?

I shook my head slightly and continued to nuzzle the princess that lay at my hooves. I could tell that this mare was damaged from the first time that I’d met her, and I could tell that, somehow, from the experiences that we had shared, she had began to heal. Slowly, I had seen this timid, scared, and confused mare slowly open up and grow to who she is now. I’m not gonna take all of the credit, but I can tell that I definitely did something.

Luna rested her head on my chest, seemingly calmed by my heartbeat. “I’m so glad that I met you…” she muttered, a smile creeping onto her features.

I smiled as well, closing my eyes and embracing her warmth. “I’m so glad you met me too…”

My eyes fluttered open, and the feeling of something warm resting against my chest instantly made me smile. This is how waking up is supposed to be, I thought to myself as I gently sat up, trying not to disturb the gently snoring mare at the foot of my bed. I stared at the adorable sight of the Princess of the Night sleeping peacefully in my lap, her eyes closed and the cutest little snore escaping her lips. I smiled, the sight bringing a warmth deep within me. Just to think, I had a princess sleeping in my lap -- I must be the luckiest stallion in the world.

Damn bitch almost got us killed.

I reeled slightly, surprised by the thought. Yes, I guess it was her fault that all of this happened to me, but I really couldn’t blame her. It wasn’t like it was her intention. I shook my head, clearing myself of all of those negative thought. Seriously, where had they come from?

I guess my sudden motion was enough to wake the princess, as her eyes slowly crept open, a soft yawn escaping her lips. She looked around, seemingly to get her bearing, before her gaze shifted to me. A soft smile spread across her features. “Good night, Neon,” she muttered, stretching slightly as another yawn escaped her lips.

Goodnight? Wasn’t it morning? I thought to myself as I searched around the room for a clock. Finding one on the nightstand besides me, I confirmed that it was nighttime. Midnight, to be exact. The clock didn’t have a date, so I turned back to Luna to have one of my questions finally answered. “Hey, Luna… how long was I out?”

She stopped mid-stretch, and turned to me. “Hmm? Oh, right, we thought you’d be curious about that. Well, you were unconscious for about… four days, if memory serves us correctly.”

Four days?! Damn, I’d been out for four days… new personal record, I guess? I shrugged at my own question, shifting again to get more comfortable. My back hooves were still asleep, but like hell was I going to ask Luna to move.

Sadly, I think Luna sensed my discomfort, and slowly crawled off the bed.

She’ll leave you, just like everyone else!

I flinched, once again surprised by my own thoughts. What was going on with that, anyways? I pushed both thoughts aside, planning on going back to them when I wasn’t in Luna’s company. “So, any ideas when I can leave this place?” I asked, motioning to the room with a hoof.

Luna shrugged. “We are not sure, but we shall go and ask a nurse to see if they have an estimate, yet.”

I nodded to her. “Yeah, that’d be great.”

She smiled at me, keeping eye contact for as long as she could before heading out the door.

As the door closed, I immediately brought my thoughts back to my strange thoughts. Why the hell had I even been thinking them in the first place? I wasn’t a mean pony by any standards, and I tended to forgive and forget extremely easily. Ponies had taken advantage of my helpful, easy going attitude for as long as I could remember. Tricking me into hanging out with them so that they could use me. Making fun of me because they knew that I was too ignorant to see it.

Wouldn’t it be great to get back at them all by using your new status of the Princess’s lover? Show them who they were messing with, and how their lives were useless in comparison!

No.. why the hell would I do that? First of all, I am not her lover. Second, I would never abuse that status if I did gain that. And third, why the hell would I still care? I mean, it’s not like they still do it. I moved away. Left all of them behind. No use in opening old wound, right?

Come on, don’t you remember how they made you cry? Made you feel like you were useless. Told you how nobody would ever love a freak like you!

I began to shake, anger filling by body on it’s own accord. I didn’t want to feel angry, but I was. Yeah, maybe it was time to get back at those assholes for what they did. Show the entire world that Neon Lights isn’t some lonely nerd like he once was! I’m a god of music now, the best DJ in all of Canterlot! Everypony would see who that I’d be—

“No!” I screamed, pressing my hooves to my temples. What was happening to me? I wasn’t like this!

The door creaked open, and a concerned looking nurse trotted in. “Mr. Neon, I hear you scream from outside the door… is anything wrong?”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. “No, everything is okay. Just some silly thoughts in my head.”

No, tell her about the anger!

She raised an eyebrow, but shrugged. “Okay, I guess. Is there anything I can get for you?”

I shrugged. “No, I’m good.”

No you’re not!

The nurse nodded before closing the door.

I stared at my hooves as I began to shake again.

“What is going on with me…?”

I sat in silence since the nurse had left. My mind was blank, just the way I liked it. My random sprout of rage had gone as fast as it had came, the void it created filled with fear. I was scared at what had happened, and if it was gonna happen again.

A few minutes later Luna trotted into the room, a smile on her face and completely oblivious to what had happened.

"Well, we were told that you will be released later after a few tests," she began, stirring at the edge of my bed. "They now believe that the spell was meant to harm an alicorn, and not a normal pony. They are running a few more tests just to make sure, though." She then leaned over and kissed my cheek then whispered, "That is for saving me, my brave little DJ."

I blushed, a goofy smile crossing my lips. My mind was putty in the moment; completely useless.

The moment was cut short as the door to the room entered and the same white nurse with the orange hair trotter in. (Note to self: Get her name.) Her eyes went wide as she saw me and Luna, shying away from the door. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know I was interrupting."

Luna chuckled, rolling over and onto their hooves. "Do not worry, you weren't interrupting anything."

The nurse still seemed a little timid, but trotted into the room nonetheless, immediately making her way over to me. "Now, we only have one more test for you to take, and it's probably the easiest. You just have to take this one and you're free to go."

I sighed in relief, glad that I was gonna get out of here... Until I saw the needle being held in her telekinetic grasp...

Solar Guards flooded the royal hospital, all stationed next to the second door to the left. Inside that room was me, standing on my bed and surrounded in medical equipment floating in my magical grasp. Now, there are many thing that I'm afraid of, and needles are on top of that list.

After I was shown said needle, I had managed to throw that poor nurse through the wall, and pushed Luna out the door as well. I then managed to pick up everything that wasn't nailed down and throw it at anyone who tried to come inside of my door. Usually such a feat would be impossible for me, but when a unicorn feels extremely threatened, they get something called a Magical Surge, which is basically the adrenaline of magic. Usually, it takes a life or death experience to cause this sort of reaction, but for me all it took was the appearance of that needle.

"Come on, Neon! All we must do is take a little blood!" Luna called from the other side of the door, hoping to resolve the situation peacefully.

I laughed from the other side of the door. "Like hell I'm letting anyone inside with that... that thing!"

Luna shook her head sadly and turned to the guard beside her. "Okay, breach on three."

He nodded and motioned for several other guards behind him to get ready.

"One... Two... Three!"

The door exploded as a magical charge imploded on the door. All four of the guards rushed to the door, one holding a riot shield and the others going with just their hooves. The riot shield-wielding one shielded the others from the medical supplies that I was throwing.

The leader of the quarter jumped first, checking me into the wall, momentarily stunning me. The other two pounced on me, grabbing my front hooves and pinning me down. The riot shield one threw his shield on his back and tried to restrain my back hooves. His efforts were awarded with a kick to the face. I managed to wrap my magic around the guard that was holding my left hoof and pulled him off, throwing him into the wall. I then shifted my body so my back hooves were under the last guard, and kicked him as hard as I could. He went flying, crashing into the opposite wall.

I stood up, a smug grin on my face. These fools thought they were a match for me?! Ha! No one is a match for me, Neon Lights!

At that was when I felt something hit the back of my head, before I saw black.

Luna stood over Neon's unconscious form, shaking her head side to side. A broken flower-pot lay over his head.

As soon as he had gone down, the nurse had rushed in and took the blood sample. For having been thrown through a wall, she was doing quite well. The guards that had been thrown during his frenzy were also okay, the only thing truly wounded was their pride.

After the nurse had taken the blood sample, and several extra to make sure that they had more than enough, Luna picked up Neon's unconscious body and placed it on her back before she began to trot towards her room.

Once there, she lay him in her bed, and tucked him in. After stationing a guard outside the door to make sure he was safe, the Princess of the Night trotted back out the door of her room and down the hall.

She promised herself that she wouldn't laugh, but she couldn't resist. The princess chuckled as she made her way down the hallway, and towards the dining area. We can't believe that he actually took down those guards! Hehe, and I can't believe that potted plant actually worked, Luna thought as she walked.

Before long, Luna pushed past the doors to the Royal dining area, already seeing her sister waiting at the end of the massive table. Luna made her way to the seat next to her sister and sat down. "Sorry we are late, sister, we had a bit of an... incident, in the hospital wing."

Celestia rolled her eyes. "Yes, your friend threw several of my best guards into a wall."

Luna blushed. "We did not expect him to have such a fear of needles."

Celestia looked seriously at her sister before her expression faltered. She wrapped a wing around her sister and pulled her into a hug. "We are so glad that you are okay."

Luna welcomed the embrace, hugging her sister back. "We promised you that we would be."

The next few moments lay in a tense silence, neither of them saying a word. Eventually, Celestia broke the silence. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Luna lowered her head, knowing exactly what her sister was talking about. "Yes, we supposed that talking about it will ease the burden." She took a deep breath. "I can't believe that they're all gone... so much death. And me, their princess, was the one who slain them!"

Celestia listened intently as her sister told her the entire tale. She didn't interrupt, only listened. After she was done, Celestia took a deep breath.

"Sister, it wasn't your fault. Please don't blame yourself for something that was out of your control," Celestia said, her voice calming and motherly.

Luna shook her head. "We know, sister, but it only helps so much. It is still their blood on our sword."

The solar princess frowned, knowing all too well the pain her sister was feeling. She was gonna have to look into who these ponies were that tried to attack her sister, and maybe figure out what their intent was. For now, though, her only Job was to comfort her sister.

"Do not fear, dear sister, we shall get to the bottom of what happened, and what their intent was."

Luna just nodded. "We hope so..."