• Published 11th Feb 2015
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The Dragon And The Mare - Creative Punch

Sweetie has been having alot of odd feelings for a certain dragon lately. When her sisters big announcement threatens to upset things, suddenly she finds herself having to sort out all of her confusing feelings.

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The Dragon And The Mare: The condensed version

Author's Note:

This chapter is the original story. You can read it if you like, just keep in mind that if you want to go through the expanded version, this may spoil it. What do I mean? I mean I posted this and everyone liked it so much I decided it would be good to go back and expand on everything the way I had really wanted. Regardless what order you read this in, I hope you enjoy it.

Sweetie sat there, pages of her book turning as she looked out on the boutique. The sound of Rarity working upstairs could be heard as Sweetie hummed a tune, giggling at how silly it had all seemed. All that time spent worrying about her cutie mark when it had been music all along. It almost seemed too obvious. Still, thinking back all those years ago brought a smile to her face.

The original three cutie mark crusaders were no more, almost all grown up and ready to strike out on their own. She knew it would be tough staying friends but they could do it. Apple Bloom and her had plans to move in to an appartment together, and she knew Scootaloo would be back after her time in the royal guard. Until she left though, they decided to hang out almost every day.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the front door as Spike pushed it open slowly. He too had grown. The gifts he received each year making him larger, about her size now. And she had to admit, a bit handsome even if he was covered in scales.

"Heya Sweetie Belle. Is Rarity here?" He asked as he walked over and gave her a friendly hug. His years of chasing after Rarity had meant they had spent enough time together to develop a friendly relationship.

"Yeah, shes upstairs working but she asked not to be bothered. I thought I'd read while I waited for Apple Bloom," her magic lifting the book she was reading as Spike nodded.

"Is that the newest Daring Doo?" He asked

"Nah, its that new series. Crossing Hooves." her head dipping a bit. Embarrassed to admit to reading a romance novel.

"You mean that series about ponies in love during Discord's reign? The one Twilight calls trash?" His eyes widening a bit as he started to laugh. "I cant believe you're reading that. Its accidentally anti unicorn and so corny."

"Maybe it is a little but, its good. It's got some action and if guys would read it maybe they'd like it too. In fact, I think-"

"That Sky Striker and Percilla are a great couple?" Spike asked, cutting her off. "Cause they are," Giving her a smirk as he refereed to the Pegasus and Griffon who were side characters in the book.

"Wait, you've read it too?" her face scrunching up as she looked back at the book. "But those two hate each others."

Spike put his claw down next to her as he leaned in close. The mare blushing from how close he was as he flipped a few pages. "Of course I've read it, Twilight's the princess of libraries," he said jokingly, finding the page. "Here, that's where they hook up."

"Hmmm...he took her hoof, laying her down as she....." Sweetie's face flushed bright red as she read on. It was her first time seeing such intimate details in a romance novel.

"O-o-oh spike!" The soft voice exclaimed, Rarity standing by the banister and looking out and over them a little. "Am I interrupting anything?"

A look of surprise and shock ran over Spike's face as he reeled back and looked up at the white unicorn. "Errruhhh...no Rarity."

Sweetie gave him a sideways glance and stole a jealous look at her sister. Sweetie certainly wasn't boy crazy, but every now and then she wished she could have someone that was willing to throw themselves at her like Spike. But then again, who could be as popular as a fashionista?

"I just uhh....came over to see if you needed some help." He said as he started slowly up the stairs

A feeling of relief washed over her though as Rarity lead the dragon upstairs. Happy to take him up on his offer of help. She let out a long huff before going back to the book. A frown came to her face as she turned back to her original place. Her mind drifting off.


Sweetie gasped on in astonishment. Her sword crossed with that of Spike, or was it Sky Striker? She really couldn't tell. It looked like Spike, but his voice was what Sky Striker sounded like in her head. Looking around, she almost immediately recognized the room.

"Why persist foul dragon? Your lord is dead, my lady victorious." She cried out. Feeling that it was the right thing to say. Her head blank though when she tried to figure out why. Another thrust parried, a blow deflected. "Why do you hold back?" Tears in her eyes as her anger rose. "Is this some joke to you"

Spike grinned "Because I cannot harm you."

Sweetie let out a scream of frustration as she drove for the dragon's chest. Spike's parry disarming her, causing her sword to fly across the room.

"You're toying with me and I hate you for it. Why? Why not kill me now that I am at your mercy?"

Her eyes went wide at his answer. Knowing it even as his lips began to move. "Because I lov-"


"Sweetie Belle! Wake up!" came the call as she was shaken awake. "Its already ten in the morning and I have such big news!" Her older sister cried out. As she slid off the couch, she looked at the new stack of boxes. "Umm....rarity?" she asked as she blinked, feeling maybe the stack of boxes were out of place. "What's with all the boxes?"

Rarity gave her little sister a big hug. "Well, you know all that packing I've been doing?" Sweetie simply nodded in reply. "Well, originally it was to ship some samples for customers off. But, they loved what they got so much I was asked to do the whole line for Trotting Tantums. One of the biggest trend setting stores in all of Canterlot! Oh isn't this exciting? It means I'll be moving there temporarily, and if things go well, maybe permanently."

Sweetie rubbed her head as she yawned. "T-that's great!" the response less then enthusiastic. In Sweetie Belle's mind, things seemed a bit mixed up. The drowsiness from sleep still trying to wear off as her mind slowly started to realize what all this meant. A frown spreading to her face though as she realized Rarity was talking about moving.

Rarity began grabbing things out of the room. "Though I am afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave after breakfast. I've already scheduled some help to come and set up the furniture so it's ready for the move next week. I don't want you hurt or have the help running into you. But you can play with your friends right?" Sweetie nodded, forcing a smile.

The rest of the morning went by quickly. Rarity running around, grabbing various cloth and small items. Once Sweetie had finished up though she left. Her saddle bags packed with a few odd things. She could still hear her sister's rummaging as she headed for sweet apple acres. The loud bang of a hammer rang out as Sweetie approached the barn. And familiar voices greeted her ears. "Now hold it up here!" Apple Bloom shouted as Sweetie ducked inside. Her eyes falling on a very odd sight.

Scootaloo was off to the side, doing hoof ups as Apple Bloom wiped the sweat from her brow and Twist climbed down off a step stool.

"Thanks Apple Bloom, want to paint it tomorrow or after the weekend?" Twist asked as Apple Bloom backed away from what looked like a big stand with odd shapes and swirls all over it. "Let's get it done tomorrow, though you're welcome to put some base color on twist!" Apple Bloom said as she put the hammer down and turned toward Sweetie.

"Heya Sweetie, we were just helping Twist with a candy stand.....what's wrong?" Apple Blooms face turning to concern as Twist began to paint.

"Yeah, why are you so upset?" Scootaloo tossed in as Sweetie found a bale of hay to lay on.

"Do I really look that upset?" she asked as all three nodded at once. "Guess I cant hide it. I am upset....it's this guy and my sister."

"Oooohhhh. Found yourself a colt huh? Lucky. Is he somepony we know?" Twist asked, butting in as the other two gave her an annoyed look. "What?" she asked before giving an awkward smile. "oh right, upset.....I'll just go grab us something to drink." Twist trotting off towards the house.

"At least she means well...." Sweetie added in as the others found places to sit. Apple Bloom finding a stool in the hay filled barn. Scootaloo leaning against the new candy stand.

"It's.......I don't know if I want to say. It's weird." Sweetie chimed out before looking straight down at the ground.

Apple Bloom scratched her head. "Awww, come on now, can't be that weird. It's just a colt you like. Nothing weird about that."

"Yeah," Scootaloo added in. "Remember when Apple Bloom started dating Snails? That was weird-"

"Hey! He's very supportive. And really sweet."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes. "But things worked out pretty well."

Sweetie belle looked up at them both and gave a weak smile. "Promise not to tell anyone?"

Both of her friends nodded.

With a little smile she spoke up. "It's spike."

The other two instantly going wide eyed and staring at each other. "Assistant to a princess, Spike? Scale covered dragon Spike? "

Sweetie nodded. "In love with my sister Spike. Yeah, that one." Tears forming in her eyes as Apple Bloom trotted over and patted her on the back. "I just...I don't even know when it started..."

"It's ok. How do you know though?"

Sweetie wiped a tear away. "I just....I started thinking about it a while ago. Hes just always there for her and loyal and he's gotten so....so....grown up. I started reading some romance stories and it got me thinking."

Apple Bloom raised an eye brow. "But doesn't he tease you?"

"Not really. The one time he went too far he apologized."

" I could see it." Scootaloo said as she trotted forward. She too going to Sweetie's side. Followed short by twist.

"Ah!" Sweetie let out in surprise. "When did you get back?"

"A little while ago. You were having your little moment and I didn't want to interrupt." She said as she gave a sincere smile.

Scootaloo looked much less pleased. "Don't worry, she wont tell anyone Sweetie."

Twist saw the confused looks on the faces of the other two. She shifted awkwardly. "Yeah, I promise. I wouldn't want to upset my Scootsy!" The eyes of the earth and unicorn ponies went wide. Not sure what to make of it. Then, Twist lept forward, bopping noses together with Scootaloo.

The other two starting to chuckle. "You two are dating?" They asked as Scootaloo shot another annoyed look at Twist. "Yes, we have been. For a while in secret." The other two couldn't help but keep giggling.

"And she calls you Scootsy?!"


Sweetie should have felt better. She knew in her mind that she should. Shed even talked to the group about her sister leaving. but as she approached the boutique, she felt sick. The bell on the door chimed as it opened. The lights inside shining bright as she noticed all the boxes around. Rarity lay, stretched out on a large air mattress. "Oh Sweetie, good to see you back. You and your friends have fun?"

Her mouth opened and she hesitated wanting to tell her everything, but instead her head nodded. Rarity taking a moment to wave her over. Giving the mare a hug. "I'm almost ready for my big move, but it looks like you aren't."

Tears started to swell in Sweetie's eyes as she hugged her sister close. The stress of it all at flowing out. "I don't want you to go. I'm not ready for it." Rarity patting her mane.

"It'll be ok." She whispered in her ear. "I've got to do this. But it won't be so bad. You can always visit."

"NO!" She shouted as she started crying harder. "I don't want to visit. I want my sister here. The one that's finally started to listen and have fun and that I could talk to about......." Her voice trailing off.

"I've been growing sweetie. You have too. Part of growing up is letting go and moving on to bigger things. "

"But why now? Why cant you just stay?"

"And miss my calling? Stay stuck in a small town, unable to go after my dream?"

Sweetie let out a sniffle as the mare slowly let go. "Here." Rarity said as she began pulling away. "The kitchen hasn't been packed yet, would some tea help?"

Sweetie gave a soft nod as they both trotted past the piles of boxes that were developing everywhere and into the kitchen.

"I just wish you weren't going to go. I'll feel all alone." The sound of a chair sliding punctuated Sweetie's sentence as she sat down at the small table Rarity had kept.

"But you wont be alone. There's your friends, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo."

"What about spike?"

"Well yes, Spike will always be your friend too." The clatter of a kettle rang out as the flame of the burner whooshed to life. Rarity tossing the tea leaves in.

Sweetie sat there. Her mind begging for it to be easy even though she had no clue how that would have been. In her mind she imagined a different conversation. One in which her question was answered with Rarity handing her secret to Spike's love over.

"I mean....are you gonna leave spike behind too?"

Rarity gave her a weak smile. Trotting to the other side of the table she sat down. "In a way, yes. He's always welcome to visit. I know he's had a.......thing for me but, it's been years. He should move on. Everyone knows it would never work out anyway. I'm so much older then him and.....besides, a pony and a dragon together in that way? It's just, too weird for me."

Sweetie could feel her eyes water. It's just too weird. She turned the words over in her head. She wanted to explode, spill it all out, but that sealed it. "Y-yeah....too weird." She hated herself. She hated the way the world worked.


Sweetie swayed her hips as she softly sang. Last night had brought at least one relief. Spike had still been in her dream, but this time it was a much sillier one about jelly, she'd woken up smiling at least. Rarity had been quick to ask her for help as she woke up. As she finished packing Rarity's rare spools of thread, she heard a soft foot step behind her. Her head spinning around to see Spike.

"Awww. " he let out as he walked in. "I was really enjoying that. We should get you to sing it for twilight some time."

Sweetie blushed at the compliments. "Thanks but I'm not that good." her magic grabbing the box, straining to lift it. She screwed her eyes shut as she concentrated. Suddenly it worked. The box felt like it weighed nothing as she opened her eyes to find it in Spike's claws.

"Where do you want it?" He asked as he hefted it up.

Sweetie pointed to a spot where some other boxes had been packed. She let out a sigh trying to sound annoyed. Wanting to hit herself in the head as it came out a content one. It was nice having him help. She thought to all the times he had helped Rarity, her jealousy rising a bit. "You know, you don't have to help"

"But I want to. Gotta help out my friend's little sister. Besides, now you owe me." Spike said.

"Right....just her little sister..." Sweetie mumbled to herself under her breath.

"Hm?" spike asked as he turned.

"I......you know she's leaving right?" Sweetie asked.

"Yeah, I kinda figured. I saw the movers the other day when they came for the large stuff." Spike said as he slumped against a wall.

Sweetie looked down very upset. "Are you gonna be ok?" She asked as she slowly sat down next to him.

"Its been a few years. I've known it was stupid to hope for a while now. Still....it hurts."

"You know....if you want you can still hang out aro-"

"Nah" Spike cut in. Not letting her finish. "I think I'll just leave too. I've been starting to feel, kinda alone. All she ever sees me as is a friend. Maybe I should go join the great dragon migration. See what it's like now that I'm not so small."

Sweetie stared at him, wide eyed and forced smile. "M-Maybe that would be good." She stammered out, holding back tears.

After a bit, spike reached over, giving her a small hug before standing up and starting to walk out. Sweetie sniffling a bit. She heard the door creak open "I!" she almost shouted, scared to say it. "I....I think Sky Striker and Percilla are a really good couple too...."

Spike looked back, a small smile on his face. "Yeah, but they're weird. Would never work out with them being so different."

Sweeties heart felt like the bottom fell out.

"But I'm glad you like them too." he said before walking out.

Sweetie sat alone in the room, tear's streaming down her face. "It's all falling apart..." she mumbled to herself. She didn't bother looking around, her mind reeling from it all. It felt like she'd been there forever when the door opened and Rarity walked in.

"Sweetie? Sweetie you've been in here packi- SWEETIE! Are you ok?" Rarity asked as she quickly trotted up.

"It's not fair...it's....I..." Sweeties stammer was broken as she burst into a full on sobbing.

Rarity looked around, unsure exactly what to do. She instead put her arms around her sister. Hugging Sweetie as she quietly started stroked her mane.

"Sweetie calm down. Whatever it is it'll be alright."

"No it won't!" she managed to yelp out through sobs. "Everyone is leaving me. First you and now him and it's all wrong and I'm scared."

Rarity gave her a worried look as she started to pat her on the back. "No one's leaving you. It's just gonna take a little longer to get to my new place." she said with a small chuckle as she could feel Sweetie tighten her grip around her.

"Here, why don't we get you out of my office and down stairs. I'll even pull out that comforter you like so much."

Sweetie nodded in reply.


It wasn't long till Rarity came back. Comforter in hand. "Here you go hun. Now tell me, whats wrong. Who's he?"

"It's s-" Her eyes going wide, unsure what her sister would think. "It's this colt I know, he might be leaving soon too."

Rarity raised an eye brow at hearing this. "A colt? And you like him?"

"Well....yeah. But it doesn't matter cause he's leaving. And I won't ever see him again."

"Maybe that's for the best then." Rarity said as sweetie looked up at her shocked. On the verge of another bought of sobbing.

"Sweetie, a stallion who walks out on the innocent mare that loves him is no stallion at all."

"He doesn't know." Sweetie said as she hung her head.

"I see," Rarity said as she sat down next to her sister. "Well, why doesn't he know?"

"I keep trying to tell him but, I just cant."

"And why not?"

"What if he doesn't like me? What if he gets weirded out or I tell him at the wrong time? What if he thinks it wont work cause we are so different?"

"Different Sweetie? How so?"

Sweetie started to fidget as she looked away. "Well I'm a unicorn and he's a...umm...ea-"

"A dragon?" Rarity interrupted. A wry smile on her face as Sweetie started to sniffle a little.

"How'd you know?"

Rarity chuckled a bit. "He's been chasing after me for years, over here every chance he gets. Trust me, I started to notice a while back when he started noticing you. And I think he'd be good for you."

"But he's a dragon and I'm a unicorn...." Sweetie said as she looked down at the floor.

"And? Does it matter? You've grown into a fine young mare. Are you really going to let what others think stop you from being happy?"

Sweetie sighed as she kept looking at the ground. Just as Rarity was about to open her mouth, there was a knock at the door. Rarity got up, squeezing past a few boxes she opened the front door. "Hello, sorry but we are clo- Oh Apple Bloom, Snails. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Uhh yeah, we've got a very important message for sweetie." Snailss said as Apple Bloom nodded.

"Can we please see her?" Apple Bloom said as she looked past to see Sweetie in the back.

Rarity looked back, then nodded as her magic strained to clear a small path. "She's a little upset, but I've got a few more things to pack. I'll leave you three alone." Rarity went upstairs, leaving the three to talk.

"Are ya'll ok?" Apple Bloom asked as she came in and looked her crying friend over.

Sweetie nodded her head. "I'm fine. I just don't feel much like hanging out."

The two nodded as they heard her talk. "Well," Apple Bloom started. "We might have something to cheer you up. Twist said that since the dragon migration is in four days, we should get together to figure out how to get you and Spike together."

Sweetie gave them a weak smile before looking at Snails. "Hold it, he knows?"

"Well yeah, me and Apple Bloom talks about everything."

"And you're ok with it?"

"We live in Ponyville. We have a crystal palace down the road, I was slave to an insane unicorn who trapped us under a jar, and Discord sometimes makes it rain chocolate on my house. Trust me, a dragon and pony dating ain't nothing weird."

Sweetie smiled and gave both of them a hug. "Thanks guys. What time?"

"We in figured it should be tomorrow at the clearing. A little before sun set." Apple Bloom said.

Rarity poked her head down from upstairs. "Sweetie, when you're done with your friends come up here."

Sweetie let out a soft groan, but politely showed the couple the door. Then turning back, she trotted up stairs and to the last room needing to be packed. The sowing room.

"Rarity!" she called out as she stuck her head in. Her confusion rising as she saw her sister sowing "What are you doing? Shouldn't you pack that stuff up?"

"Can't make your dress if I pack my tools up." She said as she motioned her sister in. "Now stand still, I need to measure you."

Sweetie took a few step in. "But why?" she asked as Rarity began to run over her with measuring tape.

"To help you get Spike of course."

"But how will a dress help?"

"Oh Sweetie, boys are very simple. And they don't always get our subtle hints. So sometimes we have to use much less subtle hints. Dressing up can be one of those more direct hints."

"If you say so."


Sweetie grumbled a bit as she shoved some shrubbery out of the way, her hooves finally setting down in the clearing. She brushed a few of the leaves off her dress as she looked up.

She could see Scootaloo sitting on a log waiting for her. "Like it?" Sweetie asked as she trotted up. She spread her hooves out some to try and show the dress off. It was simple and modest, not revealing too much but she thought it was like Rarity had said, the color really made her eyes stand out. She could hear rustling from the others arriving but she ignored it, too intent on showing off.

"It really shows off your girly side. I bet he'll love it." Scootaloo said

"You really think so?" Sweetie asked. "What do you think?" She asked as she turned around. Her jaw dropping as her face flushed red. Snails stood there with spike.

"S-s-spike?" Sweetie asked as she started to back up a bit.

"Well we said we would help." Apple Bloom said nervously as she popped out from behind the two. "Though it was all Twists Idea."

"Me and her had this talk. And Snails showed up." spike answered. obviously nervous too. He fidgeted, rubbing his arm as he took a step forward. "Me and Snails are pretty good friends. I told him I like you and he sa- umph!"

Spike's eyes went wide as he looked down to see sweeties hooves wrapped around him. A nervous look on her face as she seemed to tear up.

"Please...don't go. I.....I..." She scrunched her face up, desperately trying to get the words to come out right.

He looked to Snails as he shrugged nervously. Snails answering back with the same.

Scootaloo rolled her eyes at the scene. "Come on, you're the guy. Say something cool. Sweep her off her feet."

Spike huffed, not sure what to say. His eyes meeting Sweetie's as she looked up at him. His jitters and fears seeming to disappear as he noticed how beautiful the mare seemed.

"Yeah," he said with a soft smile. "I think we should date too." before reaching down to kiss her.

And they lived happily ever after. (Until discord made their tableware come to life, but that story is for anther time.)