• Published 11th Feb 2015
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The Dragon And The Mare - Creative Punch

Sweetie has been having alot of odd feelings for a certain dragon lately. When her sisters big announcement threatens to upset things, suddenly she finds herself having to sort out all of her confusing feelings.

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Chapter 7: Of Comforters And Friends

The setting sun outside cast odd shadows in the room. Sweetie belle looking them over as she sat there sniffling. For a brief moment she thought about how long she had been there, but the thought faded as she remembered Spike leaving.

"Sweetie?" The muffled voice called out. "Sweetie? Are you ok? Is Spike still here or did he leave?" Rarity pushed the door open and stuck her head in. "Sweetie, why are you sitting there all by yourself?"

"I.....he.....It's..." her sentence broken as she looked up at her and started sobbing.

Rarity stood there in surprise for a second before rushing over to her sister. Wrapping jer hoofs around her. "It'll be ok. Come on Sweetie, calm down." She said as she softly patted her sisters back. "It'll be o-"

"No it wont!" Sweetie yelled as she pushed away from her sister. Her eyes narrowed in anger as she she looked her sister in the eye, her words coming out as almost a scream. "First you're leaving, and now he is, and I'm just a weirdo and a screw up and everything is falling apart!"

"Oh Sweetie....no. Who told you those horrible things?" She pulled her sister back into her hug. This time sweetie didn't fight it. Instead burying her head into her sisters shoulder. "Here, I'm with you. Just let it all out. If you want, we can go down stairs and I can get you something warm to wrap up in. You told me you like it down there better right?"

Sweetie tightened her hooves around her sister. But after a moment looked up and between sobs she nodded. Her mouth trying to move

It was an hour later as Rarity walked back to the stairs where Sweetie sat. Her horn glowing as she carried in the glass of milk and handed it to her sister. Sweetie's head being the only visible part of her from the comforter she had been wrapped in.

"Now, think you've calmed down enough to talk?" Rarity asked as she watched her sister drink.

"Yeah..." Sweetie replied weakly. "I'm sorry I was cr-"

"Darling please, we all get upset sometimes. It's ok.."

Sweetie smiled and nodded. "Thanks Rarity. Its just this um....colt that I know."

Rarity s face lit up as she jumped a little before sitting down next to her sister. "Oh, tell me all about him. I just have to know all about my sister's first special somepony!"

Sweetie sniffled as she leaned against her sister. "He's not my special somepony. It doesn't even matter who he is. He's leaving."

"Oh," Rarity remarked before she gave her sister a smile. "Well if that's the case, them it's a good thing he's going." Her nose firmly in the air as her sister looked at her with a frown. " Any colt who abandons the mare that loves him is no colt at all."

"No it's not like that. He's a really cool guy."

"If he's such a great guy, then why is he making you cry and leaving you?" Rarity asked, teh distane for the male never leaving her voice.

"He doesn't know I like him." she said as she hung her head.

"Well then, that does makes Things different." Her tone softening as she looked back down at Sweetie Belle. "Why haven't you told him?"

Sweetie let out a small moan. "I want to but its just....weird. I get scared he wont like me and I keep dropping hints and he just........ I don't think he likes me back."

Rarity nodded. "But if you don't tell him then how will you ever know?"

Sweetie sniffled a bit. "I don't know. And even if he did I don't know if it'd work out. He so different from me. I mean I'm a unicorn and hes a...um...pega-"

"A dragon?" Rarity asked as she gave her a little smile. "A dragon named Spike perhaps?"

"Y-you knew?" She asked astonished. "Since whe-"

"For a while now. I've seen the way he looks at you. You also talk in your sleep." Rarity said with a giggle.

"But I thought you said it was weird."

"I meant too weird for me. Really sweetie, are you going to let other ponies determine if you get to be happy?" Sweetie shook her head no with a slight smile, but stopped as there was a knock on the door.

"Now who could that be." She said as she trotted over and opened the front door to gaze out.

"Heya Rarity." Snails said as he waved. "Can Sweetie Belle come out. We need to talk to her." Apple Bloom added.

Rarity took a quick look behind her. "Sweetie, your friends are here. You feel ok to talk to them?" Sweetie nodded as she pulled the blanket off and threw it upstairs. "Yeah, let em in."

Rarity nodded. "I'll be upstairs when you three are done. We can talk more then sweetie." She said as she trotted up the stairs.

They both walked in to the boutique, closing the door behind them as they did. Apple bloom reaching her first. "Are you ok?" She asked as she noticed the signs of what had happened earlier.

"I think so. I just...really had a rough day. Anyway whats up?"

Snails smiled. "We had an idea. Like tomorrow, we decided we should all get together to help you get with Spike."

Sweetie squirmed a bit as she looked Snails over. "You told him?"

"Yeah,I kinda had to. Besides he's cool with it.

"Yeah" snails giggled. "I've been slave to an insane unicorn, have discord rain chocolate milk on my house once a month, and I've seen Apple Bloom make zap apple jam. Trust me, this ain't nothing."

"We can meet up at the old clearing at sundown tomorrow to start planning. It'll be just like when we were the CMC. Except not so hard to figure out what to do."

Sweetie giggled and nodded. "Ill be there then."

"Oh Sweetie, are you and your friends done? I need you for something!" Rarity called from upstairs.

Apple bloom nudged Snails as they both started to move towards the door. "We can let ourselves out." she said as Sweetie waved good bye.

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Opal should motivate Sweetie.

5871581 the cat? Now all I've got is the image of opal sitting on her head and refusing to move till sweetie confesses.

Because of several problems with the story I've detailed here, I'm rejecting this from the Goodfic Bin Submissions.

im still like the jury is out...i like the short story but i really like all additions cause it feels exactly the same just with more details


Hey, the author here. I'm not dead yet. Though this flu might do me in soon. So, few points. For anyone wanting me to finish this Im gonna get back to it soon. Second, I'm honestly glad you're upset. My father used to teach me that the diffrence between art and just a picture is that art makes people feel something. A picture just makes them bored. So in that regard Im ecstatic it causes an emotional reaction in someone.

Third, wanna know a secret?

Those feelings, are sorta what I was going for. ^_^ In the show and in alot of shows in general, everything just kinda works out. Flaws and all. But that never felt right. So instead I wanted to write something with flaws. Big ones that real people have. Something more the tone of Fooly Cooly where everything is shit but its at least ok and in the end life will never be great or grand but something you can put up with if you try hard. Yes, Rarity leads Spike on like in the show. Just like a girl I know in real life to the men who are to blind to it. Yes, Spike talking about migrating is his running away, just like my talk of becoming a drifter is me avoiding problems. And Sweetie Belle being unsure and having no clue what shes doing is just like some of the girls I used to know in school. So yeah, just wanted to say that so you dont feel Im a monster trying to troll.

So yeah, Im glad you read it. I really hope you enjoy the last part. And sorry if I sound wierd. Im at 101 and things only sorta make sense, If that makes sense.

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