• Published 11th Feb 2015
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The Dragon And The Mare - Creative Punch

Sweetie has been having alot of odd feelings for a certain dragon lately. When her sisters big announcement threatens to upset things, suddenly she finds herself having to sort out all of her confusing feelings.

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Chapter 6: Plans And Departures

The soft sound of singing filled the room. The glow of her horn accompanying the tune as another tid bit from Rarity's office went into a box. This one was a globe from Whinney Land, the most magical theme park in Equestria. It was a cartoon comical dragon surrounded by grey flakes to make it look like smoke when you shook it.

She giggled a bit at seeing the globe and gave it a shake to watch the flakes fly. Her mood had become much lighter. Despite the events of the past day, she smiled as she thought about her dream last night. Spike had been there again, but he was a odd red robot, and she was an odd yellow one. They were stuck in space and there was a pale pony and a monkey and all of it seemed silly to her now.

She continued her soft tune, swaying her hips in time with the song. The tune being a more recently written one about a mare who was marrying a stallion. The song stopping only when she heard a soft foot step behind her. Startled she spun in place to spot Spike standing behind her.

"Awww horse apples," He said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "And here I was enjoying that. Twilight really should get you to officially sing for us. I'm sure we can make up some new holiday with her being a princess "

"You think it's that good?" She asked as her face blushed red. Spike smirking at her and nodding his head.

"Maybe one day. I don't think I could do something important like that yet," She sighed as she noticed the box was full. "Hold on, let me take care of this first," she said as she closed her eyes and her horn began to glow. The box glowed too as she grunted, trying hard to lift it.

She strained, blocking the rest of the world out as she tried. The effort making her wish it was a smaller box. Her balance thrown off as the box suddenly seemed to weigh nothing at all.

"W-Wwoah!" she cried put as she stumbled back a bit. Looking up as she felt something on her back.

"Where do you want this?" Spike asked as he propped her up. His claw on her back.

"Oh...um, by the door please." Sweetie said as as she felt her knees get a bit weak.

Spike nodded as he carried it over. Putting it down as Sweetie picked up another tid bit off Rarity's desk as Spike leaned against the door frame. "Rarity said you might need help."

She smiled, happy for the help. As she noticed the door was shut her mind began to wander. Watching him help she started to wonder what it would be like in those arms. But she shook her head.

"You know, It's ok. You don't have to help," She said, kicking herself inside for giving him a reason to leave.

"Nah, It's ok. I want to help. Can't let the little sister of one of my best friends do all this on her own," He said.

"Wish you'd see me as more then that," Sweetie grumbled, as she turned away, trying to hide the words from him.


"Nothing," Sweetie replied. Letting out a sigh as she looked over at him. Then a small smile came across her face.

"So did you hear she was leaving?" She asked as she flipped the lid of the box closed. Listening carefully to judge his response.

Spike ran a hand over his head as he just looked down. "Yeah. Saw the movers yesterday. I kinda figured, honestly surprised she didn't do it sooner."

A huge smile burst across Sweetie's face that she was careful to hide. He sounded so upset. It was going to be prefect. She quickly closed the box and pushed it away. Rarity's loss, her gain. She wiped the smile off her face and turned to face him. Looking as concerned as she could. "Are you gonna be ok?" She asked. Slowly walking towards him. "I mean, I thought you had feelings for her."

"I did," he said as he looked back at the door. "Bit I've known for a while now it wasn't going to work out. I don't know, I just keep hanging around for...." He looked down at Sweetie as he fought back a tear. "I guess it was just out of hope."

Sweetie knew it would work. It had to. Throw herself at him, give him the love he had missed out on, it was fool proof. "You know, if you need-"

"I've decided I'm going on the great dragon migration," He said as he ran his hand up and down his arm arm. "It'll be a while but I think it's a good idea. Give me time to sort things out. Maybe do one of those find yourself trips or whatever they call them."

Sweetie stood there stunned. Her mouth struggling to find the right words. "Yeah. That might be good." she said as she lied. She bit her lip as started to panic.

Spike turned, opening the door. "I gotta go."

"WAIT! I..."

Spike turned to look at her. "You ok?" He asked.

"I...I think Sky Striker and Percilla are a really good couple. I think their the best in the book," Sweetie called out. Desperate to get him to stay.

Spike smirked and let out a single chuckle. "But they'd never work. They're too different. Ponies should stick with ponies. That was the whole point of them." Then he reached out and gave her a quick hug. "But I'm glad you like them too."

Sweetie heard the door close. She whimpered a bit as she found a corner of the room and sat down. Softly starting to cry.

Author's Note:

I swear, the story gets alot more happy in the next chapters! Also, dont know what whinney land is? Read the comics. Its the equestria version of Disney land. And looks a little more awesome honestly.