• Published 11th Feb 2015
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The Dragon And The Mare - Creative Punch

Sweetie has been having alot of odd feelings for a certain dragon lately. When her sisters big announcement threatens to upset things, suddenly she finds herself having to sort out all of her confusing feelings.

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Chapter 1: Life As Usual

Sweetie belle sat there at the base of the stairs. Her horn glowing as she turned the pages in her book. A wide smile on her face as she softly sang. "Come little children, I'll show you lala..." She softly sang out as she let out a soft content sigh.

It had all seemed so silly now. All those years of trying to find her calling and now it seemed so obvious. In fact, it had come so easy for all of them. Despite the years though, they had stayed friends long after the CMC had dissolved. Her and Apple Bloom even planned to move in together. They offered to let Scootaloo in to, but she had different plans.

"Thanks guys, but I'm gonna follow rainbow dash. I'm gonna put in for the reserves!" She said proudly with her chest puffed out at the time.

It hadn't been a huge surprise, shed talked about it some. But she still had a few months. Things were changing so much. Apple Bloom had even started dating. The thought seemed to bring her back to the book though. It was the most popular trashy romance novel in all Equestria, and she loved it.

"Ugh.....another chapter about Moon Spark and Star Crossed," She said as she tried to push through it. Her concentration interrupted by the jingle of the front door opening.

"Oops, um, sorry sir!" She responded as he horn glowed and her book closed, a bit too embarrassed that she got caught reading it to look at the new comer. "Let me go ge-"

"Nah it's cool. I'm pretty sure the owner knows me well enough to let me upstairs," A tall and much more mature Spike responded. Giving Sweetie a soft wave as she looked up.

"Oh hey Spike," She replied as she stopped hiding the book. "Yeah, she should be upstairs. "

The conversation was suddenly interrupted by a loud cry. "I GET THIS BIG BREAK AND THE THREAD IS MISSING? MY LIFE IS FINISHED WITHOUT THAT THREAD!" and it was followed shortly by a loud bang as something hit the floor.

"Or maybe I'll just wait for her to come out...." he said as he took a seat beside Sweetie Belle.

She gave him an annoyed look. He'd been coming here alot more often, but still it bothered her that he was this close. She pulled the book back out and opened it up. Her eyes skimming the page. Her frown softening. She had to admit though, as much as she hated it, she really liked it.

"Whats that You've got there?" He asked as he pointed to the book.

"It's just...a book. Crossing hooves."

Spike chuckled a bit as he eyed the page. "Isn't that the trashy romance novel? The one everyone claims is anti unicorn and a bad influence on mares?"

Sweetie rolled her eyes. "Yes it is. But I think it's pretty good. It even has some action in it. I think if you gave it a chance you'd see-"

"That Sky Striker and Percilla make an amazing couple?" Spike butted in, giving her a smirk. "Because they do."

Sweetie looked at him astonished. "You mean you read it too?"

"Of course. I live with Twilight, Princess of libraries. If there's one thing I get to do lots of, its read. I'm even on the second book," He replied.

"Still...." she said as she looked back down. "Sky Striker and Percilla are just a pairing the fans like, they aren't together."

Spike leaned over, putting his arm around her as his other claw reached down to start flipping pages. Sweetie blushed as she felt him lean against her. Her mouth opening to protest but she began to find it comforting .She let herself lean against him as finally he pointed.

"Her soft lips parted as he ran a....." Her voice trailing off as she turned several shades more red. Her heart racing. She had never read such intimate details before.

"Oh, am I interrupting anything?" A familiar voice called out as Rarity appeared at the top of the stairs. Her soft voice chuckling as she saw Spike nervously jump. "Spike, hitting on my sister already? You're horrible," She said jokingly before trotting down and giving him a hug.

Sweetie snuck her sister a jealous glare behind her back. Stifling a whimper as that warm feeling left her.

"I uhhh...came over to help," Spike said said as he gave Sweetie an apologetic look.

"Well then you're just in time," She said as she lead him upstairs by the hand. "I just got in a very big order. Want to join Sweetie Belle?"

Sweetie shook her head no and watched as the two disappeared. Her head hung low as she looked back at the book. "I wish....I wish I had somepony like Spike..." she quietly whispered to herself as she turned back to her book.

Author's Note:

Hey there. I know this chapter isn't super long. I promise there's gonna be more coming. The chapters are gonna vary alot in length. That's because I decided to break them not where they were long but where they felt right. I hope you enjoy this expanded version.