• Published 11th Feb 2015
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The Dragon And The Mare - Creative Punch

Sweetie has been having alot of odd feelings for a certain dragon lately. When her sisters big announcement threatens to upset things, suddenly she finds herself having to sort out all of her confusing feelings.

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Chapter 3: Fishing With The Heart

Spike nudged snails in the side as they turned the corner. "So, did you get it?"

Snails grinned as he nodded. "Course I did. Put it where we agreed it should be." Spike took a look around nervously before pointing a different direction towards the town pond.

"How much did you get?" He asked as Snails walked with him. "Three full gallons of Cider. Took a quick sip of one to make sure I got tha hard stuff."

"Spike nodded and gave him a pat on the back. "Snails, you did good."

"Hey, helps that I'm dating the girl who's family makes it." They both snickered a little as they got to the edge of the pond. Ruby Pinch waving from a distance before running up to the two."Hey Ruby," They both replied at almost the same time.

"What are you guys up to?" She asked as Spike took a seat by edge of the pond.

"Stick fishing!" Snails said happily "If you want to you can join us, just gotta get us three good sticks." Ruby nodded and ran off.

"So, you tell her yet?" Snails asked as he sat down next to Spike and pulled a line and hooks out.

"Nah, sh'es not interested. Never has been," Spike said as a frown found his face and he laid back on the ground. Sails picked up a rock, his horn glowing as he tossed it into the pond.

"Why don't you tell her? Whats the worst that happens?

Ruby walked back up, Three sticks with her as she sat down with them. Passing one over to Snails. "Still Having troubles with us girls Spike?" Ruby asked mockingly before looking over to him, her ear going flat against her head in regret. "Sorry."

"I just freeze up and get scared ok? It's not easy. I mean, what if I tell her and she hates me? Or what if I tell her and she thinks I'm just a creep trying to get with her after her sister rejected me. Then maybe she'll tell Rarity and then she'll tell Twilight and then everyone will-"

"Calm down!" Ruby called out as Snails handed Spike one of the sticks. "Yeah, calm down. Sweetie's not like that. At least I don't think so" snails added in.

Spike let out a long huff before tossing the line out. Ruby looked at him and then at the stick that Snails handed her. "How does this work exactly?"

"Its simple," Snails said as he pulled some bread out. "Since we cant afford fishing rods you put some bread on the hook, toss it out into the water, and when a fish bites you pull your stick up. Its like fishing but harder, and cheaper."

Ruby blinked a bit and put some bread on her hook before tossing it out into the lake. "You guys ever catch anything?"

"Yeah, We've caught fish like twice doing this," Spike answered "Mostly we just pretend sword fight though when we get bored."

"So this mean you ain't gonna go on the dragon migration this year?" Snails asked as he concentrated on his line.

"I don't know. Probably. I mean it would be a couple of years but it's not like I've got anyone here to get me to stay."

"Hey!" Ruby shouted as she punched Spike's arm. "So me and Snails don't count?"

Spike chuckled and suck his tongue out at her. "I"ll bring you guys souvenirs."The water lapped quietly at the shore as the three friends took in the evening air. A silence broken only by the birds singing.

"You know," Ruby said as she pulled her stick closer. "You had better ask her out."

"And whys that?" Spike asked giving his friend a glance.

"Cause shes cute and if you don't then I'll get her in bed." Ruby said as she gave Spike a wry smirk

"If me and Apple Bloom break up I call dibs on her," Snails said with a chuckle.

"I hate you guys," Spike said as the three all started to laugh.

Author's Note:

So, I edited this while drinking and binge listening to the Gorillaz. So if there's odd things in there, I'm gonna blame that.