• Published 15th Feb 2015
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the oricle in ponyvile - Durzo Blunt

this is my first story with a character that has a LOT of references to other characters. so his kinda a big crossover to a bunch of characters form all my favorite video game characters. try to name all of the crossovers

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chapter 1: the arrival

Darkness...is it evil or is it good, Neon ask himself is everyday of his immortal life. 'Why do I have it inside of me', Neon thought to himself, questions like these hunted Neon's mind like his dark pass. Neon laid in his bed looking at the ceiling in deep thought, he often did these when he had nothing to do.

"Master?" A voice called from the outside of Neon's large bedroom. "Yeah?" Neon called back, he got out off his bed and headed to the door, as he opened it a little grunt stood in front of him. Neon smiled down at the grunt who was very nervous and afraid that his master was upset at him, Neon keeled down to make the grunt feel less scared and it worked.

"What is it grunt?" Neon said in a calming tone, one that would come down any child, trying not to frightened the alien anymore then he all ready was.
"You got orders to got to a new dimension today." The little alien said in a more happy tone! Happy that his master wasn't mad at him.
Neon had nearly forgot he had to do that, he smiles as he thanks the little alien and tells him he can have the rest of the day off. The little alien squels in enjoyment, as his master goes back into his room to get ready. Neon open his closet which is filled with both weapons and clothes.

"Were is it, were is IT?" He mumbles to himself trying to find his favorite weapon. "There it is." he said as he grabs his huge sword form his close. He then puts on his trench coat full of weapons and heads to his portal room.

He heads into the portal and is teleported to the his desired destination, in this case, Equestria. When he opens his eyes he finds himself on the edge of a forest.

"Weird..." Neon says out loud, he looks around and see's a town to far away, Neon smiles at seeing the town, it meaning there were people in this dimension. But as he gets closer to the town he notices something strange.

"Are those...pony's?" Neon says as he see's a very brightly colored mare walk into town. Neon not knowing what the fuck he just saw had two options, he could stroll into town like nothing was wrong or get to know the thing his was to protect.

Neon decided to play it smart and went with stealth, he ducked his way into a dark alley and watched the ponies, to his surprise they acted like humans did, walking around, talking, living out they're life's. Neon could not help but think this was the weirdest thing ever but he still had a job to do.

Just then he saw a mare with a cream colored coat and a red mane getting mugged right in front of him, he was glad the alley was dark or else the mugger would have seen him.

*Rose pov*
For Rose it was a normal day, wake up, go to work, leave work, wake home, go to sleep, but half way there her day she gets mugged, out of nowhere a stallion runs up to her and try's to take her Saddlebag, she tried to run but the stallion was a unicion and kept pulling her back, right before he could get away a metal chain flew out of the alley way and warped itself around the stallions neck and pulled him into the dark alley, Rose couldn't see what happened in the alley, but after a few seconds her saddlebag landed right in front of her.

she looked down at the saddlebag and then back to the dark alley to see a pair of red and blue glowing eyes peer back at her, she froze with fear, but then she was drawn to the eyes, those eyes, something about them made her move closer to the alley. She could soon see the being that saved her life, it waked on two legs and was very tall and only had fur on its head and face. It also had a strange necklace on its neck.

It wore what looked to be a trench coat and it had hands instead of hooves, it stood twice her size and was looking at her with those eyes....she just stood there wanting to know more about this creature. She walked up to it very slowly as to not scare it away, but it did not move but keeled down to her eye level. She just stared at it wanting to know more.

"Rose!!!!" A voice yield at her, snapping her out of her trance, she looked behind her to see her friend Octavia walking up to her.

"Rose what are you doing in the alley?" she said, Rose turned back around to tell the creature to run, only to find it wasn't there anymore.

"No reason," she lies, but as she turns to leave she see's a necklace on the ground, its The same necklace the creature was wearing, Rose picked it up and placed it in her saddlebag. As she leaves the alley she hopes to see creature again only hoping to know more about it.

End of chapter one.

Author's Note:

I hope you like my first chapter in this amazing story, once again, if you have questions please ask. I worked really hard on this story and please don't hate me if there were grammar errors.