• Published 15th Feb 2015
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the oricle in ponyvile - Durzo Blunt

this is my first story with a character that has a LOT of references to other characters. so his kinda a big crossover to a bunch of characters form all my favorite video game characters. try to name all of the crossovers

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Neon Ophen

Our main character in this story is my own very special bread of character call a "Oricle" if you don't know what a oricle is please read the description and if you have questions please ask me. Now back to the story, our main is a man named NEON OPHEN. Who is the leader of the Oricles, once again if you don't know what a oricle is read the description. ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT A ORICLE IS TO GET THIS STORY!

Neon is the son of the lord sheogorerath and a angle of love. How they fall in love...nobody knows. Tighter they had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Both children where born with one retractable wing that could retract into they're backs at anytime. The daughter was born with a beautiful wing from her mothers side and she was kind to all that meet her. But the son was born with a gray wing from his fathers side and he was dark and deminted, you can probably guess that boy is Neon.

What's worst is his fathers madness some how was descended on him. When he was 15 his mother begain to notice her son's madness but was little to late to do anything about it. One night Neon became inrage and went out of control as he murdered his mother. He held his dieng mother as tears fell from his eyes as his mother said she didn't blame him for his actions, he swore that he would never hurt a innocent or lose control again. He then set out to kill his father who he blamed for his insanity. Only to find his father killed himself, after all that had happened he then became the lord of madness in place of his father. Joining all the other lords, everything was fine, his land of madness prospered (somehow), his people loved him, and he even fell in love with a succubus named Lilly. But one day the matter of the "Oricles" was brought to the table. Most of the lord were discussed by the idea but only 3 lords agree with it, one was Neon, the other 2 were none other then the lordess of the sun and her sister the lordess of the moon (Celstia and Luna). They were banned from the Court and Neon was to be turned into a oricle for his treachery, neon could only watch as his land was destoryed right in front of him.
After 1000 years had passed neon had done so much as a Oricle. He had become wise and strong, he had saved countless dimensions, stopped world war 3, and kicked death in the dick for his mom. He had also recruited many people into his army, Altir for the assassin creed, Alex mercer from prototype, theses were his best men and his inner voices of right and wrong. But his next assignment would send him to a land of pony's and magic.
But he doesn't know that yet. So begins our little story with Neon waking up to a banging on his bed room door.

Author's Note:

This was kinda a intro for my character so you can get a better picture of him in your head.
If you are doing a read over of this and you want to do it on YouTube please ask !e first.