• Published 22nd Dec 2014
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Madness - thenamless

Elements of harmony wanting to become my friend again. Darkness slowly taking me. I will make it right?

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I cursed as I awoke to the sounds of banging on the door. "What is it now!" I warp a bathrobe around me and head towards the door. I manage to hear my pet growling. Great. I open the door expecting to see a happy little pony but I didn't. Instead it was Pinkie. However her hair was lifeless and tears were being held back. "Pinkie?"

"D-did you really mean it?" I wanted to hug her.

"Mean what?"

"T-That we are not your friends any more?" I let out a sigh and close the door. Well I tried to before Pinkie tackled me to the floor. "Please answer me." I tried to escape but she had the Pinkie grip. "P-Please." I look into her eyes and shake my head. "No..." Her grip tighten. "L-Let us make it up to you!" I shake my head. "W-Well let me make it up to you!" I shake my head again. "I-" I put my hand over her muzzle. She couldn't hold the tears back as she went limp onto my chest. I could do what Pinkie could not and hold back my tears. Was this too much? I have gone so far that Pinkie has came and begged to be my friend but...I went over the line. The Pinkie Pie would continue to try but she gave up easily. I made Pinkie be...non-Pinkie.

I pick Pinkie by the neck and carry her outside. I set her down and slowly close the door. Just seeing a heartbroken Pinkie.

I walk away to hear knocking again. Damn it Pinkie. I walk back and open the door. Ditzy? "D-Do you mean it for everypony?" I quickly bend down and pick her up. After closing the door I went over and sat on the sofa. I held her tight.

As I was about to speak I felt her muscles tensing. "No. Not everypony. You are the only one I can call friend."

She looked at me with Puppy eyes. "Why?"

"I-I can't explain but know this. You will always be my friend." I ruffle her mane while she snuggles into my chest. Here we go again.

"I thought you said we were friend?"

"We are."

But you said.

Should I really tell ponies that I'm a friend of Nightmare Moon?

Silence. Ha! I win.

I had manage to cheer up Ditzy and now I'm in the market. I only had a few things on the list.
Cloak.(I always wanted one.)
Book. (Going to be hard since Twilight is going to be there.)
Fruits (Not a certain pony.)

Hmm Rarity would of made a good Cloak for free but I can't trust her. "Get a bucket of fruit for 3 bits!" I turn towards the sound and see a green fur mare and purple mane.

"What is in the bucket?" I walk towards her.

"Apples, pears, bananas and oranges! All for 3 bits!" I nod and hand her 3 bits. "Thanks sir!" She hands me the bucket. "It's hard selling fruits when AJ sells the best apples!"

I lose my smile. "They are not the best." I turn and walk away. Next stop...books...great. I make my way over to the library. I look up at the sky. Heh. That cloud sure is low. Too low. I stop walking and watch as the cloud pasts over me. A rainbow tail was sticking out. Really? I continue to walk without saying anything.

After a little walk I arrived at the library. Here we go. I test the door handle. Not locked. I let out a sigh and enter the room. "Hey bro!" I see Spike cleaning up the place.

"Hey. I here to return some books and take some new ones."

"Sure thing!" I nod and dump the books on the counter. I head over to the horror section. They could be useful for Dark magic. I head over to the fantasy zone once I'm done. So could these.

"Good to see your still into books." Oh no. I know that voice. I pick a few up and walk towards the door.

"I see you later Spike!" He waves while I head out.

"Wait!" I hear hooves following me. I'm stopped in my tracks by Twilight. "Why are you doing this?" I showed no emotion. I tried to walk around but she kept on stopping me. "You made Pinkie cry! Stop!" I stop trying to get away. "We can help you!"

I couldn't help myself as I start laughing. I grab her by the neck and lift her to my eye level. Fear was in her eyes. Her horn stared to glow but I put my hand over it to stop the spell. "You all helped enough!" I throw her behind me. Only to hear a nasty fall. I turn to see Twilight laying on the floor with a bleeding cut on her muzzle.

"Hey!" I turn to the source of sound to see AJ and Rarity. "You can't do that to her!" AJ runs to Twilight while Rarity trots over to me.

"Darling what has gotten into you!"

I lean towards her. "I feel free!" I quickly grab Rarity and chuck her at the group.

"Hey you can't do that to our sister!" I notice the CMC at my feet.

I slowly walk away. "I can. Blank flanks." I leave while my words sting their hearts."


Wow it's fun being evil.

Don't get carried away.

"Ow!" I grab my head.

Did you smack my mind?


Where was this Nightmare Moon?

Ponies need to fear me. Not see my joyful side.

I enter my home and walk towards my room. I pick up the spell book and flip to the Elements.

Are you sure?


That your get out off Tartarus card.

I let out a chuckle. Now what Elements should I start off with? Fire. I should not try it out in my home. Earth. Meh. Air. Meh. Nature. Meh. Light. Meh. Water it is.

I flip over to the pages. Oh you got to be joking. The book had every type of water spell. From combat to making water safe to drink. What was worst was water had a sub page. Ice. Let's start with the first one.

Water. Nov.1: Summon water.

Wow...that sounds...interesting?

While you eventually learn to control water. You find yourself in situation where there is no water around. While this spell may sound stupid you find it can save your life.
How to do it: Just think about water and where you would want it to appear.

Seems. Easy enough.

Show off.

I cupped my hands together and focus on water. Slowly I feel my hands getting wet but still not water. I try harder. Nope. I close my eyes and try everything I have in me. I open my eyes to see a pool of water in my hands. Cool but I wonder. I take a sip of water. Hmm not bad.


I jump at the sound and drop the water. Great. I jump over the puddle and hide the book. I arrive at the door and open it. Celestia. I try to shut the door but she puts her hoof out. "We need to talk." Wow she sounds serious. Then I notice her expression. She does not look happy.


"Now." She pushes past me while I notice two Royal day guards outside. What it going on? I shut the door and turn to Celestia. "I understand your upset but you shouldn't act this way towards others." I shrug. "I heard about what you did today." Crap. "This is not you!" She places a hoof on my shoulder. "I know you must feel terrible."

I shake off her hoof. "Nope. It felt nice." I could see a shocked look on her muzzle.

"But..." She shakes herself together. "You shouldn't hurt my ponies."

"Oh but you didn't do anything when I put Shining in hospital!" A few seconds went past. OH CRAP! I quickly put my hands over my mouth.

"T-that was you?" I could see she was holding back tears. I was scared at what was going to happen next. "I-I have no choice. For what you did to Shining was over the line." Oh crap, crap and crap. "I here by place you under arrest. Guards!" The two guards enter my home while Celestia walks out. "I shall wait outside."

"What..." Was all I could say. I-I never thought she would do it. What worst was how easy she did it.

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Says one of the guards. They were both pegasus.

I would suggest not to use magic. Best keep it hidden for now.

Oh your no fun but I see your point.

"When did anypony take the easy way?" I manage to make the two guards smile. Great.


I fall to the floor. "Ow my head." I slowly turn my head to see a third guard. "Oh that is just cheeky." Two of the guards walk over and sit on me. "Really." I feel chains strap around my hands and feet. "Crystal chains. Cool. I mea-" My voice is cut off as a crystal was strapped around my mouth and locked onto my neck.

The third guard walks in front of me. "These chains will make it hard for you to run or fight. The mouth chain is so you can't call for you pet by shouting or using your bond. Don't worry Fluttershy will take care of your pet." I roll my eyes. "Now come on." I'm lifted by the guards and dragged towards the door. Wait why were they carrying this magical mouth crystal thing? I pulled outside my home to see a chariot with Celestia inside. She didn't looked at me. A crowd has appeared around my home. Watching and talking about me while I'm pulled out. I could see the CMC, Elements and...Ditzy. She looked heartbroken. She tried to push past the guards that were blocking off the crowd but they kept her out. I wanted to stop walking but the guards kept on pushing me. I now notice the second chariot. I pushed inside and chained to the seat.

I look outside while we take off. Confused, worried, fear and many more was scattered around the group. My eyes slowly fell to the power of sleep.


My eyes shoot open. I awake to see a guard in my face.

"Good now your awake." A brown mare walks in my little prison. "Your trial has finish. Yeah they did it without you." I was speechless. "You are to do 2 months in royal prison."

I tilt my head.

The brown mare smirks. "Royal prison is kept for the special criminals. For example it's were all the captured Changeling's are kept. Now leave." I am dragged out of the my little prison. A unicorn guard walks over to me.

"I am the warden. My name is Steel Wing. Lets get to the point. Be a nice prisoner and we be happy. Be bad and we will have a problem. Ok?" I nod. "Good. Now follow me." I roll my eyes as he pulls my chain. Two huge metal doors with a tower on each side were open. I made mental note as we walk through in case of a prison riot. Left,right, down and etc... Guard on patrol 24/7. We have breakfast and dinner. Wait... I notice the stares I was getting from all the cells. Changeling's...I was the only non-changeling prisoner. I tap the wardens shoulder. "Hmm?" I gesture to all the cells. "Oh yeah you are the only non-Changeling to make it this bad." Great. We stop at a cell on the third floor. Cell number 367. "This is your cell and you are prisoner 0." He comes right up to my face. "Cause your special." I wanted to hit him right here and now.

"Ow!" The warden ripped off my crystal mouth thing. "The prison has a spell to stop many types of magic. So you won't need this inside." A smile creeps onto his muzzle. "Enjoy your stay!" I'm pushed inside the cell. Inside was a bunk bed, toilet and sink.

I could hear the warden laughing with his guards. "So your the new guy?" A Changeling comes into view.

"Yes and?"

"Not much. It seems we are going to be cell buddies." I walk over to the beds. "I'm on the top."

"Sure." I lay down on the bottom bed. "So let's get this out of the way. My name. I don't have one so call me what you want. Ponies have tried to make me stick to a name but I would refuse."

"I'm Fang." He jumps onto the top bed.

"Well nice to meet you Fang. Now don't worry I do not hate Changeling's. In fact your a cool species. So as long as you don't give me trouble I wont give you any. Cool?"

"I-I guess so."

"What wrong?"

"I-I never had a friendly reaction like this."

"I know that feeling."


"Come it's time for dinner." Fang jumps down and walks out. I follow him out to see other Changeling's leaving their cells. They were all watching me. "Don't worry about them." I nod and follow Fang down to the canteen. We grab a tray and line up. I notice the workers dump a crystal onto the Changeling's trays.

"What's with the crystal?"

"Oh that?" He points to his just severed tray. "This crystal contains a small bit of love from the Crystal Empire. It's the only thing keeping us alive." He walks over to a table.

"What do you eat?" I turn my focus to the mare at the canteen. Wow. No joke that there are more mares than stallions.

"I am a omnivore."

She drops a red blob onto my plate. "Good thing you are locked up." I punch the glass between us and watch her reaction.

"Don't say things you regret." I take my tray and walk over to the table Fang was on.

I take a seat by Fang only to have other Changeling's hiss at me. Fang pouts. He then chirps and slowly each other Changeling's starts chirping. "What going on?" I ask Fang.

"They arguing if they should trust you." They chirping slowly gets louder. "Um it may get out of hand.

"YOU!" I turn to the sound only to get knocked out of my chair. I feel two hoofs warp around me. I look down at my capture.


Her grip gets tighter. "Oh! You remember me!"

"C-Can't...breath!" She gasp and quickly lets go.

"Oh I'm sorry." She helps me up and take the seat next to me.

The Canteen is silent. As every Changeling is watching me. "H-How do you know each other?" Fang asks.

"Oh. Well after you little Canterlot moment." Every Changeling shudders at the mention. "I came across an unconscious Azaria and felt sorry for her. So I took her in and looked after her until she was ready to go."

Fang tilts his head. "How did you feed her?"

I let out a sigh. "Here we go. Well I fed her."



"You love her!"



"Well you see." How I'm I going to say this? "Look at it like this. A human love is much bigger and stronger than other species on this planet."


"Well I gave her love to feed off. I can do this by opening myself up and letting her feed or." I grab Azaria and place her on my lap. "I can put my hand near her horn. The second option is better for one Changeling as it will focus on them and taste better. The first choice will allow all Changeling's to have access. Best part is human's love regenerates faster and the more it regent the bigger and stronger it gets."

"C-can we try it?" I swear I heard every single Changeling in the prison hiss in agreement.

"Yes but!" I lean closer to Fang. "Better if the guards don't hear so say it in your language." He nods. "Every single Changeling in this prison must consider me a friend or a ally." He nods again.

He turns away and chirps. Changeling's were talking among themselves. "It taste better then this Crystal."

I'm thrown off me seat as each Changeling shout back at me. "They agree."

"Thanks Fang. This is going to be interesting."

"Umm...may we ask for the food?"

I let out a sigh and stand up. "Feed!"

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