• Published 22nd Dec 2014
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Madness - thenamless

Elements of harmony wanting to become my friend again. Darkness slowly taking me. I will make it right?

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A new friend

"You have a visitor!"

"Who is it?" I reply to the voice.

Nurse Redheart walks in. "Its...more than one...and..." Is she? She shivering. "Its...the elements."

I look straight into her eyes. I hear the heart monitor beating faster. "I don't want to see them..." She looks like she is going to fight back. "I SAID NO!" She is taken back by my statement and submits.

How dare they show themselves to me. I bet their her cause they want check on their friend! We are not friends any more. I let out a long sigh. Once they find out they gonna try to win my friendship back. Great... While I think I can handle them its when the princesses find out that's going to kill me. Manly one. Luna. She always leaned on me. I hate seeing her sad. She second on the list of 'I hate seeing ponies sad'. Under Ditzy. But Luna never treated me like a friend. None of them did apart form Ditzy.

"Umm..." I focus back to the real world and notice Redheart is still there. "Miss Ditzy is also here to see you."

Without thinking I reply. "Send here in please." She nods and walks out.

A while goes by until I see a head poke into the room. "Ditzy?" Was all I could say before she slams into me. A pair of hooves warped around me while she buries her head onto my chest. I feel tears rolling down my chest. "Ditzy?" No response. I lift her head with my hand. Until she is staring into my eyes. Sort of. "What wrong?" She doesn't say anything but I could now see it fully. That face. A face of fear.

I hug her back. "Shh...its ok." I slowly stroke her mane. "I'm here for you." Her grip tightens. That when it hits me. Why she was in fear. Fear of losing me. I was the one who truly treats her like a mare. Her best friend. Her true friend.

A while has past and Ditzy had fallen asleep on me. I didn't mind. This happened before. She needed me and I be their for her. For as Ditzy is my friend. My best friend...My only friend.

Nurse Redheart came to tell me I was good to leave but could stay here for a while. I asked if the elements were here to which she said no. After learning to walk again as it was a while. I changed into the clothes the hospital got from my home. I then carried Ditzy home and was greeted by a happy filly. After a little chat with the filly I left and walk towards home. I wonder how my pet is doing?

Oh no. At the bottom of the hill was none other than Luna. She spins and notices me. She lungs at me while she cries my name. However something strange happens. Time slows down for me and without me knowing I block her attack...hug. Time speeds back up and I see a confused Luna in my grasp. I put her down and continue walking. I hear hooves. Luna was walking right beside me and was talking to me. I couldn't hear her as I had blocked her out. I was about to reach my door when Luna flung herself in between. She got on her hind legs and look into my eyes. A face of worry was all I could see. On the verge of tears. She just looked into my eyes while she spoke away. My eyes. My changed eyes.

I felt my rage rising and I pick up Luna. I fling her to my side and enter my home. Without looking at my doing. I walk straight to my bed and fell upon it. In a while I felt weight added onto the bed and lay next to me. However I could feel its emotions. While it could feel mine. My pet is laying next to me. She knows not to bother me. Sleep soon took over me.

I awoke to the sounds of knocking. God damn it! I got dress and walks towards the door. My pet was growling at the door. Great. I walk over and open the door. "What is it?" I cry. I look on the one who dared to awoke me at this hour. Celestia. Nope! I quickly slam the door and walk away.

I hope she will get the message as I know that door won't stop her. I head into my kitchen to see a bright light coming from my living room. My pet tells me who it is. God damn it!

I grab the coffee I had just made and head into the living room. Celestia sat upon my sofa and motion towards a nearby chair. I walk over and sit upon it. My pet lays herself on my lap.

"Now do you know why I'm here?" Celestia spoke.


"I heard of what happened to you but I also heard about Luna last night."


"I'm worried about you."

"Ok bye."

I saw Celestia was taken back by this. "I...I...Did you see what you did to Luna?" I shake my head. "She came to me crying while blood was upon her muzzle." Ah! Good! "She only just now fell asleep...I also heard about you not wanting to talk to the Elements...Please." She got up and walked towards me. "I know this is not you. Let us help you." My rage was slowly rising. That sentence. Let us help you. "Are you ok?" The cup of coffee in my hand shatters. Blood and coffee runs down my leg.

I look at Celestia. Shocked was all I could see. My pet jumps off my lap as I rise from my seat. I head towards the door and open it. Just before I go out I turn towards Celestia. She was walking towards me. "Let me help you there." Her horn glowed but I stop the magic by grabbing her horn.

I lean towards her ear. "No leave it. I need this pain to help get my mind off the other greater pain. The pain of you." I let go and slam the door. Just seeing a shocked but also crying Celestia. I just kept on walking after. I didn't care where I was going.

After a while of walking I was sat upon a bench in the park.

We wouldn't treat you like that.

The voice again. Now I know I should be worried about it or scared but I didn't care.

And who is this 'We?'

Oh you know who we are.

I hate to say the voice is right but its right. Luna told me of these voices. Voices she heard when Nightmare moon was about to take over her.

The darkness?

We are glad you know of us.

So Nightmare what do you want?

How?...How did you know it was me?

I have my ways.

No matter. I guess there is no harm in telling you. I Nightmare moon have placed my self inside of you to help me regain my strength without Luna messing it up!

So your no longer in Luna?

No. I would regain quicker in Luna but she been making it rough.So last night when you grabbed Luna I quickly leap onto you. NOW YOU WILL NOT TELL THEM!


DONT DISAGREE! I SH- wait what?

Go ahead. I just have some questions.


Why were you trying to act all friendly to me and will I be affected by you in anyway?

Well...I saw what you went through and I thought maybe we could be allies? You could be useful to me.

So a friend?

If you must view it like that then...ughh. Yes and the to your second question. Now I am not the only one intrested. The darkness..a.k.a Dark magic have taken an interest in you. Now I wouldn't want to deal with them but its your choice. You can welcome them or refuse. If yes then you will be able to use Dark magic but is will be a long and painful process to master it. Not even king Sombra mastered it. I would ask you to refuse even when it could help me. The Dark magic will hide your aurora but thats all the help you get.

Do it.

Are you sure? I left out all the negative stuff I should of told you.

These ponies hurt me. I mite as well do something that will hurt them back. As I'm pretty sure me learning Dark magic will break their hearts. Plus Yolo!

Um...As you wish but you need to it somewhere else. Somewhere were we wont be seen.


Our talk must end. Ponies are coming towards you.

I focus back to the real world and notice a pink and purple blur coming towards me. After my eyes adjusted I saw who the ponies were. Cadence and Twilight. Great.

They wave but I just close my eyes. Not long I felt them sit next to me.

"Hello!" A voice cried. I open my eyes and saw Cadence to my left while Twilight was to my right. I tried to get up but got pushed back down. "Why are you avoiding ponies?" Ah so it was Cadence speaking. I felt a sudden weight on my right. I looked and saw Twilight has fallen asleep on me. I hear giggling. I turned and saw Cadence holding a hoof over her mouth. "Poor girl. She worked herself to the bone. I had to drag her outside. But..." She turned serious. "Why are you avoiding ponies lately?" She laid herself on my left shoulder. "You can tell us. We are your friends."

I smile and flick her off. I start to laugh while Cadence remained confused. "FRIENDS? HA! HA!" I got straight into Cadence face. "We are not Friends! WHY HAVE I BEEN AVOIDING PONIES YOU ASK? Well because they are a pain. We are no longer friends. Not you. Not Twilight. Not the other Elements. Not anypony." She was on the verge of tears. "Well that not 100% true." Her face showed a sigh of hope. "Only two ponies shall remain my friends. Who are they? YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW BUT ITS NOT YOU!" I force my way up and off the bench. Twilight fell onto the floor while Cadence was hanging onto my arm.

She was openly crying. "Please..." I flick her off my arm and she lands onto Twilight while I start to walk home. I hear Cadence crying while Twilight was shouting.

May I ask who is this other pony? If I'm right you only friendly with Ditzy.

Well I made friends with her today.

Really who?


Nightmare was silent for the rest of the way. I arrived at my home and open the door. Great. Just Great. Inside was Shinning Armour.

As soon as he see's me he runs up to me and grabs my collar. Brining me down to his height. A face of anger was upon him. "What did you do!"

I didn't answer as I was answering someone else.

He throws me into the sofa while I receive my answer. Good. Shining walks towards me and stops a few meters away. "We are trying to help you! Why Won't you- ARGHH!" My pet had pounced upon Shinning and held him in a signature lock on his neck. Blood was dripping but that wasn't the problem.

I got up and walk closer to Shining. "Now listen to me. My pet here has you gripped in a special lock. Try to get out and you be in more pain. As her jaws are close to some certain veins." I pat Moonlight. "You shall leave and tell the ponies not to bother me."

Moonlight adjusts her jaws so he could talk. "N-no!"

I shake my head. "Wrong move."

Hey Nightmare?


Got any spells that will keep his mouth shut but also teach him an lesson?

My pleasure! Grab his horn.

I reach down and grab his horn. Suddenly Shining eyes start to water and go red. He screams out in pain but Moonlight makes it so he can make no sound. After a while shining goes limp but is still breathing. Looks like Nightmare gave him an nightmare.

That was terrible.

I make Moonlight release Shining while I pick him up. I open the door and walk towards Ponyvillie hospital. After a little walk I enter and dump him on a chair. I tell the doctors I found him like this and leave. I walk back to my home and clean the evidence. I gave Moonlight a quick bath to be safe and then went into my bedroom. I warned Moonlight not to enter but to also make sure no one enters the house. She was more loyal then Rainbow Dash so I didn't have to worry.

I lock the door and stand in the middle of the room.

Nightmare I'm ready.

Are you sure. Not even I use Dark magic.

Do it.

As you wish. You know when it works when you feel pain. As it hurts the first time.

Suddenly spikes of pain hit me from throughout my body. I drop to my knees and cry out in pain. My vision slowly turns a feint green. I smack a hand on the floor to which it makes a crack. I manage to crawl towards the bathroom and look into the mirror. My eyes were a feint green while purple energy flowed out. However what stood out was my newly red pupils were glowing red. Huh this looks cool.

As soon as that sentence leaves my mouth the pain suddenly stops and my vision returns to normal.

Its over.

Want to give me some info on this?

Of course. Now you have Dark magic flowing through you. Luckily it shall hide your new power so no one knows of it. You eyes will change only when using advance spells. So novice spells you can do in public without ponies knowing. Dark magic will let you use normal magic but it will turn it into a darker version of it. Start with novice spells until you can do advance spells. If the Dark magic really have an eye on you then you should have no problem. Here to help you out.

A book suddenly appears in front of me. I catch it and open it. Inside contains a couple of spells. The book was spilt into a couple of stages. Novice spells. (Basically spell you should know for everyday life.) Element spells. (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Nature and Light. Darkness wasn't in as Celestia banned Dark magic.) Then Advance spells. Holy crap this look hard. For example. Advance spell Nov.54 'Dragons Breath.' It was to literally breath what a dragon breathes. Including the fire. Cool its seems the flame colour would depend on the user.

However the last pages. Dark magic? But they were meant to have no books left because of Celestia. They I saw the words above the title. Those whose heart contains the Dark magic will be able to see this spells as they are meant to learn it. Oh...legit.

I walked back to the bedroom and flipped the book to Novice spells. Telekinesis. That would be useful. Focus on an object and imagine lifting it as normal. I look and make a cup my target. If I fail I would have to clean it up. I shut my eyes and focus. I open and saw the cup was in my hand. Oh...that was easy? Let me make sure. I throw the cup in the air and just before it hit the floor I use the spell. The cup was surrounded by an red aura and was lifted back to me. Ok. Cool! Next spell!

WAIT! WHOA! WHOA! You learned it just like that! It took me two days to learn that spell AND I'M MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU!"


No...fine! Yes! I give you an heads up. You red aura tells your using magic while a black aura with the eyes tells you your using Dark magic.


I practice more that night and tried a couple other spells. I mastered Telekinesis, Teleportation and learned how to do magic flow. Magic flow was where you would relax and feel you magic around you. Basically it was a special type of meditation. Expect I could feel Magic and Dark magic. I fell asleep soon after.

It was enjoyable...until Nightmare wanted a chat.



Why have you been so calm and friendly towards me?

Wellllll......you need aaaa...friend



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