• Published 22nd Dec 2014
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Madness - thenamless

Elements of harmony wanting to become my friend again. Darkness slowly taking me. I will make it right?

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No more...

"Are you sure about this Dash?"

"Of course! I'm a pranking master! You should know better AJ!"

The day is almost over. Thank Celestia. Who would of thought Equestria would need a human so bad! Plus I'm pretty sure Mr Rich could of hired a group of ponies instead of just me to fix his club house. At least he paid me well and now I can rest with Moonlight. My pet Timberwolf.

I remember how I got Moonlight like it was yesterday. It wonder into Ponyvillie, barely alive. Looking for Fluttershy for help. Instead when she found her. Yes Moonlight is an female. Don't ask how long it took me to find out. Being Flutttershy, she freaked out and claimed it was trying to attack her. The Ponyvillie residents tried to bring harm to it after hearing this. Disgusted at seeing this once I saw the Timberwolf in its condition. I fought everypony to get her back to my house. Where I gave it a purple gem where it contains magic. So the Timberwolf could heal it self with it. Not once did she ever attack me or act aggressive in any way.

After that day I would return from work to see her at my doorstep. I kept carrying her to the Everfree forest but she would come back the day after. Until one day she arrived with a scar on her left eye. She got it after trying to get to my doorstep but of course a pony tried to attack her to scare her off. This made me realise that she would keep on coming no matter what. So I took her in.

Over time I realise what she saw me as. Her father. How and why? I don't know. My guess was right after one day I woke up screaming in pain for hours. Then when it stopped my pet was just smiling at me. Them I felt it. I felt her emotions. After Twilight having a freak out when she heard. She told me what happened. An rare occasion happened to me. When a Timberwolf feels completely safe and happy. A link is made with the target, the Timberwolf and...ever other Timberwolves. A link that all Timberwolves can sense. The link tells them that I am a true friend to their species and will not harm them.

Good eh? Yes but this made Twilight and the elements worry about me. So I gave them a warning. If they try to take Moonlight away or harm her. I will hunt them down. They didn't listen at first. So they sent a Royal guard after Moonlight. They listen to my warning when the guard was in the hospital the next day.


Now I could go home and fall asleep with Moonlight by the fire.

I approach the door to my house to see a note on it. I pick it up and open it

All it read were two words. Got you!

Oh no was all I manage to say before my vision goes black and spikes of pain shot through out my body. I can't feel the ground. I'm I flying? I feel my self slowly falling unconscious but to quickly hear a few sounds.

"Dash you over did it!"


"He is heading towards Twilight house!"

"I'm not fast enough!"


"Quick doctor he's heart is falling!"


"It's dropping faster!"


"Give me Lv 10!"

"But doctor no one has survive Lv 10!"

"We don't have a choice!


Sounds of birds singing. The machine beeping. Wait machine! I jolt upwards only to regret it as pain shoots through out my body. I hear the sound of beeping getting quicker. I open my eyes for them to burn as I try to adjust to the light. I notice straight away I'm not in my house. I know this place too well. The hospital.

"Ah your awake!" I turn my focus on the mare in the room. Nurse Redheart. Was she always there? "How are you feeling?"

"Like..." Your not on earth remember? "I had worst." I notice my remark caused her to smile.

"Good let me just inform the doctor while you get some sleep." She was heading towards the door.

"Wait!" I call out. "I'm not going to sleep until you tell me how I got here." She kept on looking at me until she let out a sigh. She knew I was serious. Plus she did say she always wanted to help in any way after what I did for her.

"Redheart what's wrong!"

"They took my best friend!"



"I get her back!"

So listen I did. I could of died from an panic attack there and then.

How it all started was when a prank set up by Rainbow and AJ went horrible wrong. How I got punch by a huge boxing glove in the face and chest. It was meant to be a push. So I would roll down the hill I live on. Into a bath of cup cakes. Instead a spring broke and I was sent flying through Ponyvillie. Still not over. I went flying into Twilight window, then through her basement door and into Twilight currently in use chemistry set.

I was sent here after. She said I barely survive. However they said something kept me alive. They have no idea what it was.

What caught my attention was what they couldn't cure. Magic or no magic. I had a scar on my left eye. De ja vu. Also my pupils were now a dark red instead of brown. The scar was from the window and the eyes were from the enchanted chemistry set.

She went on and on but I have zone out. All this pain since arriving here was because of these ponies and Alicorns. Especially the Elements and the Alicorns.

Pinkie shot her party canon in my face.
Rarity had sent me to get some gems at a mountain. Which was home to a dragon.
AJ pranks and the amount of times she freak out when she was in one of her moods. Which lead to me having to calm her down. To be rewarded with a last second freak out kick in the guts.
Fluttershy making me do jobs that end in me being hurt.
Twilight...too many
Celestia from when see freaked out from seeing my pet Moonlight. Leading to protect Moonlight from the power of the sun.
Luna...Luna because of her death hugs.
Cadence because Cadence.
Don't get me stared on the other ponies. The fact is it always ponies. Griffons... Pretty much any other race. Barely hurt me. Even a few of my secret Changeling buddies that I feed secretly so they can survive. Five changelings. I can feed them without running out due to the link I have with the Timberwolves. I have an endless supply of love to feed them. In return they would keep me (a food supply) a secret from other Changelings. They learned over time to hide it from the hive mind.

Back to the point. Ever since I befriended these ponies. All I get was pain in return. They would come to me to ask me to fix their problems. Since I'm so good at it...All I get is a thanks.



No more pain.

"The element are in the waiting room. I go and call them!"

I focus back to the real world to see Redheart heading towards the door. "No wait!" She stops and spins towards me. "I need some rest. So no guest for now...please." I lay myself back down on the bed to just see Redheart nodding and shutting the door.

I need to think about this matter after some rest.

Where am I? I'm I dreaming? All I see is darkness. Pitch black all around but I'm standing on it somehow. This must be a dream. I hope Luna is not here.

"We won't hurt you."


"Come to us."

"W-who are you?"

"A friend who will never hurt you."


I couldn't see who was speaking. However the voice seemed to a be all around.

Then I felt it. A cool breeze on the back of my neck. Breathing.

"We want you...badly!"

My eyes shot open. I'm back in the real world.

What just happened?

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