• Published 22nd Dec 2014
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Madness - thenamless

Elements of harmony wanting to become my friend again. Darkness slowly taking me. I will make it right?

  • ...


Fang watched his human friend sleep. Heh. Those Changeling's sucked him dry... That sounds wrong.


Fang looks around for the source of the voice.

Hive mind.

The Changeling slaps himself.

I don't have much power to continue our talk when your inside this prison.

Fang nods.

Where was the source of that delicious love you have just receive?

Fang explains the human and his little adventure.

I see...Keep an eye on him.

Fang was about to nod but is thrown off his bed from the human screaming.

I rolled around the floor screaming in pain. "WHAT GOING AHHHH!" I clutch my side.

"Human!" I see Fang run over to me. "What is wrong?"

Then I felt something being ripped from me. Oh no. The bond! "IT'S AHHHH!

Fluttershy was crying in Rarity embrace while Pinkie and Rainbow were scolding Twilight and Applejack. Fire ponies were in the background trying to put a fire that was consuming a house.

"What have you done!" Rainbow shouts.

The element of magic and honesty were openly crying. "W-We." AJ starts. "W-We wanted to look for a way to help our friend. We didn't know a fire was going to break out when w-"

AJ was cut off as a howl is heard.

"OH NO!" Fluttershy leaves Rarity embrace and flies towards the burning building. A cyan flash tackles her to the ground but she has seen the damage. She saw through the window the fire's victim. A burning body of a Timberwolf.

I lay on the cold hard stone floor. The pain was gone but...something felt missing. Like it has been torn out. "You ok?" I turn to see Fang looking over me.

"Y-Yeah...Mind helping me up?" Fang nods and helps me to my bed.

"What happened?"

I let out a sigh and grab my chest. "It felt like something was torn out."


"It has something to do with my pet." I was going to explain more before the cell door opens.

A unicorn guard walks in. "You!" He points to me. "You have a visitor."

"I don't want to see anyone."

"Too bad." I was going to ask what he meant but he grabs my chains and drags me away.

After a little dragging I'm thrown into a room. The room was spilt into two part as a wall was built in the middle with a hole. Metal bars were in the hole. A chair stood on each side.

Oh great. On the other side sitting on the chair was Luna. I let out a sigh as I know I will have to do this. I walk over and sit down. What I notice was Luna was avoiding eye contact and looked like she hasn't slept in days. "What do you want Princess Luna?" I saw my words cut deep as she hated me calling her that.


"What is it?" I lean back in my chair smirking.

"It's to do with your pet."

My smile fades and I sit properly. "I felt pain today. I felt it had something to do with my pet."

"You see..." I lean forward. "I..." I felt my rage growing. "Is no longer with us." I heard my heart breaking.


"You see..." Luna lets out a sigh. "Twilight and Applejack broke into your home and tried to find anything that could help you. Then an accident happened. Your house went up in flames and your pet...happened to caught in it."

"WHAT!" I launch forward wanting to grab Luna but instead I grab the bars. Luna jumps back from my reaction. "WHAT ABOUT THE TWO. DID THEY DIE?"

She shakes her head. "Thank Celestia they weren't."


"Don't talk of our sister like that!" She snaps back.


I could see Luna was taken back. "D-Don't say that."

"I hate you and everypony." Can't tell her about Ditzy or Nightmare Moon.

"P-Please. Don't say that."

I slowly move away.

"Even these Changeling's are better than you."

"No!" She got up. "You can't trust these Changeling's! They invaded us!"

"So you hate the entire race?" I turn and walk out the door. I allow the guard to drag me back to my cell.

I ignore Fang and head to sleep.



Let's go on a adventure.

I could hear Nightmare laughing.

I open my eyes to see a pathway. I seemed to be standing on nothing. I notice doors on each side of the path. I felt a breeze on my neck. I turn to see a grinning Nightmare Moon.

"Well nice to see you fully."

"What are we here for?"

"Aw your no fun." We both let out a chuckle. "The dreams of Twilight and Applejack please." Nightmare nods and her horn glows. The doors rushes past us until two are left. "You pick."

"Sure." She walks towards the left door. She pushes it open and the world around us starts to change.

"Ah Applejack dream." My answer was correct as we found ourselves at Sweet Apple Acres. I could see Applejack playing with her family by the barn. "So how does this work?"

I felt Nightmare place a hoof on my shoulder. "Just think about something and it will happen." I turn to see Nightmare grin widen. "I can't wait to see what you will do!"

I grab Nightmare hoof and swat it away. "I think your starting to like me." I hear Nightmare let a snort and laugh in return. "Ok let's do this."

I consecrate my plan and wait. "Nothing happening."

I pat her helmet. "Just wait Moony~"

She tries to smack me but it just goes through me. "Wh-"

I clamp her muzzle shut. She tries to shout but fails. "Shh Moony~ It's about to start~"

I watch as my plan was slowly activating.

"HELP!" Applebloom screams out. Applejack turns to see all of her family being dragged into the barn. Applejack tries to run after them but cannot move. She tries to screams but fails as well. The barn slams shut only to catch fire. Applejack screams on the inside as tears fall freely.


"What?" I felt Nightmare poking my hand. Oh right. I let go.

"I said. Impressive but I can do better." I roll my eyes as I wait for the last part of my plan.

Applejack watch as a figure walks out of the barn. "APPLEBOLM!" She shouts. She find her self able to move and speak. She runs over and embraces her. Applebloom was burnt badly. "Stay with me!"

Applebloom looks at Applejack with emotionless eyes. "Murder." Applejack could only watch in horror as Applebloom start chanting the word murder.

I click my finger and find me and Nightmare moon somewhere else. "Aw we couldn't see the rest." I roll my eyes again and watch the dream. Twilight was...reading books with Spike. "You ok?" I turn to see Nightmare looking at me worryingly.

"Why do you care?"

She let's out a smirk. "I don't have much to do."

"Fine." I let out a sigh. "These two are having nice dream and they just murdered my pet."

"Luna is stopping them from having nightmares."

"But.They.SHOULD!" I snap. "Why should they have happiness from what they did!"

"I can sense a lot of nightmares coming from the prison."

"She giving the Changeling's nightmare?" She nods.

"She making them relive the invasion."

"What about other races?"

Nightmare looks at the floor. "She doesn't care much for the others."


I quickly create a nightmare and leave. "What we don't get to watch?" Nightmare runs after me.

"Twilight nightmares are lame to us but scary to her." I turn towards Nightmare. "Do you really want to see all her books disappear? She breaks down." Nightmare manages to catch up. "You know..." Nightmare start to look curios. "I can break you to."

Nightmare let's out a chuckle. "How would you do that?"

"First can I force myself awake?"

"Yeah. Just think about waking up."

"Ok good. Are you ready?"

"Bring it!" She takes a battle stance.

I walk up to her while she looks at me confused. Once I'm close enough I hug her. "Thanks for being a friend." I let go and look at Nightmare. I let out a chuckle as she seems to have froze while her pupils shrink. "Ha! Told you I can but I'm also serious about what I said." Once I say that I force myself awake.

I rub the sleep from my eyes to notice it is completely dark. Doesn't matter.


No response. Well I broke Nightmare Moon. I let out a chuckle that echo's through out the cell.

If only mu pet was here with me. I silently break down as I couldn't hold my emotions any more.

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Comments ( 51 )

Try to watch out for those occasional spelling errors but otherwise still pretty good man. :pinkiesmile:

Those little B*itchs They are so fucking racist!

This is a very good story you have here, and I can't wait to read more of it. :pinkiehappy:

Its been 3 weeks wright MOAR :flutterrage::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Heh...I will get to it.

She saw through the window the fire's victim. A burning body of a Timberwolf

Begin the revolution......VIVE LA LIBERTE!!!

All these years and she has yet more to learn.


Yeah, and I just noticed that she is a racist too. I mean, RD and AJ almost killed him and got no punishment, while he gets punished with two months prison for a dog bite and a nightmare? Celestia was probably the biased judge. And he wasn't even in the courtroom! Probably didn't even have a defense attorney... Kind of messed up. Harmony sure looks different.

It is really interesting and I'm already thrilled to read the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Dude, for one, periods aren't the be-all-end-all of punctuation. Commas exist - use them.

Aaaaannnnnnyyyyy time now.

When is the next chapter uhhhhhhh:rainbowdetermined2:

Do two wrongs make a right?

6346041 if he not wanting to be their friend wrong the only fact he is in prison is because of shining, and after what they have done in the past it may not have been right but they deserve it.
p.s. late at night tell me if I make a grammatical mistake

More please comrade this is a great story

any chance we're getting more of this?


6657258 I wouldn't count on it. This guy doesn't finish any of his stories.



Uh,not dead but agonizing...

6679843 He probably just loses interest or can't find a way to progress his stories.

6680291 Lost, but yeah I can understand that. Just hopefully not this one, this is one I'm practically begging to see progressed.

6682391 The last time it was updated was the start of 2015... I think that's a sign.

6682739 True. Let's hope that doesn't go further though.

6683315 I'd wish he'd mark his stories as "cancelled" or "on hiatus" so we'd know what's up.

Comment posted by dricmeistr deleted Jan 13th, 2016

Shame this is dead. I liked it despite the grammar and rushed pace, it inspired me to do something similar to this.

I just found this story and absolutely loved it. I nearly cried when I saw that the story hasn't been updated for about a year and a half

UPDATED. NOW. PLEASE :fluttercry:

I'm starting to love this story very much. :scootangel::twilightsmile:

When is the next chapter coming out?

Please make more this is a great story

When is the next chapter coming out? :rainbowhuh:

I like stories like this, where they show just how big of dicks the main charecters are.

WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!

Abandoned so don't count on it.

You got it now?

Please revive this story

Can someone revive this story

We need this storie back alive again PLEASE :fluttercry:

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