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I am not a brony. I just like reading quality fics. I stumbled on to this site by accident.

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Chase stories · 3:07pm Nov 1st, 2014

Hey guys! I am looking for stories that the ponies are chasing humans because of a misunder standing, and or a completely ridiculous reason. (I don't know why but stories like that give me some sort of............. arousal?) Damnit Celestia! :trollestia:

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Oh hey, I didn't realize you were already in my group. My bad! :twilightsheepish:

Merry Christmas person who is totally not a brony. :rainbowkiss:

well then they aren't true UNDEAD fans then I for one love this new album

1772646 lol a lot of people hating on the new album

we keep it UNDEAD till the very end

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