• Published 1st Sep 2014
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Pull Me Through - NightsongWrites

Twilight meets her first transdimensional pen pal, and the two share letters back and forth across space and time. And when things escalate... just how much will things change? Between them, and their worlds.

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Chapter 4- Party!

“This town is beautiful, Vinyl…” Octavia breathed, head swivelling about as she sat on her haunches.

Haunches. Heh, that would take some getting used to. Her body proportions were all wrong, though at least balancing on all four hooves wasn’t too difficult. But the view… It was night-time in the village, but the thatch-roofed homes were still quite visible, lit by both gas lamps and the moon above. And just… talking about the moon… The night sky was brilliant. Octavia had been in the country times before, often when she walked from town to town, so she had seen the night sky before. But this one…

Blushing and hardly aware of what she was doing, Octavia slowly reached a hoof up, as if to caress the milky nebulae that curled around the moon like a mane of starlight. She glanced shyly back at the other ponies, surprised at the sympathetic looks in each of the ponies’ eyes. No… her friends’ eyes. They had pulled her into their world; a girl they only knew through music and letters. And now, they promised to watch after her, and… Overcome with emotion, Octavia spun as best she could on her new fe- hooves, flinging her forelegs around Vinyl’s neck and sobbing softly into her silken fur.

“M’sorry,” she finally managed, blushing deeply as her wits slowly trudged back into place, “I-I just…”

Vinyl, who had hugged Octavia the very second the emotional mare had turned, merely smiled, sitting back and placing a forehoof delicately across her snout.

“How does some cocoa sound?” she offered softly.

Cocoa? God, it had been… ages since Octavia had been able to treat herself to something as sinfully decadent as cocoa. And judging from the broad grins on the faces of the other mares…

“T-that sounds heavenly.”

“Sweet bucking Celestia she’s still going, Vinyl!”

“Get that waffle batter on, stat!”

“YAH! She’s past the whipped cream!”


Despite the urgency of their cooking, Vinyl Scratch was having the time of her life. Octavia had one massive sweet tooth, and a TARTARUS of a repressed fun side buried under all the shyness. Currently buried up to her eyeballs in whipped cream covered, strawberry preserved, freshly baked waffles, Octavia was devouring the food with all the grace of a food processor, joyous tears in her eyes. Vinyl smirked as their eyes met, winking. Goddess that mare had a cute blush.

Vinyl hadn’t exactly known that she was… into mares in that way, till a year into her letters with Octavia. Her coltfriend at the time, a fellow DJ named Neon Lights, had been fairly weirded out by Vinyl’s obsession with this tree out behind her home and, when Vinyl finally came clean about the exact reason for it, he had been far too jealous for Vinyl to stay with him. It had been tough to get over, but Lyra had been a goddess-send, lending a sympathetic, and very knowing, ear to her soul-searching. And there’s nothing easier than to bare your heart and soul to someone who couldn’t judge you with their eyes.

Finally, Octavia collapsed back in her seat with a soft groan, hooves caressing the small food bump on her belly.

“No moooore,” she groaned out, giggling dazedly.

Ditzy peeked out of the kitchen, wall-eyes sadly downcast, “No more muffins?”

“Ugh… wrap… wrap them up.”



It was about twelve o’clock at night when Vinyl suggested music, and both Lyra and Derpy got sly grins on their muzzles, quickly moving to shut all the windows and doors tightly. The two unicorns, to Octavia’s amazement, quickly began to weave spells, silver pentagrams forming around their horns and bobbing through the air, leaving small trails of light in their wake. Soft glows, both golden and light blue, glimmered along the edges of the windows, and Vinyl gave Octavia a playful wink.

“Silencing charm,” she explained cheerfully, turning her magical grip over to a stereo system packed into one corner.

“Silencing?” Octavia asked curiously, “These houses seem pretty sturdy. Do they really-”

And the world exploded around her. Octavia’s words were swept from her mouth as a tidal wave of sound roared through her body. Ditzy squealed happily, spreading her cloud-grey wings wide and bobbing her head in time with beats, blonde mane swishing about wildly. Lyra and Bon-Bon, exchanging steamy looks, grinned as they sauntered close together. Octavia was fairly certain she was watching the pony version of dirty couple dancing, watching the rub and press together as they moved, eyes half-closed and smiles splitting their muzzles. And Vinyl… Vinyl…

Vinyl Scratch lorded over that fiefdom of vibrations and music; having darted back to her turntable throne and balanced carefully on her hind hooves. With her tinted glasses in place, and gigantic smile adorning her face like ivory jewelry, the pale unicorn began to writhe with the beat, her hooves kissing the vinyl and their dial companions. To Octavia’s surprise, despite her general lack of clubbing experience, found her new body responding quickly to the intoxicating noise: her right hind leg began to tap in time, and Octavia’s tail and body began to sway and move with each new cadance.

Feeling eyes upon her, Octavia glanced over at Vinyl, smiling sheepishly. The DJ pony and her best friend in the world- in two worlds- giggled softly, waving her over to the turntable. Blushing furiously, the grey mare slowly swished and sauntered her way over to Vinyl’s side, eyes widening at the complexity of the system her friend was using so effortlessly. Lights and dials, some with the same magical color as her horn, glimmered back at Octavia. Well, they did for a moment. Rose-tinted glass suddenly slid over her eyes, and Octavia squeaked, ears flattening atop her head.

“Nice look for ya, Tavs,” Vinyl whispered in her ear, and the young new-mare couldn’t help but grin at the compliment, glancing into the nearby mirror-like finish of the night-time window.

Hrm. Maybe she was missing something…