• Published 1st Sep 2014
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Pull Me Through - NightsongWrites

Twilight meets her first transdimensional pen pal, and the two share letters back and forth across space and time. And when things escalate... just how much will things change? Between them, and their worlds.

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Chapter 6- Canterlot Times

Michelle was practically bouncing in place as she sat on the train seat, eyes glued to the window as the landscape rolled by. This… was… incredible! The countryside itself had been absolutely beautiful to look at, but once they began the first roundabout the mountain, Michelle had gotten a brilliant view of the moving, shining city of Cloudsdale. It was gleaming in the afternoon sun, several rainbowfalls running down from the weather factory, dispersing in a soft spray of multi-colored…

“Wait, that’s not water?” she asked Twilight incredulously, eyes wide.

Twilight grinned warmly, and Michelle started to feel her heart getting all fluttery again. Come on brain, focus. And not on her shining, gorgeous eyes.


“No, Michelle, that’s actually diluted rainbow essence,” Twilight explained patiently, “It’s the fuel for all pegasi weather technology. The rain condensers, the lightning generator, and the solidified cloud makers, especially. Once used, it becomes diluted, and is drained off like that, or sold to be used as flavoring, or decoration. It’s perfectly safe for the environment.”

Michelle gaped at Twilight in astonishment, peering back at the gleaming city as it began to disappear around the mountain’s curve, “I have so much to learn…”

A warm hoof settled on her shoulder, and the new pegasus shyly turned back to Twilight, who had scooted a little closer, her fur a bit darker around her cheeks. Both ponies glanced back, shyly watching as their primaries slowly intertwined. A shiver ran up Michelle’s spine, and she smiled softly at the tender, warm feelings it brought. Twilight and Rainbow Dash had explained that wing-touching like that was received for very close friends, or couples, among pegasi. Michelle still wasn’t quite sure which they were, and had been hesitant to bring it up. For now, at least. Still, it was nice, being this close to someone.

This whole trip had actually come about as an accident. Michelle had been curious about the country, so she had begun asking questions of her new friends whenever she could. And although her friends were very well-travelled (Rarity especially), they couldn’t always answer every question Michelle had brought up. When she had brought the topic up to Twilight that following night, the studious little alicorn had frozen, a slow (vaguely creepy) smile etching over her features. After a few quick letters, Michelle had been stunned to receive tickets for a round-the-trip Equestria train trip, an audience with Princess Celestia of all things, and the chance to meet another of Twilight’s close friends, Trixie. It had been utterly touching for Michelle, and now, with the sight of the rainbow city fresh in her mind...

“W-when we get there… can you teach me to fly?” she whispered shyly, eyes casting down to the bouncing floor beneath them, “I-I want to go to that city… I want to r-really experience Equestria. With… with you. I-If that’s okay!”

Twilight was quiet for a long moment; long enough for Michelle to glance back up, worried she had upset her friend with the request. Instead, she was greeted with the widest of smiles, and a quick, tearful hug; Twilight’s larger wings practically engulfed Michelle in their fluffy embrace.

“I think I’d like that,” Twilight replied softly, and they spent the rest of the train ride in that pose, gazing out over Equestria with dreamy eyes.

Canterlot Station was alive with movement and business, with hundreds of ponies eager to pile onto the train while Michelle and Twilight did their level best to fight their way “upstream.”

“Sorry! Sorry! Eep! Sorry!” Michelle yelped out as each pony careened into her, eyes wide, “T-this is worse than school! OW! Hey!”

She wheeled quickly, but the offending unicorn was already laughing and darting deftly through the crowd. ...only to run head-first into a purple wall of mana, wailing as he curled up on the ground, holding his bruised horn. Michelle blinked, glancing sheepishly back at Twilight, whose horn was glowing lightly. The alicorn was glaring angrily at the groaning stallion, stretching out a wing protectively, guiding Michelle along.

“Sorry about that,” she murmured, “Some Canterlot stallions are just jerks. I’ll have the guards get him later.”

Michelle winced, glancing off to the side, “N-No, it’s fine. I don’t wanna cause trouble for anybody. It was just a pinch.”

Twilight didn’t seem exactly satisfied with that, but acquiesced with a slow nod, speeding up their gait to get them out of the crowded station. The rest of the city, to Michelle’s relief, seemed very nice. Tall, spire-like buildings rose high into the sky, gleaming with the whiteness of marble or the gray, multi-faceted beauty of polished granite. All the roads were cobblestone and worn down with constant traffic, enough that it barely even bothered Michelle’s soft hooves to walk over them. To Michelle’s surprise, almost all of the ponies seemed to be dressed in some way, and Michelle’s only decoration was Rainbow’s necklace, and her carefully perched glasses. She looked herself over sheepishly, suddenly feeling rather naked, despite her fluffy fur.

“T-twlight?” she asked quietly, “A-are we supposed to have clothes?”

The purple alicorn blinked in surprise, then held up a hoof to hide a giggle, shaking her head.

“Oh no, Michelle,” she reassured her quickly, spotting the worried look blooming on her friend, “Clothes are just a fashion statement. Nudity, as you’d call it, is very acceptable for ponykind, as we’re covered in fur. Some of the fancy restaurants might prefer it if you wore a dress or something, but it’s not usually enforced.”

Relief blossomed in Michelle’s chest at that, and she gave a thankful nod; reflexively, though, she tucked her wings in around herself. Likely noticing her friend’s discomfort, Twilight was quick to buy Michelle a sweater at one of the clothing stalls that lined the streets, ignoring her friend’s protests as she fitted the grey woolen sweater around her barrel.

“There!” Twilight exclaimed cheerfully, using her magic to carefully guide Michelle’s wings through the proper holes on the back, “Better?”

Blushing furiously, Michelle looked herself over. Despite how much she didn’t want Twilight to spend any more money on her, she couldn’t help but feel… warmer. Both physically, and… well, her heart was getting all warm and fluttery again.


Both mares glanced up in surprise; judging from the massive smile that split Twilight’s face, Michelle expected that the voice belonged to the mare they had come to visit. Trixie Lulamoon was about the same size as Michelle, with a sky blue coat, and a long blue-white mane, about the same length as Michelle’s fox-red one. A large, pointed hat, bejeweled with silver stars, was settled carefully on her head, and a similarly bejeweled cape hung on her withers. Her violet eyes were fixed on Michelle, and the pegasus quickly ducked her head, trembling.

Shit! Another of Twilight’s friends! What if… no, no. Breathe and think, Michelle. All of Twilight’s friends so far have accepted you just fine. There’s no reason to think Trixie won’t.

“Trixie!” Twilight exclaimed cheerfully, darting over to the other unicorn and immediately wrapping her into a powerful hug.

Michelle blinked, tilting her head curiously.

Huh. She wasn’t that affectionate with the others. But, she did see them everyday, so-

And as the two giggling unicorns leaned in for a playful kiss, Michelle’s brain fried, juuust a tad.

“I am SO sorry, Michelle,” Twilight babbled out for, at least, the twentieth time, as Trixie carefully unlocked the door to her small apartment near the castle grounds.

Upon seeing Michelle nearly break down in a strange mix of confusion, hurt, and an inkling of jealousy at the kiss, Trixie had cleared her throat, quietly informing Twilight. Trixie seemed to be far more perceptive than Michelle had originally credited her being, correctly guessing her mood and being quick to propose a solution.

“I-it’s okay, Twilight,” Michelle whispered shyly, tail swishing nervously as she peeked inside the apartment.

A good deal of the apartment was taken up by neat little bookshelves, each stacked to the very brim with books of all sizes and ages; what wasn’t taken up by shelves was taken up a futon, and a small, if clean, kitchen area. The walls were beige painted, but almost entirely covered up by posters of stars or complex alchemical and magical formulas. All told, it was interesting; or at least, it would have been if Michelle’s mind wasn’t still whirling. A gentle nuzzle by Trixie ushered the shaking pegasus inside and over to the soft cushion of the futon. It took her a minute of careful squirming, but Michelle finally got settled, shyly peeking back up at the squirming Twilight Sparkle and patient Trixie.

“O-okay… okay,” she whispered, letting her voice grow a little louder as she steadied herself, “So… ponies are a… polygamist society?”

Twilight nodded shyly, fidgeting with her hooves, “In a way, yes. You see, Equestria has a… different demographic than your world, as far as I could tell from your books. Heh, of course I would forget to include herding in the books I sent you…”

She mentally berated herself for a few moments before letting out a breath, continuing on with her explanation, “Herding is a major part of our culture. Since over two thirds of our population is female, mares took a leading place in our society. For a long time, males filled only the roles of homebodies, or physical laborers. Of course, that’s changed now, but it is what formed the initial herds.”

Trixie cleared her throat softly as she stepped in, “The typical herd is a group of mares gathered around one or two stallions. That’s not mandatory anymore, or even generally desired. We’re very much more open now, especially with magical breeding advancements.”

Michelle nodded slowly as she listened, trailing a hoof over Trixie’s carpet and biting her lip thoughtfully.

“I-I know this is alot different than what you’re used to, Michelle,” Twilight whispered softly, nervously watching her new friend for any sign of another freak out.

The fox-red pegasus gave a weak chuckle, “You can say that again…”

She glanced over at Trixie, shifting her wings shyly. She… was pretty, that was certain, and her eyes and smile were certainly kind enough. She didn’t send the same thrill through her heart that Twilight did, but then again… she didn’t know Trixie nearly as well. Would she be a third wheel? Michelle would hate to ruin an established relationship with her own weird feelings that she didn’t understand herself.

“You’re… okay with me, Trixie?” she asked shyly, “I mean, I-I am the newcomer here… relationship wise, at least. A-and… I mean, I-I’m still not sure if… well, I-I mean… ...god this is hard.”

Trixie chuckled softly, quickly laying a hoof on Twilight’s muzzle before she could burst out.

“I’m very okay with you, Michelle,” Trixie replied warmly, “Twilight talked about you all the time, and I’d love to get to know you. We can court. Nice, easy, and no big responsibilities. See if we’re compatible. How does that sound?”

That sounds… amazing, actually!

“A-are you both sure?” she asked quietly, glancing between the mares.

Both Trixie and Twilight exchanged glances, and Michelle bit her lip at the sheer amount of emotion could be found in a simple look. She could only wish that she might have such a bond as to-

“We’re both perfectly fine with courting you, Michelle,” The ponies replied as one, giggling as Michelle’s ears flattened.

“See?” Trixie teased Twilight playfully, “Told you we can still do it.”

“It freaks ponies out, Trixie.”


Michelle stood rooted to the spot, eyes as wide as her new body would allow.

“Y-you’re serious?” she breathed shyly, “You really don’t… mind me around?”

Trixie merely chuckled, trotting over to give Michelle a gentle hug, brushing her softened hoof along her wings. Up close, Michelle could tell that Trixie went with no special, flowery type of soap- she simply made certain she remained clean and fresh, and the sharp, lye scent of soap was surprisingly comforting.

“As of now? No,” she replied honestly, “I don’t mind. You seem sweet, and I’ve read your letters. We have alot in common, and I’d like to learn more about you. And if that leads to someplace more, well…”

She grinned slyly, lowering her voice playfully and giggling as Michelle’s body flushed crimson, “Perhaps we’ll have some fun later.”

Oh… oh my.