• Published 1st Sep 2014
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Pull Me Through - NightsongWrites

Twilight meets her first transdimensional pen pal, and the two share letters back and forth across space and time. And when things escalate... just how much will things change? Between them, and their worlds.

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Chapter 1- Letters

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
I honestly never expected this portal to work. For years, I just thought magic was nothing but a… pipe dream, a fantastic little idea that just couldn’t exist. When I found the inscriptions, translated them… I honestly recreated the ritual just to sate my own curiosity. To see what our ancestors thought magic might be. That feather you got was from a raven; I found it on my way to the site, and I thought… well, ‘what better to try this stupid thing on.’ I’m really, really sorry it caused as much a problem as it did. I had no idea how magical raven feathers are in your world.

But I digress. This is the first time you’ve gotten a letter from me, now that I got one from you. Your script is… beautiful. And the ink… I had it tested and you really used crushed onyx for ink? That’s amazing! I had to redo the tests three times just to be certain I wasn’t dreaming it up. Your world must have such an abundance of rare materials! In our world, onyx is a precious gem, used more in jewelry than to make ink. Sorry I keep trailing off, I’m just so nervous. I’m not sure what to say. In your next letter… if you decide to send another letter… could you explain more about your world maybe, and yourself? If that’s okay!

Your hopeful friend,
Michelle Winters

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three months since all this started. And what a crazy time! I have mid-terms coming up soon, and it’s a doozy doing both this and studying for them, but… worth it. God it’s worth it. I thought moving across the country to get my education would be good for me, but it’s just made me lonelier than ever. I wish humans were as outgoing as you make our ponies to be. Heh, I could use a Pinkie Pie party right about now.

Also, I gave that sample of apple you sent in the last package a taste and my god. I’m not sure I can do it justice. I’m not sure if it’s because of your world’s natural magic, or if it was just a really good apple, but it was the best one I have ever tasted. Bar none. My compliments to your friend Applejack. Did you like the books I sent you? I wasn’t sure which, so I tried to include some about the known history of most of the big areas of our world, and some newspapers for more local events. I… I know you aren’t used to murders and rapings, so I apologize in advance for how much those are blarred in the papers. Humans like sensationalism.

I’m so glad this happened. Do you think you could teach me more magic? Who knows! Maybe we can figure a way to send bigger stuff through the portal, huh?

Your friend,
Michelle Winters

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Four years wasted. Four years at that damn school, and they threw me out. Threw me out like I was nothing but a lunatic. I’m sorry. I know you warned me that transdimensional magic was risky, but I had to try. I attempted the teleportation ritual. Yeah, the super-hard one. It worked before! It worked in my room! I just… wished it had worked there. I must have drawn a rune wrong, or had too many people around. They didn’t give me a chance to try again. Thankfully my apartment is still mine, and I don’t have to leave the initial portal site. If the teleport didn’t work elsewhere… If I stopped being able to talk to you…

Sorry. I’m sending along some more books with this letter, and a picture of myself. I think I’ve got the matrix right enough to allow the film to survive the passage to your world. Let me know how you feel about how we crazy humans look!

Your friend,
Michelle Winters

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

That poetry was… beautiful, Twilight. My letter might have some tear stains on it! Your mind is amazing. I like neurotic maybe, but… simply amazing. You’re the only person, pony, I know of that can turn gravity law into a beautiful idea of… of… I can’t even! Why don’t you write more poetry, give it to your other friends? I bet they’d love it just as much as I did! Heck, I bet even Rainbow Dash would! Speaking of, can you thank her for that lightning bolt pendant? It’s totally awesome, and I wear it all the time!

I can’t believe everything you girls have done for me. Rarity’s sweatshirt has been a godsend with all these rolling blackouts. It’s winter-time for god’s sake! People are going to freeze to death! If it wasn’t for Applejack wood stove and Fluttershy’s blankets, I’d be one heck of a crazy nerdsicle.

And Twilight? I’d really like some more poetry. If that’s okay. I’m sending you another feather with this letter. It’s a dove this time. I hope you like it.

Sincerely and with friendship,
Michelle Winters

Twilight… they’re all gone. My family. I told you about cars, right? How fast they go? There was an accident. A bigger car, we call it a truck, it hit them in the side. Going 70 miles per hour. You know the math, the force that causes, all the momentum. I don’t know what to do, Twilight. They were the only thing supporting me. My job barely covers rent, and without them, I can’t do anymore community college. I can’t go home. I can’t stay. What am I going to do?

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t dump this on you. This is my life, I have to deal with it. It’s just so hard.

I’m sending you a picture of my family. You should know what they look like and… I like they’d really like you.

Michelle Winters

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
You’re sure about this, Twi? I’ve gone over the formula, and cross-referenced with all the books you sent me. The theory is sound, but… You really think… No. No, you wouldn’t send this unless you thought there was at least a chance, I know you. It’s been four years since we’ve started talking like this. This weird, crazy, wonderful exchange of thoughts and letters. I… I’m not sure what to call this. We’re friends! That much is certain! But. Whenever I go out to work at that sleazy diner, I’m not thinking about the money. I’m not thinking about the customers. I’m thinking about that flowing, onyx script. That smiling purple mare in the photos. I hope this works. I’m so tired of being alone. You’ve become my obsession, and I know that sounds creepy. If you don’t want me because of this, just let me know during the ritual. We’ll see how this all goes, yeah?

And I’m kind of curious to find out what a pony sounds like. If this works… see you in a few. I hope.

With hope,

Twilight Sparkle let out a shaky breath as she sat in front of the wide, gleaming magical circle that had gone from her curious little pet project… to the source of a paper on Trans-dimensional Cultures for the Celestial Institute… to her heart-and-soul. Letters… hundreds, possibly thousands of them, stretched out around the circle, giving the ritual room an almost snowy appearance. Candles, kept carefully away from the ultra-flammable human paper, glimmered like little stars in the blackness of the room. The symbolism was fitting for Twilight.

With a soft whoosh, like the intake of a breath, the portal began to glow. From the center, spreading outward, was a sheet of glass, slithering out like water till it touched the edges. A pulse of white light sprung from the center, and the glass hardened in an instant. Gingerly, Twilight reached out a hoof, settling it gently on the slick surface. It held. Nodding to herself and spreading her wings to give herself balance, the purple alicorn slowly walked out towards the center of the circle.

“Michelle?” Twilight whispered softly, her voice knifing through the silence.

Please… please let her have gotten this right. Twilight’s ears perked as a new light glimmered in the center of the glass, and a sight came into view. A darkened room, lit also by candles, though they were held in some kind of odd glass containers. To her sheepish surprise, Twilight could see all her own letters, wrapped up in their scroll cases, lying about the room. And there, in the center…


Michelle looked just like her picture. A tall humanoid, kneeling down in front of the image. Her hair was long and straight, gleaming a soft red in the candlelight. Glasses glimmered on her nose, but Twilight could just spot the small, green eyes gazing back at her with trepidation and barely concealed excitement.

“Y-you’re beautiful,” they both blurted at once, then both blinked, blushed, and smiled shyly.

“A-are you ready?” Twilight asked first, wings twitching nervously when Michelle winced, looking down at the floor.

“Y-you… really want me?”

A snort greeted her, and Michelle’s eyes were quick to rise. Twilight was grinning softly, horn gleaming brightly as the portal began to pulse.

“What do you think?”

Wind began to rush through both rooms, the candles flickering out and the letters rising into the swirling air. The only light was that given off by the portal, a deep, gleaming blue, like that of a moonlit sea. Twilight couldn’t tear her eyes away from Michelle; her hair was practically floating in the air, and she was shakily moving towards her. The human hand pressed slowly into the portal, seeming to bend the surface… and a pale white hoof popped through the surface. Another pulse went through the portal, and Twilight quickly gripped the hoof. She had expected a hand. Was this some kind of caveat that went with the spell? Maybe she should-


Startled purple eyes looked up towards the edge of the portal: cracks were beginning to creep towards them, gaining speed. Switching to magical view, Twilight could see the spell unravelling.

“Michelle, the portal is coming undone!”

“I-I see it!”

There was a surge of movement from behind the hoof, and a desperate cry from Michelle rang out.

“I-I can’t get through!” she practically screamed, “Pull me through! Hurry!”

Twilight gaped down at her, “T-this is too risky, it could-!”

“PLEASE Twilight! I have nothing else in the whole world! I’d rather have you, or nothing at all! PULL ME THROUGH!”
The sheer desperation in Michelle’s voice, the utter, broken pleading in it, and the sub-notes of adoration… Horn gleaming with every reserve of strength Twilight had in her body, hoof and magic grabbed onto her pen pal… and pulled. Four years of friendship and… something more, manifested in this final effort. Twilight, desperate to save her friend, pulled. Michelle, desperate to end her all-consuming loneliness, pushed with all she had. They screamed as one…

Michelle flew through the portal with a surprised squeal, rolling end over end with Twilight before coming to rest against the wall, laying atop her barrel. Groaning softly, the two mares opened their clenched shut eyes; purple meeting a glimmering, teary forest green. The mare laying atop Twilight was gorgeous. She was slim and tall, with miles of light, toned legs. Her mane was long and a brilliant fox red, curing down around the middle of her barrel, while her tail was trimmed short, flicking lightly back and forth. Her glasses were still perched atop her muzzle, complimenting her wider eyes nicely.Two broad wings were stretched out over the both of them, snow white feathers twitching frantically.

“Tw-twi… twilight…” the former human breathed, slowly reaching a dainty hoof to caress her cheek.

Her touch was warm, and Twilight leaned into it with a warm smile, and more than a few tears gathering in her violet orbs.

“W-welcome to Equestria, Mich- mmm!”

No words were needed between the two. A soft kiss was all that was needed. A soft, transforming kiss, boiling up and over with emotion. The gleam of the portal faded, but neither mare noticed the darkness as it slid over them. They had each other and, after four years… that was all either needed.

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