• Published 26th May 2014
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Summoning the King of Monsters! - Krazy Stargazer

What happens when The King of Monsters meets the residents of Equestria?

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Coming to terms

Location: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres

If Applejack was the element of honesty, then that virtue was definitely a hereditary trait in the Apple Family. Her brother Big Macintosh was a pony of few words, yet he always had a way of making his point known. For example, his jovial phrase 'eyup' meant he agreed with you, while other hand a stern glare could get even the most deceitful pones to revel their innermost secrets. Their was nothing mysterious, or secretive about this stallion however. What you saw was pretty much what you got. He was one of those rare ponies that never needed to put on a fa├žade or lie, he was above that sort of thing.

Big Macintosh was a simple, but passionate individual. He didn't care much for money or material wealth. No. What mattered most to him was his family, the Apple farm, and his very special somepony; and he was the kind of pony to do anything to protect what he cherished.

That being said he did like to indulge just as much as the next stallion.

On this particular night he had gone down stairs for a strong glass of good old Apple Family, Apple Cider. He had worked hard today and felt he deserved a little treat. Of course if his sister Applejack caught him sneaking Cider she's give him a mouthful and a knock on the head for good measure. But he smiled smugly to himself. His sister was scheduled for pie deliveries, and wouldn't be home for another couple of days. He guzzled down the delectable drink, taking the time to truly appreciate the flavor that everypony helped to make. With a smack of his lips he was about to head up stairs, and then suddenly he heard a sound.

"Hmm that's odd", he thought. Usually, the barn was dead quiet this time of night. Granny Smith, and Applebloom would have hit the hay a long ago, and his sister Applejack was away. So what was that noise he heard? It was coming from the living room.


Applejack had finished administering the anti-venom, and proceeded to start bandaging the creature. Oddly enough whenever she put the bandages on his body something strange happened. The bandage sizzled and burned away as soon as they touched an open wound. Now, the farm pony had already come to the conclusion that this critter could heal pretty darn fast. So was the heat emanating from his wounds the source of his healing? Gee I guess Twilight would know about stuff like that. Right now I reckon fast-healing or not he's goanna need those wounds sealed. .

Applejack pulled out a bottle of alcohol and soaked the bandages in it. Next, she braced her hooves against her patient's arms. What she was about to do was probably going to hurt... and she didn't wasn't the creature flailing about.

"Sorry about this feller, but its for your own good" she said somberly. Then slaked the alcohol soaked bandage on his blood soaked neck. The effect was instantaneous!

The creature let loose a scam of agony.

His body went into convulsions, and he was thrashing about like a creature dipped in molten lead! Even with Applejack's innate Earth pony strength, and athletic build from a lifetime working the Apple farm, she found it hard keeping the creature pinned.

"Woa their fella, im trying ta help ya!" yelled Applejack. Unfortunately, her words didn't seem to reach the creature as he continued his thrashing. She held on as long as she could, but as the creature was thrashing his flailing tail struck Applejack!

With a heavy "thud" she landed on the floor, her head reeling from the hit. Now without Applejack holding him down the creature was going ballistic and thrashed around even harder than before.

"Ah Tarnation! Well I reckon this can't get any worse" the farm mare uttered dejectedly. Then it got worse. Before she could react she was tackled again! But this time by somepony she knew.

"Big Mac! What do you reckon your doing?," she began. The red stallion didn't answer but turned his attention to the thrashing reptile. Realizing what he was thinking Applejack tried to say something, but was cut off as he ran full throttle at the sofa. Then in one swift movement he promptly launched both the sofa and occupant straight through the wall!

Through the gaping hole in the wall the creature finally stopped moving, and returned to his slumber. Geeze this critter sure is a heavy sleeper. Applejack though internally. She then turned to her brother who was heading back toward the kitchen? She trotted after him to try and explain, but didn't get the chance. Applejack's eyes widened as she saw what he brother was about to do, for in his hooves he had literally hoisted their stove and was going to flatten he reptile critter!

Now please understand in Big Mac's mind the creature was some kind of monster that he had seen attacking his sister. Obviously he needed to protect Applejack, so the first thing he did was get her the hay away from that thing! Now that it was incapacitated, he had to do something unless it attacked again. Now, violence usually wasn't his first response, heck it wasn't most ponies first response, but this creature had attacked his sister and was a danger to his family, so quite simply it had to go.

Imagine his surprise when his sister defiantly steeped right in front of him! He narrowed his eyes, mentally urging her to move. But his sister was a stubborn one alright, she didn't budge an inch. He raised the stove a bit higher, but the fire in her eyes let him know she wasn't backing down.

Finally, with a sigh, Big Mac relented. He placed the stove gently back where it belonged and urged his sister to explain herself.


Location: Canterlot

A certain blue unicorn looked at the mirror repulsed. Dark lines encircled her eyes and she looked like a pony on the edge of starvation. Needless to say "The Great and Powerful Trixie" was feeling less than Great and Powerful at the moment. Actually, the showmare hadn't felt all that great since the summoning. She put up a brave face for her faithful wall-eyed assistant but truth be told Trixie felt terrible. She had a nagging headache that felt like some pony was using her head as a pair of drums. She also felt completely and utterly spent, she was emotionally and physically drained she could barely even walk. In fact if it weren't for the help of Ditsy Do, Trixie very much doubted she could have made it to the motel unscathed. After the summoning Trixie decided to cut her losses and call it a night. Trixie had expected such a spell to be draining, possibly even dangerous, but what happened back their just wasn't right.

Trixie was broken and defeated by a summoning spell, the very same spell that would bring back her reputation and prestige! Knocking over a table in rage the blue showmare wondered just where it all went wrong.

"Was it the summoning procedure? But I'm sure I followed the directions of the spell too a tee! I double checked the math, added the right ingredients what could have possible went wrong?!" she said furiously as another piece of furnishing was toppled over.

But no matter how much the showmare complained she knew that she messed up. Her disheveled state was proof of that. Normally a unicorn feels fine in a couple of moments after casting a spell, maybe a little weak in the knees after a complex one like teleporting. Yet, for some odd reason that summoning spell had completely drained her, and that was hours ago!

More than that though, Trixie remembered the presence of the "creature" on the other side of the spell. Even now she could picture it's terrible eyes glowering over her, it's ancient presence belittling what mortal achievements she could ever aspire to, and worse of all, Trixie remembered the sheer feeling of raw, destructive power that oozed out of every orifice of its being! It was like terror incarnate!

She trotted tot eh sink again and splashed some water on her face. Despreate to shake off that "other" presence.

Trixie closes her eyes and allowed her memories to over take her. The only thing that ever came close to the presence she felt during the summoning was when she saw Princess Celestia raising the sun during the Summer Set Sun Celebration. Trixie remembered the power and majesty of the Princess that day, and the sheer magnitude of the power she must have possessed. But as powerful as the Princess of the Day was she never seemed malevolent or even threatening. Her power was a warm, almost gentle feeling despite its magnitude.

Heck, Trixie had even been in the presence of four Alicorns during her rival, Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation! Even when not exuding power the Alicorns were a forced to be reckoned with. A fact every magic user was fully aware of.

It was one of the reasons Trixie grew to hate Twilight Sparkle. Why did she deserve such tremendous power and not Trixie? Then she remembered it was exactly that line of thinking that led to the dreaded "Alicorn Amulet" incident, and Trixie certainly didn't want a repeat of that. All she wanted was her reputation back, was that too much to ask? But now she may have bigger problems.

If the Alicorns were the "harmonious" side to magic then that creature was definitely the polar opposite. She cringed at the thought of the "creature" as being as powerful as the Princess or worse more powerful!

Trixie somehow managed to find an unspeakable force of destruction, and that would have been the end of the story, if it wasn't for one tinsy wincy detail. All the ingredients had been consumed and the creature was nowhere to be seen! This probably meant that some horrible monster was roaming Equestria at the very moment and it would be all Trixie's fault!

The distressed mare gulped down her fear and considered her options. She could keep quiet about the whole thing and hope things turned out for the best. After all their was no "absolute" proof the creature made it to Equestria after all.

"Then again...If that were true and the creature hadn't been summoned why were the ingredients consumed?"

Then she found herself thinking about ponies like Ditsy Do. Hardworking, and goodhearted ponies. Ponies like her didn't deserve to live in fear of a monster. Although, Trixie would never admit t she knew fear very well. She had been both the deliverer of fear and the receiving end and had come to detest both feelings. She felt so helpless after the "Ursa Minor" and "Alicorn Amulet" incidents and out of fear she hurt other ponies. But if she did nothing while this monster was free...then she would be no different than she was before. Worse she would be a coward, who couldn't own up to their own mistakes. No, whatever the consequences Trixie would have to face them.

"With Celestia as my whiteness, I will find a way to fix this!" Trixie said looking at the mirror with a new determined look on her face.


Applejack recounted the events of the past couple hours for her brother. He didn't say a word the entire time. Instead he simply sat and listened to what his sister had to say, with that iconic indecipherable look on his face. Oh sure he occasionally frowned, or twitched his ears but other than that he did not say a single word. By the time she finished her story Big Mac didn't look anymore convinced than when she had started.

"Look he was a critter in trouble I couldn't just leave him"

He said nothing.

"He was being attacked for Celestia's sake!" she pleaded.

Big Macintosh looked at his kind, and courageous sister before him. Of course she would risk her life to save a creature she hardly knew. Part of him was so proud of his little sister, and yet... It was his job as the eldest brother not only the farm, but his family as well. This creature was definitely a danger.

"Applejack...look at him" he said gesturing to the creature for emphasis "Claws, teeth, this critter is dangerous. You shouldn't have brought him here."

"Well I couldn't just leave him out there either. Big Mac the Chimera done near finished the creature before I reached him. If I just left him there's no way he would have survived."

"What if he is dangerous? You said it yourself this...what ever it is took direct hits from the Chimera's claws and poison. Only an insane pony would go up against a Chimera."

"Are you forgetting I've had a few tussles with the Chimera myself?" Applejack added smugly. Big Mac chuckled lightly and retorted.

"Ok either an insane pony, or an incredibility brave Apple Family pony such as yourself," the red stallion amended.

"Thank you kindly" she said with mock bravado, electing another chuckle from the usually stoic stallion. Then she grew serious "Look big Bro, I've been in danger plenty of times. I know a mean looking critter when I see one. Manticores, Chimeras, heck even a couple Gods and such."

"Applejack Im not saying that you can't handle yourself..."

The orange Earth pony raised her hoof, she wasn't done yet. Big Macintosh bit his lip and decided to hear his sister out.

"I reckon I always thought I knew when a critter was no good. But, in these past couple months I've been proven wrong. And you know how much I hate that." she said with a grimace. He nodded, he loved his sister but she was as hard headed as they come.

"Maybe once I would have left the creature to fight for itself. And maybe that would'a been the "smart" thing" she said air quoting the word smart, "But, you know a lot of those monsters are like ponies once you get to know them Big Mac. So maybe just this once instead of seeing a monster or predator, I saw another pony who needed help."

Big Macintosh didn't know what to say. He glanced again at the scaly creature and though This creature? Like a pony? Then again these last few couple years have been weird. He knew Applejack always spoke directly from the heart, and she did face incredible danger often. If anypony could tell if somepony was dangerous it would be her. If she felt like the creature deserved a chance than perhaps he should too.

He sighed and said "Okay, fine sis I trust you. And I reckon it wouldn't be right to leave..."him" in that condition" Applejack smiled brightly. But he continued "But if he turns out to be dangerous he's got to go. Deal?". He extended his hoof expectantly.

Instead of giving the customary "brohoof" she instead grabbed his hoof and pulled him in for a quick bear hug.

"Deal" Applejack said. The somewhat surprised Big Mac simply returned the hug. Just then a thought occurred to the orange farm pony.

"By the way Big Mac I reckon its pretty late. What are you still doing up?

The stallion began to sweat nervously, "Well...errr...see the thing is,". He didn't get to finish as he was swiftly 'knocked' on the head.

"Owww!". He moaned

"Gosh darn in Big Macintosh! What have I told you about drinking at night?". Applejack continued to berate her brother. He could only cringe in shame until it was over and couldn't help but think Gee and we were having such a touching moment too.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait guys (don't hate me :fluttershyouch:) I had to get my keyboard fixed, and I had writers block! Not a good combo.:ajsleepy:

So yea we had a lot of Godzilla the last couple of chapters so I though i'd cast some light on the other players in this story :raritywink:

Applejack's impassioned speech is partly from her Friendship lessons, and partly the work of the "Florence Nightingale" effect though less potent:ajsmug:

Hhaha I bet you guys though I forgot about Trixie didn't you!? Well surprise! I've got "plans" for her.

I hope Big Mac didn't come off as "too" much of a jerk. He's just a simple farm pony looking out for his family. Applejack has seen things he hasn't so I think that even though she's younger in some respects she's become wiser.

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