• Published 26th May 2014
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Summoning the King of Monsters! - Krazy Stargazer

What happens when The King of Monsters meets the residents of Equestria?

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The God of Destruction meets the Goddess of the Night

The King of All Monsters, felt a disturbance on the surface, and went to go investigate. First he made land fall on one of the coasts, and moved swiftly to face his adversary. It took him a while, he was much more agile and faster underwater than he was on land after all. But as inevitable as the sun is to set, he finally found his quarry. A three headed monstrosity was reeking havoc among the humans! A creature known as the Chimera, with two heads those of a goat and a tiger, and a snake tail. It was currently terrorizing some of the humans, and wiping out their feeble, yet admirable defenses. Worse still the creature seemed to be enjoying every moment of it.

"Humph! How stereotypical. Just mindlessly destroying, and attacking the helpless? How undisciplined! Time to teach this upstart a few manners," the King thought to himself.

With that thought, Godzilla grabbed an abandoned human vehicle, and with enough precision and strength to make a professional baseball player envious, proceeded to launch it at the creature's torso. Force is when a mass accelerates, and the King just threw a (roughly)1500killogram car like it was a softball! Upon impact Godzilla was rewarded with a scream of pain from the Chimera as it staggered back trying to regain its footing, Allowing himself the briefest moment of smugness, he then assumed a battle ready stance. The now furious Chimera identified it's assailant, and boy was it mad! All three Chimera heads simultaneously roared at him in rage. It was a nightmarish sound, an unnatural amalgam of sounds that permitted through the air.

"Hehe not bad rookie, but let the King show you how it's done!". He prepared his own roar; the roar of legend, the roar capable of making his enemies cower in fear, and the skies themselves tremble!


"No, that's not right let me try again," clearing Godzilla cleared his throat he prepared for his true terrifying roar!


"...What the...?"

He never got to finish his query, for he was interrupted by the uncontrolled laughter of his Chimera opponent. The creature just kept laughing, and laughing!

"Shut up!" He growled. Wait a minute something was wrong. His voice was different somehow. It sounded...smaller. Like...like a hatching! No! This can't be happening! What the hell is going on! His question went unanswered as he felt a heavy, and foreign presence on his arms.

Golden shackles suddenly began to materialize around his wrists, but before he could react they latched onto him and refused to let go! Godzilla tried in vain to remove them but he was hit by a bizarre spinning sensation. All of a sudden, the structures of stone that the humans built began to get taller, and taller. And with them so did the Chimera! The infernal three-headed monstrosity was mocking him as he shrank!

"No! This can't be happening! This can't be real!" yelled Godzilla.

"King of the Monsters! More like King of the hatchlings! Bwhahaha," the Chimera mocked, their voices wrapped in malice. Godzilla stood in horror, and his jaws ajar in disbelief! The adversary, he was once level with, now towered over him! The Chimera was a giant compared to him now! "Okay, that was fun but now to the main course!"

The three-headed behemoth advanced upon him, with a look of pure bloodlust written upon every orifice of its faces. The entire ground shook, with each step the creature took. The creature he was once eye-level with, now towered over him, as a mountain would an ant! Godzilla was well aware of what would happen if the Chimera caught him. No, this can't be happening! This can't be happening damn it!

He suddenly felt his wrists getting heavier, and heavier. The gauntlets! Their getting heavier! No sooner, did he come to that horrifying conclusion the gauntlets themselves sprouted chains and impaled themselves into the ground. He pulled at the chains, but it was futile, they wouldn't budge. The Chimera raised one of it's gargantuan paws and prepared to squash Godzilla.

"NO!" Screamed the trembling creature in complete terror, "Not like this damn it!" The former King closed his eyes as the paw descended toward him, and hoped the end would be swift.


Applejack had a lot of questions for the dragon creature she saved last night. Who was he? Where did he come from? Why in tarnation was he fighting a Chimera?!?!

"Sigh, looks like I won’t be getting any answers any time soon" she thought passively.

The poor critter was out like a light the whole ride home. She had to leave her pie cart behind though, there was no way she could carry the dragon fella, and the pie cart. Applejack did not regret her choice, a life was infinitely more valuable than a couple of pies. Not that a varmint like that, there Chimera would understand. She could almost understand why that dragon creature wanted to fight so bad, the Chimera was downright cruel to the poor guy. The Chimera could have just accepted the pies gracefully and left, but instead they had to mock, and ridicule the poor creature. Heck, he seemed about ready to die fighting, and then his adversary just dismisses him...that's got to hurt.

"Hmm...now that I think about it that little fella looked like one of those 'honorable' types. Oh Celestia give me strength." The farm mare thought with a grimace. She had already dealt with one lizard and his honor, and well...to put it bluntly it was more trouble than it was worth.

Her friend Spike, who happened to be a dragon, had once felt like he owed her a debt, after she saved his life once. Applejack tried to let him down gently, and assure him she needed no reward, saving a friend was just the right thing to do. But, bless his little scaly heart, he honest to Celestia tried to honor his 'supposed' debt in anyway he could. The problem was that...Spike wasn't exactly use to farm work...and more often than not left things worse off than they started. After a long and complicated series of events that included (but were not limited to) being nearly being eaten by Timberwolves, they came to an understanding. Now, don't mix things up, Applejack adored the baby dragon as a friend, but if at all possible she would prefer not to have to deal with his 'Dragon Code' ever, ever again.

Applejack had to go through quite a bit for this creature, the journey from the Fire Pits to Sweet Apple Acres alone had taken most of the night. Between the confrontation with the Chimera and lugging around the dragon critter, she was drop dead tired. She would have liked nothing more than to just lie down and hit the hay. She wasn't the kind of pony to do things unfinished though; the creature needed some medical attention as soon as possible. Applejack had a medical kit and anti-venom handy at the farm for just an occasion; a necessary commodity when traveling down the Fire Pits to deliver the pies.

The orange farm pony feared that the creature wouldn’t make it, but it looks like she underestimated the critter. The farm mare had only just begun to clean the creatures wounds when she realized that many of his bruises were visibly healed! Applejack suspected that this creature was stronger than he looked, judging from the bruises he had the critter took some pretty nasty hits; she was amazed the critter was still breathing, much less healing already.

The first thing Applejack decided to do was patch up was his neck and throat. First she administered the anti-venom, and she noticed he had these weird slit like openings on his neck. They opened and closed rhythmically, almost like a heartbeat.

"Do all Dragon's have these? I don't reckon I've ever seen Spike with these things," Applejack thought curiously. Her curiosity peaked she leaned an ear onto the unconscious creatures bare chest. He's warm. Not hot like a stove... but more like a recently worn sweater.

She blushed as she did this but her embarrassment was rewarded, she heard his heartbeat. It wasn't like any heartbeat the farm pony had ever heard before, it beated a heck of a lot slower than a ponies', but at the same time 'resounded' a lot louder than a ponies'. Applejack reckoned that if his heart rate was anything to go on the creature was pretty darn strong. She looked back at the slits, and her suspicion's were confirmed.

"Wha, so this critter does breathe through his neck? I may not know all that much about dragons, but I know their not suppose to do that!" Then she realized something "Oh my Celestia, if that's true he got a full dose of Chimera venom straight into his system!"

Yet, again the creature astounded her. Chimera venom was usually very painful, and left the victim weakened for days, possibly weeks (a fact she could attest too). However, this creature seemed to already have expunged the harmful toxin!

"Just what in Equestria are you?"


The King of Monster's was sure he was about too meet his end. He was left immobile by some godforsaken bracelet, and a creature that now towered over him was going to squish him! His only regret was that he couldn't have died at his true height so he could at least die fighting. He closed his eyes and waited for death's embrace.

Nothing happened. After what seemed like an eternity Godzilla finally open his eyes. To his surprise he found that not only was his adversary nowhere to be seen but neither was the city landscape. Instead the King of Monsters found himself surrounded by a mysterious bluish-black fog. Before he could question this radical change he was interrupted.

All of a sudden he heard a sound. It started off softly, like a whisper. It wasn't a harsh melody, it wasn't a loud melody. It was the kind of melody you had to strain every ounce of your being just to hear. But, it was beautiful, soft as the melody was, it was beautiful nonetheless. Gradually, Godzilla felt his fear ebb away, and a new sensation take its place...peace.

So entranced by the melodious music, he didn't notice that he had been freed of his shackles, the enchanted Kaiju, continued his search until he finally came across a figure approaching him.

"A quadruped?" He pondered. The creature before him did indeed seem to walk on all force and seemed to resemble an equine of some sort, but it was too hazy to tell exactly what creature he was looking at. For a moment he thought he saw a blond mane, orange fur and emerald green eyes.

Godzilla rubbed his eyes to get a better look and tried again. This time he saw something completely different.

The creature was still equine in shape, but completely different. For one thing, it had a horn coming out of it's head, and sported a pair of wings. An casual observer would note that there was something...otherworldly about this creature too; it was the deepest shades of blue and black, and its mane and tail were wrapped in an ethereal breeze. It was like looking at the very embodiment of the night. However, Godzilla's senses extended beyond just normal, mundane vision. He sensed an enormous power radiating from the creature. A kind of cold and foreboding power that sent shivers down his spine and dorsal fins. In fact the only creature's he'd ever sensed that even rivaled this creatures power were at least his size, but never was it this...focused. Such power from a form so small?

Almost as if the creature could hear his thoughts it responded in a powerful, yet feminine voice, "Thou should'st know better, than to judge based on appearances" Then added smugly, "Especially, considering thine own present condition."

He opened his mouth to utter a retort, but realized she had a point. Frustrated he huffed out smoke and replied "Touche equine." Slow clapping for dramatic effect. Then growing serious he spoke.

"I don't sense any malicious intent from you equine, so what is it exactly you want?" He inquired somewhat irritably.

"Oh well aren't we blunt, reptile?" She retorted with a smirk, Godzilla growled in irritation, "Thou aren't the only creature who can sense the presence of powerful entities. We've been aware of your presence ever since your arrival here in Equestria. We must say that, we are very impressed. Not many creatures are brave enough, or stupid enough too go up against a Chimera."

Godzilla's spikes glowed slightly and smoke bellowed from his mouth. This quadruped was getting on his nerves. He haden't been given a straight answer since this whole ordeal began. The roundabout answers, the taunting, it all just want to make him knock this particular equine of her high horse, and wipe that smug grin off her face. "Just get to the point equine!"

The equine did just that. The air crackled with power their was a flash and then suddenly, the mystical quadruped was adorned in full metal-plated armor with sword telekinetically directed at his throat. For a moment their was silence, and Godzilla was beginning to regret yelling at the quadruped, but then she spoke.

"Thou aren't in thine world monster! You would do well to consider that next time thine speaks!"

Her words held an immense amount of power, a lesser creature would have succumb immediately, and even the King of Monsters was intimidated...but only for a second. He quickly gathered himself, he wasn't about to bow low to some glorified mammal. He defiantly stepped closer to the blade so that it now firmly touched his neck. The mare cocked an eyebrow, and then it was Godzilla's turn to speak.

"If a fight's what you want equine, I'll be glad to oblige! I'm through being the Universe's whipping boy! I've been through a hell of a lot today, and I don't need lip from you. If you want me dead then come fight me. Otherwise just leave me the hell alone!"

The tension in the air could have been cut with a butter knife. Neither reptile or the mammal yielded an inch. Godzilla stood resolute and defiant, in spite of having a lethal weapon aimed at his throat. Meanwhile, the mystical mare kept the blade firmly aimed at its target, and yet she did not attack him either.

This was a battle of will's between two titans, both incredibly powerful and ancient. It was the prime example of what truly happened when an unmovable object comes across an irresistible force!

Finally, the armored equine slowly sheathed her blade. Godzilla found himself releasing a breath of relief, but showed no other outward expression of anxiety.

"Perhaps we have been to hasty? We simply wish to hold conference with thee."

"...very well. That sounds...ahem that sounds reasonable." Godzilla said gathering himself.

"My subjects know me as Princess Luna, Diarchic of Equestria, The Mistress of the Night, The Mare on the Moon, esteemed member of the Alicorn race, Goddess of the Night, and Guardian of Dreams," the darkly clad mare finished formally, with an air of regality. Normally, she would have just stuck with 'Princess Luna', but she felt that this creature deserved to know who exactly he was dealing with. Yet, if Godzilla was impressed he certainly didn't show it outwardly, he simply nodded and began his own introduction.

"The inhabitant's of my world have given me many names...Gojira being among the first. I've also been called The King of Monsters, Big G, The Monster of Justice, The Radioactive Titan, The Defender of Earth, The God of Destruction," he said smirking at the last title, but continued, "The King of the Kaiju, The Alpha Predator, but most refer to me as Godzilla."

Princess Luna cocked an eyebrow at the creature before her. True, she had sensed his potential power a couple of hours earlier. His presence was even more profound to her when he entered her domain of dreams. In spite of the potential she could clearly sense from this creature, she still had trouble believing such a creature could garner so many...terrifying names. What in whole wide world would possess a people to name this creature before her a 'God of Destruction'?

In Equestria names held great power, was this creature truly so formidable as to to gain these titles? Her sister, the Goddess of the Day, had just as much titles as herself(if not more), and even the chaotic one had a name of power. Like a cutie-mark, name's told a lot about a pony. If just one of these titles were true then this creature could be a deadly adversary. But was he telling the truth? Or merely bluffing?

"I see you don't quite believe me. What was that about not judging by appearances, equine? Or should I say "Goddess of the Night?" said Godzilla chuckling. Princess Luna should have been offended, but she merely chuckled instead.

"Touche reptile, touche," The Princess said good-naturedly, "Yet, I fear we must draw our attention to more serious matters."

Interrupting Godzilla, whom had been 'bowing' at an invisible audience for his rather clever retort, stopped to listen at what the Princess had to say.

"I've come to you, to asses whether or not you are a danger to my subjects. Thus far it would seem that you are a danger to Equestria, and the wisest course of action would be to simply smite thee." Warning smoke jaunted from Godzilla's mouth and he took a battle ready stance. But, the Mistress of the Night continued.

"Yet, now that i've seen you in person...I am unsure upon what action to take."

Godzilla blinked, what exactly was this equine...rather this 'Goddess' trying to say?

"You obviously display a large quantity of power...even more than you currently posses in your...diminutive state. And from what you've willingly told me, you are feared in your own world. So the question remains..."

Godzilla listened intently.

"What do we do with a foreigner of immense power, a hinted at past of violence, with the safety of our subjects on the line?"

The question was meant to be metaphorical, but Godzilla had an answer.

"Princess...i know the burden of having to protect those in your charge. I know of the sacrifice we of power must endue for our subjects. I will not lie to you...had our positions been reversed, and i suddenly found a creature as powerful as yourself in my domain. I would attack first, ask questions latter."

Luna was shocked. She never would have guessed that he would have been in a similar position to herself. Indeed, he was even honest about the coarse of action he would have taken has their roles been reversed. She opened her mouth to say something but he continued.

"The very fact that you've spared me for this long demonstraits a patience and sense of compassion, i myself simply do not have. I do not wish to die, but i can understand the position your in. I would be remiss to say that i garner no threat to your people. For destruction is in my nature. So i humbly (as humble as his pride would allow anyways), leave my fate to your hands...errr I mean hooves."

The Goddess of the Night considered the creature before her. Powerful, dangerous, prideful, stubborn as a mule, but also noble in his own way. Did the benefits outweigh the risk? He was dangerous no doubt, but was he evil? The Princess doubted it, she had seen evil and although this creature befuddled her, she knew that evil was one thing he wasn't. But that didn't mean he wasn't a threat. Indeed, she still had to take into account his mysterious 'hidden' power. She knew that this form for the creature Godzilla was as false as herself after being liberated by the elements.

She could smite him now, while he was weakened, thus guaranteeing her subjects safety. But...he wasn't just a mindless monster, or evil dictator. In his own way he was like just one of her subjects...

Godzilla stood waiting for the equine's responce. He promised that if she deemed him a threat he wouldn't put up a fight. That being said he planed on keeping his word(even if he silently doubted the Goddess could pierce his scales), but that did not mean he wanted to die. He didn't know why he was doing this, normally he would have just fought her if she stood in his way. But, being shrunk can be amazingly humbling. So now his fate was in the hands of the equine known as 'Princess Luna'.

Author's Note:

The results of Godzilla vs. Gamera! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMOl-amah8w

Given what we know of G-man who thinks he would Win against the "Goddess of the Night"? How about in his present form? leave a comment down below.

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