• Published 26th May 2014
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Summoning the King of Monsters! - Krazy Stargazer

What happens when The King of Monsters meets the residents of Equestria?

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A King's Pride

Fighting was nothing new to Godzilla, he'd been fighting tooth and nail ever since he was a hatchling. Sure it wasn't always easy, and he had his fair share of defeats in the past. However, he knew from personal experience what happened to those who stopped fighting, and the results weren't pretty. That's why he fought, that's why he never backed down, because the moment you do you're dead. Even when he had grown big and strong there were still enemies that threatened both his home and his own life. In order to win in a fight you had to fight with everything you had! If you hesitate, if even for a moment it could mean your death. The humans were a prime example, even though they were small and week individually, they were ferocious in a group! Godzilla knew that if he did not fight them with everything he had they would eventually overwhelm even him, despite his size and power. That's how nature worked, his father always told him 'the strongest live to fight another day, because everyone wants to live, but no one want’s to die'. For him to survive it was important and necessary even to be the strongest around.

So when that three-headed monstrosity insulted him, Godzilla knew that he had to assert himself, otherwise he would be weak, not strong. When the creature had the audacity to attack him, Godzilla knew he would have to put his life on the line and fight the creature. He would show these lowlifes just who it was they were messing with!

Despite the much larger creature barreling towards him Godzilla stood unfaltering, and resolute to fight. The size difference didn’t faze Godzilla in the slightest, as an experienced fighter and predator he often had to fight enemies much larger then himself. Inwardly he chuckled to himself, if he was his real size this fight this rather imposing creature would be of relatively no threat. Yet, fate seemed to have other plans. The King of Monsters hated everything about the situation, he hated how small he was, he hated that he had no idea where he was, and he hated that this stupid creature didn’t even have the curtsey to answer a simple question! And now it was charging at him full force, trying to kill him!!! Fine, have it your way! I tried playing nice, now it's now more Mr. Nice guy.

“Closer…closer…just a little bit more…” said Godzilla anxiously waiting for his opportunity.

The creature was only a couple of meters away now, Godzilla clenched his teeth. He dug his feet into the ground bracing himself. Finally, his target was only inches away, the perfect distance. With all the force he could muster Godzilla swung his entire body, and consequently his tail. Time seems to slow down and all of the creature’s eyes widened in horror of what was about to happen, and the pain that was about to be inflicted upon them. Godzilla’s tail struck like a whip on the front two heads of the creature with the force of a cannon! The force of which staggered the much larger creature.

The creature was now disoriented, from the blow equivalent to a club at the speed of sound, crashing into it's sides. But, Godzilla wasn’t done yet! Still in mid swing, Godzilla clenched his fist and using the momentum of the turn, unleashed a devastating punch straight to the goat head. There was an audible “BAAAAAA’ as the punch made contact, and it slammed to the ground! Now, the creature was dazed, had a couple teeth missing, a few broken ribs, and was seemingly at Godzilla's mercy.

Godzilla raised his hands high to strike the creature again, but in a flash the snake half struck! The snake’s fangs were quite sharp, and they sunk deep into his neck. Godzilla let out a roar of pain and tried to jerk away, but the snake half held firm.

“Arrrgh! Look at what you've done to my sister whelp!" yelled the enraged creature, wincing in pain, "I'll kill you, pathetic lizard!"

"Your all talk freak. (grunts) You wanted to fight and now your whining? Your the pathetic one!" retorted Godzilla, struggling in the creatures grasp. Normally, Godzilla's tough scaled would have protected him, like when he got swatted earlier. However, the Chimera had actually managed to find one of Godzilla's weak spots...his neck. His neck was noticeably less scaly, but more importantly housed his gills!

'I’ll admit you surprised me, with that last attack little dragon, but play time is over!” The tiger head said angrily.

The snake half lifted Godzilla off the ground. Godzilla gasped for air, as he was hoisted off his feet. Then the snake promptly threw him to the ground. Once again Godzilla hit the ground his body aching. Then he felt another sensation. It felt, like acid was coursing through his veins instead of blood! Panting for breath Godzilla managed to stand up once again. Much to the creatures’ amusement.

“Silly dragon my poison is strong enough to kill a manticore!” said the tiger head in a superior tone.

“Yesss, sssssoon you will ssssuccumb to its affects and die!” The snake head chuckled. The goat head merely glared at Godzilla with a look of utter hatred. Unlike her counterparts, she had been dealt a powerful blow to the face, and was angry beyond mere words. Only, the will power of the other two kept her from going into a blood rage right there!

Godzilla’s whole body ached, he was heavily battered, bruised and now poisoned. Getting swatted at by a creature four times his size was no picnic. True, the impact hadn’t outright killed him like it would have to any other creature his present size, but it still caused a lot of damage. If it wasn’t for his tough scales, and regenerative healing abilities that first hit alone would have finished him. Godzilla knew what was at stake, this creature would kill him for sure it would kill him if it could. It had a predatory look in its eyes, and they were zeroed in on him now. Godzilla had seen it a hundred times, the second you show weakness, was when the predator honed in for the kill. Too top it off, Godzilla wasn’t sure how strong the monster’s venom was. But he had to fight, otherwise he was dead for sure. Raising his fists in a defensive stance, he braced for the worst.

Then something neither Godzilla nor the Chimera saw coming happened. Suddenly, there was an audible Crack! The Chimera flinched and stepped back distancing himself from the noise. It only took a second for them to collect themselves though, but they found a certain orange pony wearing rubber boots standing in the way of their prey. They had dealt with her before and were not happy to see her again.

“Hisss! Applejack, thisss isss none of your businesssss pony!” yelled the snake head who was in a rage over having her meal stolen.

“Why I reckon its mah business anytime anypony is in trouble,” retorted the orange pony defiantly. “Now, why don't you be ah good sport and head on home?”

“Never! This foolish creature has insulted us, and hurt my poor sister!” said the tiger head, gesturing toward their goat half too emphasize their point.

Applejack looked sympathetic, the critter was pretty banged up. It had a big ol shiner right on its left cheek, and was even missing a few teeth. Then, she glanced at the critter they were attacking though. To Applejack he just looked like a dragon hatchling. He was pretty banged up too, but far worse than the Chimera. It's hide was damaged in many places, huge ugly bruises littered his body, his neck was bleeding profusely and he was breathing like a creature on it's last legs. Needless to say it wasn't a pretty sight, and Applejack couldn't help but pity the creature. Heck, he can’t be much older than Spike, the poor critter. He looks like he's been to Tartarus and back.

From what she could gather the dragon had been attacked by the Chimera and managed to put up one hell of a fight. Applejack was impressed that he had managed to stay alive. Even she would hesitate at the idea of fighting a Chimera head on. She didn’t want to get into a scrap unless she absolutely had too. A fight could make matters worse, a little of what Twilight would call ‘diplomacy’ was goanna be needed here.

“Alright, lookie here Ms. Chimera. I think this poor critter has had enough don't you? I got a cart full ’a pies, so I’ll tell ya what. You let this here fella loose and y’all can have any of them pies free of charge. Heck you can have the whole dang cart, but you got ta let him go. Do we have an understanding?” the orange said as politely as she could.

The Chimera looked thoughtful for a moment. All three heads deep in thought. Applejack tightened her grip on the whip and was ready to spring into action if the varmints tried anything. The dragon creature had insulted, assaulted, and harmed them. But the promise of a cart full of free pies was too tempting to resist, it was their favorite food after all! They, all came to a decision, even the goat head.

“(Sigh) Fine, Applejack you win. I’ll spare this pitiful creature’s life" said the tiger head through gritted teeth.

"It’s not like he wassss worth our time anywayssss” the snake head added.

"Yeaaa, he's just a pitiful lizard, way in over his head! I mean did you know this lizard called himself the 'King of Monsters'?" The goat head mocked "More like 'King of Losers!". Then, all three heads laughed. Applejack winced at the hurtful words, even though they weren't directed at her, those were just cruel things to say to anypony. She looked at the dragon, sympatheticly, but what greeted her was a look of pure hatred!

The King of Monsters was in a furry, trying to understand what the hell just happened. Their giving up our fight? FOR PIES!? And who is this orange creature?! Who does she think she is!!!? Swooping down like I'm some kind of silly hatchling that can't handle himself! The orange creature...the three headed creature...they all look down on me!!! I've been a patient 'lizard' but now.... I'm mad!!!! The three headed creature thinks I'm 'pitiful'? And then they dare to laugh at me...in my presence! Oh I'll give them something to 'laugh' about!!! Godzilla reached deep, deep into his very core until he felt a familiar warm, and powerful sensation. Summoning his inner nuclear fire to the surface as his dorsal spikes glowed an ominous neon blue, with steam coming from his mouth and electricity arching from his body.

Applejack witnessed the whole spectacle. Suddenly, she saw the dragon feller start...glowing! I've never known that dragons glowed. What in tarnation is he... She didn't get to finish that thought.

With enough power now gathered up, Godzilla unleashed his most devastating attack, his dreaded ATOMIC BREATH! He unleashed the primordial furry that was pure concentrated nuclear fire directly at the still laughing Chimera. Applejack dove to the ground to avoid the on coming death beam, and it continued directly to it's intended recipient.

The nuclear fire coursed through the air, and plowing into the Chimera! Sending the larger creature flying! The Chimera was simultaneously roasted and crushed by the death beam screaming in agony the whole way, until the beam mercifully dissipated after a few moments. Applejack on the other hand was shocked. What in tarnation just happened!!!? That dragon feller just ...blasted the Chimera?

“No one insults me freak. I am Godzilla, King of Monsters, and you better remember that,” Godzilla said defiantly, then turned to Applejack "and I am not a hatchling...equine! I can handle myself."

Then like a cosmic joke, as soon as he said that, his legs suddenly gave out. Godzilla let out a cry of pain and was on his knees panting for breath even more heavily than before. He usually saved his atomic breath for emergencies, and their was a reason. It took a while to charge and it took a lot of energy. Now, Godzilla was aching, and completely and utterly exhausted. He glanced to see the Chimera getting up. He was in shock! He put enough power into that attack to vaporize the damn thing! Then, he came to a realization "Hehe...so this place even downgraded my Atomic Breath!"

Applejack however, was trying to decipher what just what just happened. She had managed to avoid a fight with the Chimera but this dummy managed to undo all that! She looked back at the Chimera and with the look on their face she could tell there would be no ‘diplomacy’ this time. The creature was singed, smoking fur, and bloodlust in each eye. Applejack knew that if she didn’t do something fast the Chimera was going to kill them both, pies or not.

"Why, in tarnation did you do that!?!?" She yelled at Godzilla.

"...I'm...I'm no victim equine!" He responded angrily and out of breath. Applejack looked sympathetic for a moment, then answered.

"Look, I can tell you put up one hell of a fight...but is it really worth risking your life? Is accepting help so bad?"

Godzilla didn't answer.

Just then they heard all three of the Chimera heads roar in anger. Then it advanced toward them wincing slightly with each step.

As the Chimera neared, Applejack prepared herself for the inevitable battle, and placed herself squarely between the dragon and the Chimera.

"I told you equine...I can handle myself"

"I'm not saying you can't handle yourself in a brawl partner. What I'm saying is that everypony needs help once in a while" stated Applejack. She spoke simply and genuinely, as if it were a fact of life. "I know how hard it can be to accept help...believe me. But something's sugercube, are too big to handle alone."

Godzilla was silent once more, digesting the words this orange equine had entrusted to him.

Applejack pulled out her whip and got ready. With a flick of her hooves she repeatedly whipped in their direction, slowly drawing their attention away from the beaten dragon. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) the creature was mad, but that means that it wasn’t thinking clearly, and that could be just the edge she needed.

Fast as lightning they lunged at her. She slid right underneath them causing them to miss. Once again she whipped at their direction, moving her entire body with the momentum of the whip to get the maximum effect. The ear shattering Crack of the whip serving to both disorient and infuriate the monster. Every time the Chimera lunged Applejack dodged at the last possible second and continued to whip at them. However, the snake half was giving her the most trouble, due to it being the fastest of the three. So then she tried something new. Pulling out a flute she began to play, as she whipped around gracefully dodging the Chimera.

Godzilla watched the whole thing mouth agape in awe. Not only was she fighting, but she did so in a way he could only define as ‘beautiful’. Her movements were like her body was an extension of the whip. She almost seemed to dance around the Chimera at times, with all the agility and grace she possessed. And the music…the music was calming yet enticing. If its true that music calmed the savage beast then Godzilla could attest to that, he found his anger slowly eroding and replaced with other feelings.

Feelings he hadn't felt in a very long time. He was spellbound by this amazing equine before him, and honestly he would have been happy if he could watch forever. Nevertheless, he came to realize that both of them were in danger!

"I got to do something!" he thought internally. Then he hatched a plan, it was crazy, but it just might work.

Meanwhile, the Chimera, irritated with the pony, tried biting her. Applejack hadn’t brought that chair for nothing, though! Quickly unfolding it, she promptly shoved it in the Chimera’s tiger mouth and jumped back before they could retaliate. By now her song had also put the snake half to sleep.

“That’s to down, one to go” she thought. “Now it I can just trick the goat head…”

However, the goat half had other plans. The goat half remembered what happened the last lime they fought Applejack and was determined not to fall for same trick twice. It turned its attention to Godzilla. Applejack was annoying but it was Godzilla the goat half really wanted to kill. With that it charged at Godzilla horns first!

“Oh no! Move, get out of the way partner! She's heading right for ya!!!” Applejack yelled.

Yet, Godzilla hadn’t moved, he was on one knee, and looked like he was still trying to catch his breath. Applejack ran as fast as she could to him, but it was too late. The Chimera had gotten too much of a head start, and was going to reach him first. It's eyes locked on him with pure bloodlust. In fact the Chimera was already savoring victory, and showing that pitiful dragon it's place.

Then, Godzilla made his move. Using the remaining of his strength he launched himself to the side, narrowly dodging the ram’s horns. He kept his tail straight though, and just as he’d hoped the monster had tripped over it slamming its horns into the tree, and imbedding itself there. It tried to pull itself out but there was no use, it was stuck and wouldn’t be getting out anytime soon.

"Baahhh. I'll get you! You pesky, glorified lizard!!! You, and Applejack too!" The goat head threatened, trying to look intimidating. It didn't really work. With the rams horns stuck in a tree, the tiger head chewing on a chair, the snake head sound asleep, and all of them looking like they just came out an oven, the Chimeria could no longer be classified as threatening...hilarious to look as maybe, but not threatening.

Applejack was impressed, even exhausted the dragon feller managed to outwit the Chimera at the last second. Nonetheless, it looked like the poor guy had reached his limit. He was flat out unconscious. When he dove out of the way, he slammed into the ground and well...it was light out for him after that. Applejack knew she couldn’t just leave him here, he would need a safe place to heal. And she inwardly groaned at what she would have to do.

“Sigh, ya know partner your growing to be a real pain in my flank, ya know that?” she asked rhetorically.

After some fiddling she managed to get him on her back. He was heavy, but Applejack had dealt with heaver; having too work on a farm and all that.

“Alright big fell’a lets get you to Sweet Apple Acres.”

With that she began making the long journey home. Then she heard something, just a whisper really but it held all the meaning in the world, ‘Thank You'.

Author's Note:

So this chapter sure was action packed. Applejack, and Godzilla verses a Chimera. Not bad for a first battle match up eh?

Here we see Applejack meeting and consequently saving G-man...I wonder how he's gonna take that when he wakes up? I wanted to show a little bit of G-mans past in this chapter, and some of his motivations for why he does what he does.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Also some news. Screwattack is doing a deathbattle with Godzilla vs. Gamaria

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