• Published 26th May 2014
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Summoning the King of Monsters! - Krazy Stargazer

What happens when The King of Monsters meets the residents of Equestria?

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The King Arrives!

Location: Equestria, Canterlot, Royal Library.

Everypony knows the Royal Library is off limits to the general public. Actually, it was rare for anyone except the Princesses to be allowed access. The knowledge contained in this esteemed library housed ancient and dangerous spells. Spells that if one were not careful could unleash horrors on all of ponykind and chaos across Equestria!

Luckily, The Great and Powerful Trixie was the most talented, the most incredible, and the most qualified to enter those infamous halls. Granted she hadn't been... what's the word 'given permission' to enter the library, but when one was as great asThe Great and Powerful Trixie, then rules bend to you, and not the other way around. Always adhering to the rules was for... 'less great' ponies, and besides The Great and Powerful Trixie had a totally logical, and meaningful reason why she had to 'bend' the rules a bit.

The biannual Magic Competition was starting in a month, and The Great and Powerful Trixie needed a really, really powerful spell to Wow the judges with. The Great and Powerful Trixie was amazing already but...she really needed the good press. After both the User Major, and Alicorn Amulet incidents The Great and Powerful Trixie needed something truly magnificent to get ponies attention. Especially since her rival Twilight 'Snarkle' ascended to Alicornhood! Surely, such an indignity cannot stand! The Great and Powerful Trixie would prove that she was Twilight Sparkle's equal, Alicorn or not!!!

"Uhh Trixie are you sure about this?" asked Ditzy Do, with that same annoying (yet strangely endearing) cross-eyed look on her face.

"Yes, Mrs. Do The Great and Powerful Trixie is quite sure. One of these books must surely contain a spell that will impress those judges, and I'm just the magnificent pony to cast them," answered Trixie with extreme patience.

Sigh, and then their was this mare. She wasn't Trixie's first choice but...beggars can't be choosers. It was suppose to be a simple stealthy mission. Step 1 sneak into the Canterlot Castle, Step 2 find and 'borrow' a spell book that adequately displays Trixie's amazing magical talents.

Truly an example of simplicity if Trixie ever did see one. But this mare wasn't nicknamed 'Derpy' without good cause. Her constant clumsiness nearly managed to ruin the whole plan. Trixie must have cast a sleep spell on half the night guards, with all the noise Ditzy Do made.

"What if one of the Princesses finds out? (gasp)What if they banish us?! I don't want to be banished! What if there aren't any muffins where were banished? What if..."continued the terrified mare.

Trixie ignored the ramblings if the nervous grey pegasus, as she continued looking for a suitable Spellbook scanning the book title's. Lets see...'Calling Forth Lightning' kid stuff,...'Summoning the Dead' to gloomy,...'The Art of Breaking the Forth Wall'........Trixie had to admit she didn't even know what that one even meant! She searched for a few more minutes before coming across the perfect title; 'How to Summon and Ensnare Powerful Entities'. Yes, this will do nicely.

"Come along Mrs. Do," Trixie said smugly and began trotting out the library. Not hearing an answer and growing a little bit concerned she prompted again "Mrs. Do?"

Trixie let out a sigh as Ditzy Do followed this time, still engaged in her silly inner dialogue "Or what if their are stoves on the moon? But wait where would we find flour?"

Trixie rolled her eyes at the grey pegasus, and together they made their escape.

Location: Earth, Cost of Japan

"Captain we have a visual of Godzilla on radar" says the Private. The Captain glances at the radar screen to confirm this.

"Ah so we finally have you?" mused the Captain, "or will you manage to slip between our fingers yet again?"


"Hmm oh don't mind me. Just the musings of an old sea dog, I suppose" the Captain answered. Actually the Captain was musing how after all the tines this magnificent beast had saved the world, humanity was still dead set on killing him. Then again every time the damn thing came onto land their were innumerable casualties. He shrugged his shoulders, orders were orders and that's all their was too it.

"Fire when ready!" yelled the Captain. Everyone tensed up, they knew the chance of survival were slim but everybody on board was ready to take that risk.

The plan was simplicity itself. Hang a nuclear warhead on a helicopter and use it as bait, lure Godzilla to an unpopulated are and then let the nuke go off and watch the fireworks. The Captain scoffed. As if it were that easy. The overgrown lizard would have died ages ago, no this creature had the devils own luck. And those idiot politicians thought it would be a good idea to have aerial, and naval support on this little crusade. The Captain those poor souls that were off to go fight him, little did they know fighting Godzilla was like trying to fight nature, admirable but ultimately futile. He lit a cigarette and waited for the 'fireworks' to begin, only he had a sinking suspicion it wasn't the kind the politicians were looking for.

He waited....and waited...and waited. Finally a full hour passed and not a single gunshot was heard. "Private what's the condition on the bait?" he asked

"Uh. Intact sir" replied the Private.

"Hmm...and our number of losses?"

"No loses yet sir." The Private answered.

"One last question Private."

"Yes sir?"

"Where is the target?"


Location: Equestria, just outside Canterlot

Trixie was as giddy as a school filly! Here was the key to all her goals. Showing up that overblown Twilight 'Snarkle', regaining her reputation and showing that once again The Great and Powerful Trixie is the most powerful and talented unicorn in all of Equestria!


That is if a certain wall-eyed pegasus didn't blow them sky high first! Trixie turned to examine the damage. Upon reflection asking the clumsy mare to retrieve the materials for the spell (most of which were highly volatile and flammable) was not the best idea. She was relived to see the grey pegasus in one piece, but covered in black soot from an explosion.

"I just don't know what went wrong" the clumsy pegasus said innocently. And at that Trixie firmly planted her front hoof to her face with an audible, smack!.

"Grr Derpy...I mean Mrs. Do please be more carful, these are very rare and valuable ingredients" explained Trixie

"I'm sorry" Ditzy Do said sadly, lowering her head in shame. Looking at Ditzy Do's disappointed face Trixie felt bad.

"Come now Mrs. Do, the situation is still salvageable" Trixie said as she levitated the ingredients, "See? It will take more than a simple mistake to interfere with the plans of The Great and Powerful Trixie." Ditzy Do chuckled slightly.

"What's so funny?" Trixie asked agrivated.

"Its just...you sound like another certain pony I know" replied Ditzy Do.

"Hmph. Oh by the way Mrs. Do, I'm going to need one more ingredient." said Trixie.

"Oh I can get it I'll be super careful, promise! Just say the word and I'll..."Ditzy Do was interrupted by a sharp pain in her left wing.

"OWW! Ochie, ouchie, oichie!" exclaimed Ditzy Do. Then she noticed one of her feathers in a blue aura and floating away from her. "That's one of my feathers!" she exclaimed.

"Not to worry Mrs. Do, it is being used for a good cause" said Trixie as she began setting up the summoning circle. The book had offered many different creatures that could be summoned from a mighty Manticore, to a gigantic User Major! After much internal debate she decided she would summon a Dragon! Surely that would impress the judges!

First Trixie drew a circle that would roughly be a Dragons length, about 300 feet in diameter. Next, she drew a six pointed star in the middle to circulate the magic and pinpoint the creature for summoning. Then, she drew smaller circles on the outside of the original circle, and had them correlate with the points on the star. Trixie placed the ingredients in those circles. And last but most importantly, she had to place two bars of gold to restrain the creature when it was summoned. Gold had certain magical qualities, and when used in a summoning circle would allow the caster to control the summoned creature. Granted she had to melt down every bit she had but, you know what they say 'no pain no gain'.

Now all Trixie had to do was activate the spell with her magic. It was important that she keep the stream of magic constant, or else the spell wouldn't work. Yet, Trixie was confident in her own magical abilities and after taking a deep breath begin drawing on her own magical reserves. She would use the summoning circle like a fishing rod, and use her magical might to reign in her target.

The effect was instantaneous, the summoning circle began to glow ominously, and sparks of electricity lashed out from the circle. Ditzy Do watched the entire spectacle with worry and concern. She couldn't tell what exactly but something felt very wrong. Suddenly ominous, threatening storm clouds began to form and the ground seemed to tremble.

"Uhm Trixie, I think we should stop. I mean the ground is shacking and..." Ditzy began to explain.

"Nonsense, this is all perfectly normal during a summoning" interrupted Trixie.

But Ditzy wasn't convinced, and honestly even Trixie was having doubts. True summoning's weren't exactly 'easy' spells, but Trixie could still do them without too much effort. But this was ridiculous, never before had Trixie found a spell so magically taxing. It was like a leach, draining her of her vitality, and soon the effects became visible. Ditzy Do watched in horror as she saw Trixie's breathing grow harder and faster, and even worse the spell also seemed to be aging Trixie! Suddenly, Trixie began to wither and wrinkle a shadow of the pony she was mere moments ago.

"Almost got it, I've almost got him." Trixie said weakly. Trixie could feel the creature on the other side, she just needed to keep pulling... Suddenly, Trixie's expression turned from one of determination to one of horror!

"NO! NO, no oh by the Divine Sisters no!" Trixie yelled incoherently, "I can't stop it! It's coming!"

Finally, Ditzy Do had seen enough! Regardless of Trixie's ambitions Ditzy felt that this spell would kill Trixie if she did not intervene. Before the spell could drain Trixie any more, Ditzy rushed to, and collided with Trixie. Ditzy may not be the smartest pony but she knew when magicians were distracted or lost focus their spells could be negated. She hoped the sudden impact would be enough to snap Trixie out of it and negate the spell.

Luckily, the pegesus's gamble paid off. Almost immediately all the glowing and electricity emitted from the spell stopped. Then the sky cleared, and the ground stopped shacking, signifying that everything was back to normal. Well, normal wasn't exactly the right word. Trixie, as in the unicorn who was always confident, always sure of herself...was crying!

"Ditzy! Im such a fool Ditzy...I was in way over my head! I summoned something way too dangerous! I...I..." Trixie sobbed incoherently.

"Shhh, shh it's ok, its ok" replied Ditzy compassionately, holding on to Trixie while gently swaying. This had been traumatic or both mares but Trixie was the most broken over the whole thing. All Ditzy could do was try and comfort Trixie.

"No it‘s not ok...Ditzy I...I felt something...it was enormous and ungodly powerful!!! It wasn't a Dragon...it was too...too..." Trixie continued while sobbing.

"Well it figures The Great and Powerful Trixie wouldn't be content with a simple Dragon right?" Ditzy said jokingly. Trixie chuckled at that. "Besides its all over now right?". Trixie didn't answer immediately, gently pushing past Ditzy she examined the summoning circle.

Then, Trixie‘s eyes widened in terror and realization. The ingredients had been consumed! That meant the spell worked!!! But where was the creature?!?!

Sensing Trixie's fear Ditzy walked over and asked "What? What is it Trixie?"

"Ditzy...I think I just unleashed a monster onto Equestria."


Author's Note:

Well...this chapter took days!!!! I'm sorry but thinking of a story is one thing but, writing, and checking it is completely different.

I sort of like the relationship between Trixie and Derpy in this chapter so far. What do you guy think?
Sorry theirs no G-man yet...but I guess that adds to the suspense :)

A thanks to 'The Cake Devil' for being my editor!!!:twilightsmile:

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