• Published 8th May 2014
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Falling in Love Quietly - Calm Wind

Big Macintosh and Fluttershy are both very interested in each other after the incident in the mountains. But is it possible for a relationship, or even just friendship to begin if neither have the guts to say a single word to the other?

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Chapter 2

Falling in Love Quietly
By: Calm Wind

Chapter 2:

Running away. That’s all Fluttershy felt she could ever do. If something went sour, get out, go, leave, quit the stage. It was a problem she had always had, but it was a focused problem. It was only when she was on her own.

When she was with her friends she felt empowered enough to stand up and defend them if need be. That was the strength her friends gave her. She had stood up to a DRAGON for them once! But all of that was gone if she was alone. Any courage sank deep into the pit of her stomach and she could never muster it out.

Upon returning home, Fluttershy burst through the door, stopping briefly to quietly close it, before she flopped onto her couch despite being soaked from the rain. She whimpered and sniffled as she grabbed a pillow and pressed it down over the top of her head.

Way to go Fluttershy. Way to go. She spent two months thinking about Big Macintosh and then she made a complete fool of herself upon finally seeing him again. This wasn’t the first time she had embarrassed herself in front of a pony, why did this one hurt so much?

Maybe it was because she held him in such high regard. She may have had to stop him from pushing himself too hard, but the way he fearlessly pulled her and all her friends through that fierce blizzard was just so incredible! The way he kept her warm was just so caring… Big, strong, gentle… she admired him and everything he was.

Then she was a complete idiot in front of him!

As she softly cried into the couch cushion, the animals she tended to slowly began to emerge and move towards her curiously. Little heads of multiple woodland creatures peeked around corners, furniture, and windows. Their caretaker was distraught. Fluttershy looked up as two yellow chickadees, a robin, a cardinal, and three brown sparrows carried a towel down from upstairs and draped it over her. She sniffled as she glanced around at all the little critters: Squirrels, chipmunks, field mice, rabbits, etc. A raccoon and a fox that had taken shelter from the rain even approached and looked concerned.

She clamped her eyes shut and clutched the towel tightly as she continued to cry. Angel bunny hopped forward and up onto the couch. He glared at the rest of the animals and made quick beckoning motions. The animals just stared at him at first. He flattened his ears and rolled his eyes before pointing harshly at Fluttershy. The animals seemed to catch on because they all moved towards her and gathered around, cuddling and snuggling up against her in hopes of making her feel better.

It helped a little. Fluttershy felt comforted by all the warmth she was getting from the animals crowding around her, but it barely drew her mind away from Big Macintosh. It almost made her think of him more. Being surrounded by warmth, the way his large body surrounded hers, the way she felt protected.

She could forget it, how would she bounce back from this?

An hour or so later, the rain had finally stopped. The path leading through the outskirts of the Everfree up towards Fluttershy’s house was being walked by a much larger set of hooves compared to that which normally did.

Big Mac had never walked this way before. Fluttershy’s house was tucked away, hidden far from the roads he was used to walking. It was quiet, serene, and peaceful. He liked it.

Mac had been coached by his sister about how to act around Fluttershy. He basically couldn’t move a muscle until he gave her certain visual or verbal cues. It wasn’t gonna be easy, but he wanted to return the umbrella himself, which he held gently in his mouth as he walked. He also wanted to apologize for frightening her. He didn’t know why she ran away from him, he didn’t even say anything. Maybe she was embarrassed by the umbrella slip up and thought he hated her. Applejack did mention she was quick to blame herself and think others are judging her. Whatever it was he wanted to dispel it.

He wanted to see that cute happy smile again. She was a tiny little bundle of adorable. Her mannerisms were cute, the way she blushed at everything was cute, and the fact that she was one of the smallest ponies in Ponyville just added to it. Applejack was almost twice her size! So compared to him she was like a little doll. Mac admittedly had a secret liking for small stuffed animals. Was it weird that Fluttershy almost reminded him of one? Or did he just want to hug her like one? He couldn’t decide.

He felt lucky that he got to witness her shining qualities when they worked together to survive the blizzard. She spoke freely to him as he did with her, he witnessed her knowledge of harsh environments, she didn’t hide her face from him and shared her adorable smile, and then he got to protect her in his own way as they waited to be rescued.

Then they returned home. After the kiss, she seemed to go right back to being too shy.

Curious animals peeked out from behind trees and bushes as Mac passed. Normally they were out and about, even when Fluttershy was around. They were used to her. They quickly hid when this new massive pony came walking down the path, but they all stared in interest as he passed. Perhaps it was Mac’s gentle air despite his size that made them look and wonder. They say animals can sense more about an individual than what meets the eye.

This may also be why they suddenly rushed right back into hiding when another pony, radiating a much different kind of intent, came trudging up the path just far enough behind Mac for him not to notice.

Applejack kept an eye on her brother as he casually made his way down the road towards Fluttershy’s house. She didn’t care what Granny said, she still wasn’t comfortable having her big lumbering brother suddenly show up at Fluttershy’s front door. She’d be surprised if he didn’t give the poor mare a heart attack!

She wished Big Mac and Granny would just listen to her! Disapproving of Mac getting friendly with Fluttershy was only a little part of it. It took Applejack and her friends years to get Fluttershy to fully open up to them. Fluttershy was very nervous and very timid, sure, but this lead to anxiety and panic attacks. If Fluttershy was stuck and didn’t know what to do, her heart raced and she hyperventilated. Applejack had seen it happen a few times in the past. It wasn’t healthy.

The real reason Applejack was following Mac was just in case Fluttershy panicked. Fluttershy’s safe haven was her house. If she could get away and her house was within flying distance, it was where she could always go to feel safe. If Big Mac showed up, and she felt the same way she did in Mac’s little recount of the marketplace slip up, she had nowhere to run to. She was already in her house and something she didn’t know how to handle would be in front of her. With nowhere to hide, she’d most likely have an anxiety attack.

Applejack had given Mac clear warnings about this, and told him what to do in order to avoid it. His heart was in the right place, but she didn’t quite trust him on his own.

This was for Fluttershy’s own good.

Applejack stopped and darted behind a tree as Mac stopped and looked around.

Mac really liked this path. He enjoyed the peaceful surroundings when he worked in the orchard back home, but this was a different kind of peaceful. It was an unfamiliar peaceful, wild, but tame. Surrounded by the loose brush of the outskirts of a forest and the animals that inhabited it. It felt more alive than the orchard, but just as quiet.

He eyed Fluttershy’s house nearby. Just like the path, he had never seen it before. He was surprised to see that it too was a tree. A tree surrounded by small gardens, hanging birdhouses and animal feeders, all encircled by a small moat. At first he had a hard time discerning if it was a house. It blended in so perfectly with the wildlife. It was clear Fluttershy was an expert of animal care. She had both built her home and settled herself directly into the habitat of those she looked after. It was as if she belonged with them there from the start. It was very unique and interesting to him.

He took his time walking up to her front door. He wanted to examine everything in detail. He felt that all the fine work and preparation Fluttershy clearly put into her efforts would show him more about her rather than having to hear it from somepony else. She was clearly dedicated and clearly cared about every detail.

Mac stopped in front of her door. He was as tall as the doorframe. It wasn’t surprising. He knew a thing or two about architecture. An architect who builds a house for themselves will take into account their own size when planning the dimensions.

He gently leaned the umbrella against the wall beside the door and took a couple deep breaths.

It was time to do it. And time to do it right. Hopefully. Big Mac had no idea how this was going to go, but if nothing else he at least wanted show a kind gesture by returning her umbrella.

Applejack watched from a safe distance as Mac reached up and knocked on the door.

Fluttershy felt better. Kind of.

It was really only because all of the animals came to comfort her. She still didn’t know what to do. Mac probably never wanted to see her again after how stupid she was. Wait, why would he think that? It was an accident. It wasn’t like she meant to clamp their heads into the umbrella. But she still did it, after running face first into his side. He wouldn’t want to be around a klutz like her.

As usual, Fluttershy concluded to forget about all of it. She didn’t want to, but the more she thought about it, the better it seemed for everypony. She wouldn’t be distracted by him anymore and he wouldn’t have to be angry anymore. She didn’t want to forget the things she liked about him, but if she wanted things to go back to normal, she would have to.

Goodbye to his handsome looks and marvelous strength. Goodbye to the feeling of comfort he was capable of bringing. Goodbye to Big Macintosh.

Just let it all go. He would never be there on the couch beside her. Even more, why would he ever come to her house?

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

A soft knocking suddenly came from her door. She blinked and her ears perked up. All the animals except for Angel scattered and hid instantly. Somepony was at the door?! It was probably one of her friends. Probably Twilight. Fluttershy quickly discarded the towel, being dry now, and started trotting towards the front door.

Angel zipped in front of her and held his little paws out to stop her.

“Angel, sweetie, I have to get the door.” She quietly said. Angel shook his head, grabbed a small mirror, and held it up to her. “Oh goodness!” Fluttershy yelped. She was all dried off from being in the rain, but she had had the towel pressed over her head. She had a crazy mane going, hair poofed and split in all directions. “Oh dear!”

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The knock came again. “Um…” Fluttershy bit her lip and fluttered over to the door. “Just a moment… please…!” She yelled quietly before she glided towards her stairs and up into her bathroom to brush her mane.

Angel sighed and huffed. He knew all of Fluttershy’s friends. No other ponies ever showed up. He would just answer the door and make gestures to explain what his owner was up to. He went towards the door, hopped up to turn the doorknob and cracked the door open just enough for him to stand in the doorway. He blinked and looked up with wide, frightened eyes as a huge shadow was cast over him.

Big Mac looked down at the little white rabbit. He could tell Fluttershy lived with many animals, but he wasn’t expecting them to answer the door for her. It was amusing. Suddenly Fluttershy’s voice came from inside again.

“Angel!” She said quietly, but with frustration as she fluttered down to the door from the top of the stairs. “Please stop answering the door!” She slightly scolded as she landed. The door was still only open wide enough for Angel to stand in it. She reached over to open it more, placing the rest of her body behind the door.

This was how Fluttershy always answered the door. She would hide all of her body behind it and peer around the edge of the door as she opened it. If it were one of her friends, she’d quickly step the rest of the way out, but for anypony else, well she never got very far past hello.

She pulled Angel out of the doorway and slowly peered around the door as she opened it.

All she saw was Big Mac’s leg and the bottom of his yoke.

“EEEP!” She slammed the door shut, turned her back against it, and stood completely still with her eyes wide. He came to her house?! Big Macintosh was out front?!

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The knocking came again. Same softness and pattern it had before.

What was he doing there? Why did he come to her house? She thought he hated her! Wait, or did she just make that up? Maybe he came to tell her he hated her! No wait, why would he do that? Big Macintosh was a kind and gentle pony, he would never do that! But she just slammed the door in his face, so now he probably hated her!

“Ooohh…” Fluttershy squinted. She had to get a hold of herself. Big Macintosh barely comes off the farm. He only ever leaves the farm to do something important. He’s here, so it must be for something important.



The door.


Fluttershy gulped, turned her body back around and shakily turned the door knob.

Mac watched from outside, patiently waiting for Fluttershy to open the door, keeping in mind all the things Applejack told him about Fluttershy and how she handles ponies she isn’t used to.

Applejack’s guide to Fluttershy Rule #1:

(Fluttershy is like a kitten. If you try t’play with a new, scared kitten, it’ll keep runnin’ away and never come outta hidin’. Ya gotta be patient and let the kitten come to you before it’ll trust you and be comfortable around ya.)

Mac waited for Fluttershy to open the door and peer out at him. She was clearly nervous, or scared, or both.

Fluttershy was both and then some. She was already afraid of what to do if she made a fool of herself again. She was already at her house. She couldn’t run if she felt the need.

Mac quickly put on a warm smile.

Applejack’s guide to Fluttershy Rule #2:

(SMILE. Fluttershy reads visual cues instantly. And more often than not, she reads’em negatively. A sincere smile will give her no reason t’feel judged or threatened.)

Fluttershy’s body relaxed a little when she saw Mac was smiling? Maybe she was being too harsh, maybe he didn’t want to yell at her or call her stupid or whatever her mind kept making up. She was still scared though. She slowly showed a little more of herself, but still kept half hidden behind the door.

“Um…” Her voice squeaked. Mac was clearly there for a friendly purpose, she felt the need to greet him. “H—hello…” She said as a blush crept onto her face and she turned her head to slightly hide her face behind her mane.

Applejack’s guide to Fluttershy Rule #3:

(Let Fluttershy speak first. If ya start talkin’, she’ll never say a single word in fear of cuttin’ ya off.)

This was an easy one, Mac already preferred to reply over speaking first.

“Howdy.” He said quietly.

Applejack’s guide to Fluttershy Rule #4:

(Fluttershy is startled easier than most of the woodland creatures she takes care of. Whatever ya do, KEEP YER VOICE DOWN. An’ I mean WAY down. Speak too loudly, and yer likely t’make her nervous or ready to flee.)

The two remained silent for a brief moment. Fluttershy was frozen. Mac tried waiting for her to speak again, but she was clearly done until further notice.

“Uhhhh…” Mac slurred as he reached over and picked up the umbrella. Fluttershy looked surprised to see it. She had completely forgotten about it! Mac placed it at her hooves. “Ya dropped this… in town…” Mac said slowly and quietly.

“Oh!” Fluttershy finally snapped out of it. She was suddenly very glad. It was her favorite umbrella. If she had lost it, she would have been sad. She was just so distracted by, well, the pony returning it to her that it had slipped her mind. “T—thank you.” Fluttershy scooped it up and looked up to him with her head tipped slightly down.

“Yer welcome.” Mac nodded while smiling in satisfaction. Feeling like that was all he needed to do, he started to turn. Fluttershy perked up when she realized he was leaving.

“W—Wait!” She suddenly called out a little louder. Mac stopped, turned, and looked at her. Fluttershy was surprised she did that. She hadn’t even thought about it. The fact that Mac was constantly on her mind took control of her for that moment. “Um…” She hung up the umbrella on a rack beside the door and turned back to Mac. She used a hoof to push some of her mane up to cover part of her face. Mac could only see her eyes with all the pink mane in the way. “Macintosh, I’m…” She squinted and shuddered for a moment. “Er… I mean… sorry… for… running… off…” Each word was a higher pitch than the last. He turned back to her, continuing the smile.

“No harm.” He said simply.

So he wasn’t angry. It seemed obvious, but knowing for sure made Fluttershy’s heart beat with joy. She found this pushing her a little too far though. It was too late to think, she was already saying it,

“Um… would you…” She squeaked and pulled more of her mane over to hide her face. It didn’t matter, her blush was almost emitting light. “Would you like…” her legs were shaking, “To…come… in…?” Mac’s eyes widened for a moment. Fluttershy just invited him into her house? He was talking to Fluttershy right? “That-is-if-your-not-too-busy-I’m-sorry-this-is-selfish-of-me-please-don’t-hate-me-I…” She started rapid firing out of nowhere.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Mac smiled and chuckled. She shut her mouth tight as soon as he spoke.

Applejack’s guide to Fluttershy Rule #5:

(If Fluttershy starts speakin’ a mile a minute to negate something she just said, STOP HER. Then give a friendly response even if it’s a no or ya disagree.)

“I got work t’do, but I got some time.” Mac answered with a smile.

“Oh! Well, um… let me… make some… tea.” Fluttershy’s voice got quieter and quieter. Mac barely heard her say the word “tea.” She disappeared behind the door, but it stayed open. Mac moved towards it, and ducked down so he could fit through the doorway.

This was unexpected. For both of them.

Big Mac never expected Fluttershy to invite him in, but he didn’t care. He wanted to spend some time with her. He just didn’t know how to express it.

Fluttershy on the other hand had NO IDEA what she was doing. She wanted to be friends with Mac, but she was so damn afraid of something going horribly wrong, as always. She had no clue what made her think it was a good idea to invite him in. Maybe it was the only way she could think of thanking him for being so kind and returning her umbrella. But if it were a different pony she wouldn’t have.

His presence made her feel safe and scared at the same time. She felt safe when she remembered his bravery in the mountains, but she felt scared because she was shy and didn’t want him to hate her. He clearly didn’t, but this was Fluttershy, worrying was like a highly trained skill in her brain.

Outside, Applejack was staring dumbly towards Fluttershy’s front door. Her ears were flat, her hat had tipped downward and her mouth was hanging open. Did Fluttershy just invite her older brother into her house? Fluttershy, the small, frail, and timid, who was afraid of nearly everything… let in her massive, strong, and unintentionally intimidating brother?


Applejack jumped as a voice came from beside her. She quickly turned to see Pinkie Pie beside her with a pair of binoculars, pointing them at Fluttershy’s house.

“Pinkie?!” Applejack exclaimed in a hushed tone.

“Oo! Oo! I wonder what happens next! Story pacing dictates we’ll learn something important after this buildup! I can’t wait!” She giggled and bounced up and down.

“What the hay are ya doin’ followin’ me!?” Applejack forced Pinkie to look at her. Pinkie ended up looking at Applejack point blank with the binoculars.

“AH! Can’t focus!” She fumed. She turned the Binoculars around and looked through the wide end at Applejack. “Hey! Applejack over here!” She waved as if applejack was far away. Applejack yanked the binoculars away from her.

“Pinkie, yer gonna blow mah cover!” She gritted her teeth. “What are ya doin’ here?! Pinkie blinked then just giggled.

“I didn’t want to miss out on character development like this!”

“What now?” Applejack raised an eyebrow but Pinkie pressed her nose to hers.


“I ain’t gonna…” Applejack tried to speak, but Pinkie got behind her, covered her mouth with a hoof and wrapped the other around Applejack’s neck.

“Shhhhhhhhhh…” Pinkie slowly shushed and pulled a struggling Applejack away.

---To Be Continued---

Author's Note:

This is going to be interesting for me.

After writing a long story centered around two characters who are very vocal (Soarin and Rainbow Dash)

I'm now taking on a story centered around two characters who ARE NOT VOCAL AT ALL (Big Mac and Fluttershy)

I hope it goes well :D