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Falling in Love Quietly - Calm Wind

Big Macintosh and Fluttershy are both very interested in each other after the incident in the mountains. But is it possible for a relationship, or even just friendship to begin if neither have the guts to say a single word to the other?

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

And out the gate we go!

Been wondering how the hell Big Mac and Fluttershy got together in my timeline? Well it's high time i explain it. They didn't have it very easy, that's for sure.


(Timeline Position: Two months after the events of Soft Spoken with a Big Heart.)

(During the events of Head in the Clouds)

(For timeline info, please visit my homepage)

“Eep! S—Sorry… Ah! Oops, I wasn’t watching.” Fluttershy apologized and blushed as she ran into two different ponies while walking through town. It was so embarrassing. She couldn’t seem to focus on what she was doing. She was in town to buy ingredients to feed the many animals she took care of, but her brain was elsewhere.

“Oh goodness, I’m so sorry!” She apologized as she ran into yet another pony in the marketplace.

This wasn’t the first time she had caused multiple gentle collisions. She had, in fact, been doing it every time she came to the market for the past two months. It was getting to the point where she almost didn’t want to go because of how embarrassed she felt, but if she didn’t buy food how would she feed all the animals?

What was causing this? She was keeping her eyes forward. It looked like she was aware of her surroundings, but then,


“Yipe! Ah, I’m, I didn’t mean to, I’m so sorry.” She internally screamed, quietly.

Fluttershy often liked to go on walks. The serenity of her nature walks helped clear her mind and relax. It was uncharacteristic of a pegasus to go for walks. She may have been the only pegasus in Ponyville or even Equestria that preferred walking over flying.

However, because of a certain incident, and a certain forward action she took two months ago, even her walks couldn’t get a certain big, red, handsome, muscular farm stallion off of her mind.

Big Macintosh.

He was on her mind constantly. So much that she had a hard time focusing on anything else, even what was directly in front of her. She had barely seen him since he rescued her and all of her friends from the dreadful train crash in the mountains. Even if she had seen him though, she wouldn’t have the courage to face him again.

She kissed him! Straight up. She couldn’t believe she did that! He probably thought she was weird or too forward now. The thought tore at her.


“Oh! Pardon me, I wasn’t paying attention.” Stop daydreaming Fluttershy, you are making a complete fool of yourself. She mentally chastised herself.

Big Macintosh was so brave and heroic. He didn’t speak much, but he was so big and strong, yet so gentle and caring. Despite knowing this though, Fluttershy was still somewhat afraid of him. Even after what they had been through? Why was she like this? She knew he wasn’t mean or nasty, but he was still just so BIG. He towered over her. Her natural instincts made her shy away. She felt terrible that her body reacted like that.


“Goodness, I’m so sorry!” She smiled weakly as she ran into a pony collided with last week as well. LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING!

Maybe it would be best if she just forgot about it, she doubted she’d ever have the courage to speak to him. She just couldn’t handle it. But she liked him so much. Why couldn’t she just speak to him?

Because she was Fluttershy, and that’s how she was.

She preferred to keep to herself and not get too involved with anypony unless it was her friends. But Big Macintosh… Why couldn’t she just forget him? She remembered how she felt when he kept her warm in their igloo, awaiting rescue. She felt safe and secure with his large, powerful body completely surrounding her like a living fortress. Feeling safe and secure was something she loved. It was a feeling he was capable of providing her. It felt so good to have another pony make her feel that way. Would she ever feel it again?


“Oooooh I’m being such a klutz!” She “blurted” out as she looked up, but she ran into Twilight, who looked over her with concern.

“Fluttershy? Are you okay? You’re bumping into every other pony you walk past.” She asked. Fluttershy just whimpered quietly before squeezing her eyes shut and sprinting out of the market place.

“Phew! C’mon Mac, snap out of it.” Applejack waved a hoof in front of her brother’s face. Mac blinked and accidentally bit his string of wheat in half. He grabbed the front end and spat out the stem. He eyed what was left of it, grunted, and tossed it aside and unhooking himself from the carts.

It was just another day in the orchards of Sweet Apple Acres. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the wind was gentle. Applejack and Mac were out in the fields, bucking apples out of the trees, loading up their carts, and pulling them back to the barn. It was the daily routine they had performed thousands of times. No sweat.

But Mac was completely out of it. Applejack had to call his name more than once to rouse him from his thoughts. She didn’t know why, nor did she expect him to explain, but it was becoming very frequent. It was only a matter of time before she was too curious to let it slide.

Big Mac hadn’t been quite the same since the strong pony competition and the disaster in the mountains. The funny thing was, his change actually had nothing to do with the fact that he lived through a train car derailing and hoofing it through a blizzard. It was the little yellow pegasus that stood up to his blind and senseless determination.


If the quiet, whispering mare hadn’t spoken up and barred his path he would have likely killed himself. For the first time in a long time he lost his temper. He yelled at a helpless mare roughly a third his size despite her reasonable worry for his safety. He was still slightly scared by the image of her collapsing into a crying, frightened heap in front of him when he let his booming voice crush her.

Everything turned out alright, but he still didn’t feel alright. Fluttershy helped him see how reckless he was being. He had never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome with his strength, and he pushed through the storm like it was his duty. In the end he collapsed. Fluttershy’s caring nature is what really saved them.

When he realized she was the pony with the means for their survival, he did everything he could to help her. He even kept her warm in their igloo. She was so small and so delicate, nestled into his body. Mixed with his protective nature, the moment made him very happy. She even came by afterward to give him a cute, little gesture of thanks.

And then she kissed him on the cheek and disappeared. That changed everything.

He wanted to see her again, but how and when?

“DAMMIT MAC!” Applejack yelled right into his ear. Mac blinked and stared into her glare. She pointed behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the tree he bucked was toppled over and on the ground.

“Eeewhoops.” He gritted his teeth and winced.

“Mac, that’s the fifth tree ya knocked over today! Are you even paying attention?” Applejack questioned while shaking her head.

“Eeehhh…” he stalled.

“I think the answer to that would be NNOPE!” She mocked him. He sighed and looked down. “Mind tellin’ me why ya can’t focus?” She pried.

“NNNOPE!!” Mac shook his head and quickly turned away towards another tree.

“I ain’t kiddin’ Mac, knock down one more an yer explainin’ to me and Granny!” Applejack threatened as he lumbered away.

He wanted to see Fluttershy again, but there were a few problems. He was always busy, and the few times he went into town he was occupied with delivering apples. Then what to say? He spoke to her freely after apologizing in the blizzard, but that was a special circumstance. He preferred to remain soft spoken. He just wasn’t much of a conversationalist. That also made him hesitant to speak to her at all. If he had nothing to say, what would be the point? “Shy” may be part of her name, but he was pretty shy himself.

He didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t want to leave it be. What a mess.

Oh what a mess indeed. How do two ponies reveal their interest in one another if neither is willing to speak?

Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Two of the quietest ponies in Equestria. How could it ever work? It seemed very unlikely that it ever would.

But love runs deeper than merely claiming you care. The most important part of love? Showing you care.

Falling in Love Quietly
By: Calm Wind

Chapter 1:

Why did she just run off like that? She didn’t even finish buying what she needed. Fluttershy now had to make a rare next day appearance in the marketplace all because she didn’t want to explain herself to Twilight. It was very embarrassing, normally it would be at least a week before she appeared again in the market and clumsily bumped into many different ponies again. Now she had to come back the very next day when her little slip ups were fresh in everypony’s mind. At least that’s how she felt about it.

In reality, the ponies she ran into just went about their business, but the more Fluttershy did it, the more she felt she was being a nuisance. Those kinds of negative thoughts really build up over time.

Running from Twilight was also a stupid thing to do. Now she probably had Twilight worrying about her too. It was only a matter of time before her friends confronted her about it. Normally, if she was feeling extra brave, she would discuss something with Rainbow Dash. The two had been friends since they were fillies, but Dash was currently completely occupied.

Apparently the Wonderbolts were coming to Ponyville to debut a new show in a week. Fluttershy read it in the news that morning and as soon as her eyes finished scanning the headline, Dash came flying through her window while yelling “Omigosh” over and over. She had grabbed Fluttershy by the face, yelled exactly what Fluttershy had just read, then proclaimed she had to tell everypony else before leaving as suddenly as she arrived.

It would be impossible to talk to Dash for the whole week. Fluttershy had no options. Well, she had options, but none that she was comfortable with.

She was confused, embarrassed, cornered, and oh yes, it was raining.

Fluttershy walked the middle pathway in the marketplace for the second day in a row with a white umbrella open above her, handle tucked firmly in her wing. It was a gentle rainfall, not pouring, but not light enough to be considered a drizzle. On the plus side this meant the market wasn’t quite as full. She still had a hard time paying attention, but there were a lot fewer ponies present due to the scheduled rain. The light pitter-patter on her umbrella also helped to somewhat distract her from her thoughts.

She managed to buy everything she needed: seeds for her garden, many different kinds of animal feed, and a few things she couldn’t grow like cherries, grapes, and bananas. With full saddlebags, but still dry under her umbrella, she began making her way out of the market.

With everything she needed, her mind was free enough for her distracting thoughts to flow in uninhibited.

What was she going to do about Big Macintosh? She desperately wanted to follow up her forwardness after the blizzard event. But two months had already passed without her doing anything. If she suddenly tried to approach him now would he even remember why? Would he notice her? Would he even care?

Maybe she should just leave him alone. Big Macintosh was a very busy pony. She would hate to get in his way. If there was one thing Fluttershy feared the most, it was being a liability to somepony. She never wanted to cause any trouble or any problem. She was always afraid of how other ponies would think of her if she became a burden.

Maybe she over-thought it, but this was always how she had been. She really lived up to her name well. She was too shy. The last thing she ever wanted to do was confront another. If it was avoidable, she would avoid it, even if it wasn’t in her best interest. Her friends had always told her to be a little more assertive. Sometimes this advice sunk in, but it always got to a point where she just couldn’t bring herself to do it anymore and it all went back to square one. She was glad she had friends that understood her and accepted her, because if she didn’t have them, it was likely she would never have any acquaintances outside of the animals she took care of.

Big Macintosh though… She was so torn between doing something and not doing something that she felt like a piece of paper being ripped apart down the center. On one hoof he was so big and gentle, so kind and caring, so warm and welcoming, and so handsome. Those parts of him made her heart flutter with interest. But on the other hoof he was VERY big and dwarfed her, he was very busy and always working, she didn’t want to annoy him or get in his way, and she had experienced what can happen if he’s pushed over the edge. Those parts of him made her heart sink and frightened her. What was she going to do?


“Oh dear! I’m so sorry!” Even with the market clearer, she still managed to run into somepony’s side right as she was leaving. The embarrassment was endless.

Then she glanced at who she ran into. Or rather glanced UP at him.


It took her a moment to realize who it was because he was wearing a large yellow poncho, but that size was unmistakable. It was Big Macintosh.

She froze completely still as he slowly turned his head from inspecting his apple cart and looked towards where he felt something hit him. He blinked when his nose bumped into a white umbrella that was at face level with him. He looked at it briefly before tipping down and peering beneath it. Fluttershy wanted to scream as Mac’s gentle green eyes stared at her. Her eyes grew wide and her pupils shrank. Mac looked only slightly startled to see Fluttershy beneath the umbrella. His expression was still mostly calm and nonchalant like it usually was.

In reality Mac was very surprised and very unprepared. After all the time on the farm the past two months constantly thinking about the delicate little pegasus and how she seemed to have completely disappeared, here she was. She had single-hoofedly redefined the term “bumping into somepony.” Now what? He wanted to say something, but what do you say to a pony you’ve thought about for two months when the last thing they did to you was kiss you?

Fluttershy sat completely still as Mac just blinked at her.

Do something. Do something. DO SOMETHING! Why was she just sitting there? After how much she wanted to fix all of this, she had the opportunity standing right in front of her! But she didn’t want to annoy him. But she could solve her dilemma! But it may not be okay with him. Why did it have to?!

Just say something. Say something say something say something say something.

“Ah…” Her voice squeaked as she opened her mouth. A huge blush rushed over her face. That wasn’t speaking at all! She cleared her throat and squinted.

Mac tipped his head to the side. Had she just said something? Was she trying to say something? Hopefully she would. Mac didn’t like to start conversations, he usually just answered.

“Um…” Fluttershy gulped and tried to look into his eyes. It was hard. She felt like she was being forced down by his presence. “H—Hi…” Fluttershy managed to say.

Unfortunately a bizarre series events followed.

Upon actually managing to speak, Fluttershy’s body tensed up considerably. Her wings pressed the umbrella handle hard against her body. By doing so, she accidentally pushed the wire that automatically closes the umbrella.


“EEK!!!” The umbrella folded up, clamping around both her head and Big Mac’s head. It forced their heads towards one another and their faces smushed together. Mac quickly wiggled his neck and freed his head. He blinked and shook his head out as Fluttershy kept squeaking and struggling with the umbrella clamped around her head. Mac quickly reached down and slid the notch back up to open it for her. Fluttershy plopped down on the ground, dropping her umbrella as it completely folded up on the ground beside her. She looked up at Mac with a look of complete dread as she was exposed to the rain.

Mac just stared, realizing she wasn’t going for the umbrella. He picked it up and reached it towards her, but she didn’t take it. She started whimpering and shaking as her mane slowly got pressed down against her head and face by the rain. Then she began to tear up. She never felt more embarrassed in her life, and it took A LOT for her to feel that way.

“I’M SORRY!!!” She whisper yelled before frantically getting to her hooves and running away, slipping and stumbling once as her hooves splished and splashed in small puddles along the path.

“Huh…? H—Hey!” Mac called after her, waving her umbrella in the air, but she didn’t stop.

Mac’s heart sank as she watched her sprint out of the market and out of view. That couldn’t have gone worse. He just wanted to confront her, but how was he supposed to do it if he never really was one to speak or bring things up?

He glanced down at the umbrella he held in his hoof. Now more than EVER he felt the need to do something. For two months he had just gone about his days. He finally reunited with Fluttershy and nothing good happened. He wasn’t good at this kind of stuff, but it was just proven to him that simply running into her was not a sufficient means of figuring all of this stuff out.

Maybe he should pay her a visit? At least to return her umbrella. But if he was gonna actually go to her house, he felt like he couldn’t just show up and leave.

He made up his mind. He would go to Fluttershy, but he didn’t want it to be a random visit. He felt it necessary to know more about her first so he’d have a better idea how to act. How would he gain such knowledge? Well, she had friends, but he didn’t know how comfortable he’d be just walking up to one of them and asking. He had one obvious option… but…

Problem: The only friend of Fluttershy’s he felt comfortable talking to was his own sister. Why was this a problem? Applejack was overprotective of her friends.

But she would understand right? If he explained himself, she wouldn’t fight it. Right?

“Here, just let me take it back to her.” Applejack reached for the umbrella. Mac pulled it away. Who was he kidding? Applejack instantly tried to prevent it.

“Nnnope.” He said sternly as Applejack nearly fell off their living room couch trying to grab it. She stopped her fall with her hooves and glared up at him.

“Scuse me?” She pushed herself back up and put her hooves on her hips.

“I’m takin’ it to her.” Mac stated adamantly. Applejack hopped off the couch and pointed at him.

“Mac yer gonna scare her stiff! She’s nervous enough when she answers her own door, I don’t think you castin’ yer shadow over her is gonna help that!” Applejack argued. Mac shook his head. “Dammit Mac, why do ya wanna do it so bad anyw—” Applejack paused and her eyes widened.

Mac was afraid of this. She was recalling a specific event two months ago.

“Ooooooh no.” She crossed her hooves. “No way, no how Mac. You don’t have time for stuff like that.” She was referring to the kiss. Mac wasn’t going there specifically because of that. He just wanted to be polite, return the umbrella, and possibly make friends.

“Ya gonna help me’r what?” He snorted at Applejack.

“Mac, she’s small, she’s fragile, and she’s shyer than a bat in direct sunlight!” Applejack kept fighting.

“Then tell me what ta do!” Mac stood up and stomped, making the whole house rattle. The two glared headlong into each other’s eyes, both trying to force their wills upon the other. Too bad they were both incredibly stubborn.

“What in th’hay is goin’ on in here?!” Granny Smith slowly came around the corner from the kitchen. She lifted an eyebrow as she saw Mac and Applejack locked in a glaring war. “Now cut that out this instant!” Granny yelled as she forced the two of them apart and stood between them. “What are you two bickerin’ about now?!”

“Ah just…” Mac tried to start but Applejack completely cut him off.

“Mac won’t listen to me about mah friend! He’s gonna scare the hell outta her if he goes over to her house!” She blurted out. Granny Smith glanced at Mac, whose ears flattened as Applejack interrupted him.

“I wanna return her umbrella, and I wanna get to know her. I DON’T wanna scare her, but A.J. won’t tell me how NOT to.” He put calmly. Granny rolled her eyes and looked back to Applejack.

“Now c’mon Applejack, why ya gotta be so hard on yer brother?” She asked. Applejack groaned and pulled the edges of her hat down.

“I ain’t worried about him! I’m worried about Fluttershy!” She fumed. Granny Smith turned back to Mac.

“Fluttershy eh?” She eyed Mac sternly. “I’m okay with you seein’ a mare Mac, but ya better remember ya got responsibilities too!” The way she went right to relationship talk made both of them jump.

“Granny, are ya even listenin’?!” Applejack pounded her hooves on the floor. Mac just blushed and his eyes darted about as he thought about it. He would be lying if he said he HADN’T thought about that, but still.

“Stop bein’ so stiff about it Applejack. Mac just wants to be polite, help yer brother out will ya?” Granny nodded contently and began walking away before Applejack could muster a response. She growled and hid her face with her hat.

“Well?” Mac said while smirking at Applejack.

“What?” She dodged.

“You heard Granny.” Mac said smugly while lightly tossing the umbrella up and down in his hoof. Applejack grunted and pushed her hat back up.

“Fine. I don’t wanna do this, but if yer gonna be a pest about it…” She sighed. “Fluttershy is a sweet pony, but she can be difficult to handle. The slightest thing wrong and she’ll never speak again. So listen up! Here’s what NOT to do around Fluttershy…”

---To Be Continued---