• Published 25th Apr 2014
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The Zerging of Equestria - Runa

I Went to Comic Con, and became a Zerg when I got those thrice cursed clawed gloves. But I did not have free will before I was turned to stone, so now I have to pay for things that where not my fault at all.

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chapter 3, the first named. (unedited)


Twilight Sparkle was walking into the throne room with her friends walking beside her. They walked past the memorials of past victory's toward Celestia. As they did, she looked up from the floor and sighed.

"Hello my little pony's," she said "I am sorry that I need to tell you this, but you need to know," To which twilight replied

"What ever it is Celestia, I am sure that we can handle it," then all her friends said things like 'yeah!' 'totally' 'indeed' 'mmhmmmm!'

To this Celestia cracked a smile that almost instantly vanished. "This is a grim tail that I will only tell once, so listen closely," the element bearers sat down for the story "Approximately one thousand, five hundred years ago, When Luna and I where only filly's, something appeared on the face of the land. We do not know if it made the changelings, or if it merely engulfed them. But it came first out of the badlands on a crusade against the Breezes. We do knot know why they came for them first, but they where nearly destroyed. they came with creatures numbering in the thousands at first, but then in the millions. And it got even worse when their purple creeping stuff came along the trails they blazed. We tried to help the Breezes, but in the end they only survived by almost completely cutting their realm form ours. They tried to find a way in for a while, but then they switched to the Sea Ponies. At first they could not get deep enough into the oceans. But then, they changed somehow. They went under the surface and we never heard from the Sea Ponies again. We hope for the best but," she shook her head and sighed " This happened again and again. Every time they went for a mark they inevitably took it out with the exception of the Breezes and the Alicorns. We only stopped the threat with the elements of harmony. They where created specifically for this threat with the lifeblood of most of my race. And even then, it look it took multiple uses and years of searching to find the last of them. When we finally found their leader, he laughed and said that his name was Dahaka, and that he was the leader of the Zerg. It took most of the power of the Alicorns to just lock him in stone. And when that was done, they split the rest of their power between our cousins, the Ponies. That is why their are only three of us now. But when we grew up, we made our overall duty to guard the statue, and gave the elements to a guardian. But now it appears that we have failed." Celestia had a tear rolling down her cheek, Fluttershy was crying and hugging Applejack, and the rest of them where not in much better shape.

Twilight was the first to recover from the story, "Celestia, I'm" then Celestia cut her off.

"No twilight, that is all dead and gone. Now Dahaka is free, and last time it took nearly all the Alicorns just to put him in a stone prison which he has broken. If we are to be victorious this time, we are going to need an amount of magic that is no longer in the world."

"We will find a way"

"We must twilight, or we are all doomed."


The Changelings were very hospitable considering that I was, literally, the greatest war criminal of all time. After I was received, I had been firmly, but courteously, taken to the lowest, furthest out cave in the cave system. They had even brought a small animal to me when I had asked for one. They had assumed that I had needed it for sustenance. But instead of devouring it, I had injected the Zerg Virus into it. After that, I had commanded Prime Directive to weave a sequence into it that would make it make creep and larva. We had made a miniature hatchery out of it. During this time, the Changelings had grown more and more wary.

"We will have to go soon," I thought.

"You should take them," Prime Directive said sulkily, if that was possible.

"I will not."

"......." Had it learned to sulk?

"Well, lets make a small vanguard then." I sent out a signal to all the larva to start developing into zerglings.I watched as the larva made cocoons. I knew that I had to leave soon, there were ripples of rebellion all along the Changeling hivemind. If I did not go, Chrysalis would be overthrown and killed. So after the zerglings hatched, I unhinged my jaw and ate the miniature hive. "So, Prime Directive, where do you think we should go?"

"Chard land, or frozen wast, we will survive."

"I got an idea, we should make an extensive tunnel system all across all across the planet!"

"Very well."

Author's Note:

First off, sorry for the long wait for a sub-par chapter. Its been a busy week or two, and I have been dreading writing for Celestia and the mane six. And I'm looking for an editor, if anyone reading this can and will help. And Thank you readers for liking my story, I mean, fifty likes? I never imagined that I would get this much! I'll just stop here or I'll just be rambling, but I will try to get the next chapter out relatively soon!