• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Spike's 5 Rarities - trahzo

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

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Chapter 6: Au Naturale.

It was now morning, and as we can see, all 5 Rarities woke-up on the same bed which was made bigger for Anthro & EQG Rarity, to the smell of burnt pancakes.

"Must be Sweetie Belle." All 5 said at the same time. Then they laughed & sighed.


Twilight Sparkle woke-up to the smell of fresh pancakes.

"Oh boy, smells like chocolate chip pancakes, yum!"

"Sweet, Spike is a true bro!" Flash Sentry said as he emerged from under the bedsheets.

"How many drinks did I have last night?" She questioned herself.

"12!" Berry Punch answered as she emerged from the otherside. "Also, I'd love some free breakfast! Race yah both. Last one there cleans up."

"You're on!" Said Flash.

So everyone enjoyed breakfast time. Some more than others, Sweetie Belle infact burnt the garnish when she picked it up with her magic. I guess she just didn't knew what went wrong.

Later alligator, Spike was all ready for his date, complete with tux, a single red rose & a purple corsage.

"Well, well, well, look at my son all ready for his 1st date for the 5th time." Flash Sentry said with much pride.

"Why, are you still here? Also, Spike isn't your son!"

"But we raised him like he was our own. Even though he's Celestia's."

"Since when were we married & since when did you help me raise him?"

They quarreled for minutes on end.

"Wow Owlouiscious, this is pretty funny."


"This, Twi & Flash arguewait...did you just say "What" ?"

"................Who?" He whooed, hoping his cover wasn't blown. Then there came a knocking on the door.

"Ooh, sounds like Rarity is here."

Owlouiscious swiped the sweat off of his head with a sigh of relief. Spike went to answer it, once the door was wide open, Spike's jaw went wide open as well. Pony Rarity stood there with her mane tied in a bun, Wearing a sparkling velvet red dress, she absolutely glowed after her spa day with Fluttershy, She had her eyelashes extra curl, oh-no wait I forgot she wears false eyelashes, sorry everyone. She had light blue lipstick on, and finally, she & Spike exchanged looks of infatuation.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes, let us go."

"Have fun you 2, Rarity, you can have Spike sleep at your house, I'm still not done arguing with Flash and it might take all night."

"Okay, bye!"

"Oh yeah, make sure to buy condoms youngman."

"Twiiiiiiiiliiiiiiight" Spike groaned out embarrassment. As Spike & Rarity left for their dinner reservation.

"Let's have another." Said Flash.

Then he was getting his ass kicked.

"YOU CREEP!" She demonically bellowed as she gave Flash Sentry so much pain.

Friday nights were amazing these time in Equestria. The ponies were out partying with friends or out on dates, families went to movie theaters or drop their kids off for a sleepover, even the single nerds would go-out for some fun of their own. Spike & Rarity enjoyed the happy emotions. They watched all of it happen right before their eyes.

"The streets sure are lively." Rarity commented.

"Yeah, hey look, that guy over there is being arrested for illegal marijuana farming."

"I'm keep on telling you, Princess Celestia gave me specific instructions to make her some high quality marijuana!"

"Yeah right, everypony knows she doesn't take marijuana you drug addict!"

So Spike & Rarity made it to the restaurant they had reservations for. (If you look behind them, you could see Dan, Chris & Elise trying to find a way in because this is actually the restaurant they destroyed in Dan Vs.). They sat and chatted it up and laughed silently. They were having so much fun, but no so much that they'd create a scene.

"I'm having a wonderful..."

"...Time? I am..."

"As well. So..."

"What do I think of this place? You must have really begged..."

"No, I didn't beg Twilight, this was all done with my own money. I actually have been doing a-lot of odd jobs around Ponyville. That's why..."

"...I've been seeing you a-lot lately when I go-out?"

"Yeah, wait, are we..."

"...Finishing each other's sentences? *Gasp!* It must..."

"...Mean that we are destined for each other."

Then Spike and Rarity held their palms together & sighed.

"Ho,ho,ho, look at dis, the waiter didn't even arrive with the menus & one couple's date is already making sparks." Said the waiter. "Now here, have a couple of menus & once I come back, I'll take your orders."

So after a while, Spike & Rarity placed their orders. Sorry, I just wanted to get the order part out of the way.

"Geez, what's taking so long?" Spike complained


"What was that!?"

Then all the chefs along with Dan, Chris & Elise have a riot.

"Let's get out of here!"

So they ran as fast as they could until they finally made it to the Carousel Boutique.

"Well, that was a disaster!" Rarity said while gasping for air.

"Why did we *huff* run the whole way?"

"I don't know, *huff* it's as if someone is controlling everything we are doing."

Please don't notice the narrator! The I cross my fingers, toes arms, legs, and cross both my middle fingers as I flip off the jerk who I caught eating in class.

"I'm so hungry, why did Dan have to be there?"

"I'm famished as well, and you know, Twilight did say you could stay the night."

"I know what you're thinking, stand back & let Chef Spike take care of the rest."

So they entered the boutique & Spike made dinner for 9 (10 if you count Opal). Yeah, Rarity's parents wanted to meet her new boyfriend & 4 clones. Being the embarrassingly happy parents they are, they accepted Spike & other 4 as family. Sweetie Belle hugged her eventual brother in law Spike after. So it was a great feast, Rarity's family went home, and tonight was the night that Spike had a night of passion with his 4 girlfriends & one boyfriend.