Spike's 5 Rarities

by trahzo

First published

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

Twilight screwed up a spell causing there to be 5 Rarity's, but now Spike has finally fulfilled his conquest 5 times over thanks to the screw up! Spike will now live his 1st date with the one he's always wanted times 5!

Chapter 1: DANG IT PINKIE, YOU DAMN IDIOT!!! Or, you amazing hero!

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"Oooookay, let's not let anything distract me! Spike, you checked our surroundings?"

"Not even .0001% of a pink afro to be spotted Twi!"

"Excellent! Now then!"

Twilight Sparkle focused hard on her spell, trying to join 5 things together into some interesting fusion & she intended to bring 5 stories together into a fantastic super book! That's when...


"PINKIE!" Twilight gasped! Then the shot went straight into the air.

"And it's not just me!" Then she pulled Rarity into the scene from the left side of the T.V. screen

"Hello everypony." Then the magic blast started falling.

"Oh, hey there Rarity!" Spike said with an infatuated look.

"Hello Spikey-wikey!" Rarirty replied with equal infatuation.

Pinkie & Twilight looked up, the magic blast was falling! Twilight grabbed Spike by the tail with her magic and ran like hell!

"Hey, I just got here, why is everypony leave...AAAAAAAAAH!"

The blast hit her!

"Oh-no! Rarity!" Spike gasped, he ran over to the smoke cloud followed by Twilight & Moron (Pinkie Pie).

"Hey, that's mean!"

"I'm the narrator, so in this story, I HAAAAVE THE POOOOOOWEEEEEEEERRR!"


Anyway, Spike waved his arms clearing away the smoke!

"Rarity, are you okay!"

"Yes, Spikey-Wikey, I'm infact fine after being hit by that magical force."

"Oh, phew, if I could find you in this fog, I'd hug you right now!"

"Aw, you're always such a sweet heart."

Spike wrapped his arms around something that looked like Rarity

"Oh, found you!"

"What are you doing? Who ever you are, I'm certainly not Rarity!" Said a masculin voice

"Wait, what the?"

The smoke finally cleared revealing 5 different forms of Rarity! The regular one, the R63 one that Spike was currently hugging, The EQG one, the Dragon one, and last but not least, the anthro one!

"Whoa!" Said Twilight

"I know!" Said Pinkie

"Oh my stars, I have clones!" Said the EQG Rarity!

"Oh, so that's why you called me Rarity, because I'm the male version of her!" Said Elusive!

"Gah! W-what happened?" Spike questioned.

"I don't know, but let's head to the Library to figure it out! Come-on everybody!"

"Coming!" Then all 5 Rarities, well 4 Rarities & Elusive, all held Spike close as they all headed for the Library!


"So, looks like my Quinta join spell can make 5 of a kind if used on one target!" Twilight briefly explained.

"Cool! Come-on Twilight, let's go make 5 Rainbow Dashes so the world can be 100% cooler!" Pinkie said

"NO! I'm going to find a way to fix this!"

"I don't think so Twilight!"

"What do you mean Rarity?"

"Well, after having a chat with these other 4 me's this is perfect!"

"What do you mean perfect?"

"I'll start!" Said Anthro Rarity! "We all actually come from different worlds! I was going to reject my Spike because he was just a child, but since I've been teleported to a world where he's older, who cares?" Then she sighed as she leaned her head on Spike's right shoulder.

"I was going to reject my Barb, or rather my Spike because I'm gay, but since I've been teleported to a world where she's a he, who cares!" Then Elusive hugged Spike from behind.

"I was going to reject my Spike because he was a puppy, but since he's a very very handsome dragon in this world, who cares?" Then EQG Rarity nuzzled his other shoulder.

"I was going to reject my Spike because ponies weren't my type. But since I'm now in a world where Spike is a dragon, who cares?" Said Dragon Rarity, holding his left leg.

"I'm naturally in love with Spike, but now I can be in love with him 5 times over!" Said this world's Rarity as she leaned her back against Spike's torso.

"Wow! This is incredible!" Spike said with a wagging tail. "I was happy with one Rarity, but now that there are 5. Oh thank you Pinkie Pie!"

"Alright, now let us see who gets to date our new boyfriend 1st!" Anthro Rarity said then made a bottle magically appear.

Dragon Rarity spun the bottle.

"So, I guess Rarity is going to be 5 times my In-law." Twilight siad as everyone ignored them.

"Oooh, I hope one of Sparity's 1st dates will be at Sugarcube Corner!" Pinkie said with excitement.

The bottle spun right around baby right around, it spun right around baby righ...Damnit, I got that stupid song in my head! I curse the people who post troll videos with that song! Well yeah, the bottle soon stopped spinning and landed on...well this one is inevitable so I guess it should be done 1st to get it over with! It landed on Elusive!

"Huzzah! I'm 1st! See you tomorrow Spike!"

"See you tomorrow Elusive!" Spike said with a totthy grin and a waving arm

"Spike, you do realize you're going to have to kiss a guy right?" Twilight said.

"Yeah, but I'm going to kiss the most handsome stallion in the world."

"I hate to admit it, but Spike is right, Elusive is really handsome!" Pinkie pointed out.

Yeah, no homo or anything, but I think he's handsome as well. Remember, no homo!

Chapter 2: Spelusive! Let's Just get This Over With.

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Oooh God, Jesus, Arceus, Celestia, Magical Creator of the world from Strider, Creator god of Light Horakthy, and Bob from that cartoon: God, the Devil, and Bob, please allow me the strength to write this one Yaoi chapter. Seriously, no problems against gays or anything but I really just wanna get this over with! Listen everyone, here's an interesting piece of info I must share with you! I have a normal brain! I don't go Hnnnnnnng when I see or hear something incredibly cute! I don't get a boner from 2 girls making out, having lesbo sex, or wrestling in the mud! I happen to really hate Twerking & Gangam Style! Finally, I choose The Playstation because damn, you XBOX people are real jerks. Anyway let's get this damn over with. Also, if you don't agree with any of what I have just said, you can just un-follow me now!

"It sure is wonderful that we're finally together!" Elusive said with bedroom eyes.

"Yeah, I thought this would never happen, but I stuck to my guns till the end!" Spike replied with a happy tone.

They stared into eachother's eyes. The scene attracted the attention of many peers!

"How gay, but not in the offencive way!" Said Bon-bon.

"I know, it so romantic!" Said Lyra while giggling.

"Alright you 2 hot dogs, here's your smoothy! with a cherry on top & 2 straws." Pound Cake said. "(I don't care if love does conquer all, no offence but man do I think gay men were a horrible idea!)"

"Thanks Pound." they said in happy voices.


Reminds me of when some idiot gave me the disgusting picture in my head of Miley Cyrus twerking! Wow, 2 things I really do not like put together to become something that makes people hire assassins. spike and Elusive licked the strawberry whipped cream till they were at the cherry. Then they both ate one half of the cherry.

"Hey Buttons, are you alright?" Sweetie Belle asked her date.

"Sorry Sweetie Bot, but it looks so hypnotic that I can't look away."

"You just called me Sweetie Bot you jerk!" Then she got-up, and walked away in a fit of rage.

"Wait, I'm sorry!" then Buttons chased after her.

They drank the smoothie and then licked the saliva off of each other's straws. Spike held Elusive's hoof in his claw under the table.

"Here's you're chocolate crepes!" Pumpkin Cake said. "(EEEEEEEEH! Yaoi in my home!)"

Then A teenage Stallion otaku walks up to the 2.

"Aah I see it's just like the Sekirei harem where one of them is a dude!"

"Yes, that's a great way of thinking nerd!"

"Brohoof dude!"

"Maybe later, right now, I just wanna finish my 1st date."

"Alright, have fun." then he walked off with his Waifu figurine. (I apologize for those who feel offended because they married inanimate objects.)

Then Elusive decided to spice things up by using his magic to make Spike lay on the table face-up, causing the parfait glass and the plate with the crepes to fall off & break. All the Yaoi fans then squeed! Elusive was now face-to-face with Spike

"Hope you enjoy this sweet treat!" Oh God, just relax Nathan, you can get through this! Just recite your saying & you can write the final scene in a flash! Repeat it a dozen times: What clams up, must calm down!

*1 dozen times later*

Okay, Spike licked his lips ready for Elusive's vanilla lips (I'm saving marshmallow lips for normal Rarity). Elusive went in, tongue ready for entrance-What clams up, must calm down-into the dragon's upper cave! (I know what you're thinking "BOOOOO Nathan, that pun really sucked!") Spike stuck his tongue out as well so thier mouths may interlock! As soon as they entered & locked in, all the girls screamed like female otaku, while the real otaku just thought of it like Minato's harem from Sekirei (The fact that there's one guy in the harem is what is allowing me to stay standing as I finish this chapter. Trust me, I do not hate on gays, it's just that when they kiss, ugh, I'm sorry if my complaining is ruining this chapter & you've probably left by now.) So after a while, they finished, they were bucked out for being so explicit in front of the children that were there.

"This date has been fantastic!" Elusive complimented.

"Yeah, I thought it was great as well. See you later, well the you I'm going out with next." Spike said as he waved goodbye.

Later that night...

"Looks like it's my turn darlings! Ooh Spikey-poo! Tomorrow night, we will fly dance the night away!" Said Dragon Rarity, while she ballroom danced with a mannekin. The other 4 Rarities chortled at her.

Chapter 3: Spike & Rarity Used Dragon Dance! It's Super Effective!

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Spike walked to a field that overlooked Ponyville & it seemed like a super moon was out tonight (Geez Luna, must you moon us with your big ass?). If you're wondering what exactly a super moon is, it's when the moon is at it's closest to earth! Oh, what beautiful night out, so many stars, a full view of the entirity of Ponyville, a gentle breeze in the wind, the sound of cops busting your neighbor for trafficking pot, crickets chirping in the rythm of the firflies' pattern of blinking, The Ponyville Orchestra performing an outside concert (FYI, they were playing Meloetta's Sparkling Retical version of Relic Song.) and most beautiful of all, Dragon Rarity! Her scales glistening in the moonlight, Spike could barely contain himself. Rarity was right there, sitting at a bench that was set there on purpose! Her eyes glistened with absolute beauty! Who wouldn't want to court such a magnificent creature? She got up from her seat, each step with 20% more grace than the last step! Spike's heart raced because of how amazing his girlfriend looked in such light. Rarity held out her claw.

"Hello darling, shall we begin?"

"Yes milady, yes me shall" Spike answered with such confidence.

Then they flew through the night sky. Once they were high enough (Like the person who was arrested.) the courtship ritual began. Well, it was a courtship ritual to Rarity, since Spike had no idea about his own species, he thought this was just a dance. They twirled together through the clouds, then held each other's claw & used their free claw to wave to Princess Luna as she flew alongside her children of the night. Spike & Rarity flew hard down but then pulled up hard back in the sky. They flew past Rainbow Dash who was fly dancing with Soarin.
They all waved to eachother then Spike & Rarity flew off to another area. Then Shogun Deezutra flew by on his Flygon. Spike & Rarity then locked fingers & toes as they sped through & twirled. Then Destiny the Dragon flew by carrying Pucca who was mercilessly kissing Garu.

"So many dragons out tonight." Spike commented.

"I know!" Said American Dragon Jake Long.

"Just look at all these obscure references." Rarity pointed out.

"Yeah, very interesting." Said Dojo from Xiaolin Showdown, who was also hauling Omi, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo to the location of the next Shen Gong Wu.

"Isnt it a great night for dragons to get out & enjoy themselves?" Said Hiccup, from how to train your dragon, riding on his faithful dragon companion Toothless.

"Yeah, it's amazing! My Dragonite is very happy." Iris said as she & her Pokemon did aileron rolls. It gave the couple the great idea to do a proper barrel roll..

Then they wrapped their arms around eachother feeling up both of their coats as the moon's circumference surrounded them.

"I love you Spike!"

"Me too Rarity, I love you too."

Then they slowly clossed their eyes as they leaned in for the kiss & gently glided down to the ground. A shooting star shot by as they opened their eyes and realized they were on the ground. Then finished with a simple ballroom dance and the funny thing, Rarity was leading. So the courtship ritual finished, and the arrested person escaping to Las Pegasus. The 2 love Pteradactyls bid eachother farewell.

"I had an amazing night out Rarity. "

"Me too, now I must get home, I promised the other me's that you wont walk me home until you dated pony Rarity."

"What about a goodbye kiss?"

"Not until you date Human Rarity. Goodnight darling."

"Goodnight mylove. I'll see you in my dreams."

Also, the crowed cheered the composer on with round of applause for the wonderful job well done. the bottle was spun again and this time...

"My turn darlings, I hope his scaley lips feel smooth on my human lips." Said EQG Rarity.

Chapter 4: Rarity is The Whitest Human Ever!

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Spike and EQG Rarity strolled around Ponyville, holding hands.

"haaaaaaaands" Lyra whispered.

"Um, Lyra, here's my handkerchief, now please whipe up your drool, both on your face and on the floor, because you might just drown Ponyville in it!" Bon bon told her, but Lyra ignored because she was to entranced with Spike & EQG Rarity holding hands.

They strolled through the park, they strolled through the alleys, they strolled through the stroller factory! From me you should've expected as much. So Spike & EQG Rarity ended their walk around Ponyville because this Rarity has a bit of trouble navigating her new home, but with Spike, she will absolutely remember! Like how an elephant never forgets, but I forget what the elephant remembers (Ed Edd, n' Eddy reference). Just then, Thunderlane from the EQG world arrives because Trixie really wanted to spite Twilight. He was angry & really jealous!

"Rarity, what do you think you're doing? This is freaking beastiality! Our God wouldn't allow it!"

"I'll have you know, I choose to live here making my new God, the pony version of Principal Celestia. She in fact doesn't mind interspecies relations." Then she gave Spike some tongue.

"Ah, disgusting, come-on we're going back now!"

"Hold-it!" Said this world's Thunderlane.

"What the? The pony version of me? So, do you agree that this I..."

"Shut-up asshole, these 2 feel love for eachother, they are dedicated to one another's hearts! They have sincere feelings for one another, and if you are too blinded by morals to see that, then I must say I'm glad humans are not naturally found here because of the rules they make-up for relationships!"

"Wow me, I had no idea I was such a faggot in this world!" then he shoved his ponysona out of the way.

"You dickwad!" Then Pony Thunderlane attacked EQG Thunderlane!

They fought and the pony was beating the human!

"Go, me & Rumble got this! Hey Rumble let's double team this loser version of myself!"

"Yeah bro!"

"...Thanks guys, you're some real pals!"

"Well, good luck you 2, bye."

So Spike and Rarity went to Sugarcube Corner for some parfaits.

"Oh, thank goodness I'm not a dog, otherwise this chocolate parfait would kill me!" Spike said relieved.

"Yes, it's a good thing we get to enjoy this moment!" Then Spike noticed her chest bounce.

Spike had no idea, but the scene actually aroused him to tell the truth. The only thing close to breasts he's ever seen where the cow's udders when he volunteers to help Applejack with milking. (That's correct right? The udders are the cow's breast.) There was something about the big chest that made him try to make his twin swords stay hidden till he got home to masturbate!

"Hey Rarity?"

"Yes Spikey-Wikey?"

"I was just wondering...."

"Yes?" Her chest got an inch closer.

"I was just wondering if I could take a look at...those things?"

"Oh, you mean my bossom? Well, since it looks like everyone walks around naked, I don't see any reason not to show them." Then she removed her shirt & bra! Spike's eyes cartoonishly popped out, then back in, because of the sight of her D-cups. "You may squeeze them if you'd like, I don't mind, but please be gentle."

"Okay!" Then he put one claw on the right.


"Oh, Spike!"

"Sorry, did I..." then a finger was put to his mouth!

"No, I'm fine, just sensitive."

So he continued to put his left on the other.


"Ah, yes!"

Heh, Spike is grabbing a shirtless girl's breasts in public and no one thinks he's a pervert! What lucky guy wouldn't you agree? Spike then fondled them, squeezed the tits, producing milk, Spike used his reptilian tongue to have a taste. Which made EQG Rarity moan in pleasure. In which, attracted the attention of no-one, Spike arranged for it to be only them at Sugarcube Corner today & as a coincidence the cakes were on a family trip anyway, so it was just Pinkie & Gummy there.

"I believe that's quite enough Spike, we'll continue after we're married! So, for now, please walk me home." Then Rarity held out her hand.

"It would be my honor, my sweet marshmallow beauty."

It was night and the citizens of Ponyville fired EQG Thunderlane outta a cannon into the EQG world, and then cutoff Trixie's horn & ground it up! Don't you Trixie fans get angry, it'll grow back, but for now, all's we have is a pathetic fraud. Spike & Rarity went to Carousel Boutique in silence, well sorta, they all passed by parents giggling while carrying their sleepy children home. Finally, they made it to her home.

"I had a wonderful time Spike, I'm so happy that my heart is now yours."

"I'm happy that you & the other 4 share mine."

"Goodnight." The both of them said on opposite sides of the door.

So, the bottle was spun again.

"Looks like I'm going last, this world's Rarity which means."

"I'm up next. Don't fret, I'm sure Spike is looking forward to kissing you, the one he's known longer. Right now, it is my turn & I must thank myself (Elusive) for making such a sexy swimsuit."

"Well, you're welcome me! I know he'll love it as well. Now while you & human Rarity were gone, the 3 of us finally made a months worth of clothing each, for the both of you."

"Thanks again."

So conversation went on for a few more minutes & I'm just gonna end the chapter here.

Chapter 5: As Mr. Bean Would Put It: "To the Beach."

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Yay, a 2nd day with Raritits and this time at the beach. *Facepalm* It seems Rarity hasn't completely stopped abusing Spike seeing that Anthro Rarity carried the picnic basket & Spike brought the last of the supplies! On the bright side though, the sky was clear, courtesy of Rainbow Dash not wanting it to "Rain on their parade!"

"But Narrator, their not in a parade!" Pinkie interjected.

"It's an expression idiot!"


Ahem, so Spike and Anthro Rarity found a nice place to put there stuff.

"Alright my Darling, here's a wonderful spot to set-up! What do you think?"

"Heh, heh, it's cool!" Spike said, stuggling with all the stuff. He then placed it down safely.

After a few minutes, it was all set. Rarity then removed her towel revealing Spike her full 2 piece swimsuit, which made him go "homina, homina" a baker's dozen of times (That's 13) until Rarity used one finger to shut him up.


Wow indeed, I can't believe Robocop killed Terminator, no wait, sorry, I was off track, like in a bunch of other stories. What I meant to say was, that Rarity's 2 piece swimsuit was amazing. The top had string straps and was tied up in the back, also the cups were light blue trigon shaped (Trigon was Triangle's former name). The bottom also matched the top as well, but the trigon was smaller.

"Now, let us relax."


Spike and rarity silently watched the waves as they sat next to eachother & their hands locked.

"Oh-no, it's that jerk Blueblood, what's he doing here?" Rarity pointed out.

"He's joining the surfing competition, and well, Blueblood is very passionate when it comes to surfing, trust me I'm the only cousin he likes."

"You and Blueblood are cousins!?"

"Yeah, because Princess Celestia adopted me."

"My, my, my, who knew?"

They watched the surf competition till it was Blueblood's turn and he was doing great, until a shark chased after him & Spike's good nature made him rescue the whiney bitch that was Blueblood.

"Thank you cousin." He said while shivering in fear and holding Spike very close.

"No big deal, I used to save your ass every week before I moved, which reminds me, who's rescuing your ass now?"

"His name is Private Veetrix."

"Oh brother, he must be very patient to have saved you for so long, and where the fuck is he?"

Then the shark started walking on the beach.


Then the shark began to laugh.

"I got you Blueblood."

Then the shark removed it's head revealing a human's head.


"Oh, another human." Spike said.

"Private Veetrix, how could you? I'm going to tell auntie Celestia!"

"Go ahead, she infact ordered me to do it!"

"What!? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"Drama Queen am I right?"

"Mmm Hmm, now good luck with the rest of your date Prince Spike, let me say, she's a real keeper!"

"Thank you Private, now I must be off!"

So Spike returned to the beach site to see it was empty.

"She left? Oh, I must've failed with this one."

"There you are hero, I left to get us some Ice Cream!"

"Oh, thanks Rarity."

"You're welcome darling, now would you like Dash of Rainbow or Sparkling Twilight?" (Turnabout Storm reference.)

"Sparkling Twilight."

The 2 enjoyed their cold treats till they realized that the flavors sounded like the names of their friends and threw the rest in the trash.

"Wow, that was awkward." They both agreed.

Rarity was thinking she could just ask Spike to massage her back, but you know subtlety is overrated.



"I'm just going to be out with it & not beat around the bush, now massage my breasts immediately!"

Before the 1st drop of noseblood could escape, Spike used sheer force of will to make it go back in.

"Why would I ever say no to that?"

Aaaaaaaand right off the bat, Spike & Rarity were laying on the beach blanket, Rarity was laying on her back while Spike was sitting on top, with his crotch grinding against her's as he massaged her chest.

"Oh, more tension Spike, it's so good."

"Yes my love."

"I love you too Spikey-poo, now please, harder."

This continued on until they saw a family coming over & refused to let their little filly & tween colt witness their explicit behavior. So, they just went for hugging eachother, where Rarity's legs wrapped around Spike's waist.

"Ew, romance!" The filly gagged."Get a room!"

Wow that's quite the mouth that little girl has at such a young age, I bet you it's the parents. Or the tween colt who uses swares.

"You know something, the parents here really make you think about the future don't they?" Anthro Rarity asked

"Yeah, it makes me want to have kids with you 5. Well I guess one of you are goin to nee to birth a 2nd kid for Elusive, but you get it right?"

"Yes. I do."

So the sunset on a great day, and Spike walked Rarity home.

"See you later Rarity."

"You too Spike."

So Spike headed on home with overwhelming happiness because his Rarity was next.


Pony Rarity was bounding around the boutique.

"Hooray, it's my turn with my dragon prince! Oh Spikey-Wikey, our time together will be glorious."

Chapter 6: Au Naturale.

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It was now morning, and as we can see, all 5 Rarities woke-up on the same bed which was made bigger for Anthro & EQG Rarity, to the smell of burnt pancakes.

"Must be Sweetie Belle." All 5 said at the same time. Then they laughed & sighed.


Twilight Sparkle woke-up to the smell of fresh pancakes.

"Oh boy, smells like chocolate chip pancakes, yum!"

"Sweet, Spike is a true bro!" Flash Sentry said as he emerged from under the bedsheets.

"How many drinks did I have last night?" She questioned herself.

"12!" Berry Punch answered as she emerged from the otherside. "Also, I'd love some free breakfast! Race yah both. Last one there cleans up."

"You're on!" Said Flash.

So everyone enjoyed breakfast time. Some more than others, Sweetie Belle infact burnt the garnish when she picked it up with her magic. I guess she just didn't knew what went wrong.

Later alligator, Spike was all ready for his date, complete with tux, a single red rose & a purple corsage.

"Well, well, well, look at my son all ready for his 1st date for the 5th time." Flash Sentry said with much pride.

"Why, are you still here? Also, Spike isn't your son!"

"But we raised him like he was our own. Even though he's Celestia's."

"Since when were we married & since when did you help me raise him?"

They quarreled for minutes on end.

"Wow Owlouiscious, this is pretty funny."


"This, Twi & Flash arguewait...did you just say "What" ?"

"................Who?" He whooed, hoping his cover wasn't blown. Then there came a knocking on the door.

"Ooh, sounds like Rarity is here."

Owlouiscious swiped the sweat off of his head with a sigh of relief. Spike went to answer it, once the door was wide open, Spike's jaw went wide open as well. Pony Rarity stood there with her mane tied in a bun, Wearing a sparkling velvet red dress, she absolutely glowed after her spa day with Fluttershy, She had her eyelashes extra curl, oh-no wait I forgot she wears false eyelashes, sorry everyone. She had light blue lipstick on, and finally, she & Spike exchanged looks of infatuation.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes, let us go."

"Have fun you 2, Rarity, you can have Spike sleep at your house, I'm still not done arguing with Flash and it might take all night."

"Okay, bye!"

"Oh yeah, make sure to buy condoms youngman."

"Twiiiiiiiiliiiiiiight" Spike groaned out embarrassment. As Spike & Rarity left for their dinner reservation.

"Let's have another." Said Flash.

Then he was getting his ass kicked.

"YOU CREEP!" She demonically bellowed as she gave Flash Sentry so much pain.

Friday nights were amazing these time in Equestria. The ponies were out partying with friends or out on dates, families went to movie theaters or drop their kids off for a sleepover, even the single nerds would go-out for some fun of their own. Spike & Rarity enjoyed the happy emotions. They watched all of it happen right before their eyes.

"The streets sure are lively." Rarity commented.

"Yeah, hey look, that guy over there is being arrested for illegal marijuana farming."

"I'm keep on telling you, Princess Celestia gave me specific instructions to make her some high quality marijuana!"

"Yeah right, everypony knows she doesn't take marijuana you drug addict!"

So Spike & Rarity made it to the restaurant they had reservations for. (If you look behind them, you could see Dan, Chris & Elise trying to find a way in because this is actually the restaurant they destroyed in Dan Vs.). They sat and chatted it up and laughed silently. They were having so much fun, but no so much that they'd create a scene.

"I'm having a wonderful..."

"...Time? I am..."

"As well. So..."

"What do I think of this place? You must have really begged..."

"No, I didn't beg Twilight, this was all done with my own money. I actually have been doing a-lot of odd jobs around Ponyville. That's why..."

"...I've been seeing you a-lot lately when I go-out?"

"Yeah, wait, are we..."

"...Finishing each other's sentences? *Gasp!* It must..."

"...Mean that we are destined for each other."

Then Spike and Rarity held their palms together & sighed.

"Ho,ho,ho, look at dis, the waiter didn't even arrive with the menus & one couple's date is already making sparks." Said the waiter. "Now here, have a couple of menus & once I come back, I'll take your orders."

So after a while, Spike & Rarity placed their orders. Sorry, I just wanted to get the order part out of the way.

"Geez, what's taking so long?" Spike complained


"What was that!?"

Then all the chefs along with Dan, Chris & Elise have a riot.

"Let's get out of here!"

So they ran as fast as they could until they finally made it to the Carousel Boutique.

"Well, that was a disaster!" Rarity said while gasping for air.

"Why did we *huff* run the whole way?"

"I don't know, *huff* it's as if someone is controlling everything we are doing."

Please don't notice the narrator! The I cross my fingers, toes arms, legs, and cross both my middle fingers as I flip off the jerk who I caught eating in class.

"I'm so hungry, why did Dan have to be there?"

"I'm famished as well, and you know, Twilight did say you could stay the night."

"I know what you're thinking, stand back & let Chef Spike take care of the rest."

So they entered the boutique & Spike made dinner for 9 (10 if you count Opal). Yeah, Rarity's parents wanted to meet her new boyfriend & 4 clones. Being the embarrassingly happy parents they are, they accepted Spike & other 4 as family. Sweetie Belle hugged her eventual brother in law Spike after. So it was a great feast, Rarity's family went home, and tonight was the night that Spike had a night of passion with his 4 girlfriends & one boyfriend.

Chapter 7: Closure for the Heartbroken.

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It was the next day & even though the 4 new additions to Ponyville were happy with their new boyfriend Spike, they felt they never got to say goodbye to their Spike, after telling Twilight about how they felt, she obliged for all of them to tell their Spike that it's alright.

1st was Anthro Rarity. Twilight opened up a portal to her world and Anthro Spike was surprised to see the portal open in front of him.

"Ah, wh-wh-what the? Rarity?"

"Hello Spikey-wikey. Well, I guess that was rather redundant because I'll be saying goodbye forever, to this version of my world though."

"What do you mean?"

"You know the night I said no?"

"How could I forget something so painful?"

"Well, look here, I've found an older version of you in this world."

"Hey there me!"

"Whoa, I look great!"

"Well thank you, don't worry kid, I'll take good care of her!"

"Please do."

"Spike, I know I promised not to tell anyone, but just so you know, Applejack has a crush on you! Also, if you're looking for a new element of generosity, find Coco Pommel! So long darling!"

Then the portal closed!

Then the sounds of boots came up the stairs.

"Howdy Spike."

"Hey A.J." Spike then gave her the infatuated look.

"(YEEHAW, I knew after Rarity mysteriously disappeared, that Spike would fall for me! Once again, I was right all along!)"

Next was Dragon Rarity's turn, Twilight opened the portal & Spike was surprised, so much in fact that he dropped his seasalt ice cream.

"Rarity? Where've you been? All of our friends have been trying to find you!"

Then Dragon Spike walks in.

"Some mysterious force sent me to a world where you are a dragon. Isn't that wonderful?"

"Yeaaah, wonderf..."

"Dude, we're the same, I can tell you are lying."

"Oh." Then Pony Spike looked down & became depressed.

"Spike, please don't feel down, and also, even though I'm suppose to keep it a secret, buuuuuuut, Princess Luna has a thing for you."

"Isn't she my aunt?"

"She doesn't care your not related by blood, now farewell darling!" then the portal closed. Spike turned & was startled.

"A-aunt Luna?"

"You are now all mine!" She said while nuzzling Pony Spike.

Next was Elusive. Twilight opened a portal to his world & it wasn't pretty. Barb was shredding apart all of her Elusive posters with her 2 razor sharp claws.

"Oh my, I didn't think you'd hate me afterwards!"


"I just wanted you to know that I've ended up in a world where you are a guy. Introduce yourself to well yourself Spike."

"Wow, you're much scarier than me when I became a giant! Anyway's, stay happy, all girls are cuter that way, even if that girl is me. Don't worry, I'll take good care of him."

"Also, even though I'm breaking my brother's promise, Silver Belle has an over obsessive crush on you. Now tell the guys so long forever!" Then the portal closed.

"WHOA!!! The-the horror!" Silver Belle said with incredible pee your pants fear.

"Silver! COME 'ERE HANDSOME!" Then she rocketed towards him


"Ow. But thank you Solaris."

Finally, it was EQG Rarity's turn. Twilight opened one last portal! There he was, in his dog house with untouched 5 day old food & water, how could a puppy be any sadder than that?



"Yes it's me. I just wanted to say goodbye forever & also, I've found a very handsome dragon version of you that I've fallen in love with."

"Hey, come on dawg, don't be so down in the dumps, I'm sure a dawg with my style of handsome will find someone."

"Thanks, that's some very helpful advice coming from myself."

"Also, stop running from Fluttershy & Winona."

"Whoa, 2 chicks love yah dawg, now I wish you luck with them."

"Goodbye forever Spike."

Then Fluttershy walking Winona came walkung past.

"Fluttershy, Winona!" Then he ran towards them."

"Oh, hello Sp..." It was too late to finish the sentence because he tried to simultaneously hump both of their legs.

"Yaaay." Fluttershy cheered.

"Yeah, you hump me because you're mine bitch!" Winona barked. Quite the mouth on her, I don't even care that she's an adult.

"So, now that your loose ends are all tied-up, let's move all of my stuff to Rarity's!"

Years Later...

"Bye moms, bye dads, we're all off to school."

"Have a great time kids." All of them said as all 7 children went to school at individual speeds. The children of Pony Rarity where Crystal Clarity & her older brother Turqouise Blitz. A mysteriou force allowed Elusive to get pregnant & give birth to his daughter Garnet Bleu, or Bleu Garnet, doesn't matter what order you put 'em in. The daughter of EQG Rarity was Regal Shine (She's also the youngest). The daughter of Dragon Rarity was named Lavender. The daughter of Anthro Rarity was named Amethyst Lace (Most people say she'd one day run a store of gothic stuff, which sounds awesome! Goth people have cool fashions. Finally the oldest was Gem, the same mysterious force that got Elusive pregnant somehow got all 5 of them to be 1/5 pregnant with him, but when they all gave birth, a blue aura came out of them & all 5 merged together into one being. Yeah, that sounds fucked up but it happened in front of the Dr.'s and nurse's eyes.

*Sigh!* "You know what's special about today everyone .?"

"Of course, it's the day we all fell for you."

"The greatest day of our lives."

"Yes, it is."

So all 6 watched their kids as they all went to school, but it seems like a strong wind blows signalling something terrible! Meanwhile on a mountain over looking Ponyville...

"So this is where my arch nemesis lives. Well Veetrix guess this is where our final showdown will take place." Said a mysterious figure.

To Be Continued...