• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Spike's 5 Rarities - trahzo

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

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Chapter 1: DANG IT PINKIE, YOU DAMN IDIOT!!! Or, you amazing hero!

"Oooookay, let's not let anything distract me! Spike, you checked our surroundings?"

"Not even .0001% of a pink afro to be spotted Twi!"

"Excellent! Now then!"

Twilight Sparkle focused hard on her spell, trying to join 5 things together into some interesting fusion & she intended to bring 5 stories together into a fantastic super book! That's when...


"PINKIE!" Twilight gasped! Then the shot went straight into the air.

"And it's not just me!" Then she pulled Rarity into the scene from the left side of the T.V. screen

"Hello everypony." Then the magic blast started falling.

"Oh, hey there Rarity!" Spike said with an infatuated look.

"Hello Spikey-wikey!" Rarirty replied with equal infatuation.

Pinkie & Twilight looked up, the magic blast was falling! Twilight grabbed Spike by the tail with her magic and ran like hell!

"Hey, I just got here, why is everypony leave...AAAAAAAAAH!"

The blast hit her!

"Oh-no! Rarity!" Spike gasped, he ran over to the smoke cloud followed by Twilight & Moron (Pinkie Pie).

"Hey, that's mean!"

"I'm the narrator, so in this story, I HAAAAVE THE POOOOOOWEEEEEEEERRR!"


Anyway, Spike waved his arms clearing away the smoke!

"Rarity, are you okay!"

"Yes, Spikey-Wikey, I'm infact fine after being hit by that magical force."

"Oh, phew, if I could find you in this fog, I'd hug you right now!"

"Aw, you're always such a sweet heart."

Spike wrapped his arms around something that looked like Rarity

"Oh, found you!"

"What are you doing? Who ever you are, I'm certainly not Rarity!" Said a masculin voice

"Wait, what the?"

The smoke finally cleared revealing 5 different forms of Rarity! The regular one, the R63 one that Spike was currently hugging, The EQG one, the Dragon one, and last but not least, the anthro one!

"Whoa!" Said Twilight

"I know!" Said Pinkie

"Oh my stars, I have clones!" Said the EQG Rarity!

"Oh, so that's why you called me Rarity, because I'm the male version of her!" Said Elusive!

"Gah! W-what happened?" Spike questioned.

"I don't know, but let's head to the Library to figure it out! Come-on everybody!"

"Coming!" Then all 5 Rarities, well 4 Rarities & Elusive, all held Spike close as they all headed for the Library!


"So, looks like my Quinta join spell can make 5 of a kind if used on one target!" Twilight briefly explained.

"Cool! Come-on Twilight, let's go make 5 Rainbow Dashes so the world can be 100% cooler!" Pinkie said

"NO! I'm going to find a way to fix this!"

"I don't think so Twilight!"

"What do you mean Rarity?"

"Well, after having a chat with these other 4 me's this is perfect!"

"What do you mean perfect?"

"I'll start!" Said Anthro Rarity! "We all actually come from different worlds! I was going to reject my Spike because he was just a child, but since I've been teleported to a world where he's older, who cares?" Then she sighed as she leaned her head on Spike's right shoulder.

"I was going to reject my Barb, or rather my Spike because I'm gay, but since I've been teleported to a world where she's a he, who cares!" Then Elusive hugged Spike from behind.

"I was going to reject my Spike because he was a puppy, but since he's a very very handsome dragon in this world, who cares?" Then EQG Rarity nuzzled his other shoulder.

"I was going to reject my Spike because ponies weren't my type. But since I'm now in a world where Spike is a dragon, who cares?" Said Dragon Rarity, holding his left leg.

"I'm naturally in love with Spike, but now I can be in love with him 5 times over!" Said this world's Rarity as she leaned her back against Spike's torso.

"Wow! This is incredible!" Spike said with a wagging tail. "I was happy with one Rarity, but now that there are 5. Oh thank you Pinkie Pie!"

"Alright, now let us see who gets to date our new boyfriend 1st!" Anthro Rarity said then made a bottle magically appear.

Dragon Rarity spun the bottle.

"So, I guess Rarity is going to be 5 times my In-law." Twilight siad as everyone ignored them.

"Oooh, I hope one of Sparity's 1st dates will be at Sugarcube Corner!" Pinkie said with excitement.

The bottle spun right around baby right around, it spun right around baby righ...Damnit, I got that stupid song in my head! I curse the people who post troll videos with that song! Well yeah, the bottle soon stopped spinning and landed on...well this one is inevitable so I guess it should be done 1st to get it over with! It landed on Elusive!

"Huzzah! I'm 1st! See you tomorrow Spike!"

"See you tomorrow Elusive!" Spike said with a totthy grin and a waving arm

"Spike, you do realize you're going to have to kiss a guy right?" Twilight said.

"Yeah, but I'm going to kiss the most handsome stallion in the world."

"I hate to admit it, but Spike is right, Elusive is really handsome!" Pinkie pointed out.

Yeah, no homo or anything, but I think he's handsome as well. Remember, no homo!