• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Spike's 5 Rarities - trahzo

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

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Chapter 5: As Mr. Bean Would Put It: "To the Beach."

Yay, a 2nd day with Raritits and this time at the beach. *Facepalm* It seems Rarity hasn't completely stopped abusing Spike seeing that Anthro Rarity carried the picnic basket & Spike brought the last of the supplies! On the bright side though, the sky was clear, courtesy of Rainbow Dash not wanting it to "Rain on their parade!"

"But Narrator, their not in a parade!" Pinkie interjected.

"It's an expression idiot!"


Ahem, so Spike and Anthro Rarity found a nice place to put there stuff.

"Alright my Darling, here's a wonderful spot to set-up! What do you think?"

"Heh, heh, it's cool!" Spike said, stuggling with all the stuff. He then placed it down safely.

After a few minutes, it was all set. Rarity then removed her towel revealing Spike her full 2 piece swimsuit, which made him go "homina, homina" a baker's dozen of times (That's 13) until Rarity used one finger to shut him up.


Wow indeed, I can't believe Robocop killed Terminator, no wait, sorry, I was off track, like in a bunch of other stories. What I meant to say was, that Rarity's 2 piece swimsuit was amazing. The top had string straps and was tied up in the back, also the cups were light blue trigon shaped (Trigon was Triangle's former name). The bottom also matched the top as well, but the trigon was smaller.

"Now, let us relax."


Spike and rarity silently watched the waves as they sat next to eachother & their hands locked.

"Oh-no, it's that jerk Blueblood, what's he doing here?" Rarity pointed out.

"He's joining the surfing competition, and well, Blueblood is very passionate when it comes to surfing, trust me I'm the only cousin he likes."

"You and Blueblood are cousins!?"

"Yeah, because Princess Celestia adopted me."

"My, my, my, who knew?"

They watched the surf competition till it was Blueblood's turn and he was doing great, until a shark chased after him & Spike's good nature made him rescue the whiney bitch that was Blueblood.

"Thank you cousin." He said while shivering in fear and holding Spike very close.

"No big deal, I used to save your ass every week before I moved, which reminds me, who's rescuing your ass now?"

"His name is Private Veetrix."

"Oh brother, he must be very patient to have saved you for so long, and where the fuck is he?"

Then the shark started walking on the beach.


Then the shark began to laugh.

"I got you Blueblood."

Then the shark removed it's head revealing a human's head.


"Oh, another human." Spike said.

"Private Veetrix, how could you? I'm going to tell auntie Celestia!"

"Go ahead, she infact ordered me to do it!"

"What!? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"Drama Queen am I right?"

"Mmm Hmm, now good luck with the rest of your date Prince Spike, let me say, she's a real keeper!"

"Thank you Private, now I must be off!"

So Spike returned to the beach site to see it was empty.

"She left? Oh, I must've failed with this one."

"There you are hero, I left to get us some Ice Cream!"

"Oh, thanks Rarity."

"You're welcome darling, now would you like Dash of Rainbow or Sparkling Twilight?" (Turnabout Storm reference.)

"Sparkling Twilight."

The 2 enjoyed their cold treats till they realized that the flavors sounded like the names of their friends and threw the rest in the trash.

"Wow, that was awkward." They both agreed.

Rarity was thinking she could just ask Spike to massage her back, but you know subtlety is overrated.



"I'm just going to be out with it & not beat around the bush, now massage my breasts immediately!"

Before the 1st drop of noseblood could escape, Spike used sheer force of will to make it go back in.

"Why would I ever say no to that?"

Aaaaaaaand right off the bat, Spike & Rarity were laying on the beach blanket, Rarity was laying on her back while Spike was sitting on top, with his crotch grinding against her's as he massaged her chest.

"Oh, more tension Spike, it's so good."

"Yes my love."

"I love you too Spikey-poo, now please, harder."

This continued on until they saw a family coming over & refused to let their little filly & tween colt witness their explicit behavior. So, they just went for hugging eachother, where Rarity's legs wrapped around Spike's waist.

"Ew, romance!" The filly gagged."Get a room!"

Wow that's quite the mouth that little girl has at such a young age, I bet you it's the parents. Or the tween colt who uses swares.

"You know something, the parents here really make you think about the future don't they?" Anthro Rarity asked

"Yeah, it makes me want to have kids with you 5. Well I guess one of you are goin to nee to birth a 2nd kid for Elusive, but you get it right?"

"Yes. I do."

So the sunset on a great day, and Spike walked Rarity home.

"See you later Rarity."

"You too Spike."

So Spike headed on home with overwhelming happiness because his Rarity was next.


Pony Rarity was bounding around the boutique.

"Hooray, it's my turn with my dragon prince! Oh Spikey-Wikey, our time together will be glorious."