• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Spike's 5 Rarities - trahzo

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

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Chapter 3: Spike & Rarity Used Dragon Dance! It's Super Effective!

Spike walked to a field that overlooked Ponyville & it seemed like a super moon was out tonight (Geez Luna, must you moon us with your big ass?). If you're wondering what exactly a super moon is, it's when the moon is at it's closest to earth! Oh, what beautiful night out, so many stars, a full view of the entirity of Ponyville, a gentle breeze in the wind, the sound of cops busting your neighbor for trafficking pot, crickets chirping in the rythm of the firflies' pattern of blinking, The Ponyville Orchestra performing an outside concert (FYI, they were playing Meloetta's Sparkling Retical version of Relic Song.) and most beautiful of all, Dragon Rarity! Her scales glistening in the moonlight, Spike could barely contain himself. Rarity was right there, sitting at a bench that was set there on purpose! Her eyes glistened with absolute beauty! Who wouldn't want to court such a magnificent creature? She got up from her seat, each step with 20% more grace than the last step! Spike's heart raced because of how amazing his girlfriend looked in such light. Rarity held out her claw.

"Hello darling, shall we begin?"

"Yes milady, yes me shall" Spike answered with such confidence.

Then they flew through the night sky. Once they were high enough (Like the person who was arrested.) the courtship ritual began. Well, it was a courtship ritual to Rarity, since Spike had no idea about his own species, he thought this was just a dance. They twirled together through the clouds, then held each other's claw & used their free claw to wave to Princess Luna as she flew alongside her children of the night. Spike & Rarity flew hard down but then pulled up hard back in the sky. They flew past Rainbow Dash who was fly dancing with Soarin.
They all waved to eachother then Spike & Rarity flew off to another area. Then Shogun Deezutra flew by on his Flygon. Spike & Rarity then locked fingers & toes as they sped through & twirled. Then Destiny the Dragon flew by carrying Pucca who was mercilessly kissing Garu.

"So many dragons out tonight." Spike commented.

"I know!" Said American Dragon Jake Long.

"Just look at all these obscure references." Rarity pointed out.

"Yeah, very interesting." Said Dojo from Xiaolin Showdown, who was also hauling Omi, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo to the location of the next Shen Gong Wu.

"Isnt it a great night for dragons to get out & enjoy themselves?" Said Hiccup, from how to train your dragon, riding on his faithful dragon companion Toothless.

"Yeah, it's amazing! My Dragonite is very happy." Iris said as she & her Pokemon did aileron rolls. It gave the couple the great idea to do a proper barrel roll..

Then they wrapped their arms around eachother feeling up both of their coats as the moon's circumference surrounded them.

"I love you Spike!"

"Me too Rarity, I love you too."

Then they slowly clossed their eyes as they leaned in for the kiss & gently glided down to the ground. A shooting star shot by as they opened their eyes and realized they were on the ground. Then finished with a simple ballroom dance and the funny thing, Rarity was leading. So the courtship ritual finished, and the arrested person escaping to Las Pegasus. The 2 love Pteradactyls bid eachother farewell.

"I had an amazing night out Rarity. "

"Me too, now I must get home, I promised the other me's that you wont walk me home until you dated pony Rarity."

"What about a goodbye kiss?"

"Not until you date Human Rarity. Goodnight darling."

"Goodnight mylove. I'll see you in my dreams."

Also, the crowed cheered the composer on with round of applause for the wonderful job well done. the bottle was spun again and this time...

"My turn darlings, I hope his scaley lips feel smooth on my human lips." Said EQG Rarity.