• Published 8th Mar 2014
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Spike's 5 Rarities - trahzo

Twilight botched up a spell compliments of Pinkie Pie! The Result, 4 more Rarity's living in Ponyville, but Spike ain't complaining, because his dream has come true 5 times over!

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Chapter 4: Rarity is The Whitest Human Ever!

Spike and EQG Rarity strolled around Ponyville, holding hands.

"haaaaaaaands" Lyra whispered.

"Um, Lyra, here's my handkerchief, now please whipe up your drool, both on your face and on the floor, because you might just drown Ponyville in it!" Bon bon told her, but Lyra ignored because she was to entranced with Spike & EQG Rarity holding hands.

They strolled through the park, they strolled through the alleys, they strolled through the stroller factory! From me you should've expected as much. So Spike & EQG Rarity ended their walk around Ponyville because this Rarity has a bit of trouble navigating her new home, but with Spike, she will absolutely remember! Like how an elephant never forgets, but I forget what the elephant remembers (Ed Edd, n' Eddy reference). Just then, Thunderlane from the EQG world arrives because Trixie really wanted to spite Twilight. He was angry & really jealous!

"Rarity, what do you think you're doing? This is freaking beastiality! Our God wouldn't allow it!"

"I'll have you know, I choose to live here making my new God, the pony version of Principal Celestia. She in fact doesn't mind interspecies relations." Then she gave Spike some tongue.

"Ah, disgusting, come-on we're going back now!"

"Hold-it!" Said this world's Thunderlane.

"What the? The pony version of me? So, do you agree that this I..."

"Shut-up asshole, these 2 feel love for eachother, they are dedicated to one another's hearts! They have sincere feelings for one another, and if you are too blinded by morals to see that, then I must say I'm glad humans are not naturally found here because of the rules they make-up for relationships!"

"Wow me, I had no idea I was such a faggot in this world!" then he shoved his ponysona out of the way.

"You dickwad!" Then Pony Thunderlane attacked EQG Thunderlane!

They fought and the pony was beating the human!

"Go, me & Rumble got this! Hey Rumble let's double team this loser version of myself!"

"Yeah bro!"

"...Thanks guys, you're some real pals!"

"Well, good luck you 2, bye."

So Spike and Rarity went to Sugarcube Corner for some parfaits.

"Oh, thank goodness I'm not a dog, otherwise this chocolate parfait would kill me!" Spike said relieved.

"Yes, it's a good thing we get to enjoy this moment!" Then Spike noticed her chest bounce.

Spike had no idea, but the scene actually aroused him to tell the truth. The only thing close to breasts he's ever seen where the cow's udders when he volunteers to help Applejack with milking. (That's correct right? The udders are the cow's breast.) There was something about the big chest that made him try to make his twin swords stay hidden till he got home to masturbate!

"Hey Rarity?"

"Yes Spikey-Wikey?"

"I was just wondering...."

"Yes?" Her chest got an inch closer.

"I was just wondering if I could take a look at...those things?"

"Oh, you mean my bossom? Well, since it looks like everyone walks around naked, I don't see any reason not to show them." Then she removed her shirt & bra! Spike's eyes cartoonishly popped out, then back in, because of the sight of her D-cups. "You may squeeze them if you'd like, I don't mind, but please be gentle."

"Okay!" Then he put one claw on the right.


"Oh, Spike!"

"Sorry, did I..." then a finger was put to his mouth!

"No, I'm fine, just sensitive."

So he continued to put his left on the other.


"Ah, yes!"

Heh, Spike is grabbing a shirtless girl's breasts in public and no one thinks he's a pervert! What lucky guy wouldn't you agree? Spike then fondled them, squeezed the tits, producing milk, Spike used his reptilian tongue to have a taste. Which made EQG Rarity moan in pleasure. In which, attracted the attention of no-one, Spike arranged for it to be only them at Sugarcube Corner today & as a coincidence the cakes were on a family trip anyway, so it was just Pinkie & Gummy there.

"I believe that's quite enough Spike, we'll continue after we're married! So, for now, please walk me home." Then Rarity held out her hand.

"It would be my honor, my sweet marshmallow beauty."

It was night and the citizens of Ponyville fired EQG Thunderlane outta a cannon into the EQG world, and then cutoff Trixie's horn & ground it up! Don't you Trixie fans get angry, it'll grow back, but for now, all's we have is a pathetic fraud. Spike & Rarity went to Carousel Boutique in silence, well sorta, they all passed by parents giggling while carrying their sleepy children home. Finally, they made it to her home.

"I had a wonderful time Spike, I'm so happy that my heart is now yours."

"I'm happy that you & the other 4 share mine."

"Goodnight." The both of them said on opposite sides of the door.

So, the bottle was spun again.

"Looks like I'm going last, this world's Rarity which means."

"I'm up next. Don't fret, I'm sure Spike is looking forward to kissing you, the one he's known longer. Right now, it is my turn & I must thank myself (Elusive) for making such a sexy swimsuit."

"Well, you're welcome me! I know he'll love it as well. Now while you & human Rarity were gone, the 3 of us finally made a months worth of clothing each, for the both of you."

"Thanks again."

So conversation went on for a few more minutes & I'm just gonna end the chapter here.