• Published 16th Jan 2014
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To Earn One's Love - Mattricole

After learning Diamond Tiara is a threat to the future, Apple Bloom sets out to save Equestria the only way she knows how...make Diamond Tiara love her.

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Chapter 5

“Howdie, Diamond Tiara!” Apple Bloom called out, waving at Diamond Tiara.

“Hello, Apple Bloom, are you ready for our picnic?” Diamond Tiara asked with a smile.

“Eeyup, ah got all the things we need!” Apple Bloom said as she opened her picnic basket. “Ah got a blanket, apple juice, apple cider, apple fritters, apple pie, apple-” she was interrupted when Diamond shoved her hoof into her mouth.

“Okay, I get it,” Diamond Tiara grunted as she removed her hoof. “Let’s just go to the park already, I’m starving!” Diamond Tiara said as she walked on ahead, causing Apple Bloom to sigh.

“Alright, alright,” Apple Bloom muttered as she picked up the picnic basket and followed Diamond Tiara. Eh, ah’m sure it’ll git better, Apple Bloom thought as she followed behind Diamond Tiara, unaware of the two pairs of eyes watching them from the bushes.

“You see that, Sweetie?” Scootaloo mumbled as she watched Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom walk away. “Diamond Tiara doesn’t even appreciate what Apple Bloom’s doing for her, the ungrateful jerk.”

“What I saw was Diamond Tiara caressing Apple Bloom’s lips, resisting the urge to kiss her,” Sweetie Belle whispered back, causing Scootaloo to groan.

“You can’t be serious?” Scootaloo said as she walked out of the bushes and silently followed the pair.

“I am serious,” Sweetie Belle said from behind, being extra careful not to yell. The two of them had decided to follow Apple Bloom’s first date, but for completely different reasons. Scootaloo wanted to make sure Apple Bloom would be alright, while Sweetie Belle merely wanted to watch the couple, hoping the two of them would kiss.

“Sweetie Belle, you’re insane,” Scootaloo grumbled as they finally made it into the park. “Quick, the bushes!” Scootaloo yelled as she pulled her into the bushes loudly.

“Huh, did ya hear that?” Apple Bloom asked as she laid the blanket on the ground.

“Eh, it’s probably some foal’s playing hide and seek or something,” Diamond Tiara shrugged as she opened the picnic basket.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Apple Bloom said as she slapped Diamond Tiara’s hoof. “As a gentlecolt, it’s mah responsibility to lay the food on the blanket,” she said with a smile, only to find Diamond Tiara was glaring at her.

“That hurt,” Diamond Tiara whispered dangerously. Apple Bloom resisted the urge to run and nervously smiled back.

“Heh, sorry,” Apple Bloom mumbled as she scratched the back of her head, beads of sweat pouring down her forehead. After a few seconds of glaring Diamond Tiara simply sat down on the blanket, looking away.


Sighing in relief, Apple Bloom set the food on the blanket, along with knifes, spoons, forks, and plates (all of which decorated with images of apples). Not to far from them, Sweetie Belle was gushing, earning a questioning glance from Scootaloo.

“Uh, what are you doing?” Scootaloo asked, unable to understand what Sweetie Belle was gushing about.

“Did you see that?” Sweetie Belle asked with a smile, earning a shrug from Scootaloo.

“What? You mean the part where Diamond Tiara resisted the urge to kill Apple Bloom?” Scootaloo asked, causing Sweetie Belle to frown at her. “What? That’s what it looked like to me!”

“Poor, sweet, naive Scootaloo, you truly can’t see within the heart of a mare,” Sweetie Belle said, sighing in exasperation. “Apple Bloom was clearly trying to hold hooves with Diamond Tiara, who was far to embarrassed. Even now she’s sitting there with her hooves crossed, berating herself for such a missed opportunity!” Sweetie Belle pointed out. Scootaloo merely scoffed at the thought.

“Yeah, sorry Sweetie Belle but I’m pretty sure that’s not what happened,” Scootaloo said as she continued watching the two eat. “Seriously, how in Equestria did you come up with-”

“Look!” Sweetie interrupted as she pointed at Diamond Tiara, who was wiping food off of Apple Bloom’s mouth with her hoof.

“Apple Bloom, you have got to be more careful!” Diamond Tiara scolded, eating the food she had just wiped off of Apple Bloom. “Seriously, you don’t want a wasp or some other disgusting bug crawling all over your face, do you?”

“Heh, guess not, thanks!” Apple Bloom said with a slight blush. “Heh, kinda reminds me of yesterday when we shared food,” Apple Bloom said, causing Diamond Tiara to blush.

“Ugh, can you not bring that up? It’s embarrassing!” Diamond Tiara grumbled, causing Apple Bloom to giggle.

“Oh my Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo mumbled as she tried to comprehend what just happened.

“Wow, that was so cute!” Sweetie Belle gushed.

“More like disgusting!” Scootaloo growled, gagging from the sight. “I hope she didn’t give Apple Bloom cooties just now,” Scootaloo said, earning a glare from Sweetie Belle.

“Scootaloo, cooties don’t exist,” Sweetie Belle said with a glare, earning a scoff from Scootaloo.

“Uh, yes Sweetie, they do-”

“THEY DON’T EXIST!” Sweetie Belle shouted, causing Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara to look their way. “Oops.”

“Hey, isn’t that your friends?” Diamond Tiara asked. Apple Bloom simply shrugged as she started putting the food away.

“Looks like it, ah bet they were spying on us,” Apple Bloom said, causing Diamond Tiara to nod.

“Huh, I was actually kind of expecting that, whatever.” And with that the two of them walked off, ignoring the two mares in the bushes.

“That was a close one, they almost found out,” Scootaloo whispered as she wiped a bead of sweat off of her forehead. “Be more careful next time, Sweetie!”

“Yeah, sorry,” Sweetie Belle whispered, getting out of the bushes and following after Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom. After a while they finally reached the movie theater.

“So, what was the movie we’re watching again?” Apple Bloom asked as she looked at the various movie posters.

“Seriously?” Diamond Tiara asked with a sigh. “We agreed to watch ‘Pony Ball Z: Battle of the Alicorns’, remember? It’s going to be so good!” Diamond Tiara squealed, causing Apple Bloom to giggle.

“Right, sorry! Ah just never imagined ya to be into anime is all,” Apple Bloom said with a smile. “Anyways, ah’ll go git the tickets, ya just wait fer me here, alright?” As soon as Diamond Tiara nodded Apple Bloom went off to pay for their tickets.

“Alright, time for plan B!” Scootaloo said to herself as she started to walk up to Diamond Tiara.

“Wait, Scoots what are you doing?!” Sweetie Belle yelled out as she watched her friend go up to Diamond Tiara.

“Hi, Diamond Tiara!” Scootaloo shouted as she walked up to Diamond Tiara, who turned to her in confusion.

“Huh? Oh, you’re still following us?” Diamond Tiara asked, smirking when Scootaloo yelped in surprise.

“What?! Follow?! I wasn’t following!” Scootaloo shouted, glaring at Diamond Tiara. After a few seconds she sighed and counted to ten in her head. Calm down, Scoots, you got a job to do! “Yeah, okay! I was following you two,” Scootaloo grumbled, causing Diamond Tiara to smirk.

“Well, what do you want? Can’t you see Apple Bloom and I are on a date?” Diamond Tiara said, the smirk not leaving her face causing Scootaloo’s eye to twitch in irritation.

“It’s just, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” Scootaloo muttered, kicking at the dirt nervously, causing Diamond Tiara to raise her eyebrow in confusion. I’m going to show Apple Bloom exactly why she should stay away from you!

“Uh...okay? What is it you want to tell me?” Diamond Tiara asked, not sure if this was a good idea. Is she planning something? she thought cautiously. Scootaloo wasn’t about to go on a tirade about why she hated her, was she?

Knowing there was only one way to protect Apple Bloom from getting hurt, Scootaloo Took a deep breath and looked Diamond Tiara straight in the eye.

“I love you, Diamond Tiara.”