• Published 16th Jan 2014
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To Earn One's Love - Mattricole

After learning Diamond Tiara is a threat to the future, Apple Bloom sets out to save Equestria the only way she knows how...make Diamond Tiara love her.

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Chapter 7

“Ah can’t believe ah lost them!” Apple Bloom yelled at herself as she kicked a nearby pebble. Sure, she could understand Scootaloo outrunning her, but Sweetie Belle? That was just ridiculous! “Where in Ponyville could those two have taken Diamond Tiara?” Apple Bloom asked herself, unable to come up with anything.

“Apple Bloom? What are you doing out so late?” Apple Bloom turned towards the voice and found it to be Silver Spoon, carrying a bag.

“Oh, hi Silver Spoon,” Apple Bloom greeted sadly. “Ah was just looking fer Sweetie Belle and Scoots.”

“Why are you looking for those two?” Silver Spoon asked. “I would have thought you would want to go home after your date with Diamond Tiara.”

“Ah was, but those two foalnapped her, now ah need to find them,” Apple Bloom said with a shrug. “Ah don’t really know where they went thou-”

“Whoa, hold on a sec!” Silver Spoon yelled as she grabbed Apple Bloom by the shoulders. “Your friends foalnapped Diamond Tiara?!” Silver Spoon yelled as she shooked Apple Bloom back and fourth. “Why didn’t you say that earlier?! Come on we have to save her!” Silver Spoon yelled as she ran off, quickly followed by Apple Bloom.

“W--wait! We don’t even know where they are!” Apple Bloom shouted, causing Silver Spoon to stop in her tracks and glare at her.

“Seriously? You don’t know?” Silver Spoon asked, eliciting a shrug from Apple Bloom. “Y--you’re kidding, right?!”

“Uh...is it obvious where they took her?” Apple Bloom asked, causing Silver Spoon to groan.

“Apple Bloom, think! Where’s the one place you and your friends do everything?!” Silver Spoon asked as she tapped the ground impatiantly. Apple Bloom began scratching her chin in thought and shrugged.

“The clubhouse?” Apple Bloom asked, and after a few seconds she gasped. “The clubhouse! Ah know where that is!” Apple Bloom shouted with a smile as she ran off in the direction of the clubhouse, earning a groan from Silver Spoon.

“Ugh, DT’s right, you are dumb as a colt,” Silver Spoon mumbled as she followed after Apple Bloom, determined to save her best friend. Still, if it’s those two I doubt she’s in much trouble.

“Alright, Sweetie Belle, make sure you got that rope reeeally tight, we don’t want her escaping,” Scootaloo said as she watched her friend tie up Diamond Tiara. “And now we play the waiting game,” Scootaloo said with a smirk, rubbing her hooves together victoriously. After a few minutes of waiting, Sweetie Belle yawned and laid down on the floor.

“So what are we waiting for, Scoots?” Sweetie Belle asked, drawing circles in the dust that covered the floor, she really needed to remind Apple Bloom to dust the clubhouse later.

“Isn’t it obvious, Sweetie?” Scootaloo asked with a smirk, walking around Diamond Tiara as she sat on the chair. “I’m waiting for Diamond Tiara to fall in love with me,” Scootaloo said, earning a confused look from both Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara.

“Uh, you do realize you foalnapped me, right?” Diamond Tiara asked, earning a nod from Scootaloo. “Okay...so how do you expect me to fall in love with you?”

“Me foalnapping you is the reason you will fall in love with me!” Scootaloo said as she poked Diamond Tiara’s nose. “Come on, haven’t you ever seen Beauty and the Beast?” Scootaloo asked, causing Diamond Tiara to nod her head.

“Oh, I get it now!” Sweetie Belle yelled as she slapped her hooves together in realization. “You’re hoping for Diamond Tiara to experience stockholm syndrome!” Sweetie Belle said earning a smile from Scootaloo.

“Exactly! At least, I think that’s what it is,” Scootaloo said with a shrug. “Anyways, at any moment Diamond Tiara is going to instantly fall in love with me!” Scootaloo said as she sat down in front of Diamond Tiara, smiling at the captured filly.

...I really hope Apple Bloom finds me soon, Diamond Tiara thought to herself as she stared back at Scootaloo, not knowing what else she could do.

“So...are you in love with me yet?” Scootaloo asked, eyes sparkling in anticipation.

“No, no I’m not,” Diamond Tiara replied, causing Scootaloo to sigh sadly.

“Drat, I thought I had you that time,” Scootaloo said as she went back to staring at Diamond Tiara.

“Uh, Scoots, I think you’re doing it wrong,” Sweetie Belle said as she walked up to Scootaloo.

“Huh, what do you mean?” Scootaloo asked, not tearing her eyes away from Diamond Tiara. “They say eyes are windows into your soul, so I just gotta keep staring at her until she loves me!” Scootaloo said with a smirk, causing Diamond Tiara to groan.

“Well you can’t just stare at her, we got to do something more drastic!” Sweetie Belle said with a smirk, earning a questioning glance from Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara.

“Drastic? What do you mean?” Scootaloo asked as she went back to staring at Diamond Tiara. She really does have pretty eyes, Scootaloo thought to herself, her face blushing slightly at the thought. Maybe after all this is over, she can foalnap me?

“Here’s the plan,” Sweetie Belle said as she grabbed a wooden bat. “You beat her with this bat, and eventually she’ll sympathize with you and fall in love!”

“Wait, what?” Scootaloo asked as she backed away from Sweetie Belle. “That’s going a bit far, don’t you think?”

“I agree with Scootaloo!” Diamond Tiara yelled out as she tried ripping out of her bindings. “That’s excessive violence, I’ll sue you know!” Diamond Tiara shouted, earning a glare from Sweetie Belle.

“But it’s such a good idea!” Sweetie said as she went to hoof over the bat to Scootaloo. “Now beat her with the bat so she can fall in love alrea--” she was interrupted as the door to the clubhouse was suddenly ripped open. “What the?”

“Diamond Tiara, we’re here to--” Apple Bloom paused as she saw Sweetie with a bat. “Uh, Sweetie Belle, why are ya holding a bat?”

“I was going to have Scootaloo beat Diamond Tiara up, so she would fall in love with Scoots,” Sweetie Belle said with a shrug.

“That’s...disturbing,” Silver Spoon said as she went to untie Diamond Tiara. Guess she was in more trouble than I thought, Silver Spoon thought as she finally untied Diamond Tiara, earning a quick thank you.

“What? It seemed like a good idea!” Sweetie Belle shouted with a glare as she threw the bat to the floor, crossing her hooves in annoyance.

“No, Sweetie Belle, just no,” Scootaloo said as she picked up the bat and threw it out the window. The further it was from Sweetie the better. “Hey, Diamond, can I ask you a question?” Scootaloo asked the now untied Diamond Tiara.

“Shoot,” Diamond Tiara nodded as she massaged her hooves. Those ropes really digged into her skin.

“D--did you fall in love with me?” Scootaloo asked with a small smile. Maybe, just maybe she still had a cha--

“No, Scootaloo, I did not,” Diamond Tiara said as she began walking towards Apple Bloom, crushing Scootaloo’s heart instantly.

“Oh...okay,” Scootaloo said as she looked at the floor, ignoring the ache her heart felt at that moment.

“Come on, Diamond, ah’ll walk ya home this time.” Apple Bloom wrapped her hoof around Diamond Tiara’s as she lead her out the now broken door. “Ah’m really sorry about those two, they can be a bit…”

“No, don’t worry about explaining it, Apple Bloom,” Diamond Tiara said as she laid her head against Apple Bloom’s. “At least I know you’ll always come to save me!” Diamond Tiara said with a blush as the two walked off together.

“...What about me?” Silver Spoon muttered, upset Diamond Tiara didn’t even properly thank her. She could have at least given her a hug, instead she just got a simple ‘thank you’. Just slightly annoyed, she followed the two home, after all, she lived right next to Diamond Tiara.

Back at the treehouse, Scootaloo was still staring at the floor sadly when Sweetie Belle walked up to her and wrapped a hoof around her shoulder.

“Will you be alright, Scoots?” Sweetie Belle asked, earning a nod from the silent Scootaloo. “You really liked her, didn’t you?”

“Y--yeah,” Scootaloo sniffed, wiping away tears as thoughts of Diamond Tiara’s eyes fluttered through her mind. Unsure of what to do, Sweetie hugged her friend tightly and smiled.

“Look on the brightside, Rainbow Dash is still single,” Sweetie Belle whispered, causing Scootaloo to smile gently.

“She is, isn’t she?” Scootaloo said, her tears running dry as she looked out the window with confidence.

She may not have gotten Diamond Tiara, but there was still other fish in the sea.