• Published 16th Jan 2014
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To Earn One's Love - Mattricole

After learning Diamond Tiara is a threat to the future, Apple Bloom sets out to save Equestria the only way she knows how...make Diamond Tiara love her.

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Chapter 3

“Hey, Silver Spoon, after school’s over you wanna go to Carousel Boutique?” Diamond Tiara asked as she and Silver Spoon sat on the swings out of boredom. “I hear Rarity has a great line of dresses for fillies, it’s going to be totally great!”

“Yeah! We can make ourselves look cuter than usual!” Silver Spoon giggled, loving the thought of a brand new dress. “I just hope those stupid Cutie Mark Crusaders aren’t there.”

“I know, right?! Those lamekins ruin everything!” Diamond Tiara replied as she got up from her swing and began walking towards the school. “Hopefully they aren’t around, I don’t want them ruining my brand new-”

“Hello, Diamond Tiara,” said an awfully familiar voice from behind, causing Diamond Tiara to groan.

“Speaking of lamekins, what do you want Apple…” Diamond Tiara was unable to finish her sentence, gawking at Apple Bloom who stood before her, stroking something on her face. “...What are you-”

“Do ya like it, Diamond Tiara?” Apple Bloom said lowly, in an almost...sultry voice?

What in the name of Celestia is she doing? Diamond Tiara thought to herself, unable to voice her displeasure. She knew Apple Bloom often did stupid things, but this?! This was beyond stupid!

“Ah see ya’re speechless, Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom said as she walked up to Diamond Tiara, stopping when she was only mere inches away. “Would ya like to touch it, perhaps?”

Gagging, Diamond Tiara looked beyond Apple Bloom, silently begging Silver Spoon to save her from this...whatever this was.

“CAN’T...BREATHE!” Silver Spoon laughed, falling off her swing and kicking the ground repeatedly.

Looks like I’m on my own Diamond Tiara thought ruefully. “Apple Bloom, I-”

She was interrupted by the school bell ringing loudly, officially starting the school day. Sighing in relief, Diamond Tiara quickly turned around and walked away from Apple Bloom, deciding it best to simply ignore the apple farmer. Reaching for the door, Apple Bloom quickly rushed in front of her.

“Allow me,” Apple Bloom said, opening the door for her with a smirk, her eyebrows dancing up and down repeatedly.

“...Thanks?” Diamond Tiara managed to mutter, and quickly walked inside. Behind her, Apple Bloom snickered silently.

Wow, looks like winning Diamond’s heart is going to be a lot easier than ah thought it would be! she thought happily as she quickly followed a flustered Diamond Tiara.

After reaching class Diamond quickly walked over to her seat, only to be once again blocked by Apple Bloom.

“Allow me, mah lady!” Apple Bloom whispered as she pulled Diamond Tiara’s chair out for her.

“Th-thanks,” Diamond Tiara mumbled and quickly sat in her seat. Okay, what is going on?! she asked herself, resisting the urge to slam her face into her desk. Why is Apple Bloom acting so strange?! Why is she being nice?! What in the world is with that ugly rat on her face?! Did she finally decide to not only act like a loser, but dress as one too?

“It’s mah pleasure, Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom said as her eyebrows once again danced up and down, and she slowly backed away into her own chair.

Needless to say Diamond Tiara was pretty creeped out by this point. Maybe Apple Bloom contracted some deadly disease? Diamond thought with a shrug. Whatever, she might as well just ignore it for now. Not like Apple Bloom was going to pester her all day.

“A pretty rose fer the pretty lady,” Apple Bloom said as she pulled Diamond Tiara’s hair back, and gently tucked a single rose (obviously fake) behind her ear.

Celestia help me! Diamond Tiara prayed as she resisted the urge to punch Apple Bloom. It was going to be a long day.

Finally, after what felt like forever, the bell for lunch rang loudly, causing the children to happily get up from their seats.

“Allow me, mah lady,” Apple Bloom offered her hoof to Diamond Tiara.

“...Are you seriously going to be doing this all day?” Diamond Tiara grumbled as she accepted Apple Bloom’s hoof, who gently helped her from her seat.

“But of course, ah am a gentlecolt,” Apple Bloom said with a smirk, causing her rat-like thing to lift abnormally, increasing her creepiness level easily by twenty percent.

“...You’re a mare,” Diamond Tiara grumbled as she began her walk to the cafeteria, followed by Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon.

“Does that mean ah can’t treat a lady of yer caliber with respect? Ha! Ah laugh at the absurdity!” Apple Bloom haughtily said, slightly impressing Diamond Tiara.

Gotta admit, she’s got me there she thought with mild distaste. A mare like her really should be treated with the utmost respect!

...Even if the one giving the respect was incredibly creepy.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Silver Spoon whispered, giggling behind the two of them causing Diamond Tiara to growl.

“No one asked you, Silver Spoon,” Diamond grumbled as the three finally made it to the cafeteria. “Alright, Silver Spoon go find us a seat, I’ll get the-”

“No, mah lady!” Apple Bloom shouted, stroking her moustache gently. “Ah will git yer meals, as a gentlecolt it’s mah responsibility.”

Oh Celestia, that moustache is incredibly creepy, Diamond Tiara thought with a shiver and simply nodded. She hadn’t even bothered telling Apple Bloom what she wanted.

“Pfft, this is totally the best day ever!” Silver Spoon snickered, causing Diamond Tiara to growl.

“Do you find something funny, Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara asked, following Silver Spoon to a table for three.

“Oh come on, DT! Don’t you think it’s hilarious how Apple Bloom is totally hitting on you?” Silver Spoon giggled, causing Diamond Tiara to blush.

“W-what are you talking about?! She’s not hitting on me!” Diamond Tiara growled, causing Silver Spoon to look up in surprise.

“Seriously? You haven’t noticed?”

“What do you mean ‘noticed’?” Diamond Tiara asked, tilting her head in confusion. Silver Spoon simply sighed as she took off her glasses and cleaned them with her cloth.

“Oh come on, DT! She’s opening doors for you, pulling out your chair for you, and even grabbing your lunch! She even said she was a ‘gentlecolt’!” Silver Spoon listed off, causing Diamond Tiara’s eyes to widen in surprise.

“Y-you mean she-”

“Ah’m back, Diamond Tiara!” Apple Bloom called as she placed Diamond Tiara’s meal in front of her. Diamond Tiara stared in shock as she looked at her food, it was the most expensive one on the menu! The main dish was a heavenly smelling spinach omelette, with a beautifully crafted tomato salad as a nice side dish. It also came with a bowl of tomato soup that made her mouth water.

“...I just got a cheese pizza,” Silver Spoon moped, poking at her slightly burned meal.

“W-wow, thanks. Here, let me pay you-”

“No no no!” Apple Bloom held up her hoof, preventing Diamond from giving her the bits she owed. “It is mah pleasure to pay fer yer meal, Diamond Tiara,” Apple Bloom said tenderly as she laid a hoof over Diamond Tiara’s, causing her to blush.

“Th-thanks,” Diamond Tiara said, turning her head away in embarrassment. “W-what did you get yourself?” Diamond Tiara asked, noticing how Apple Bloom had no meal in front of her.

“Uh..ah already ate?” Apple Bloom coughed into her hoof and shrugged. “Yup, ah already ate!”

“Liar,” Diamond Tiara declared with a glare. “You didn’t eat at all!”

“Okay, so ah didn’t eat, ah’ll be fine!” Apple Bloom said rolling her eyes. “After all, a gentlecolt does not need ta eat!” Apple Bloom said with a smirk as she stroked her moustache, earning a glare from Diamond Tiara.

“...I’m pretty sure this cheese pizza is cold...yup. It’s cold.”

“Listen, Apple Bloom! One: You’re a MARE! Not a colt! A mare! You can’t be a gentlecolt if you’re a mare!” Diamond Tiara yelled as she slammed her hoof on the table. “Now let me give you money!”

“No! Ah don’t want yer money!” Apple Bloom yelled back as she stood up. “And ah worked hard fer the bits to buy yer food! Ya’ll should be thanking me!”

“Like, did you get this pizza out of the trash...it smells funny.”

“I already said thanks! I’m just concerned about you! I’m rich, filthy rich! I don’t need you to pay for my food!” Diamond Tiara snarled, causing Apple Bloom to tilt her head in confusion.

“Wait, ah thought yer dad’s name was Filthy Rich? And if that’s yer name why do ya call yerself ‘Diamond Tiara’?” Apple Bloom asked, causing Diamond Tiara to groan.

“Yup, now I’m certain you got this pizza out of the trash,” Silver Spoon said as she spit out a piece of pizza from her mouth. “I’ll be right back, gonna get some nachos!” she said as she walked towards the lunch line.

“Ugh, you know, maybe you are a gentlecolt!” Diamond Tiara growled, causing Apple Bloom to smile. You certainly are as dumb as one! she added in her head.

“Thank you, now enjoy yer meal, mah lady!” Apple Bloom said as she stroked her moustache in triumph.

“...Now you’re just trying to make me mad, aren’t you?” Diamond Tiara asked, once again resisting the urge to hit her. “Here, if you won’t let me pay you back, at least let me share with you,” Diamond Tiara said as she got a spoonful of her omelette and it up for Apple Bloom. “Say ‘aah’.”

“What? No way!” Apple Bloom protested as she shook her head. “A gentlecolt does not eat from a ladies pla-”

“Open your mouth, now!”

“AAH!!” Apple Bloom quickly opened her mouth, and bit down on the omelette quickly.

“There, was that so hard?” Diamond Tiara giggled, getting a spoonful of omelette for herself. Huh, I guess this is what they call an ‘indirect kiss’, she thought with a blush. Getting another spoonful of food, only one thought raced through her mind as Apple Bloom took another adorable bite. This would be so much better if she got rid of that stupid moustache.