• Published 16th Jan 2014
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To Earn One's Love - Mattricole

After learning Diamond Tiara is a threat to the future, Apple Bloom sets out to save Equestria the only way she knows how...make Diamond Tiara love her.

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Chapter 2

It didn’t take Apple Bloom long to get to Carousel Boutique. Thankfully working on a farm helped build up her stamina, so she was able to jog the whole way there. She looked at the nearby clock tower and found she had plenty of time to talk to Rarity and not be late for school.

“Well, ah guess it’s now or never,” Apple Bloom muttered as she entered into the boutique, a ringing bell announcing her arrival.

“Hello! And welcome to Carousel Boutique!” Rarity said as she turned around to face Apple Bloom. “Oh? Apple Bloom, how good to see you! I’m terribly sorry, but Sweetie Belle isn’t here.”

“Oh, ah’m not here fer Sweetie Belle. Ah wanted ta talk to ya,” Apple Bloom replied, causing Rarity to raise an eyebrow in mild surprise.

“Really? Well, what do you need to talk about?”

“Well, ah was just wondering, how do ah win a mare’s heart?” Apple Bloom asked, causing Rarity to blush. After a few seconds of silence, Apple Bloom finally realized what she said and flushed madly. That sounded a lot better in mah head.

“Oh...I see, well this does answer quite a lot,” Rarity muttered, putting a hoof to her mouth in thought.

“M--maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Ah’m just gonna leave!” Apple Bloom said with nervous laugh, slowly backing away towards the door.

“Ah ah ah ah!” Rarity protested as she held the door closed with her magic. “Now, Apple Bloom, there is no reason for you to be embarrassed, dear!” Rarity said as she gently patted Apple Bloom on the back. “I don’t mind helping you with your...dilemma. In fact, I am quite flattered you came to me!”

“R--really?” Apple Bloom asked silently, looking at the floor in embarrassment.

“Of course, darling! Now tell me, who is this mare?!” Rarity asked excitedly, causing Apple Bloom to grow fifty shades redder.

“A--ah don’t wanna say,” she whimpered, still unable to make eye contact with Rarity.

“Oh? Well, can you at least tell me what she’s like? I can’t very well help you if you don’t tell me about her, darling!” Rarity pried, giving Apple Bloom a gently squeeze. After a moment or two, Apple Bloom looked up towards Rarity and nodded.

“She’s a bit of a snob, and she really likes to make fun of mah accent!”

“...Oh?” Rarity asked, unable to really comprehend what Apple Bloom was saying. If she was so mean, why did Apple Bloom like her?

“And she’s constantly causing me and mah friends trouble, and she’s really arrogant too! Ah swear the only time she’s happy is when ah’m miserable!” Apple Bloom said with a snort.

“Oh? Then why do you...oh. OH!” Rarity shouted in shock. It couldn’t be what she thought...but it was the only way she could explain it. Seems Applejack’s dear sister is a bit of a...masochist, she thought with a blush. It did explain why all her crusading ideas ultimately brought bodily harm to her, but to think she actually enjoyed the pain... she just couldn’t comprehend it!

“Why do ah what, Rarity?” Apple Bloom asked with a tilt of her head, bringing Rarity out of her stupor.

“Oh, pardon me, Apple Bloom,” Rarity said with a chuckle. Clearing her throat and trying to keep her cool, Rarity thought for a moment. “Well, it seems to me the best way to win this little filly’s heart is simply be nice to her!” Rarity said with a smile.

“Huh? Be nice?” Apple Bloom asked with a raised eyebrow. “What do ya mean?”

“Compliment her, of course!” Rarity said, resisting the urge to slap her forehead. “Tell her what you like about her! Tell her she’s pretty! Give her flowers!” Rarity listed as Apple Bloom nodded her head in understanding. “Tell me, Apple Bloom, is she shy? A tomcolt? Nerdy? A lady--”

“Ooh, ooh, that one!” Apple Bloom shouted as she pointed her hoof at Rarity. “She’s a lady...ah think?” Apple Bloom asked as she scratched her head. Was Diamond Tiara a lady? Well, at the very least she claims to be a lady.

“Ah, so she’s a lady,” Rarity said with a smirk. “Then this is what you do: act like a gentlecolt!”

“A gentlecolt?” Apple Bloom gagged, causing Rarity to frown. “Ah don’t wanna be a colt! Ah’m a mare!”

You don’t act like one Rarity thought to herself. “Not literally, Apple Bloom! Let’s say she’s about to go through a door, instead of having her open the door, open it for her. When she’s about to sit down, pull her seat out for her. Be kind to her, be gentle, treat her like a princess!” Rarity squealed in delight. Ah, what she wouldn’t do for somepony like that!

“Huh? So as long as ah do that, Diamond Tiara will fall in love with me?” Apple Bloom asked as she scratched her chin in thought.

“Well, it’s not a guarantee but…” It took several seconds for what Apple Bloom said to register in Rarity’s mind. “Uh, did you say Diamond Tiara?” Rarity asked, scratching her ears in disbelief. There was no way she heard that right!

“Uh...well, ah gotta go, bye!” Apple Bloom shouted as she quickly ran outside

“Well...can’t say I saw that coming,” Rarity muttered as she closed her door and entered the kitchen. Poor Apple Bloom, she doesn’t stand a chance, she thought sadly as she poured herself a cup of tea.

“Ugh, that was embarrassing!” Apple Bloom growled as she slapped herself in the face. Now Rarity knew whose heart she was trying to win! And knowing her, she would undoubtedly tell Applejack! That’s a months worth of teasing just waiting to happen.

“Still, at least ah know what to do,” Apple Bloom muttered to herself. All she had to do was be a gentlecolt, and then Diamond Tiara’s heart would be hers, and with it, a millenium of peace for Equestria. But what could ah do to make mahself more of a gentlecolt? she thought to herself as she looked around town. It was at that she saw a beam of light from the heavens, glistening against the glass of a nearby shop.

“What the?” Apple Bloom muttered as she walked towards the beam of light, and spotted where it landed on. Before her was something rare, something very few stallions had, something that even she couldn’t take her eyes off of. “Ah think I know exactly how ah’m gonna be a gentlecolt,” she whispered with a smirk as she continued to gaze at the wonderful item. She couldn’t help but laugh silently, thoughts of Diamond instantly falling for her running through her head.

There was no way Diamond Tiara could resist her brand new curly moustache.